Stranded in Puerto Rico

This tragic prediction has happened, please pray and donate to help our neighbors in Puerto Rico

“When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished”

I also had a visual of a mangled or damaged bridge.






Predictions 9-26-17

Earthquake? In the previous post they discussed a large earthquake coming, after the post they showed the number 3. If the three is a countdown that would imply today or tomorrow. They made a point to say the earthquake is still coming.  I need to look at the old earthquake predictions to see if any possible dates were presented. The previous prediction:

I had a visual of zero. The countdown is complete.  Large Earthquake.. today.. two earthquakes back to back in different locations.  California (could they mean Baja California in Mexico)   I had a visual of a clock that read 9:15


“One huge blackout.. wide ranging.. the city’s power shutdown.”

“Terrorism.. Illinois.. 16” This prediction might be related to another prediction:

I was standing up in the sky looking down to see a skyscraper in flames. Smoke bellowed up towards the sky.  Visual of the letters ‘il’   I had a visual I was walking down a street when I saw a building explode.



Jet Crashes into the Sea

Please pray for the pilots family as they grieve.

Has this prediction happened, not an airplane but jet?   ‘In two’ ended up being a countdown. The facts: On Sunday September 24 a jet crashed into the ocean during an air show.

Prediction: Airplane Crash. I had a visual of a large airplane nose diving towards the ocean or large body of water.  “The plane will crash into the sea.. in two”

In two could be in two days, a timeframe around the 23rd, or they are talking about October 2nd. There was a slight implication of a Canadian connection, however that part was unverified.


Tennessee Church Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened.  Please pray for all those at this church in Tennessee.

Dylann Roof is an American white supremacist and mass murderer convicted in December 2016 of perpetrating the Charleston church shooting on June 17, 2015. The Spirits are predicting another mass murder like Dylann unfolding in Tennessee

I had a visual of a black and white mug shot of Dylann Roof, then another photo right next to it was coming into focus.
“Nick (Nicked?).. 20.. Now.. 8”
I had a visual of someone unwrapping an iron statue of a saint.
I had a visual of Spirit holding up a fake bill, then showing a 20 dollar bill while circling the number 20.
They showed the money again later in the night. Clearly pointing to the number 20 several times and perhaps a symbolic message about “bill”
They implied Tennessee, later they would add Nashville. However I don’t know much about the state other than Nashville, so even though they mention the city it is more likely they are verifying the state by mentioning one of its key cities.
“Such a tear in the heart of a nation.. that desperately needs to find its solution.”


Predictions 9-22-17

This is an introduction to all new predictions, we are going to have to go back and gather details. I was going to wait, but Spirit insisted it go out now, which implies one of these messages has ties to an old prediction and is only to remind me it’s about to happen..?

I was standing up in the sky looking down to see a skyscraper in flames. Smoke bellowed up towards the sky.

Visual of the letters ‘il’

I had a visual I was walking down a street when I saw a building explode.

I had a visual of one massive forest fire. People in a neighborhood were trying to find a way out, but they would not unfortunately.

I had a visual I was up high in the sky looking down at a port or Strait, a rig  or platform was engulfed in a flames.

“The truth is out! Get ready to put on a defense.. will it affect his teflon exterior that seems unpenagable.. this time it will.. how can you support someone who blatantly did that. 23”

A new version of Jack the Ripper is coming.



Mexico Earthquake 7.1

Please pray for the safety of all those in Mexico.

A Major quake on the right date and right time, but location is wrong?  I need to ask them if there is still another quake coming. In fairness to Spirit they said San Josey, and did not mention California

NOW.. the countdown is reaching zero. I had a visual I was in a hospital and while doctors treated patients everything began to shake violently. People began to scream. ‘It will move the land’. I had a visual of the number zero in big bold print.

Then they wrote San Josey, they also said it’s lunch time. They also showed the number 76.

After a wave of small quakes the large one follows.

Both today and the 19th are marked. They implied it would be tragic.

Not sure what lunch time means. In all the predictions they have shifted from San Francisco and San Jose, with the addition of the letter y I believe they are implying it’s around San Jose, around San Francisco. The old predictions below pointed to a timeframe ‘around’ the 19th, I will try to verify that tonight.


Hurricane Maria Hits Puerto Rico

This nightmare continues to unfold. Please pray for all those in Puerto Rico

Predictions 3-20-17. “When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished”