World Prediction: The Next US President Cometh

I wait holding my breath, waiting for absolute splendor, and absolute horror. Let’s start with Splendor.

We have multiple old predictions about a future president. I have been checking the US news over and over again as we wait for the “Military One” We expect him to put his hat into the ring at the very last minute. In the visions he was a pilot, but that might just be another military reference.

Nov 3rd Biden “50”
With doubt you ensure chaos
The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs. The light on them is too
bright, their actions become overly obvious.
Spirit who will be President?
I was looking down at the Rose Garden, then I saw the shadow of a figure form, a military figure.

At a later date. The military one will rise to the highest office.. he will bring back nobility to the White House.. unite the divided country.. and be seen as one of the greatest US presidents of all time.. his leadership runs longer than eight years.

A surprise candidate.. 3 (or 3rd).. unexpectedly added to the mix.. the military one.. he will become president.

There is Washington.. Jefferson.. Lincoln.. and then him. A titan of your era.. the military one.. will bring back the word ‘United’ by common interest. equality, freedom and liberty.
The military one will hold his seat longer than normal.
I had a visual: I was watching a fairly young person for a president, talk to a small group about him becoming president.. their expectations were low but out of no where he rose to be president.
I had a visual of leader walking down steps and the entire military saluted him.
I had a visual of now: Riots, hate, loud voices, divisions, killing on the streets. Then later. Americans in formation walking together holding large American flags, storm clouds formed in the back, a new foe.. an old one.. approached. (That’s Russia, Where are your military one?)

The Next President
With a military hat in one hand, and a cowboy hat in another, the military man made political figure will become President of the the United States. History will view him as one of the greatest U.S. presidents of all time.

Here he is already apart of US politics? He was there during the impeachment of Trump??

I had a visual of a man with a cowboy hat turn a corner and then leave. “Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”

Very excited to see the next George Washington, the Next Abraham Lincoln. We are about to live in a moment of history. I hope this prediction is for this round of politics. Because we really need this leader in our moment of strife.

Now Horror. Or you could stop reading. Thats an option too.

She is here Lord Ma Ra Queen of Death , right now. Preparing for mass death. So why is she here? That is the big question. My connection Spirit requires “Feeling” a “Vision” and a “Voice”. And for some reason we lack a vision. But for now the “feeling” behind this moment is:

Why are you here Lord Mara? What would come next was ‘feeling’

Pure black Evil.
Evil surrounds leadership.
Brutal act of horror.

Normally I would not present a half complete prediction. I need the vision to tell me what this moment is all about. There is something else coming. But are they related?

The Social Media. The internet. Poisoned. Virus

Is that odd message related to these old predictions? Recognize the 2019 prediction. Russia will display tactical nukes. That is happening right now at this very moment. So what comes next in that prediction?

“Collapse.. Collapse.. a complete Collapse.. failure.. end”
I had a vision I was staring down at the ground. On the ground was three circles but the shape was warped, as if a child drew the circle. One small circle sat at the center and then another larger circle, and a much much larger third circle, all of them circling within themselves. In the center, lines went out in all directions creating this odd web like shape. Then I heard cracking and thunder, it was horribly loud. All of the lines collapsed and turned to dust. The dust pushed up in the vision and then all I could see was dust.

World Predictions 10-6-19
“Now.. Russia.. displays tactical mini nuclear weapons.. what a very bad idea”
In a not so distant future: I had a visual of every news station discussing the shock over the use of the miniature nuclear weapon.

I wrote this entire post yesterday. I waited for one day hoping for more information. But to no success. Instead Spirit said “Times up.” We seem to have a new flaw in my work. As I look at world predictions in the “Now” I run out of time.

Now that you read this, I would love to remind you of heavens way:

Those Foster Children are now my children. God has blessed me with Splendor! With Sons!

68 thoughts on “World Prediction: The Next US President Cometh

  1. It would be nice if we would have a good President this next election. We definitely need it. The world needs it.

  2. “The Social Media. The internet. Poisoned. Virus”

    I have a couple guesses on this. One is that the spirits are referring to online hatred and violence that could stem from it–hate being like a poison or a virus, but I don’t know how that fits it with Russia, unless Putin somehow uses the internet to spread hate against Ukraine.

    Or it could be about something unrelated to the whole Ukraine/Russia situation.

    Another idea is that some sort of cyber attack or computer issue could cause damage to a Ukraine nuclear plant, setting it off via computer virus or something.

    1. I don’t know if it’s Russia but everything points to someone screwing with the system of the internet. On a separate note we also have that “Web” prediction. I know I said it was a map of Russia. But, now they are saying the Web is crashing. So?? Thoughts??

    2. Regarding the word virus, its original meaning in Latin is ‘poison’, and in archaic English, too, it has the meaning ‘poisonous substance’. Would it be possible that they would be using the word with this particular meaning?

  3. That’s the first time I’ve heard that the military one was a pilot. Guess that rules out Crenshaw. Adam Kinzinger was a USAF pilot, a moderate and is young. Guess the cowboy hat could mean throwing ones hat into the ring and not that he’s from TX because that would rule him out if it was. Have you seen visions of him and been able to compare it with any current lawmakers or ones who’ve retired from office like Kinzinger?

    1. The cowboy hat is completely symbolic. It’s a maverick. Someone willing to stand alone and their own ground, and someone you don’t mess with. Think Roosevelt. In my mind Reagan would be a cowboy. Someone who answers to no one. But it has nothing to do with location. It was for this specific reason, this concern, that all future predictions don’t have the cowboy hat, because Spirit was concerned there was an immediate association with locations in the south. Which does not hold weight.
      The pilot is most likely symbolic as well, to the military. My family is a set of pilots. My Uncle was a famous pilot, and then became a teacher of military pilots. So its not that far reaching for them to show a pilot, as the “Military”. However, they showed it twice, so??

    1. Are we really saying Republicans would vote for him? Seems a bit of a stretch, however he would rise fast in the Independent side. He does fit the bill. What I would add is perhaps, just your average gold star General as a possible candidate.

      1. That’s a good point. Both Kinzinger and Crenshaw are essentially persona non grata with the MAGA base due to J6 and not getting in line behind and in lock step with backing Trump.

        1. I would not count on the loud radical voices holding control. Both radical sides, left and right, have dominated with control. But thats not going to hold. We are going to lean back into the middle. The power will shift towards the middle. So they might be a force to reckon with, just as Woke is a force, but neither hold. They both dismantle.
          What we do expect from the radicals in the US is more violence.

    2. I really hope it is Kinzinger. Love the guy.

      It also fits with the “the cowboy turns and leaves” which is what Kinzinger did when he was done with the Jan 6 committee investigation.

      Republicans might vote for him if it becomes very clear that Trump is a criminal.

      1. Adam sits at the top of my short list. He fits all the buttons. Especially the Cowboy. He is a clear maverick, not caring at all what others think of him. But I would also point out number 2 on the list. Just some unknown military man. A general? Or just John who feels he can make our county great and happens to have a career in military.

  4. Sen. Mark Kelly fits, including the cowboy hat ( Sen. from AZ). Not only military pilot but Space Shuttle commander.

  5. Military hat in one hand and a cowboy hat in the other – sounds like the titan is from texas

    Poisoned virus – could another pandemic be around the corner? Other psychics are predicting a new virus that will shut down worlds borders from possibly july this year (im ruling out covid). Or could it be these brainless twat social media influencers drinking some poison and the trend goes “viral” on something like tiktok

    Collapse…collapse….failure – byebye vladimir (putin)

    What does everybody think?

    1. Why is it always texas? We have very nice unique hats In Tennessee. Thats a hat. Also not so nice ones in AZ. Sorry AZ. It is not about location. This person is a Maverick, its about grit, a go it alone mentality, standing by his convictions. Someone you don’t mess with.

    2. Well I am preparing for a much needed day off. So when the internet crashes, my day off begins. Honestly this internet issue was odd. Someone corrupts social media. What does that even mean? It’s already overly corrupt in my view.

  6. Do we think the 3 could be a date? (or the obvious was running as a third party or third person as a real possible option in one of the parities – like if it’s the Republican side if it’s all “Trump and DeSantis” in the convo and he shows up last min in the primaries to throw his name in and is suddenly a third possible real option?). If the pilot thing is meaning he’s a pilot it’s definitely another indicator it’s Adam Kitzinger- that’s why I’m saying third republican option. Obviously there are already more than 3 running though.

    1. No one wants Adam. I think you are wrong. Good grief the guy wasn’t even qualified to be a senator. He’s a Rino .

      1. Perspective depends on your circle. Every independent I know and every moderate I know on either side of the aisle (yes they still exist) would vote for him. I know a TON of democrats who would also cross party lines and vote for him as well, even if he had an R by his name. And they would also vote for him as a 3rd party candidate. Most democrats don’t actually want Biden, there’s just no other option and (from a democrats perspective) there is not anyone running who is remotely tolerable to cross party lines and vote for- so they’ll settle for Biden because he’s the the least bad choice on the table right now, Someone like Kitzinger would be an actual option to a large portion of the Democratic Party. And the non-Trumpian republicans (which do exist) I know really like him. If you’re in a deeply conservative circle I wouldn’t be surprised if your perception is nobody wants him though. I could give you a list of 10 friends who I have had convos about him with that have all said they’d donate to him, knock doors for him, and vote for him though. (With a variety of different political affiliations they consider themselves)

        1. I for one, agree, we have had too much of radicals running the show from both sides, and they never seem to shut up. The moderates say nothing. It’s high time they take the mantle because the the radicals are exhausting and I really would like some quiet time. A moderate is needed for the moment.
          Say what you want about Adam. He stands for the Republic. He stands for the morality that we have forgotten engrained in the foundation of that Republic. The rule of law. That too needs to return as both our president suck at it. Neither could follow the rule of law. One has nuclear codes in the bathroom closet and the other has secrets in his car!
          Time for the silent majority to take over.

      2. I’d vote for Kinzinger and in my state, I can. Open primaries–you can cross party lines.

        1. I would vote for him too. He clearly cares about the Republic. He clearly adores the nation. All he has done is serve the US from military to politics. But he has one epic road to get to that White House.

    2. Mark Kelly too, but very different type of pilot there. Adam fits all the bells, but I can’t see Republicans voting for him? DeSantis is a military man, fyi, but a man that goes to war with Mickey Mouse and loses, just doesn’t cut it for my vote. Who attacks Mickey? Mickey is 100% American. But anything is possible in the US.
      As for the 3, the numbers are always for the moment. So I don’t bother. For instance
      The number 20 here is Pennsylvania, which put Biden over the top on the 3rd of November, or was it the next day he took Penn.
      Or this one which was suppose to reflect the loss of life. It was wrong. It was 21 horrible tragic deaths:
      The one that I would have never guessed was a “10th Anniversary” of our attack:
      So it could be anything in that moment or as you said, a “Third” party.

  7. @Eric there is no universe where Desantis rises and unites the country. Democrats see him as being as bad or even worse than Trump. Also he’s already in, so wouldn’t be last minute

    1. I have to say its a hard sell. Who attacks Mickey Mouse? Thats your enemy? Thats your biggest threat? Not say.. gun control, or the border, but a mouse? All the same if we follow the prediction they say a “Military Man” and I think he was a pilot. Don’t quote that last part. But he is at the bottom of my short list.

  8. A thought on the darkness coming- kind of out there (and I hope I’m wrong) but my initial thought was that I have seen some covid experts this entire pandemic warning about the potential long term health complications, and one saying that it is possible Covid could be an oncovirus (i.e. a virus that causes cancer). She has been warning that we need to be prepared for mass cancer with how many infections there have been. I’ve also started seeing a few stories on TikTok of people with new lung cancer whose doctors think it’s related to their Covid infections because they had bad lung involvement. A recent study came out showing they can see in DNA that Covid infections physically genetically age you from 5-20 years depending on the person. I live close to the CDC (within a couple miles) and around here the closer you get to the CDC the more people you see masking. Like a LOT of us still mask and are careful here. I am convinced the CDC knows things are still much worse than they are telling anyone. So my question is… could it be referring to the toxic way social media convinced people not to take Covid seriously? And that the government (on both sides of the aisle and around the world) straight up put corporate profits above public health and lied to the public and basically said go back to normal- just so corporations could make more money… and now we’re going to get to the health problems emerging from people having multiple Covid infections and their body’s just shutting down with cancers or similar? (Also I think I just read there’s already a shortage of several chemo drugs so that could severely compound the problem if large numbers of people start getting cancer from Covid). Or if none of that, a new variant but the government does nothing and people wouldn’t listen anyway because of social media? I pray I’m wrong but everything in my own intuition has been soooooo strong in telling me not to follow the crowd and to continue masking indoors, not dine inside, etc.. and that the risk is still so much more than anyone realizes.

    1. Just some of my feedback. When Mara presented herself in October 2019 she flat out told us it was time. The virus was spreading here and now. The Spirits turned around and told me to go buy the store. Literally I was the one taking all the toilet paper before you ever got there. So I question if it would be related again. Simply because, I would think she would mention that. What ever this is it has something to do with this prediction below and our “Web” this is where she started and now is returning. What that Web means is unfortunately cryptic. But my gut tells me this is Putin again. Russian again. I could be wrong. The prediction:

      1. I am glad you don’t think it’s this. That is very good news! I had the same thing with the store. I didn’t know exactly why but I was stocking up on Toilet Paper, Soap, Clorox wipes, paper towels, and canned goods and frozen food in Jan and Feb of 2020 like a crazy person. My intuition kept saying “buy more!” Every time I went to the store. Felt nuts but was so glad I listened!

        Interesting on the web…. I just remembered that last night or the night before as I was going to sleep I had a vision of a tarantula. Spiders usually represent violence coming (terrorist attack, mass shooting, or similar) when I see them. It’s the same for you, if I remember correctly, right? When I saw it I felt freaked out because a tarantula is huge and it felt like it must have been major.

        Could the web be a reference to spiders? (Assuming I’m remembering correctly and spiders = bad actors to you). If so then I definitely thinking Putin fits.

        1. Nicole thats what I feel too. Something terrorist like. Dark. But what does that have to do with a web? I am missing a bit of clarity here. Spiders do mean terrorism. But it all seems like puzzle pieces that don’t fit.

          1. A web could represent multiple terrorists, or a terrorist organization of some kind, one that uses “poison” or hate online to recruit people. Maybe it’s something Putin created to spread lies about Ukraine, or stage attacks on them?

            Maybe they carry out an attack that ends up backfiring on Putin and causes the collapse of his empire? Just a guess, through. The puzzle pieces do seem to be all over the place.

          2. A web = a spider web was my thinking. Could it be a play on the multiple meanings of web together? A spider web and the internet- spiders (spider web) organizing on the internet (word wide web)?

  9. We have the potential Russia/collapse prediction, and the new one about the internet being poisoned, and the one with Ma Ra saying “Evil. Trapped. Brutal act of horror.” Do all three refer to the same event, or are they about different things?

    Also, any updates on the confederate flag/military cemetery prediction?

      1. @Eric the war with Mickey is the least of his problems. People are literally feeling his state because of the hatred he is stoking against them, and the laws he is passing. The things he’s doing against the LGBTQ community literally meet the criteria for the first stage of genocide, which involves turning the majority of the population against a minority and painting the weak minority as a threat and scapegoat for problems they are not remotely responsible for. That seems quite a far reach for him to be the same uniting and healing figure you describe in your predictions. I know more democrats who would leave the country if he was elected than would even consider voting for him.

        1. The short list I have is solely based on the information of the predictions. Adam Kinzinger sits at the top of the list, simply because all the predictions match. Mark Kelly sits with him as I have learned he was a pilot and astronaut. What a career that man has had. From there its the Unknown soldier, plenty of generals from Milley to Kelly to McMasters. Mickey Mouse’s Nemesis is only on the list because he is rising. Even if its just republicans. This military figure should have showed up already.

  10. DeSantis is hard-right, and a culture warrior, on record saying he wants to destroy liberalism.
    He wants to hurt my relatives? How is that going to unite the country? That’s like saying Gavin Newsom is going to unite the country (he’s very left).

    If it is MAGA I won’t vote for it and neither will most independents and democrats.

  11. Gavin ran a fancy wine shop in San Francisco before he was governor. He’s a businessman.
    No military experience to my knowledge.

    Ted Lieu is ex-military and one of my favorite California Dem Reps. Very sensible person. Ex-Navy, I think.

  12. That’s my point. DeSantis is as likely as wine man to be a uniting force. He’s hard right, and scares anyone who isn’t a conservative. Gavin Newsom is a liberal from San Francisco. That ain’t gonna work either.

    John Kelly might be a possibility.

  13. The advantage of having military experience as a leader is that military recruits come from all walks of life and all political backgrounds, and military officers are well-trained as to how to lead a diverse group of people. That is extremely valuable for a country that is made up of people from literally every other country in the world. Large diverse countries: the USA, Brazil, India, Russia, Indonesia. India has more than 800 languages so “but they’re all Indian” doesn’t really apply. Indonesia is the same.

    Too many leftist diversity proponents fail to include conservatives and religious people in the bucket of “diversity”. You have to include everyone: rednecks, gay people, Baptists, Asian immigrants, Mexicans, people who work for giant corporations, farmers in Iowa, blue collar people in Ohio, EVERYONE.

  14. I think the military one could be someone completely unexpected. Texas is the hint. And I think it’s heavily pointing towards a Bush. Dubya was governor of Texas before being elected and his brother has a son who is ex-military and has political ambitions. Unsuccessful so far, but I wouldn’t rule him out. In politics the unexpected can happen. Remember a decade ago, we would have all scoffed at Trump running and look what happened! Often it’s a case of striking when the time is right in politics.

    1. Fun fact we are expecting a third Bush. I should share that. Someone with Hispanic ties. So that’s not just an idea, I fully expect to see it. But I question if that’s the military figure? But the unknown military man is second on my short list.

  15. Or a Democrat with Republican attitudes. A good combination that would bring America together – mutual support across both parties.

  16. Hi Eric,
    Could this be Pete Budiguge?I probably misspelled his name.
    He is ex-military. Right?!
    Just a thought.

    1. He is, my only argument is the same with De Santis, one leans, hard right and the other hard left. This person really is a moderate, and is interest in service to country not party. So??

      1. Is the military one elected due to the threat of war, or is it just coincidence? Is he expected to be elected next year or in 2028?

        1. I fully expect him to be the next president. He is elected because he is different from the rest. He is a uniter. Everyone else on both sides are dividers.
          There is a small possibility it’s 2028 simply to line him up with the war. But it doesn’t fit.

  17. I had a very real dream about a future president a few years ago, when Obama was president. It’s a 58 year old brown haired blue eyed governor or senator from Missouri or Illinois. Lots of charisma. He has a beatiful blonde wife who is a lawyer, a very smart daughter just graduating from a midwestern law school who is engaged to a dark haired man, a son who is just graduated from University of Colorado and another son in a prep school back in New England. In the dream, I saw everyone supporting this future president. Left and right. He has all the logical answers to problems everyone in the states is facing and brings a great balance to our country. Does anybody know who this is or could be? It was nice to see a president who was so respected, and not fake or hiding any secrets.

  18. Maura, this is very interesting. Adam Kinzinger is from Illinois and has brown hair and blue eyes. But he is currently 45 years old and has a son who was born last year. So he won’t have college aged kids at age 58.

    I just looked at his wikipedia page and he wrote a book titled “Renegade”.

  19. I will add the hat is not about location. It still might be Will Hurd, but. If we based the hat on location we would have half of the south. Tennessee hats are my favorite. I would love a genuine Tennessee hat. I grew up in a military family. My parents had endlessly watched Rawhide and Dirty Harry movies. So for me a cowboy is a maverick, a go it alone figure of grit, someone you never cross, just like Clint Eastwood embodies. Very Theodore Roosevelt with his stick.
    We actually removed the hat, in all future predictions after the Impeachment prediction, for this specific reason. They where worried everyone would lean on location. So we scrapped it.

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