The Window of Today Predicted June 3rd 2017

Predictions 6-3-17

Assassination attempt.. Putin.. loyalties now in question.

I had a visual of Clarence Thomas sitting in a chair and then he was gone

Collaboration confirmed the cat has left the bag

Conspiracy.. money exchanges hands.. put into business .. from one hand to another.. Russia.. while the white house looks on.

I had a visual of this massive amount of bellowing smoke from a volcano. There was a specific threat to the boats or ships down below The implication was Alaska.

“ Solution to the nightmare? Compassion is the only way forward.”

This is how World Predictions operate, we are looking through a window of time 5 years later and reporting what is there. A massive Russian Volcano erupted today and Shiveluch is not that far from Alaska. Clarence Thomas is embroiled in a scandal confirming his collaboration with high priced donor, letting the cat out of the bag on these shady lies. Leaving one event undone. Putin I predict loyalties are about to be in question.

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14 responses to “The Window of Today Predicted June 3rd 2017”

  1. psychic chris Avatar
    psychic chris

    Ive just woken up and the message i got as i was coming out of sleep into wakefulness is that mad vlads reign is about to end, i got “autumn” (unsure weather its our southern hemisphere autumn or the northern hemispheres) but it looks like putin wont be here at xmas

    1. adventuresofashton Avatar

      I just saw a tweet a few days ago and can’t remember who it was from but they named an up and coming leader for Russia and basically said, if you thought Putin was bad, you have no idea what’s to come once the globalist have him assassinated. The man’s last name started with an m– I will try and find it.

    2. adventuresofashton Avatar

      This is not the tweet I had originally seen, but it is about the same man referenced and one of the first who popped up when I tried searching his name.

      Eric, thoughts? Could he be putins replacement?

      1. psychic chris Avatar
        psychic chris

        medevdev is a wildcard in my opinion despite him acting as a seatwarmer for putin in 2008-2012 – hes more of a bluffer than anything….the following two are probably far more dangerous than putin and medevdev combined – Mikhail Mizintsev and Mikhail Mishustin – the latter is very unpredictable so i think its more likely mishustin will succeed putin

        1. Itk Avatar

          Medvedev, a lawyer by profession, not a military person, has been pathetic with his desperate efforts to demonstrate that he, too, is hawkish and hates the collective West; that’s why we read about him barking insults. I would not count on him becoming Putin’s successor. Mizintsev, aka the Butcher of Mariupol, is indeed a very evil person, while Mishustin is rather a grey bureaucrat, who has been trying not to provoke the West with any disturbing statements, maybe with the view of restoring the relations after the current war.

          1. psychic chris Avatar
            psychic chris

            another one to keep your eyes on is Yevgeny Prigozhin the head of wagner group, now this guy makes putin, mizintsev, medevdev and all the other baddies in the ukraine war look like saints and teddy bears, he has no hesitation whatsoever to go nuclear, Prigozhin is truely pure evil

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              I have eyes on one man. Surovikin. I know he was sent out to pasture for his failure in the war, but wow does that look like the man I saw if he was older and lost a few pounds. But still guessing.

          2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            I still have eyes on Surovikin. That man looks like the monster in the future. But ITK is right Medvedev seems more like a stooge of Putin.

            1. Itk Avatar

              Yes, Surovikin is indeed a sinister figure. Just that “with his tongue he seduces the many” might be a bit difficult to associate with him. This person doesn’t look like a slimy politician with a gift of speech. Or did I get that part right?

              1.  Avatar

                Surovikin is often nicknamed as “General Armageddon”.

  2. Rachel Palmer Avatar
    Rachel Palmer

    Not an assassination attempt but evidence to support that loyalties are in question.

  3. Itk Avatar

    If this information is true, it’s actually good news, as it will inevitably hasten the end of the war. No ruler, not even Mad Vlad, dares to expand or continue a war if he feels he cannot rely on the unconditional loyalty of his key allies.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately however much I look forward to Putins demise this is bad. Someone eventually takes that throne and they are not just evil but evils prince.

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