A Message From The Highest of Authority

Oh humbly blessed I am in this moment.
As the sun rises on the sacred day.
Share Joy.
Share Joy with your neighbors. Share joy with your friends. Share Joy with Family.
Joy in our name.
Share Joy because Joy is all we ever wanted for you.
Share Joy with everyone so we may rid you of arrogant, invasive few.
So in our blessed day as the sun falls share Joy with everyone.
Everyone everywhere.
Joy is your answer,

And then they asked me to go outside and play with the animals. The animals wanted to play and that would bring them Joy.

19 responses to “A Message From The Highest of Authority”

  1. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    May we all have love, peace and joy.

  2. RB Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this Eric! A timely message to us all.

  3. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    Dear Eric,

    I quite agree. In the heavens, everyone is very joyful. I remember an atmosphere of joy and triumphant celebration and there is joyful heavenly music and singing too.
    However the teaching of religion on the earthly realms is mostly emphasizing on fear. This is the feeling I get. There is a lot of emphasis on going to Hell in many of the religious teachings in our realm.
    Under Taliban Afghanistan, music was banned….I don’t understand their thinking.
    I am sorry if my comment offends anyone here.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s all Joy over there. That’s what happens when you put love first in every step you make. Love. Some people don’t get it. But they will.

    2. Sara Avatar

      I think you’re right about fear…even though many religions provide love, charity, and community, there’s often a subtle threat that you’ll go to hell if you don’t believe. I’ve never been able to fit that together with the idea of a loving God. It makes no sense that God would create millions of people and then send them to hell for being different religions.

      1. egwefer Avatar

        Sara, it isn’t you’ll go to Hell if you don’t believe. It’s you’ll go to Hell if you’re not baptized. They did that at my uncle’s funeral. I quit going to church after that. Told the family he was going to Hell. Who does that to a family grieving.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Hell is very different from what they say.

        1. egwefer Avatar

          So what is Hell like. Edgar Cayce said Heaven had many mansions. Is that how it might b?. A trump might get an outdoor toilet, and Jimmy Carter would get a beautiful house and garden.

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            Yes on the first one, and they are mansion like. Huge vast empires created in places across the stars and galaxies. No on the second. It’s very Christian, your wings are clipped. Your stuck here, lost to your own sins. That’s hell. They literally keep you in one spot, until you get it. The ghosts in the house, stuck there, because Mara dictated it to be. They are not “Lost” they were put there. Because that person was bad to the bone. Mara not the devil oversees hell. Wouldn’t you know it though!! Mara is from a totally different religion that describes it as a him. I only know Mara as a her. It is said she hold 6 to 7 weapons at one time, and you will go quietly with her or regret it. These Spirits are denied the awesome home of heaven. We as Spirits yearn horribly for our home, and to be denied entrance is actually very painful. But heaven is an elite club of the good.

            1. egwefer Avatar

              So my ghost was a bad person. Not sure who but I called him Mr. Smith. He had heavy boot steps. He was helpful. He found lost items, Once I was alone ad taking a bath, and there were 3 raps on the bathroom door. I thought ‘At lest he doesn’t come down stairs’ Ha, two days later there were 3 raps on the wall of the den.

              1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                Are there other ghosts?

                1. egwefer Avatar

                  Not sure. There was a doorway that gave me the cheeps. Once I was sitting reading, and I felt somebody was reading over my shoulder. About 65 years ago, I did a “how to improve your psychic ability” It worked. Had some scary things, which I got over, but I sometimes see or hear ghosts. My husband , and I heard a voice. I would wake up with his voice calling my name. It was the same with him. He passed, but a while back, I woke up with my daughter calling Mom, Mom, Mom. The last ghost was a cat, and a shadow figure at my sister’s empty house.

                  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                    That all implies “Holy Ground” of some kind, drawing everyone there, your house is the bottom of the story, Example: https://worldwidepredictions.com/2022/10/30/halloween-special-poltergeist/

                    1. egwefer Avatar

                      Thank you Eric. I don’t know about Holy Ground, but my property is on what was originally Creek tribal land. I’m not much, but am a little Creek. No tribal card though.

              2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                I literally have what this world would call a poltergeist. I am that little girl, when she grows up. It’s like being a Lighthouse bright on at the dead of night. They just have to see. If you have ever seen the “Birds” movie, that’s how many spirits flock my house, only at certain times. But my lighthouse is super bright. Do you have that?
                Another possibility is another “Light House” is holy land. If that surrounds you Spirit is drawn to it. Mr Smith sounds like he wasn’t entirely good, or bad, and for that reason doesn’t know how “Dad” will react when he goes home, so like a child he lingers.
                Or the opposite he is patiently waiting for a loved one to pass. And has returned from home.
                Just a guess.

  4. Fabian Avatar

    In this day in age we all need a little joy and love in our hearts, but fear is what everyone understands. I guess it’s because we’re always on survival mode and when we look at social media, the news, and the internet, all we see is fearful images. Our leaders always pumping everyone full of fear and it just seems like there’s no joy and love at all. In time, maybe humanity can understand, but such is life.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Make it!!

  5. John Sollivan Avatar
    John Sollivan

    Eric what do you see happening with the economy? Is it getting worse still or will it bounce back now? What future do you see for crypto?

  6. Rose Avatar

    Happy Easter Eric & families🐣 🙌 🙏

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