Halloween Special: Poltergeist

Have you seen the movie Poltergeist by Steven Spielberg? If you haven’t I highly recommend seeing it. In the movie the little girl Carol Anne has a Poltergeist problem. Ghosts always want to be around her, haunting her, attached to her. The bedroom closet door slowly opens, this bright light exhumes, then whispers and voices from afar as everything magically in the room starts to move.. Thats me!

Come on lets be fair here, I am the adult version of that little girl. I am what happens to that little girl when she grows up. I had my own (symbolic) closet bedroom door open up slowly, for me a massive huge blinding light that came from the other side, and the whispers, then voices from afar started speaking, but unlike Carol Anne who got sucked into the closet, I quickly got up with a note pad and starting writing everything they said:

“Speak up!.. Earthquake coming got it.. California you said?.. Ok got it..wait where are you going? .. Tell me when? .. Stop floating away? He left!” Thats my life in a nutshell.

To live with me is to live with THEM. I consistently warn everyone in my life that has lived with me over the years. Moving in with me, is like moving in with someone who has a litter of children that you can’t see. The television turns off and on looking for a channel that pleases them. Keys fly of the counter. Knocks on the door but nobody there. Laundry soap being thrown from the washer. An endless barrage of footsteps above us. The house is freezing cold. Lights turn on and off, and burst all the time. Pictures fly off the wall. Cabinets open on there own and then close. It is a daily chore. It is so rampant that at times when I ask my children

“Who left this mess here?” They Blame the Spirits.

“I didn’t do it, those Spirits probably did it.” Any normal house would find that insane, but there is a ‘small’ possibility he might be right. What do you do with that?

Yesterday, because I know inflation is about to rise even higher for a brief moment, I bought bulk food, So in my office was a large bag of potatoes, it fell over, potatoes then moved magically, literally dancing on the floor. I was in awe. Wow,

“Move them back in the bag!” I said. That didn’t happen.

All of this while I was doing a personal reading for someone. Activity in my office has become a daily norm. So much so, that my sister, my children avoid the space. Even the animals act up. Everyone wants to know if its safe to go in. Teddy our maltipoo will stand stoic for a good hour staring into my office, the lights now off, as if guarding our house from intrusion.

But now my role of Carol Ann has shifted, I am now the short psychic woman in the Poltergeist Movie, Tangina. I actually clean houses. Now days the World Predictions dominate, the world predictions are slowly taking over all my work. I rarely do case work or clean houses anymore. But once in a blue moon someone will call me to get rid of there pesky ghosts. That role has dubbed me with a nickname given to me by my late brother William, “Ray” from the Ghostbusters movie.

Now we get to the meat of the message because I have to be a critic here and say it is nothing like movies, and nothing like the TV shows. Some of these shows seem confusing to me. Ghost Hunting.. why are the lights off? Are the Spirits afraid of light? Because their not. Really think about what’s being sold, some stranger with a camera and crew, came into what you believe to be your house and sticks a camera in front of you and says “Prove you exist?” If such a stranger came in your house, would you do what they asked? To be fair their might be a few vain yes’s, but just a sliver.

When I cleaned houses 9 times out of 10 there was nothing there. Houses are old and on old foundations. But I have multiple stories to share on this topic alone. Demons! I actually met a few. But thats another story. This specific moment I am about to describe happened years ago, my brother William had to drive me all the way to the mountains to clean a house. I was a bit worried, they were paying a huge amount, and yet the odds where nothing was there. But nooo! That was not the case.

We arrived at this farm house. Outside of the farm house was a chasm, they are littered throughout our world, Chasms and Vortexes. This one looked like a bizarre river of light pouring down against the natural rocks around it, creating a hole in space. Vortexes are massive and normally found over water or desert. They are ripples, or cracks, that allow for movement from the Spiritual realm to earth. The most famous Vortex is Bermuda Triangle. The Chasms are small cracks. This one clearly allowed for Spirit to go back and forth. So her haunting was real but outside. I explained all that too her before I entered the house because the bottom line was, she was stuck with this. I told her to move, because activity would continue. I explained there was nothing evil about a Chasm, but activity in her house would be rampant, because she built her house right next to the train station of the spiritual realm. Sorry the train is not moving because you put your house here. But she said something dark was in her house. I thought.. no that shouldn’t be? So I went in to clean the house.

Yes, there was a ghost in the last room. In the vision she had this old Victorian look, sickly hair, bad broken teeth, and crouched over. Now in this moment I asked the owners to leave so I could talk with the ghost. But, of course they said no, I was a stranger in their very nice house, and they did not feel comfortable with me all by myself. So weird, here we come. I started talking to the air in front of me out loud. Talking to the ghost.

“You need to leave mam. I understand.. excuse me don’t be rude.. but no.. you need to leave you don’t live here.. Don’t you talk to me that way!! Fine you want me to go there, I will!” – I was getting very upset

I have no doubt having an argument with air seemed odd to the owners of the house standing next to me, they looked with bulging eyes as I argued with this pesky ghost. The owners described something evil. But she wasn’t evil at all. Just mean, cold and in much need of moving on. But she is being rude to the great Locustka AKA me. So I left the house, walked up to the chasm outside, and waited for something to cross. Then I asked this very nice Native American Spirit who just happened to be passing through.

“Listen there is this ghost in that house that does not belong, can you do me a favor and get some help?” He did.

What came out of the Chasm was Guards of Spiritual Realm, huge warrior like Spirits, equal to Axle, I really didn’t want the police of the other side, just someone to convince this mean ghost to leave, seems a bit over the top, but this huge guard went in there, and forcefully left with her. She gave me the most mean stare as they shuffled her away.

Then we continued the cleaning with Sage, and Lavender burning. But there is nothing showy here, which always has people saying “Thats it” but it is. No chanting in Latin, no holding of books, no burning magic candles, just me, who can talk to the spiritual realm. Then when its over I got in the car.

My brother looks over “How did it go Ray?”

Then, out of humor and a nod to the great movie Steven Spielberg made, I pop open the vanity mirror in the passenger seat, fix my hair, adjust my sun glasses as the car starts and say

“This house is clean.”

Fun Fact: Kosher Salt: Salt is a real tool used by ghostly individuals like me. It is a vital tool. So I use it in bulk. Now when I go to peoples houses they honestly think I am going to draw a circle of Kosher salt on the floor to protect us all, or by the door, to protect us from.. what exactly? The pepper monster? They assume it’s just like the show “Supernatural”. But thats not what it is for at all. Kosher Salt is vital for burning. I burn Lavender, Sage, Blood moon, Myrrh, Paulo Santo, and frankincense every day. To do this I need a small piece of coal to lite, and a large bed of Kosher salt for all of this to sit on. The Kosher salt absorbs the extra heat and allows it to burn all day.

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12 responses to “Halloween Special: Poltergeist”

  1. Blue Sky Avatar
    Blue Sky

    Just have a question: Is it not supposed to be good if a positive ghost lives in and protects the house?

  2. Sara Avatar

    Wow. So many questions but I’ll try to keep it short.

    How would you’ve made the ghost leave if you didn’t have your abilities? Would sage and lavender had been enough to make it leave.

    Also, why are most scratch marks three claw marks and does three knocks mean you have a demon in your house (three knocks = demon mocking the holy trinity?)?

  3. Jillian Avatar

    Eric, Great story! I didn’t know you once cleaned spirits from houses. Would you be able to advise me in a reading about my vortex/chasm and earthbounds at my house? Unlike the mountain home, I am near water. I observed lights and EVPs via my camera for over a year, but had to turn off my camera after nonstop threats began 24/7. At least they don’t displace objects or turn off lights. There were many odd light forms but I and a neighbor seem to just have one that blows smoke at us at night that may have owned my property long ago. I just spray lavendar a few times. Can you advise in a reading or does a house need to be cleaned in person?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh I would start with a reading to see what is there. Like the story tells sometimes they have very simple solutions to the problem. That require minimal effort. Someone had a demon issue and the solution was so simple. Both of us was like “Thats it” but it was. So I would ask them first.

  4. Tirin Avatar

    Unrelated, but the Sun was smiling recently, literal smiley face! Quite the unique picture NASA took.

  5. Sara Avatar

    Aside from it being spookier and better for ratings/views, the lights are off on ghost shows because cameras – thx to infrared and night vision – are able to pick up spirit orbs and apparitions easier when the lights are off. The lights are also off so that the lights on any kind of sensor device can be seen better when a ghost sets them off.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      thanks did not know that.

  6. Carlo Enrico Avatar
    Carlo Enrico

    Thank you Eric for sharing, I really had a great time reading this!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  7. egwefer Avatar

    This is a great story. You should sell it to Hollywood. It’s different’

  8.  Avatar

    Another reason I heard that entities show up more is that they need energy to ambulate around. So, they take energy from the living, which in turn, fatigues the living with more of a tendency to get sick. When we living folks go to sleep, the entities get more upset. Or, at least, that’s what I understand.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi A. Your talking about dark spirits. Sounds like someone needs to burn some sage. It is true, Spirits consume energy, but out there in the stars, this is in enormous abundance, only those, which the Spiritual Realm has denied entrance become stuck and consume the “emotions” of another. Just my 2 cents A. I am sure there are exceptions to the norm.

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