Lord Ma Ra Queen of Death

What is Coming in 2023 Ignoscoa Rises
“The year of Freedom, the year water ruined us.”
What is coming in 2023?
“The year water ruined us.”
The faucet taps are dry. There is no water supply in many of the coffers, streams, and rivers to fuel our needs. Flooding is epic, I had a vision of just moving water, but an entire city was completely under water.

World Predictions 6-1-23 “Collapse” A vision of Lord Ma Ra.
Then as I opened my eyes after the vision, there she stood, by one of the trees. Her dress was an ornate blue dress that had Indian fabric and laced with multiple jewels and diamonds, the dress had a Victorian air to it as it flowed largely in the bossom . Her hair was a perfect silk black, that flowed down. Behind her was the most massive Lion. Above her, crows flocked in circulation. She gave me a Mona Lisa smile, not opening her mouth, and then disappeared as if air in the wind. The great ancient one, Lord “Ma Ra” Oh this is a very bad. Last time Ma Ra was here was February 2020. Do you recall all the change that came after that moment. But the collapsing message is equally terrifying. In 2011 I made one of my very first world predictions, I had a vision of a clay plate being pulled from the ocean and then smashed it to dust. The Japanese Tsunami would follow. In January 2020 I had a vision of a gold coin, then it was smashed into dust. Soon afterward the economy crashed due to Covid. This message is epic and large. But what?? At first I immediately leaned in on earthquake. It was on the ground. But web? Maybe the Internet crashes? Maybe something web like, a web of lies, a web of terror? Ma Ra presence would imply two things, mass death, or the hand of justice.

One day later there was a horrible train crash in India and Five days later. Mass death would arrive, with a Dam Collapse, she was there to warn me, mass death was coming for her to deal with.

Ma Ra was there to facilitate death itself. Who is Ma Ra? She is one of many “Lords” and as such she sits at the highest of all tables in the heavens. She isn’t just ancient but a “First One”. One of many of the Gods architects.

Let’s begin with why? Why is this Lord of death a dominate force here at world predictions? Look at my work. Covid19, Indonesia Tsunami, ISIS, earthquakes and hurricanes, I predict death, count how many dead I have predicted over the last decade. It is uncountable. So as we work to observe all of humanities horrors, there she is always in the background toiling, Mara is always there working to fix the moment. To clean up the endless messes humanity brings her. Here above in the video, while the water broke she floated in the sky like a Queen Bee with her armada greeting the dead. Not just human death, but all the animals as well. She ensures there passes is safe, she ensures your death is calm, is warm and as comfortable as possible, she ensures only those invited go to heaven. She is the ultimate mother of mothers. But controlling death for the King is not her only role.

Mara loves babies. She really is “Mother”. She adores all new life. She gives sacred blessings to the children of those who serve her. Put Mara in a nursery and she will tickle their little feet, squeeze their cute cheeks, play peeky boo and warm the children with endless blankets. Seriously she won’t leave the nursery, she loves kids. Loves to read to them, loves to hug and adore them. So hear my warning for anyone that is cruel. For those of you who would dare to cross the King, know she will always be there to deal with you. But Children? It’s best to leave your evil filthy hands off. There is a special place for those that hurt children simply because she oversees all of death and at her core she is still “Mother”. Which leads me to what Mara is most famous for. Why the entire universe and the heavens fear her. Including me. I tremble at the very name.

When you die, the universe will open itself up to you with open arms. It will share your life with all life and everyone will celebrate your return. The parties they have are endless. It is joy on tap, love from billions of hearts all celebrating you and your return home. But there are some. Just a sliver, in which we have no desire to celebrate. For them they would only receive eyes of disgust. Some that violate all of us without any regard to our well being. They are greeted by Mara, and Mara alone, and when she greets them, its best they go quietly because make no mistake she is the hand of justice.

Now I introduce her to you as I introduce the new topic the “Ancient Ones” Before this universe ever existed, there was a family. A family of the first beings that gave birth to this place. Understand she has always been there quietly in all my work. I have even marked the moment with her presence “The Horseman” which is a nod to our first encounter. We mention her here Beirut Explosion , and here Whats Coming in 2022 and she was there for this prediction World Predictions 3-29-20 and dominated the entire day of the 6th of October, as this set of predictions was created World Predictions 10-6-19, we would watch that bomb drop together, on opposite sides of the rubicon, we were there to observe the tactical nuke drop and she was there to deal with the aftermath and horror humanity would leave in its wake. In every moment of her presence my entire group of Sprits bow to the Lord as we would bow with all Lords. We bow to one knee, and hold out our weapon or tool, as if to say this is yours, and I am here to serve you. I could write an entire novel on this one figure alone and the countless times we have crossed paths. Many of them in personal readings and a few to help little old me out of a bind. She is there as an Angel. As a Mother. As the Key holder to death itself and as the hand of Justice.

Now to the point:

Recently (On June 16th 2023) my son Christian graduated Elementary School. Bea was so proud, I on the other hand was confused by the moment? The school had a huge elaborate poster that read “Congratulations Grad Students” But in my mind I thought?? But he didn’t graduate. None of these children are graduating. They are just going to middle school? That doesn’t count. Graduation only counts when its over. But I go along with the moment because Bea just would not have it any other way even with my argument of logic. As we clapped and cheered our young babies, I sat in the back. The door was open and suddenly there was a jolting crisp breeze. In the moment I immediately fell into a vision.

I had a vision I was looking out of a window of an elementary school, and Mara Queen of Death walked with conviction and speed to the other side of the school outside. Her gown was a beautiful flowing white marvel, there was a large sheet that crossed the white gown, covered in ornate flowers of all kind, Her silk black hair flowed down next to the lion walking next to her. She walked with convictions crossing the halls. Then she was out of sight. Assuming she was gone, I looked back at the audience of parents and students, Then I glanced curiously to the window. I looked back to see her staring at me. A sight of Indian Beauty. Her eyes pierced me directly, as she nodded ever so slightly, and then fixed her hair back in a braid. I immediately began to get up to bow out of respect but the minute I did, she floated away.
The Queen of Death, Mara is getting ready to work.

One of two possible meanings hold. Another horrifying moment of mass death approaches. Or she is here to collect a soul. There is already a list. Ali Khamenei, Alexander Lukashenko, and Vladimir Putin.

As a human you are one individual, one soul, having life after life, each time different from the last, each time different face, different place, different and yet the core of you is the same. The Ancient Ones sit at the polar opposite of that equation. They have the power to divide that one individual into multiple versions. All of them different, their look, their tone, their task all different and yet they are one core individual. Allowing them to be anywhere at anytime.

The ancient ones have a message for you. But before we get to that I have to ask? What is the greatest problem on our world? What is the one thing, the top of all things that needs to be fixed here on planet earth. Their answer is guaranteed not to be yours. But lets test that. Share it in the comment section. What’s the biggest problem here on earth? Because fixing this place requires us to know what the problem is.

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  1. I always thought Goddess Durga a protector from all evil. At least that’s what I was taught growing up. My mom is a devoted believer in her. I’m wondering if you’re speaking of the same one I’m talking about. I feel like the earth is changing and it has a lot to do with the environment and the leaders who controlled the people who hurt others and the planet.

    1. Tough one Polly. I try to stay away from religion. Yes this would be Hindus “Kali” and very much the Mother Durga, FYI, the supreme Mother gave us this message around her holiday. As I recall it was a bit afterwards. https://worldwidepredictions.com/2023/04/04/a-message-from-the-highest-of-authority/
      But I would also state, she is in other faiths as well, her role is very different in other faiths but still a “Mother” Always a Mother.

  2. The problem is obvious, this planet is governed by corrupt crooks and the only way to solve this problem is to get rid of money; all money, paper and digital. When money is no longer the motivating factor for people’s actions then we will get the right people in office who want to serve instead of wanting to be served. Money is the root of all evil and we don’t need it. All the insects, animals, fish, birds and plants function just fine without money why can’t humans? When money is ended the drug pushers are out of business because they will get no money for their product, the abortionist will have no reason to kill the unborn, women will no longer sell their bodies, kidnapers will be out of a job, bank robbers and thieves will weep because there is no money to steal and the list goes on. The majority of all inhabited planets function without money and we need to follow that pattern.

      1. I like the Star Trek form of economics, everything is done in order for the preservation and evolution of mankind.

  3. Eric, there’s so much that needs to be fixed in our world but it seems that we could start with having more love and compassion for all things. Those two alone would help to alleviate a lot of the suffering in this world.

  4. A sense of unity is something that humanity needs, but the problem is that there’s so much division. When you look at the earth itself you don’t see any borders, but humans have placed borders because they don’t want to recognize their neighbors. The world is a community and it should act like it.

    1. Division, hate, and prejudice seem to be the biggest issues today. People segregate themselves by almost everything–skin color, native country, religion, gender, sexuality, amount of money, etc. Since hate and prejudice are often driven by fear–fear of “the other”, of different people–that’s probably another one of humanity’s major issues.

        1. Maybe its because of people’s egos, pride and desire for superiority over others. So maybe they need some humility?

          1. That is actually the core message of the coming King. One epic shift after he comes is all the leaders turn into humble little old grandpas, there are not strong armed ones. Humility becomes the way of the land. But there is still that something like grownups saying “What are they doing down there?”

        2. Maybe because the snakes of the head of Medusa have been protected and fed for far too long and so with their killing will comes the death of humanity as we know it.

  5. I’ll try to answer the question related to the biggest problem on earth. It could be the failure to understand that all people are interconnected and part of a larger plan, through the Source. It manifests itself as the opposite, or absence, of love.

    1. I had the most wonderful experience. As a spirit I can travel at the speed of light and when you push the limits of that travel, the universe bends, then folds, then it looks like your on a large blanket. It that blanket. You see it and realize we are all interconnected through time and space.

  6. Does the vision of Ma Ra appearing in a school suggest something bad will happen in a school, or is the location in the vision unrelated?

    1. Very unlikely. This is timing. She first appeared in 1985, first time I met her, AIDS really went through the roof a few days afterwards. She appeared in October 2019, right before Covid, and flat out told me it was the Virus predictions. She made one epic visit, while I was in the hospital sick scared the (S#!@) out of me, to give me the Beirut explosion. That one happened the next day. For a second I thought she was there for me and we just saw her in my holy place to warn us about the collapse, which was the dam. I have come to learn she is like a very nice aunt, busy, overwhelmingly graceful, and is just nodding, saying hello before working. This time she did not have a message? Just a nod. That implies we probably already have the prediction

      1. Do you think it’s related to the Russia/collapse prediction? I think I recall you mentioning Ma Ra in that post as well. If not the Russia prediction, any idea which prediction she might be referring to?

  7. Ali Khamenei, the bloodthirsty dictator of Iran, is reported to be suffering of terminal cancer since a few years ago. Do you see him dying soon? That would be huge news for the sake of peace, sanity and moderation in the Middle East


    1. You have a point. There’s a saying that goes “Never treat another in a manner which would make them feel small, not anyone, not even yourself.” People can be harsher with themselves than with others sometimes, it’s good to find a balance between self-love and love for others.

  9. This week’s Blog returns to Blog 8 Sept 2019 prediction:
    “The illegal dealings, contracts, ‘buddy deals’ that would send anyone off to prison for a number of life sentences, will be held up in court proceedings….”

    1. There is no ego in heaven. That is frowned upon. Those with egos in heaven are seen as childish. Consider a more basic, a more fundamental, answer. Nothing philosophical just one whopper of a problem. Some say division, some say the destruction of our planet, racism is the resounding answer. But all of them are products of this one problem.

  10. Eric does it have something to do with the many different religions of the world? They seem to do the opposite of what is intended a lot of times…divide people.
    The other thing I can imagine would be all of the environmental issues and harm to our planet humans have caused.

    1. That’s actually a whopper of a truth you bring up. Religion is looked at slightly off and if you look at it like you should, it definitely changes the view. But not for this topic.

  11. This is a tough one, humility part of the answer so far, but there is something else to go with that?

    In harmony with nature?

    1. Don’t turn this into a philosophical conversation. Think basic. What is the biggest problem of the world. Look at our world, all the problems have one consistent theme. One problem dominates much larger than all others. Some of you said division, Some of you said the planets destruction, Some said Racims, all of them. ALL of them, products of this one problem . What causes division??

  12. Ecological destruction, which is precipitating climate change. Wanton disregard for the overwhelming majority of living creatures on planet Earth.

    1. What is causing that? Why is that happening? Because if you answer that, you have my answer. All we have to do is pluck the root and all will be well.

      1. There is an existential fear stemming from a perceived disconnection to the creator. A deep hunger results, a yearning that is so deeply mixed with fear it turns into greed, an urgency to survive on the cost of one another. Once you’ve perceived your god given power like that, arrogance and pride can follow. At this point you,’very opened the gates to hell and summoned further assistance that leads you into deeper confusion.
        I’ve always wondered this question, even as little child. Why are we like that, what is going on? This is my conclusion so far. I’d really like the answer to that. And then I’d also like to know what little me can do, because I find all this raging hatred and violence very discouraging sometimes.

        1. We are on a role with the truths. The “Predator” we were designed to have a sting to our personality. We were created with a raw instinct. A raw animal like personality. Here is what I would add, yes its true, humans have used there predator side to do the most ghastly act and commit horror in service of self. But this predator has other features. Your reading it right now. It is the predator side of me, that allows me that scent, that pull towards the next problem, like a lion hunting, like a lion searching for his prey. The difference, the key of all keys, is.. its not for me. It’s for you. That is the design. The predator can be the ultimate tool as long as you understand that part, is always in service of others.

    1. That’s another Truth. Heaven is completely operated by Love. A system where every center table is love. Our system is based on money. Money fuels the system we have in place. That has ensured a cold cruel world.

      1. Selfishness I guess. Fear is often based on the idea of potentially losing something. It could be your health, your wealth, your home, your job. I think it boils down to an unwillingness to share what we have and put others ( friends, acquaintances or strangers alike) before ourselves. Relationships shouldn’t be transactional, but often they are.

        1. We live in a selfish society. It’s a me society. A society in which the most important person in the room is… me. Thats one of the errors of democracy.

  13. Eric, I feel the worst problem on Earth is mans inhumanity to his fellow man. Some humans are.so brutally cruel to other humans. What is up with that, we are all one race of Beings. I just do not not understand such violence and cruelty on this planet, perpetrated by Human Beings.

    1. Look at the cruel. Look at there personality. They lack any spice, any heavy thoughts. Like a soup. Some are just water. But others a marvel of spice and seasoning. They have not learned there is so much to life itself. Give the cruel time, give them time to learn and love them. LOVE them. Thats the point. We need to bring them to us and show them Love is better. It just works better. So Sunshine please get to work. Your here to give them your love and do not hold back. So the tint of their darkness sways to light. Making you utterly noble.

  14. thank you for the opportunity to comment …..”listening with feeling to what is being said” keeps running around my head.

    shine bright, Paul

    1. Thats the core of my power. I spend endless time outside on a masterpiece of nature, grounding myself to the land under my feet. Then I just listen. What does the universe have to say? I just listen. I agree Paul in this timeline of today. No one listens. A truth is coming out that talks about how we left the table. We abandoned the fundamental act of breaking bread with others and listening to the problems of their life, removing that has created overwhelming hostility. As you no longer help each other in times of need. We very much need to go back to listening to each other. But that divided has another core issue, and that is what I am pulling at.

  15. Eric, I am concerned that Putin is getting very desperate and will use nuclear weapon.. you did have that prediction in the past. That’s all I think about.. outside of the major weather disaster that’s the only horrific event that can happen with a big death count you describing:(

      1. Once the Nukes are out of Russia he can use them as he wishes. Typical Putin style, he can just deny that he had anything to do with it, that the bumbling Belarusians did it of their own accord, they didn’t put adequate safeguards in place. Belarus just gave him a blank nuclear cheque. Perfect Plausable Deniability. Belarus could be the “fall guy”, the country to take the retaliatory response (if any).
        I pray I’m wrong.

        1. You nailed it Steve. Putin is putting the nukes in Belarus. Then he can blame Belarus when they go off. He can put it on their shoulders and make the moment murky and unclear on who should be attacked next. If Belarus shot of the nuke, why would we attack Russia? But it won’t work. The opposite reaction unfolds. The world reacts with shock and rage from almost everyone.

        2. I’m wondering the same thing, Steve. I can’t believe Lukashenko hasn’t taken this into account, he seems to buy into Putin’s lies.

  16. The mass problem is survival instinct? Survival Instinct makes people do some really bad things.

    Most countries in the world operate on survival instinct.

  17. Another idea – a lack of respect? (Goes to the heart of things, a lack of respect for everything that has been provided by the Creator and a lack of respect for everyone and everything around us)

  18. Is it our lack of awareness? We tend to look at ourselves, our world and all the problems going on here. We are searching the universe physically but are still very insular and unaware of the universe as a whole and how it all interconnects. We are selfish and need to open our minds to all possibilities.

    1. Awareness. Oh how I wish all of you could see the heavens I do. Just the view, just the place, has infected me, with giving it unwavering loyalty. To be apart of something beyond yourself. To serve something beyond you. What honor I hold and my only complaint is I walk this path alone. Oh how I wish we were all aware.
      The problem I am looking at is very basic.

  19. I feel that one of the main issues we face is that we think we are separate or severed from Source, from God, from the Divine. Because of this, we can never feel whole within ourselves; if so how can we truly connect with one another? This to me is the original sin – we forgot we are whole; a profound forgetting that the Divine is within and without; that the Divine is found in us and each other.

    If you know that you are deeply connected with one another and Source, you would not want to harm another because that would only be harming yourself.

    1. That is the lesson we are in now. A lesson plastered on all our walls. Written long ago. We ignored the rule. Thou Shall not lie. Now we see why you don’t lie. You see it in our politics. You see it during Covid. You see it in daily life. It’s burning it all down, ruining so many lives. So one hopes we all learn the lesson of “Why” you don’t lie. You nailed the moment. But there is still something larger at play Ask your self why is there a divide? What creates a radical? Why does racism thrive? All of them one problem. Pluck at the one problem and its “Predicted” all the nightmares start to melt. One problem. Solve that an this nightmare we are all in ends!

  20. I fear something when I don’t know what it/something/someone/situation…Ect… Is. The unknown is always a scary thing. All beings have some kind or reaction to being afraid. Some don’t handle it well.
    Just a thought.

    1. Write it down. Write down what your feeling. Write down how it feels. Then when reality catches up you will find the weight is much smaller and there is no need for such fear. Back in the day when I watched Foster Children. Now they are my children. I was doing world predictions wrapping up another police shooting, and they ended the conversation by saying “Ok well have a splendid day, bye bye, Eric. Oh by the way your going to jail.” What?? I am going to jail? Then they left. I put myself in a complete orbit of fear over the moment. I didn’t do anything wrong? In the end we would get a call from the social services, who told me the birth father was demanding to see the foster children, and she was making arrangements for that visit. But he was in Jail. Which means that the visit was in jail. The whole thing was very anti climatic when I learned I was in this orbit of fear for nothing.

      1. Well now, aren’t they hilarious! I would have freaked out too! They did this to me too, somewhat, in one of my readings – hilarious. To be fair, I would do the same thing! Lol

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