Russia Warns US of Decapitation Strike on Putin

I had a vision I saw a fully dressed Samurai with a ornate black helmet and a beautiful silver long sword in his hand, as he walked there was an American flag in the corner. The colors of the flag looked darker and deeper. The flag was oddly wrapped within itself. The Samurai quickly walked into a room, there was Putin standing reading a paper and the Samurai sliced his head off. The head spun off and landed on the ground.

World Prediction: Covid and Putin

The facts: Russia warned the US on Tuesday against ordering a “decapitation strike” on President Vladimir Putin.

“Some ‘unnamed officials’ from the Pentagon actually threatened to deliver a ‘decapitation strike’ against the Kremlin,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Russia’s TASS news agency in an interview.

Describing the plans as “essentially a threat to physically remove the Russian head of state,” Lavrov warned of “consequences” should any such attack ever be carried out. Quoted by: Published 12-27-22

Are the Knives out yet?

I had a vision, of a set of 21st century knives, sitting on a table. The knives where stacked on top of each other as if they locked like a puzzle. Then I had a vision of a bill, still in its envelope. The bill and the knives sat at the table as the view leaned back.

World Predictions 12-26-22 P1

That prediction was made yesterday.

9 thoughts on “Russia Warns US of Decapitation Strike on Putin

  1. Hi Eric. This sounds suspicious. Thought I’d throw it in here: Pavel Antov founded Russian sausage company Vladimir Standard and was a member of parliament in the Vladimir region, east of Moscow. 
    He was travelling in Odisha with a group of three other Russians when one of them, Vladimir Budanov, died of a heart problem last week, according to local police.

  2. On the other hand, Prigozhin has blue eyes, not piercing black, see, for example
    Of course, piercing black may also be symbolic, referring to evil. By the way, do you have more detailed information about the ‘vampire’ close to Putin, influencing his decisions?

  3. You are right about the color of Shoigu’s eyes, but I still doubt it would be him. Shoigu is more like a technocrat, and I remember he was genuinely shocked to hear about Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine. We would need Eric’s view on if it’s the physical color or symbolic.

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