Truth’s 1

A very bold and wild message.

The Spirits are planning to share a handful of what they are calling ‘Truths’. They aren’t predictions but an act of sharing their vast knowledge about humanities history, our planet, space, and most of all the Spiritual realm.

Consider this, in the 16th century it was a common place to use leeches to bleed patients in the hopes to get rid of their ailments. But what if I shared then that such acts accomplished nothing and the real problem was infinitesimal bugs that made individuals ill.

Consider the 14th century when people believed the sun revolved around the earth, but what if I told them that not only did earth revolve around the sun, but there where millions upon millions of other planets and stars and we were just a spec of dust among a vast space.

So here is the first ‘Truth’. I would ask that you keep an open mind to an alternate possibility.  I actually had problems believing it so I asked several times to verify what they were saying:

“You believe that the human race evolved from ape like ancestors.. that no advanced society existed..  we counter that belief by telling you that humanity evolved and de-evolved on multiple occasions.. deep underneath the earth is proof.. the remanence of an ancient humanity, that like you was on the way to an advanced society.”

“When the ice melts it will be easier to see the truth.”

I would later ask Spirit how advanced was this ancient society? They showed a periodic table and claimed that this ancient humanity had their own periodic table that mirrored ours, it showed they were advanced in science, however a few of the elements were missing. They also claimed that unlike now there were two different versions of human beings and part of their downfall was their insatiable hatred for one another.

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  1. I love this Eric and believe it fully. Funny, we’ve been discussing it at home with my BF too lately. Thank you and really look forward to reading all that they are kind enough to share. God bless you and the work you do <3

  2. There are a number of people that have been channeling various different spirits since at least the 70s that talk about this. A few are also now talking about the evolution of humanity to the next level, and the great spiritual awakening and the Ascension.

    Do searches for ‘The Michael Teachings’, Peladians, Lemurians, and on YouTube search for Kyron to learn more.

    1. Pamela
      Hello old soul …You are dearly loved ..
      yes Kryon has covered this many times ..
      Its nice though that Eric and spirit bring it forward as well ..widening the circle of knowledge …
      blessings to you and yours

  3. And specifically evidence of the previous advanced cultures will be found under the ice in Greenland and Antarctica has been mentioned a few times – these are supposed to be the evidence of Atlantis .

  4. I think it has already been revealed but the Powers To Be, are holding it back. Supposedly, they found Egyptian style hieroglyphics in The Grand Canyon and 10-12 foot skeletons in several places around the world. It sounds far fetched but if it is a fantasy, why did the government require specific areas in the wilds of Alaska, The South Pole and the Grand Canyon be blurred out by Google if there is nothing there? I wish they would hurry up though, because I have an insatiable curiosity and I would have 1001 questions for them.

  5. Patricia McLaine, who very recently passed, said that there have been many civilizations that have come and gone. Her website is no longer up, but her Facebook page is still up if you want to see her past comments. Else where I read that man has existed for 16 or 18 million years on earth. I gave forgotten now the exact amount that was quoted. Longer than anyone suspected if that is the case.

  6. How cool? I do not know why, not having read anything about this, but I have always felt that humanity was more advanced and went backwards; and I think that people are still different like there are still 2 different types of humans although not that pronounced anymore because the groups interbred so many times, I appreciate the Spirits are sharing knowledge with us so we can understand our past and possibly change our futures

  7. Thank you Eric, this is something I have been waiting for…I feel that the hatred and anger in the world are partly due to the last vestiges of power that do not want to lose such, in light of new information coming to the masses. The infighting of side against side being egged on in the media, when truly it serves no one for the better to continue in this manner. Fake news might go back a good degree longer than many are aware of…may the truth come to light, when it is meant to, for the good of all.

    I follow a number of sites and patterns, and it is interesting to see so many things coming together in recent months. I make no claims as to the veracity of any website in particular but I will leave this link here, as I found the timeline projected, a very interesting one.

    Thank you for the link that you posted, texasbelle – it was not one I had come across yet. 🙂

  8. I have believed that for some time and had wondered what happened to all these civilisations. Man’s inhumanity to man or natural disasters..probably both. War destroys our soul and power keeps knowledge from the masses creating darkness and the inability to look after ourselves and the destruction of the collective.

  9. Its not such a bold and wild message.Many people already know advanced civilizations have come and gone.There is already evidence of that.Interesting they mention under the ice because there are stories on the internet about things being discovered under the ice in the polar regions.Of course exactly what has been discovered is being kept secret.I do not understand the need for secrecy.People can handle it if giants are living in caves or aliens have bases on earth or if there are structures on the Moon and Mars.I say enough already with hiding discoveries!

  10. This is what I always believed since I was a small child. So this confirms this for me.
    So for me this is no surprise.
    I await the rest of these relevations with great anticipation.

  11. I find this fascinating. Why do the Spirits want to reveal these truths now? Will it have any affects on their predictions?
    It seems to me that the community of people who comment here are much more open to hearing things out, questioning and researching instead of automatically saying something is true or not true. So I believe the truths that will be shared, Eric, will be met with open arms.
    It appears then that man has not learned a single thing from the past and that is truly heartbreaking.

    1. Originally we planned to keep knowledge like this under wraps until we could really solidify my reputation for being accurate so there would be little doubt on Spirit actually existing, I am not sure why they altered their plan to start it now.

      1. Maybe they told you sooner because something we can learn from that past civilization/new human history will also help us learn from past mistakes and change future events?

  12. Do you think this timing may have anything to do with Dr Steven Greers recent release ‘Unacknowledged’?

  13. Wow, neat ideas!
    I wonder if the homo-sapiens, neanderthals, and denisovans were those that had “de-evolved”?

    I don’t know what to make of this, but if it’s true then I’d be really interested to find out more! The idea of another civilization being there in the past, of humans alternately evolving and de-evolving sound fascinating. If they ever uncover proof, that would be cool.

  14. I don’t doubt this at all. Quite fascinating really. I would really find it harder to believe that there weren’t advanced civilizations previously. Oh why can’t we learn to get along? Is human nature really that corrupt? It certainly seems so. I believe there are many enlightened people here one but unfortunately they are not in ‘power’. What can we do? It needs to change.

  15. thank you eric and the group, for releasing a lot of the old info. time and the weather are excellerating, when the ice melts from both poles, and the land mass rises, a lot of the past will also be revealed, you, know, it will be time, when all the other species, that are living on earth, before humans, start to reveal themselves, it is with the help and knowledge, that humans, once again, will be given the chance AND the choice, as before, whether to advance or not, but, the weather chances are now excellerating, so everyone will really need help, all over the planet. as always, thank you so much for all you do, and the group, in helping so many others…….

  16. Very fascinating. I can’t wait to hear the other “Truths.” I am curious about religion and God. I have always felt, always, since my childhood, that my religious faith (Christian) had the narrative wrong. Something was wrong in our telling of the story about Jesus, and all the theological doctrines were part of the narrative that went wrong. Anyway, I am absolutely fascinated by the direction of this new teaching from the Spirits.

  17. Eric and SWC, found an article at
    That states that glaciers are melting in Montana and past the point of no return. Maybe we can find the that civilization on US soil. S. Dakota is next door and according to Wikipedia about the “Blackhills”, ” Although written history of the region begins with the Sioux domination of The land over the native Arikara tribes, researchers have carbon-dating and stratigraphic records to analyze the early history of the area. Scientists have been able to utilize carbon-dating to evaluate the age of tools found in the area, which indicate a human presence that dates as far back as 11,500 BCE with the Clovis culture.” Wikipedia, Black Hills 5/10/2017

  18. I have so many questions, and I wish I had that strong spiritual connection you have. Personally I always wondered what Mars was like millions of years ago, I always played on the idea that maybe life still could exist underneath Mars if conditions were uniquely right.

    1. I’ve always believed that we and Mars were sister planets eons ago, and traveled back and forth, until something happened to Mars-like the meteors that wiped out the dinosaurs also wiped them out. Ok, as I’m typing this I realize it sounds a little far out, but who knows?

  19. I have had my suspicions of this for quite some time. Thank you for sharing Eric! Our division will be our downfall. The Nazis are in power and are determined to wipe out humanity. The melting will bring forth many new answers. Thank you!

  20. How often will you be doing these? I’m very interested in these knowledges. If you could ask them for our purpose of being here.

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