A Message from the Ultimate “Mother”

Love. Your house has so much pain and suffering. So on this day, we halt your nightmare. Hold to love here and now. Spread love everywhere. Give love and allow it to be your mantra. Pluck the freshest apples from the most distant tree, bake splendor and give it to your eldest neighbor and say its made with love. Collect all your coins, from the carpet to the couch, then take it to that place where everyone is asking with desperate need, in horrible conditions and with hands out, we ask you humbly, give love. Dance with generosity at the act called love. Call your greatest adversary and forgive all their grievances. Forgive them, in the name of love. Meet with those who oppose your most ardent beliefs and make them a splendid meal, and discuss your grievances and differences. Together form a new path, where love sits at the center of both your directions. In this century where stone throwing has become the way of everyone. In this timeline where intrusion has become acceptable and yet is completely unacceptable to us. We would remind you of the ultimate power to bind and unite your home. All you need here is love. You underestimate the unwavering power it yields when you spread its glorious grip. You underestimate that unifying force our creator gave ‘Love’. Let your arms, your legs, your feet, your very action be one of love. Let that heart explode with passion set to alter your world. Let love burst out of you like flames of fire and the world will start to heal. Commit to flooding the world with love and this tide will become slowly calm. Do this so peace can return. Because love is a blessing we all desperately need. So why hold back. Why deny others your glorious splendor. Love one another. Love everyone and allow it to explode out of you set to change all things in your home. It’s time. Time to make your home warm again. — A message from an Ancient voice.

7 thoughts on “A Message from the Ultimate “Mother”

  1. This puts me in mind of Carrie Underwood’s song “Love Wins”. It starts off somber, talking about our current issues, (hence the line “Politics and prejudice. How the hell did it ever come to this”) but then becomes much more hopeful, lively, and enthusiastic.
    Definitely recommend listening to it; it’s uplifting, especially the lines “We’ll never fall if we walk hand in hand. Put a world that seems broken together again….I believe, in the end, love wins.”

    That song could be this website’s theme song; the subject of the world needing love and togetherness are similar.

  2. Maybe we can each put a comment on how we have enacted this excellent piece from Eric’s Spirit Friends. I’ll start with some things our meditation group started a few years ago here in rural Qld Australia.
    1) Three of us started returning the supermarket trollies from the car park instead of leaving them to crash into cars, or cars into them.
    2) Being rural where there is not much traffic, we started giving on coming drivers a ‘finger wave’ as sign of recognition that there is actually a person in that other vehicle.
    3) One of our group started giving loose change to the next person in line at a supermarket when they were struggling to find a coin or two.
    4) Staff are that company’s representatives, but they are also people. Speaking to them as people and not as ‘company’ can make a whole lot of difference to not only them, but to you. I rarely run out of my regular goods.
    These are only small thing, but they are following in the line that Eric’s Blog is suggesting.
    Maybe others have similar personal stories, to keep this wonderful suggestion going. Pete

  3. Hello Eric,
    thank you once again for your beautiful message. It’s for sure blessed and comes from the Spirit, that goes far and beyond the petty calculations we are used to. But I insist, if love is the solution, why can’t we just love each other out of all of this? The dimension we are living in is not about pure love itself, but in the forms of love that relate to power: personal and collective freedom, which we need to achieve through cooperation. Freedom from the burden of hunger, of poverty, of a life without meaning passed in some soulless and useless job. This is the sense of all our difficolty: they are there so we can solve them together, for the good of all. And our mission, for each of us, is to understand what kind of service we have come here to offer to each other. You can be a a doctor or you can be a workman: if you do it with love towards yourself and to the others, you are putting your effort to the cause. Some of us build a little wall, and some of us build cathedrals, all united in the Spirit for this common effort. And those of us that work against the cause, are creating the necessary difficulty, so that we can have a problem to solve together. And, I know it seems wrong, but I believe souls incarnating in “bad” people are making the biggest sacrifice of us all, since they are the farthest from what they are.
    Thank you again Eric, just wanted to share.

    1. You bring up the many points of life. We are not cursed with the darkness. The darkness is blessed with us. We exist to bring them back to the light. To bring them home again. That is why they are here. So we can help.

    2. “If Love is the solution why can’t we just love each other out of this?” The great Lords of the Spiritual Realm have set up the perfect system. Here on earth you prove your value. You show the universe how much love you actually give. It is as Christians say a test. After you pass, after death takes you, the next step you take is based on the love you gave here. that is how you are judged. Your very class and structure is based on the love you gave. An entire system of government where love is all that matters. So its the simple unpaid teacher, the mother daunting over the child with cancer, its the nice nurse, and the pleasant monk, that will inherit the empires in the Spiritual realm. They gave the most love and they will be in charge. Love rules heaven, literally.
      So I guess what i am saying is, we do love each other out of this.

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