India and a Blue Turban

We have made several accurate predictions over the years for you India. Here are three historical predictions, followed by our concern.

What Would Become Cyclone Fani May 2 2019

World Predictions 2-21-19
“India.. Bangladesh.. devastated by one massive storm.” In regards to the storm I believe they said ‘May’. I do question are the two events about a mega storm related or separate? I had a visual I was above the planet looking down, there was one massive cyclone below. It was a huge storm. “At the end and beginning of a month.”

What Would Become Delhi Earthquake April 12th 2020

World Predictions 3-29-20
Earthquakes? Spirit pointed to India they actually said Delhi

What Would Become Cyclone Hudhud October 12th 2014
Notes on 6-25-14
Hurricanes ?.. July-August, October.. I then saw a map of the bay of Bengal. I believe India was the focus but I would not discount the other Peninsula to the right of India…

Which brings me here India, we are watching your news like a hawk beca\use of this man. We predicted a man with white and blue robe. A blue turban. We predicted a zealot. But for now lack certainty of the moment. Is it him?

Predictions 2-5-18
This prediction points to an evil zealot who controlled an extreme religious group, wearing a blue or white turban or blue robe, bringing horror to the world.