World Predictions 8-26-23

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Back to the Grind of giving you World Predictions. But the video begins with a message for all of you connected on the Spiritual Path. A message for the healer, the seer, the clairvoyant, the shaman, as your moment rises.

Two separate videos are forming. The fun exciting life of the Eric Leigh-Pinks Journey with all the Spirits, that will have the Sphere as its background and these dragon videos, meant to be short, quick, videos of just World Predictions. The lavender with my Qi is the background. That same lavender is burning out of the dragons mouth. The power of Qi. Something I will eventually teach in my classes:

14 thoughts on “World Predictions 8-26-23

  1. When you say economy in the east tanks are you talking about china and russia only

    1. Both. It’s some type of real estate housing crisis? First the Ruble begins to crack. The inflation in russia is set to skyrocket. Or is it already supper high and we are being lied too?? Which leads to the Russians unable to pay for housing. Around the same time housing and real estate becomes an issue in China. Then two other problems rise, food shortages, leading to even more problems. But an unexpected consequence to this new world order, where the world splits its ties into two parts no longer serving the whole. You just cut the money and opportunity in half. To be fair Jupyter, this January February timeline is just the start of the nightmare. It’s not an all at one moment, but a set of dominos. We fully expect the Ruble to crack or crash soon, which is why it’s being presented now.

      1. China has a massive, massive real estate bubble right now, and a lot of bankrupt of near-bankrupt real estate developers. Their economy also was damaged by the very strict COVID lockdowns.

        Do you have your predictions in readable form or only in video?

        1. Yes. We have to post a written version for those of my fans that don’t speak English. You will see a weekly written summary. Tomorrow actually. Unfortunately I just don’t have enough time in the day to keep up. But this added video to my already blog was a bit more than I could chew off, considering i still have to make a living in between, but I will figure it out a happy medium soon.

          1. What about India, South East Asian Economies ?
            Would they also face difficulties and South Korea and Japan also

            1. Asian countries start uniting to form their own pacts. That will add to their economies. But I will check when we have a moment. It’s a good question.

    1. I hear you. I know I have a large audience far and wide around the world. The plan is to collect all of the world predictions and make a separate post, of the entire list of predictions on a weekly basis. Then a new page will form with lists of all the predictions. But wow is that a lot to do.
      Next: This prediction is set to now unfold, half of it is happening now, the other is expected:
      Weather: Expect extreme temperatures moving forward. Either weather will become extremely hot, or cold, and that is set to hurt our food supply. The shelves are not full. Grains, oil?, Rice.
      The economy is set to fall in the East, when the “Rabbit” burrows again. This is the year of the Rabbit. So at then end of the Lunar Calendar the economy is the east to fall.
      Putin: Still expecting a massive flood, water, water, water, an evil act. Perhaps in Tokmak. The number attached is 28
      We also shared this message, because right now for seers, psychics, shamans, you feel that great Spiritual force rising. The light just got brighter. A shift took place in the Universe. So a reminder:

  2. I loved the format a few years ago, simple, concise predictions. Thank you for all you do. 🙂

    1. Thanks Danny. Do you mean like the 10-6-19 prediction, the covid prediction? First I would worry about that at all. Our band of Spirits has turned into a full fledge Orchestra, and in this moment we are adjusting to the newbies. Who have all these ideals we are testing. So I fully expect the meat and potatoes of our work to come back with full force.
      Unfortunately we can’t entirely shift back to the Covid Prediction way. It unfortunately did not work. Most of the events we predicted back then would happen years later. So it never got its due attention. To add we noticed the predictions that happen rapidly, even if it lacked accuracy, got all the attention?? So we are planning to have these daily messages, then a new page will eventually go up with list of all the weekly predictions. But we have come to the conclusion, that predicting “What’s Next” seems to be the road we are headed towards. We keep testing how quickly we can predict the timeline. The last test was this one:
      The first indictment fell at the beginning of April. The goal was to have this prediction in a weeks time. However accurate the message is, the test failed. So back to the drawing board we went.
      There is yet another test coming. What if we predicted with intent the question: What is next for China, What is next for the US, What is next for Pakistan. Build a prediction already in a timeline and location, could it operate better. Just keep going around the world and predict what’s coming endlessly next. It’s an interesting idea.
      But eventually we plan to get to this place where we predict what is coming immediately next and then move to flood of predictions. Thats the other goal, most of our audience is outside of the US. Our focus on our fans in Pakistan, Brazil, India, Malaysia, are not getting their due attention.

  3. When do you anticipate the New York Attack? Today in NY there was a massive protest by mostly Trump supporters, who were against the Migrants seeking Asylum arriving to NY with basically no room to put them. Tomorrow there will be another. We have had thousands come every day and its becoming a big problem. Today I watched an image of a person ripping down and stomping the American Flag. It really hurt watching that. Do you think the homegrown terrorist could be one to target where these Migrants are living?

    1. There is something about a vehicle attack. So maybe. As for the explosion. The building had government ties and in every vision was an Iconic land mark. The Sears Tower, and the Empire State Building. So I would ask where are these migrants who just want a better home, located at?

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