Robb Elementary Shooting

“The worst mass shooting in US history will be out of Texas.”

Prediction 9-27-18

I had a visual of an old blue door with the number 23 on it. Then they showed the lock of the door turn back and forth (that means lockdown) “One of the worst shootings” Then it shifted to show a graveyard. “Too many!”

Predictions 7-9-18

“Texas” I had a visual of someone shooting people. There where holes in multiple places implying a massive shooting spree. Is this the prediction about the worst mass shooting in US history?

Predictions 6-10-18

As the details from this tragedy emerge, my old predictions from four years ago come to light. This was a prediction that was very hard for me to see, so much pain and sorrow. We sacrifice so much in America.

”At the gates of heaven, our flames end all sorrow, all pain, our flames heal all.”

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  1. Hugo Avatar

    So sad. So senselessly destructive. What caused this person to be so unfeeling and nihilistic, causing so much fear and pain? Ban guns now.

  2. Sara Avatar

    There was another shooting in Tulsa yesterday. A man with a gun opened fire on people in a hospital building, killing four, then himself. Others were injured. It looks like he might have had a grudge against a specific doctor, but was willing to kill anyone else who happened to be around.

  3. kim Avatar

    There were 14 mass shootings on Memorial Day weekend alone. 60 people killed. I’m in shock and disbelief that this continues to happen. Why is this suddenly an issue when 20 years ago it was unheard of. I even remember growing up in a small town where everybody actually had their guns in plain view mounted on the back windows of their truck and nothing like this ever happened. This sense of entitlement has decayed our society and all our leaders can do is point fingers at somebody else. There’s no checks and balances because we’ve gotten used to getting what we want when we want it as long as we have the means to pay for it.

    Over President’s Day weekend my former brother and sister in law was murdered by their 20 year old adopted son in San Antonio (Uvalde is less than an hour and a half west of San Antonio). I remember when they brought him home they were just beaming with joy and gave that young man a life that many would be envious of. What made him snap and how he was able to obtain a shotgun and AR15, or even had interest in guns is something we may never know.

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