Truth: Be The Moon

This message is directed towards all the spiritualist, seers, healers, priests, and priestess. Listen to Spirits wisdom.

We are the Sun, the sun shining light in all corners of life. Providing warmth to all. You are the moon reflecting our light. Our word. Our will. Our Love. Do not stand as a shadow hindering the light, just be our light. Let us hold all the heavy bricks, let our father guide your healing hands, speak only our word. Be our moon and represent us well.

Then I had this visual of a cresent moon, slowly light consumed it and it became a full moon, then it became brighter and brighter. From a cliff I observed a light so bright it gave a dusk look to the ground. The moon had this beautiful glowing ring around it.

Then a whisper in my ear ”Let the light reign.”

Eric– It’s said that in the 1940s, a voice was sent to represent the heavens. Their message; they adamantly oppose all that is happening here on earth. Those same Prophets died at the hands of the Third Reich. Now I make no claims to be as noble as they are. But to those who feel spirit has a bias, an opinion, absolutely, of course they do, and as history shows I want to hear their opinion. I want to know if we are going to have a problem, I will never silence their voice. To my last dying breathe I will represent Spirit.

TRUTH 23 — Prophets of the 1940s

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  1. I too, want to hear Spirit always. I hear Spirit in my heart. I stand with Spirit and Eric. Always.
    Beautiful post Eric. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Spirit is so incredible! 🙂 Blessings:)

  2. I will. Especially the part about holding the heavy bricks! Ha-ha; loved that but great message because sometimes burdens can discourage one’s path. Thank you and Spirit. I will be listening and joining the others with the Moon.

  3. This post reminds me of a scripture “The light shines brighter onto a perfect day” not sure what verse it is. I just remembered it, as it spoke to me.

  4. That spoke directly to my soul. So much gratitude I you for being the vehicle. I’ll be chewing on this all day❤️🌒🌘🌗🌖🌕!!!

  5. I have to sadly agree, what Antifa is doing today sounds very much like the Third Reich – burning and looting businesses and beating people up according to their race and the flag they carry. Their bigotry and intolerance is scary.

    1. Hello Flicker. I am confused with your post. True I am an Australian living in Australia, where our general media is not inclined to priorities in favour of ‘left or right’ when it comes to American politics, although Trump’s friend Murdoch certainly controls most of our media.
      Based on what I have read and researched, Antifa stands for Anti Fascism, which as you may not know, is anti the organisation Hitler created and espoused.
      The principle of Hitler’s Fascism was to blame the good citizens of the world for the wrongs created by the very ones who supported him, and whom he supported.
      Do you/have you looked into Antifa? Have you researched them as I have?
      If so then you’d have discovered that they are not an organised group, where as the Proud Boy, who are supported by the fascist movement, certain big corporations, and the extremist ultra conservative right, are.

      Antifa are a peaceful voice advocating peace, good will, humanity and non violent demonstrations.
      Naive? Definitely, because they are too trusting.

      On the other hand the Proud Boys, and similar ultra conservatives groups have been found wilfully and deliberately acting violently to disturb the peace, including infiltrating peaceful marches that they then accused Antifa, and other peaceful groups, of being responsible for.

      Obviously, after your totally worrying claims to the contrary, concerning Antifa, I’d appreciate if you could post proof to these claims of yours …. from universally recognised, non biased, sources as opposed to the many, many, many fake news sources popping up all over the internet currently, and which are never backed by facts or proof to their claims.

      Your help would be very much appreciated so that free speech does not become ‘lying to win a vote/opinion/political perspective’ propaganda that many on the conservative side believe in and are promoting.

      And I must add, as the many who frequent this site would, I’m sure endorse, your lack of appropriate reply, as proof of your claim, will naturally lead to the general belief that you, unintentionally maybe, are peddled fake news. Pete

      1. @PeteMedium

        I live in the states. Antifa is not good. They are backed by George Soros. That alone should tell you what Antifa is about.

        A lot of these “peace” groups are agent provocateurs. I live here, please believe me.

        1. Reuters, said to be one of the few news services that does not takes a particular political point of view, had this to say on the subject:
          “Social media users have been sharing an image online that makes several disparaging and false claims about George Soros. Some of these claims include Soros being a former Nazi, Soros “swearing to destroy the U.S.A.”, Soros owning ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, and Soros paying for protesters.”
          It is an excellent, and well researched, article and covers the majority of claims made against him. I highly recommend it’s reading:

          1. Pleasw do not put words into my mouth.

            I’m tired of people saying “my source is more trustworthythan your source.”

            No human or human organization is 100% trustworthy.

            I never said Soros owned those groups. I said he provides monetary funds to Antifa. Any group that receives money from Soros is to be viewed with caution.

            1. I’m sorry TW but you didn’t say much at all in criticism of my original reply, other than to make statements you believe to be right without proof or backup. Basically an opinion. My reply was from a reliable source, not my own, in back up to what I’d stated concerning Antifa and in no way intended as you infer.
              I believe we are all entitled to our opinions.
              I also believe we are also entitled to facts as opposed to fake news.
              And yes, it is extremely difficult to differentiate in America’s current political climate. Pete

              1. @PeteMedium

                What I said is not my opinion, it is fact. It is not fake news.

                The term “fake news” should be erased from our vocabulary. “Fake news” is nothing but lies. But people are too politically correct to call a spade a spade.

                My personal experience & observation is proof. I live here & see what they do. You are half a world away relying on second, third, and fourth hand information. You consider those sources more credible than what someone with first hand knowledge has to say.

                If you want sources, you can easily find them on this thing called the internet.

                The official Antifa, BLM, & George Soros websites show that Soros does indeed fund Antifa & BLM.

                That is all.

        1. Love the clip Jules. Yes, there is so much lost to history concerning Hitler that we should all be fully aware of. In particular that had the nations of the world, at the time, taken the Jews that Hitler was willing to put on ships and ship out, before he realised they made good slaves, maybe there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust. I guess we’ll never really know.

          1. The world didn’t want to take in the Jews because the world is antisemitic too.

            @PeteMedium, you are in Australia. My dad was a teenager during WW2 so I’m not just going by history books.

            Here in America the nation was highly antisemitic. Hitler was even openly praised and the stories about the Jews being placed into concentration camps were considered CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

            The US wanted the modern state of Israel because the US & others still didn’t want to take them in.

            Funny how people forget Hitler opened his first concentration camps in Africa.

            Funny how people forget the experiments he had conducted on Black Africans were more horrific than the experiments he had conducted on the Jews.

            Funny how people forget Hitler also had Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled & other Europeans thrown into the camps.

            I guess only Jews can be victims.

            1. Even if I had decided not to write comments anymore, both of you TWLL and PM compelled me to do so.
              This is politics. This is about how neither the left nor the right want to recognize their own extremism and liberals are the third wheel extremism fueling both left and right extremism.
              We live through the time where no one is right. Soros is no angel. Just take a look at him and see for yourselves. Neither is Antifa, nor all the neofascist groups. One of them wants purity while the other one wants a mix. Neither fascists, nor communists, nor liberals are right.
              Humanocentric view of the world will always fail until we renounce it and replace it with universal view of love beyond human world. It is the crisis of the human civilisation we live in and I am happy about it. Because it is the only way to see beyond proud boys, antifas and liberals preaching that everything is allowed – which is not the case.
              This virus right now is the best thing that has happened for human conscience, consciousness and awareness to rise, so I hope that we will not take sides but work constructively how to find the missing link between humans and the rest of the creations and living beings. Then on the basis of that we shall be able to build a new more compassionate world under the sun.
              People are born and die every day. So do plants, bugs, animals. However, if soil, air and water are destroyed one way or another, there will be no planet Earth.
              Thank you for understanding.

            2. The first Nazi Concentration Camp was Dachau, not in Africa.

              Imperial Germany committed genocide in Africa, but this was before the Nazis.

              Shark Island off Lüderitz, in the far south-west of the territory which today is Namibia. It was used by the German Empire during the Herero and Namaqua genocide of 1904–08.


  6. Eric, of topic, but do you do pet readings? I need to ask my cat if he wants to go through another knee surgery. I had a session with an animal communicator to go throw with the first one and it was so helpful! She has since passed, so just wondering if I schedule a reading this question can be asked of my cat.


    1. I am sorry I do not. Many animals come through, but those are passed loved ones. I believe I have contact information for another spiritualist who does. Let me see if I have her contact info. Give me a day,

  7. hey Eric, hoping you are ok. Is it time to post one of your post, before time runs out on it?

      1. Mr. Eric, I didn’t know you were still going to hospital. I continue to pray for you.

        I sent an email to you & Bea yesterday (Friday).

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