World Predictions 5-27-23

All we ever wanted for you Humanity is for you to come together. We wait patiently and with unwavering convictions, for this moment of absolute Splendor. Because the only way out of your nightmares, is together.

The AI is set to run your banks, your finances, your markets. It will be efficient. It will move at rapid speeds you have never seen before and create rapid growth. Take Caution humanity, give the AI too much power and it will turn on you. When the economy teeters, when its falls, and it always does. This AI will fix it ruthlessly, at your expense. Rapid is your solution, but rapid will be your fall as well.

World Predictions 5-19-23
I had a vision of two trees, rope extended from the trees, and hanging in the center of the two trees was the Confederate Flag. There was an ominous tone to the prediction. The vision shifted to show the tree trunk, then the rope, then the Confederate Flag. I felt in this moment I was in the South.
Then it shifted again, I was in Fort Rosecrans Cemetery, here in San Diego, a military base, where American Soldiers are put to rest including my late brother William. I began to walk the grass looking at all the headstones.

Spirit Give me clarity?
I had a vision of an old wooden table. In an old US historical room. The table was glossed and had ornate pens. Behind the table was 4 brand new US flags.

May 29th is Memorial Day, the day we pay or respect to the dead.

Clarity did not come together with our Confederate flag. Instead it was more confusion? Something ghastly is coming, and we are expecting it around the 29th, but in this message there is a feeling that it actually fails, because 4 flags seem to prevail in the moment. Four over one. All of this is so cryptic. But we have been here before with flags, with cryptic messages and that is why I am so utterly concerned.

World Predictions 4-5-19
In one.
I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down.
“Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled”

What would become the Insurrection of 1-6-2021

Personal Readings, or Eric has found himself another nugget. Another truth. Another way of making my work so much stronger than it already is. It is the future and the past that smash together and create the now. This is the key that allows me to see the future. Start your Spiritual journey in the past and the future is yours. But time is not enough, I need space as well. I need to know “where” so I can see more. Space and time are one. All of that sounds like psychic gibberish. So to make a long story short… to late. Moving forward, for your personal reading:

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