Boris Johnson Resigns as MP

This Prediction has happened. The Truth always catches up to you, however slow it may move. World Prediction Covid Update & World Prediction: The King Will Fall

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister Razak, Theresa May, Donald Trump, Imran Khan, Clarence Thomas Xi, We have predicted all their falls and tribulations.

4 thoughts on “Boris Johnson Resigns as MP

  1. Not only Boris (good) but Nicola Sturgeon Scottish Prime minister … Shame on Uk/ Scottish politics … love to all

    1. I saw that. So many of the UK leaders falling. Liz Truss was there for a few days. Unfortunately over here across the pond we can’t get rid of our “King” he is holding onto dear life, still running for president, even though there are criminal indictments. We still hold the trophy for bad leaders.

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