Unknown: Wise Old Woman

As a child I was told so many stories about the Spiritual Realm. I have been taught the one universal truth carried over in the stories is that family is important to them. Taking care of those that take care of you holds all the weight.

I remember the childhood story like It was yesterday. The story of God’s first children. This ancient society had achieved everything in a time foreign to us. There was nothing left for them to learn. Imagine a society so advanced there is absolutely nothing left to accomplish. So the father (God) and these first born children built a new home together, so much more vast than the previous one. They built it together as a family. Each place unique to those creating it. One family, which is now the authority.

There will be many more stories coming about the Ancient One’s.

Call them what you want the first tribe, the ancient ones, the first ones, angels or deities, they set the tone of what ’The Family’ should be. Let me share one of the happiest moments in my life. It reflects how important family is to them.

It was a perfect San Diego beach day. I decided to take my two foster boys out to the beach for some sandcastle building. I also took my tablet because I was so behind with my work on the World Prediction site. We packed our day and headed to the beach. This was in a timeframe before my current efforts in adopting these boys.

As we stepped in the car Micah (spirit) was staring at me with a stony glare. He walked by the car window slowly, looked directly at me and said ”Listen to the wise old woman.” Then he walked away from the vehicle smiling softly.

Micah is the author of all that you read. He is ”spirits voice” in the World Predictions. He speaks for the larger group that collect the world predictions. He is the voice behind it all. Marcus oversees readings, while Micah oversees World Predictions. Darcy is the architect and Macabe sits at the top managing it all. Those are the chiefs of our organization I call ’Spirit’. I will share more about Micah later.

A few hours after my ominous message I was sitting on the beach. The boys were just starting to build a sandcastle, but they didn’t know how to do it, So the castle kept sinking. I was on the tablet talking to all of you fine people when a shadow appeared to block my sun.

I looked up to see this little old Asian lady; she had her hands on her hips and an angry, annoyed face. ”What are you doing? You have your, kids, here, and your on that machine! What’s wrong with you? It’s a beautiful day. Embrace it.” Then she walked away in disgust shaking her head. She walked towards the water when I saw Micah standing there with a smile, fully dressed, in this pressed 18th century royal garb.

So I put the tablet down. I played with my kids. I taught them how to build sandcastles, and we did it together as a happy family would. The castles were not perfect but close enough. You could see the glow in their faces. At that moment, I looked up at the stars and felt this presence. One that is hard to explain. As if the universe was looking back. As if we were staring at each other. Then I understood. This moment was like their moment long ago. Children and their father building together. I was in awe.

That’s one of many examples where family always comes first. Think about it from a purely logical position. All of what we have, our wealth, ethnicity, careers, houses, governments, the very ground your standing on, all of it will end. What does not end? Us and our continued relationship, the train trajectory set for all those around us now is forever. So please treat each other well, we have a very long ride ahead of us.

My life as John Hendrix, the Tennessee prophet, was in the 18th century. Micah and I did World Predictions back then as well. It was him dressed for work, like our version of a uniform, but then he points out what is essential, this message. Family.

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  1. Shannon Avatar

    What a beautiful message Eric. I needed to hear that today. Thank you. Sometimes we need to be reminded of where our priorities lie.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes absolutely.

  2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    Thank you for sharing. I believe God created us so God could share the unlimited love God has with others.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I agree.

      1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker

        God bless you Mr. Eric! I have spoken with you and I can feel your good spirit. Since God is love, you have God in you.

        Now that I think about, since God shared love with us God is sharing God’s self with us.

        If anyone is wondering, I personally prefer to God as “He” because Jesus called God “Father.” I am aware that spirit beings do not have gender.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
          1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
            T W Longtime Lurker

            You are welcome!

  3. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Eric, I loved this! I have to really print it out and put it on my fridge so beautiful! Thank you.
    Family is everything and love is everything ❤

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s so sweet. Thanks.

  4. lossie2020 Avatar

    Beautifully said. So true. My son is bitter towards his father as he was always too busy working. He long to have the relationship with his father. Now he enters his first semester at university. Time goes by and my husband missed the opportunity to have one on one moment with him. Made me sad. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Fix it, otherwise the universe will force it’s will. Most likely in the next life.

      1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker

        Please listen to Mr. Eric! My dad died and even though he reaped what he had sown (this contributed to his death).

        As my baby sister always says, “Karma’s a b***h and she’s got Satan on speed dial.”

  5. Rita Avatar

    Eric,loved this.Ur children will remember the day u played on the beach with them.Children remember certain days in their young lives as u and I do.Grandparents even more so

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you.

  6. Vicks Avatar

    Oh Eric,
    I so receive this message from our spirit guides!
    It’s so timely for me today. Thank you for sharing the importance of taking care of family.
    That is what is important to Spirit 💓.
    I needed to hear this today.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  7. Mary Avatar

    This is the most beautiful thing you have ever written.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s one of my favorite stories.

  8. Nick Avatar

    Thank you. Beautiful. Touched.

  9.  Avatar

    Mr pink you are wrong you were born in 19th century and died in 20th century. 1800-1900 is 19th century not 18th century.The Tennessee prophet was in the 19th century. You should rectify your mistake.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      My mistake. I was thinking of the year.

  10. ColoradoMom Avatar

    What a beautiful message and memory to share, as well as an important reminder for myself today and all days. Thank You!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  11. LM Avatar

    Wonderful story and an important reminder. Thank you Eric.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  12. Anonymous Avatar

    Off topic, but here’s the latest look of that Monster Hurricane as of now: https://ibb.co/gg7hnzG

    In the current model on TropicalTidbits, the beast appears to not make any landfall is moving further east away from Florida. If I can recall, the Spirits mention something about it shifting.

    I feel that since I’ve been keeping up to date and sharing updates with this blog, the collective thought and awareness is causing the beast to shift away (i.e. power of prayer).

    Things could still change, but the beast is shifting away from Florida for now.

  13. Marty Clum Lockery Avatar
    Marty Clum Lockery

    This is a wonderful story that all of us need to heed. So happy to see all the great comments instead of political banter. I follow and don’t often comment but this touched my heart!! Thank you Eric for sharing!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There are 4 stories that just put me in awe. This is one of those 4. It takes a lot to put me in awe.

  14. Rmf Avatar

    That hits home!! I really need to take this message to heart. Say a prayer for me that I do. Thanks

  15. Sara Avatar

    Very true. We are all one, we are all connected, we are all family.

    1. Nicole Avatar

      Oh weird my first commend didn’t show. I was asking Eric if this news about Trump having a Chinese bank act and business ties to China has anything to do with the Chinese ribbon prediction

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I think so. I have a doubt, but maybe it’s incomplete. More coming I will post soon.

  16. petemedium Avatar

    “A new COVID-19 strain has been detected on a ship from New Zealand forced to anchor off Australia’s Queensland coast.”

  17. tracypaints44 Avatar

    In thinking on “the ancient ones”: the channel Bashar has often talked about how in the universe there are many civilizations that become so advanced that they take their turn to create a new civilization on a new planet. New civilizations evolve and grow until they too are advanced enough to do the same. He says that is how the universe works and that the ancient ones try to protect their “children” but do not interfere until we are ready.
    I also believe that there have been many advanced civilizations on Earth that have disappeared entirely and are buried under the shifting sands. Some have left baffling clues of their existence, but modern-day archeologists refuse to accept anything that contradicts their established timelines. They refuse to accept that Stonehenge and the Great Sphinx are millennia older than they say, or that megalithic structures are far more advanced and older than the structures around them.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for sharing .

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

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