India and a Blue Turban

We have made several accurate predictions over the years for you India. Here are three historical predictions, followed by our concern.

What Would Become Cyclone Fani May 2 2019

World Predictions 2-21-19
“India.. Bangladesh.. devastated by one massive storm.” In regards to the storm I believe they said ‘May’. I do question are the two events about a mega storm related or separate? I had a visual I was above the planet looking down, there was one massive cyclone below. It was a huge storm. “At the end and beginning of a month.”

What Would Become Delhi Earthquake April 12th 2020

World Predictions 3-29-20
Earthquakes? Spirit pointed to India they actually said Delhi

What Would Become Cyclone Hudhud October 12th 2014
Notes on 6-25-14
Hurricanes ?.. July-August, October.. I then saw a map of the bay of Bengal. I believe India was the focus but I would not discount the other Peninsula to the right of India…

Which brings me here India, we are watching your news like a hawk beca\use of this man. We predicted a man with white and blue robe. A blue turban. We predicted a zealot. But for now lack certainty of the moment. Is it him?

Predictions 2-5-18
This prediction points to an evil zealot who controlled an extreme religious group, wearing a blue or white turban or blue robe, bringing horror to the world.

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  1. Tirin Avatar

    If this is the time to spread the word, should we all inform the religious circle of India about him? I think you have a huge audience already from that side of the world correct?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I do, and the 21st stones are flying from India. This post was met with disdain. But I hold to my position.
      No, they actually plan to give us a cue when they want a prediction promoted. Their are two. The first will be a storm and then something about a truly vial human hurting women. Both are expected later in the year, and we plan to put everything into promoting it to stop it. So please when the moment is right. I will need your help.
      They picked ones that have the most possibility of change. There is massive opportunity with that vial human. A good chance we smash the moment .

  2. Jupiter Avatar

    No, it isn’t him. A leader with blue turban, he isn’t the one you are looking for. He is a sikh not a Muslim and definitely he is not good in anything he does.
    He is just a small fanatic leader who is going to spent his entire life time in assam jail

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We already predicted an infamous figure, he went to jail for a long time, had a loser band of followers, he too was seen as a small potato. Then he created ISIS.

  3. Jupyter Avatar

    Do you really think this man can really command terrorists to launch a chemical attack.
    My message to you is recheck and revist your spirits for confirmation.
    He just commands a 1000 of mad followers behind him. As an Indian, blue or white turbans are always part of our religion and culture.
    But he isn’t muslim, he is a sikh who are just 2 to 3 percent of india total population. Out of which he has a following of mere 0.1 to 0.2 percent of sikhs population.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What exactly does muslim have to do with this conversation? I do not recall saying he was Muslim. Did I say that in the post? Your talking about another figure. He is the devil incarnate, the one with black eyes.

      1. Jupyter Avatar

        no, I remember you said maybe in comments a man with blue turban would rise in asia who would be of uyghur origin and would attack the chinese for all the injustice they have done to muslim. Maybe the real guy would be of central asian origin or middle eastern origin but this man no he is definitely not your blue turban guy even though he is wearing blue turban. This guy would now spend his entire life in assam jail or maybe killed in fake encounter by police. To rule India you need the support of hindus, this guy has only support among small circles of sikh groups that too mostly based in uk and canada.
        Too much publicity is given to him for no reason.

        If this guy has risen this much it is because of canada and uk support only especially that justin trudaeu guy supporter of terrorist

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Your talking about him Notes on 8-10-14, But I do not recall saying Blue was Muslim, maybe i did? I honestly thought he would have his own odd religion. Like a Cult. But yes to the China figure, he is still coming. Also coming is “Red”. Red is the worst of all.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Punjab is the location and 57% 16 million are Sikh.

      1. Jupyter Avatar

        What are you seeing for india
        Do you really think any evil leaders can take over this country

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It’s not him. The story will come out later. We are expecting a Lenin Stalin moment for this situation in Punjab.

          1. Jupyter Avatar

            oh my god punjab is my home state?
            Are you seeing the current leader of punjab dying and getting replaced by some evil leader
            Do update me I cant change the outcome but can definitely spread the word.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              That’s cool. All the Spirts are in Punjab right now. I actually panicked a bit when I saw Blue and sent them all their to verify. It’s not him but. It’s the Stalin Story. A great man Lenin, who truly believed his ideas, used violence to get them, and needed that bully Stalin to force his way through. But Lenin eventually passed and Stalin took over, perverting everything that was before. The entire idea lost for ones mans ambition.
              So I have the right spot, but we are very much in the wrong timeline. This is something later.
              The immediate threat coming for India is weather. That’s what the prediction will be about. The Bengal. But Punjab is not coastal.

              1. Jupyter Avatar

                I think this story fits in this way like His organisation “Waris Punjab De ” was founded by Deep Sidhu but after his death this guy AM singh just hijacked his group and become its leader through corrupt ways. I think Deep sidhu was lenin and this guy was stalin. The original group was meant to end drug addiction, end inequality, fight for farmers right, and fight for the water and resources of punjab

                1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                  Interesting, thanks for all that information.

              2. psychic chris Avatar
                psychic chris

                eric is this leninist “red” youve predicting or is “red” (pardon my soh) an unrelated entity?

                1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                  It’s like the Nazis, led by a figure they paint in red. It’s the force that brings us a horrible war.

  4. Blue Sky Avatar
    Blue Sky

    Dear Eric,
    I do share some of your concerns, at the same time not always agreeing with ‘the truth’ and what is portrayed as absolute which does not always correspond to what I believe in. However, we share some of understanding what is evil. It was very wise to post youtube link, it made me shiver just to look at the image without actually watching the video.
    May I suggest for your posts when it connects to specific figures to add their photos on the side (as recent as possible and if you have technological means and time to do that). For people like me it is a powerful trigger for some reason.
    I would also kindly suggest to make your main photo smaller unless there is a specific purpose. It feels like you unilaterally want to take over the world-)) (which is the opposite what you propose in your predictions) and it also distracts me from the predictions themselves.
    Thanks though for actually indirectly helping me with these video links to discover my own perceptions. Yet, long time ago I had read somewhere from a well respected and revered seer that predicting future is not something to be taught. Think what you will but it does come from God or devil and is perhaps the sign of love vs want (hope you understand what I mean). Some predictions should not be revealed as they would make the path harder rather than easier.
    In principle I agree that evil must be stopped. Just not sure if we as humans can do that as efficiently as those loving beings above us who guide us. My perspective so far has been to go about my business, do my daily work and not make profit of anything I can predict for others when it comes.To me that will do much more good than chasing madmen around the Earth.-)
    Again read between the lines with respect that you exude.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I thought it was distracting too!! Like why do I need to see myself all the time. I would totally agree with you. Honestly I don’t want it there. But everyone keeps saying you need a picture. I actually plan to put the “Focal” point up where that picture is. What prediction should we be focused on. What is coming next.
      Precognition is not what I am teaching. I am teaching you how to connect with Spirit. Precognition is only for a small handful of us. Seriously look at what I do, I watch Putin blow up a school, Covid ravage the world. You have to be a lion, a predator, for that type of work, it is not for the faint of heart and should not be recommended to all. But to open up the Spiritual realm to you! Yes! To give you the power to connect with your loved ones. To be able to pick up that Spiritual phone and say “Hi Mom” That’s the goal. Once you connect they give you direction.
      “Some predictions should not be revealed” They select the messages I receive. With the same exact power of looking into the future, they look at what their actions will do. We knew how this would all turn out before we put the first word up on our site. Which is why some of the predictions are so vague, because it might ruin the timeline. They are adjusting to what they saw, and pulling information back a bit. So that is something we monitor daily.
      Evil will never be stopped. Humans are not going to change. But it can be frozen. That’s what’s coming.

      1. Blue Sky Avatar
        Blue Sky

        Thank you for some clarifications. It is not ‘precognition’ that I could claim but more and more I am horrified by what is revealed. It is not for faint hearted. Yet, what is the purpose of constantly staring evil in the eye because there is also joy and light in this world. I love also the warmth of darkness and the stars that we can then see. So how do we multiply our own inner expression? Anger, fear, love, kindness and so on…
        I see it actually other way around about calling up or loved ones. Our lives from beyond are sort of lessons for souls up there – how their actions have given us hope and joy and also how their actions hurt us now. If a father-alcoholic sees his son take a drink it is hell for him while for a father who encouraged his son to learn feels bliss when he sees him complete his degree, achieves respect in society. Yet, there are also animals, plants, every living being sensing it too all from beyond, so humans do not exist in a vacuum but in nature…
        You make me feel more at ease with what is not being revealed. Yet, about freezing evil I think that it would be best like it is now that evil reveals itself in full grace rather than being chained or frozen. That has never worked in the history of humankind.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It’s a frozen that will last for 1100 years.

          1. Blue Sky Avatar
            Blue Sky

            And after 1100 years? There is also future after that too.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              Humanity will be around for millions of years. I have not seen an end. But massive transformation. The reason we lose peace in this timeline is because everyone is moving to other planets, And creating societies that are different. That in turn leads to conflict, but their conflict is not the horror show of today.

              1. Blue Sky Avatar
                Blue Sky

                What puzzles me in this is the evolution of body vs evolution of souls. As if we focus on bodies and not on souls… We can move to other planets as we speak even now. No need to wait for millions of years. Of course, bodies are returned to Earth right now. What I see missing in all of this is Love. It makes me feel sad already. Thus evil in my opinion takes a different shape and is more of ‘not-love’ and ’emptiness’ where Love used to be. So you see those crying people realizing Love that they were missing. It can already be seen currently. I feel as if now already, especially after vaccines, world has gone berserk. Love is not in vogue, a thing of the past, as if all other issues have taken over Life. Doing things with your Soul is Love in Life…. Have people lost the feeling of it? Is it on then the ‘horror show” that is meant to bring it back? ‘Horror show’ it turns out brings the best and the worst out of everyone. Human touch.

                1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                  Your talking about earth. The rest of the universe does not have our problems. They have very different ones. NO one out there actually believes that the color of ones skin has anything to do with status or place in society. Just humanity

  5.  Avatar

    I’ve been waiting a long time for the blue turban to appear as Nostradamus had predicted

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am being told this figure Singh is not him, but he will be a Lenin to someone’s Stalin. but they imply someone takes hold of this group and they are bad.
      Which Quatrain? There are so many similar messages with my late Uncle Nostradamus (Joke) The one that hits me is how it all ends. That so true, we debate the timeline but the planet has a horrible fate in the 37th century. By that time humans are already out in the depths of space. So our home might be gone but we will continue.

      1. Tirin Avatar

        so all our efforts will be for nothing by the 37th century, seems rather insulting and incredibly frustrating. I can’t imagine losing every single animal and plant over some unknown fate. Seems like a giant slap in the face of humanity for no reason. I get all things must fade away, but 37th century isn’t that long from now in human history.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          No, this future looks nothing like ours. There will be a mass exodus and the animals will go with them. Humanity continues. Outside forces help. There is an impression it’s humanity’s fault. As for the planet the disaster is for the entire solar system. and we are on several moons and some planets at this time.

          1. Tirin Avatar

            You gave me a lot to think about tonight when I was working, and there something I had forgotten that I studied years ago because of a dream incident I had that led to a weird discovery.

            First I need to talk about this dream, idk if I had shared with you this before, but nonetheless. What happened in this dream I remember walking around a wasteland of sorts, and seeing vehicles very much unlike ours and drove with some kind of unknown force, and it seems these vehicles could use water to ride its waves to get by as well.

            I remember walking inside a tent, the contents of the tent looked old fashioned, stuff from older times, I remember this old lady sitting by this holographic version of Earth, and the year was 3000 something (I was possibly in the 30th or 31st century) and time started to reverse on the globe back to the 21st century and back again to their modern time (and boy I remember very vaguely how hugely different the earth looked). The lady said something to me that I no longer remember.

            I’ve read of incidents called “time slips” where your spirit is fast forwarded in time in the body of another whether it might be a random person, your future reincarnation or what I’m not sure. These incidents seem really rare, and there is not much info out there about it.

            Its similar to the time travel incidents, but the only difference being physical versus spirit.

            I was upset to read the future of this planet was doomed because humanity must had done something stupid, and then you jogged my memory of all this.

            So this gets to my next point.

            Is it possible to send messages to your future reincarnated self if it were possible? Also assuming such a future stable timeline allows for it to happen because your future self chose to be reincarnated again or could you send a random message to just anyone in the future (I assume by then many people will be psychic)? I was thinking if you could do something like by sending a letter of sorts to someone your spiritually connected with say in the 36th century that you could warn the people of the 37th century of impending disaster that can turn around.

            I sound like a nut typing all of this, but it seems Time Slips could actually be a thing, but its not really discussed much.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              All true. I don’t call them time slips. But I can connect to any other version of me that is “Fully Awake” like I am, and jump in there body and as I do we switch. It allows me to pull from the future and the past like ropes. It very cool. But its also random, I spent one day feeding horses in stables during the 1600s, and walking a long path with family and friends as Indians up in Canada back in 50Ad, But it was a vacation like no other.

        2. Tirin Avatar

          and I hope future preservers will keep everything intact till that time so nothing is lost. alone is barely keeping everything preserved when it comes to information and other formats in the 21st century.

        3. psychic chris Avatar
          psychic chris

          1700 years is a long way

          1. Steve Avatar

            In the Spirit World, it will seem like “tomorrow”.

            1. Steve Avatar

              Certainly an interesting concept Turin. You have suggested messages being sent back and forth across Time. Exploring time even further, I think we are suggesting that parallel Universes also happen? If so, right at this very point of time, are the same Guides providing advice to individuals at different points of the Earth timeline? What I’m saying here is that we humans only deal with decisions at one point of time. Yesterday is done, tomorrow, we deal with tomorrow. But with Guides, are they dealing with everything, yesterday’s, todays and tomorrow’s decisions all at the same time? Or does it depend on the skill level or the enlightenment level of a particular Guide? Are there different type of Guides who can manage across different parallel Universes? Or when we get to that level are we referring to the boss, the Creator?

              Pete, perhaps an idea for one of your future blogs as well?

              1. petemedium Avatar

                Hi Steve. Probably best you wait till you’ve read all of the current series of Blogs concerning what humanity is facing in this new Age. I’m about four or five Blog ahead and they are mind blowing. Pete

              2. Tirin Avatar

                I was doing a little more digging and it seems time slips is more complicated than I thought, it seems Psychics can experience it other ways outside of sleep.

                This is a subject I only touched on years ago, and it went nowhere back then.

                1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                  They happen in the deepest depths of nature and meditation.

              3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                There is a force that works outside of the universe, our Creator and his first born children. They hold the keys to the entire system. We serve them, share with them, but our place in the universe is different. We have plans to be pollinators of the universe.

          2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            Now that you showed me the number, it seems shorter than I thought.

  6. Micheal D Avatar
    Micheal D

    Actually, Eric I really like your photo. If any people have heard your amazing, unique and soothing voice before, they would know the photo is totally you. I have had multiple readings from you. The energy you give, plus emotions from visions, sleep patterns, family time, your time, to bring us what spirits message is. I am so grateful. You are truly amazing and keep shouting your messages from the rooftops and beyond.
    This message I think is the greatest message ever!
    If all of us could do this. and share it, and live it day by day.
    What an amazing world we could live in……..

    Oh humbly blessed I am in this moment.
    As the sun rises on the sacred day.
    Share Joy.
    Share Joy with your neighbors. Share joy with your friends. Share Joy with Family.
    Joy in our name.
    Share Joy because Joy is all we ever wanted for you.
    Share Joy with everyone so we may rid you of arrogant, invasive few.
    So in our blessed day as the sun falls share Joy with everyone.
    Everyone everywhere.
    Joy is your answer,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Wait until we all hear about the “Table” that story just was so WOW, written by the same “Dominion” figure as Joy here. That man can tell a story! And then also the Karma of Tomorrow. Very mind blowing wisdom. Thanks!

  7. Itk Avatar

    I’m looking forward to reading what both you and Pete have in store for us.

    Regarding Nostradamus, I have a copy of one of the earliest versions of the Centuries, written in Middle French. I would say the book is prone to endless interpretations. Especially, I’m skeptical about the alleged timing of different depicted events and fail to see any timeline between them; there may, however, be some hidden code behind everything. In no way can the book be regarded as a reliable source of predictions for each year, unlike claimed by the tabloid press – according to which Nostradamus predicted the start of WW3 for each beginning year. Also, most of the localities mentioned by him are located in his native France or in nearby areas, and so his predictions lack a genuinely global perspective. Time will tell.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You could argue that same with me, most of my work is centered in the US. It’s what we are familiar too.

  8.  Avatar

    Hi Eric!If earth’s fate is doomed, why should we care at all about our planet’s environment, if we get a ticket to an other planet? Or is the end of the earth in a predetermind timeline, which can by no means be altered? Sorry to bother You with these thoughts, but others might think in the same direction, because it is utterly depressing. Best regards Chris

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No, This is in the 37th Century. On this timeline humanity lives on multiple planets. In about 200 more years we actually start exploring our neighboring universe. We have become Zeus like in our power. Weather and gravity are controlled by our finger tips. We have intertwined technology and humanity. So in this timeline we consume knowledge like food. Schools of education a thing of the past. It is clearly evident we make boundless gains. In the moment when the Sun starts to become unstable. A mass exodus takes place on Earth. But earth is the smallest of humanity’s many homes, so help is rendered. But it doesn’t change watching my home be destroyed, the absolute worse prediction I have seen
      The impression given, without certainty, is we cause the moment. We meddle to much with the Sun as we yearn for fuel and energy.
      All of it is changeable. This is a reflection of the future. But the very point of sharing is to alter the moment.

      1. Itk Avatar

        A most interesting point, Eric. According to different accounts, it was human greed that caused the end of Atlantis, too.

  9. Itk Avatar

    Chris, I think that fateful date is still distant, and it is absolutely important to take care of our environment, not least for the future generations’ sake. Many of us are also expected to return here during that time span, maybe even more than once. I, too, find that news is saddening, but let’s hear more about it from Eric, or whether it can be averted. On the other hand, I’ve read a claim that the earth would become uninhabitable for some time, after which a reseeding with new humans would take place. Eric, do you regard this as plausible?

  10. Steve Avatar

    Recent discovery that can slow down the aging process, increasing the life of a cell by 80%
    The prelude to people living much older lives?

  11. Itk Avatar

    Earlier, there was talk about Putin’s potential successors. This short news is in today’s issue of The Moscow Times:

    “Russian Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev has been removed from his post as deputy minister of defense, state-affiliated media channels reported Thursday, citing the military correspondent Alexander Sladkov.

    Known as “the butcher of Mariupol,” Mizintsev has been accused of orchestrating the siege of the southern Ukrainian port city, which is believed to have resulted in thousands of civilian deaths.

    The Russian Defense Ministry has yet to officially comment on Mizintsev’s alleged removal from his senior post.”

    I checked and found no mention about this in Tass News. Interesting; I wonder what this means: was M. removed from office because of his war criminal background, or was he regarded as a threat to someone?

  12. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’s Blog is the second in the series of tranced Messages from my Spirit Friends concerning the future in this New Age.

  13. Itk Avatar

    This is an update on the explosion of the North Stream underwater pipeline.
    Despite Russian claims to the contrary, it is becoming increasingly obvious it was done by the Russians themselves, maybe in hope of influencing Germany, who had said no to a second, almost completed parallel pipeline.

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