World Prediction: Russia’s Next Target

Predictions 1-3-17 “Russia.. threat.. threat.. protect the capitol from terrorist acts!” I had a visual of Mexico, then Spirit circled the central northern area.

Predictions 9-10-17 Electoral college.. manipulation.. hacking.. cunning swipe.. security farce.. people from one district moved to another and vice versa to alter the win without eliminating the voter… each individual still counted.. the speaker will know. Russia NOW..

Predictions 9-12-18 A coup d etat in the new Mexican government.. bloody.. Russia secretly behind it.. as it plans to weaken the entire North American continent.. but it backfires.

Eric— We caution my second home Mexico, the Russians are coming. Your elections aren’t till 2024 but Spirit has informed me, they are moving there now. Also expected soon, the prediction below, is it Joe Biden and Hunter? Or is it Donald again? Either way Something at the end of 2023 is coming, and expect something horribly wicked out of the White House.

Predictions 9-12-18 The white house actions fat and corrupt.. shady deals.. self-serving gains.. that will come out in November and December. Some of the worst acts of corruption in US history of a president lining his own pockets with the power of being president.

Eric— Now lets talk about Predictions 9-12-18 because it seems like a window of this coming October/November. Compare the messages below with our current post. World Predictions Journal 3 We have a moment unfolding where the old predictions and new ones will mirror each other. The old predictions where meant to happen years in the future where as the new ones are expected in weeks. So many of the moments are about to mirror old predictions. Where is this large Earthquake! New Zealand or Asian pacific? This is getting confusing, note the date is the same 20th. Suddenly New Zealand is a focal point. The plan is to ask Spirit directly “Where is next Earthquake?” So this debate in my mind can end. The world Predictions of Predictions 9-12-18

I had a visual I was walking by several poisoned people all of them dead laying on the ground. Syria? Russia?

“EARTHQUAKE” on the island nation. In the visual the land mass was fairly large.

Taiwan hit hard with so much damage

FEMA resources spread thin, economics spread thin, so much rage from the US people as they wait too long. The Florida hurricane is weeks away.

Predictions 6-18-18 On 6-15: “20.. earthquake.. so massive” “Around 800” At first I thought 8 was the magnitude but could also be the hour, 8 o clock. (Hour represents the Month)

Also coming this fall.. “Connect to the Divine”

42 thoughts on “World Prediction: Russia’s Next Target

  1. With the Mexican cartels running the show, it’s speculated that the Mexican president will request Russia’s Wagner Group to intervene and quell the country, but there’s a big catch that even the Mexican president couldn’t have foreseen.

    If the scandal at the White House is caused by Trump, then of course that’s typical of him, but if the Biden Administration has a hand in all of this, then there’s no need to support any of them because Americans had enough of this political crap!

    Hopefully Taiwan will hang together and stay strong.

    Maybe the world will get it together, but it’s going to take another century to make that happen and this century is ridiculous. Sorry for being pessimistic again. Probably gotten used to this negative reality.

    1. This Century is awesome Fabian. This is when old ways die. This is the moment of multiple foundations. We live in historical days. We live at the beginning of a new era. One in which we turn into Greek Gods of old. Here is one of those foundations. Sorry its a bit winded, but start with I had a visual..
      Then another moment: Life giving power! That will in turn lead us to be super old. Not just 100, but 700 or 800 years old. Still mortal though. I look at the children today and wonder, ohh you might be apart of that generation.
      But most of all when life giving power comes so do they. That moment is about to start, and I for one am over the moon! Wow just wow! My King is coming here. But before that a great “Mother” has to be born. Her arrival is imminent.

      What is Coming in 2023 “A set of prophets, A set of guides, A set of the ancient, A set of the wise, and the return of a great King. Our King. Generation after generation ocean waves of Spirituality are coming to change our world and ends its cruelty”
      So Fabian, when you crossover, you can say I was there. I was there when it all started.

      1. Eric, I understand what you’re saying, but it seems like the longer we wait for this century to be enlightened the world would already be in peril because of us humans. Some of our leaders don’t truly care about this planet and are willing to end it all like it’s their destiny. You also mentioned about the dark leader who makes his presence known in 2036, and this guy would make all the dictators blush with envy. Possibly next month, nuclear activity that would hit Ukraine hard, extremism still not letting up over here in the US, China and Russia, and of course acting erratic, climate change creating unstable weather systems, inflation, viruses, war, famine, corruption, society against each other. How can this century truly be this awesome with all this crap??

        The 21st century was supposed to be a new era when the world can finally be truly connected, but now there’s just so much atrocities on this planet. When you say that people will live to be over 700 years old, the only ones who will that long are the ones who will have the funds to pay for it, while those who don’t have money will end up crossing over. Humanity needs to really shape up because this species will be the end this world before anyone realizes it.

        Hopefully you’re right Eric, but it’s really up to people in this century to change.

        1. Not to toot my own horn here, but I have been fairly right so far. So I personally have little doubt the King is coming! As they described 2023 they even added the “Titanic liner” because as you know the titanic made a come back this year. I thought it was odd at first.but it’s become an eater egg thing.
          You are correct. It is because the King announced his arrival that the darkness suddenly turned into a rabid dog, teeth and all, showing zero mercy, when they pull back the curtain With Ukraine you will see Hitler again.
          May I give you some spiritual advice Fabian. Spend time in nature. That’s what I do. Here in nature, no one is killing for money, here no one is pushy or mean, children are adored and not sacrificed because of one’s rights to hold a weapon. Surround yourself with nature, that remind you it’s not all about the petulant toddlers of the world. We have joy and splendor all around us. Consume that.
          I look at putins horror show. Then I go out to nature and use my same talent to see how the local rabbit family is doing. They just celebrated new life a few days ago, and I brought bread to feed the new baby rabbit and celebrate their new child. That’s the beauty of my talent, my ties do not stop with humanity. So go back to that place that all roots come from. Do it Fabian. It helps and reminds us we are apart of something special, and it’s not humanity.

    2. I honestly think the cartel is in on it. I am so done with US politics too. The rest of the worlds politics are actually interesting. Khan in Pakistan. Lula in Brazil. Both far more interesting. Ours and the UK, are just endless corruption. 🤢On both sides now. Both sides are lying now, or maybe they always did, 🤮.
      That post about the another corrupt presidential moment was suppose to be the headline. But I put it down below, it makes me too nauseous now. But the Spirits keep pointing to the historical circumstances. Impeachment tried twice, Two or Three indictments are coming, are all historical moments that they predicted. So we compromise.
      Fun fact Senators and Congress will eventually be a thing of the past. Computer will draft laws and the computers which are now a metal ring on our finger will ask for your approval or disapproval. Thats right the ring has a brain in this timeline and cost the price of a car. So the power literally will be entirely ours. The leaders of tomorrow have next to no power. It’s all decided by the people, or a better description is “Groups of people”.

      1. Eric I do not like the idea of people having to buy the right to vote.
        People should have the right to vote on issues even if they cannot afford a car.

  2. I don’t really know much about Mexico and its politics, I’m embarrassed to say, so I’m a bit confused. Are Russia and Mexico allies? Would the Russians be trying to help or hurt Mexico by going there?

    1. They are meddling to infringe on the US. Germany tried to do that in WW1 I believe. But Mexico narced on them and that only made our soldiers gather in strength and rage. From my time in Mexico, because of history, most of Latin America does not trust the US or Russia. They normally unite around each other. So its a bit odd prediction, however it was apart of the same set that said Ukraine would be invaded.

  3. im also predicting a very large and very catastrophic quake in new zealand like you eric my timing is off, i was expecting it to happen in june but it never occured but whatever the case this quake is going to be the most devastating and deadly my homeland has ever had

    1. What exactly is the prediction. What exactly did you see. I know that’s intuitive and more feeling. But I would love to know. The number 2 or 20 seems utterly consistent. But location. Where? From China, New Zealand, to Taiwan, to Japan,.. clearly one side of the world. But I am determined to figure out where?
      Maybe a team effort this time. Let’s see what we both of us come up with. I am more than willing to post your message next to mine. That would be a cool post. Up to you.

  4. even though putin is expeted to be gone by the end of this year it doesnt mean his legacy will die alongside him, looks like putins successor will continue his predecessors legacy and meddle with foreign elections but it begs the question – why mexico?

    1. To attack the US. That it. Intrusion and control of the West. It already worked once before. They meddled in our election, now they plan to do that with our neighbor.

  5. Hello Eric,

    When you made the comment about something horrendous being revealed in November, December ;does that relate to Biden or Trump? I thought. Trump did some bad things, but the Biden family has been entertaining lately as well.



    1. Prediction 9-12-18 It’s actually a bit hard to tell. Normally the presidents fade to black. Does anyone know what Bush has been up too? But not Trump. No one can deny the Teflon of the man. He is still a dominant factor. The prediction could be talking about him? But the White House is currently held by Biden. The prediction point there as it did for trump and January 6th. In my humble opinion that puts it in Bidens lap. The prediction reads White House
      But this is another example of why we moved to predicting events coming “Next” or now. Then there would only be one option. Not a debate 5 years later. But bottom line we will see in November.

      1. Rep. Jamie Raskin makes a big announcement, “We’re going to release a report about all of the foreign government emoluments. Millions of dollars that Donald Trump pocketed from the hotels, at the golf courses, through business deals when he was president, and that his family got.”

        Both sides trying to one up the other on who’s more corrupt. Both Bidens and Trumps are guilty of corruption, however I think the Trumps will be in a league of their own based on the prediction regarding historic nepotism being exposed about Trump while in and out of office. Plus those predictions about back channel/back door deals with Putin would be about Trump since Biden has no ties with Putin.

  6. Eric have you seen anything seemingly related to the earthquake (or really at all) related to supply chain issues with computer chips, or chips training AI systems, anything like that? Something that would affect the entire world and possibly imply major supply chain issues? I ask because it may help you narrow down the earthquake re: Taiwan. An earthquake in Taiwan of the magnitude you describe would probably impact the global supply chain of computer chips on a MASSIVE scale and be somewhat catastrophic to technology globally. I can’t imagine you WOULDN’T see the ripples that may cause to technology. Also it would have a massive impact on AI and slowing down that tech’s growth in the near term, and from what you’ve posted in comments it doesn’t sound like you see that happening. Read up on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited and how much they influence tech and AI for more context! My understanding is this one company is the main reason the US would step in if China tries anything with Taiwan because of the their global impact!

  7. thanks , what a terrible few years this has been . finances around the world do not look good . besides nature taking its toil , finances will do the same , big losses coming for investors .

    1. Hi Alma, I don’t know if I would agree, however economics is on the list of predictions so maybe I am saying this prematurely. But from what I have seen, the east will suffer, both China and Russia, its all about real estate, and nations in between those will also suffer, but the west goes into the opposite direction, prosperity rises, mainly because new products are coming. Gravity control, Computers will brains, take a trip to the moon, all of it coming soon pushing our economy forward.
      Inflation: The concept of inflation is you have one apple and 10 people to buy that one apple. So the solution to them is simple. Make more trees with apples on them. Build community farms, give that food for free. If everyone has there own apple tree, their own community of farms, the cost of our food will plummet. This is not just advice, this is how the problem will eventually be solved.
      Fun Fact Beans, Rice, and oats are free in the future. No one starves. They are made in enormous bulk, in a way that is abnormal today, and the governments of tomorrow pay for those specific items, and it’s available for anyone, for free. So no one ever goes hungry. Humanity FYI you really should fix your lack of cushion. Maybe make life easier.

  8. Eric, have spirits never revealed anything about what’s behind these weird alien/UFO disclosures in Congress? Something strange is going on.

    1. I’ve been following that story from the Whistleblower in Congress, but seems like the same song and dance I’ve grown tired of hearing about.

      There really needs to be a show, don’t stop talking moment rather than the constant Talking, but not showing shenanigans that has been going on for decades.

      Idk what the hell they’re so afraid if we all found out there was aliens.

      Spoiler Alert – We all honestly don’t care at this point, we all know there is aliens.

      The only thing this is gonna freak out is religious Zealots and having a religious life-crisis in everything they believed in.

    2. Yes! We have the entire plot line. It’s a juicy tin foil hat of just super weird. According to Spirit, the universe is all one being. One massive blanket. All intertwined in a way we have not recognized. So somewhere in a distant place several decades ago, ancient aliens were sipping their version of tea, and they felt something. Felt a disruption in the fabric, what was going on? Then they found out their toddler neighbors figured out the power of the atom, and we were testing this new weapon of total destruction.
      So a group was sent, (must summarize here) to three different locations. Russia, US and a third. All three different types of aliens to send a clear message, we are united in our message. Then they told humanity, continue to set off these firecrackers, these nuclear weapons in “Our” backyard and their will be consequences. But leadership of that time recognized these were peaceful neighbors, so they gambled that their would not be consequences, according to legend, between the 50s and 70s, we didn’t listen. We kept doing it. So they crashed our economy, to make a point and they told leadership, we did that.
      Fast forward to today. And what’s the topic. Those firecrackers again. Putin is talking about using them again. Their message is not being followed.
      Fun Fact: Asteroids fly by the planet. One of them looked like a large pickle. Thats wasn’t an asteroid. But an alien camera, they have these spheres that fly down to earth to report all things. Very small. All the ball needs is a water source. They are always watching us. Their petulant toddler neighbor, humanity.

      1. Interesting, I had no idea they had a hand with the economy.

        Yeah people seen those spheres, those things move really fast too.

          1. Oh my!!! So why don’t they just reveal themselves to all of us? Firecracker Putin is toying with nuclear destruction. Couldn’t they stop it? Can we talk to them? I have so many questions!! So many people are ready to move on from “toddlerhood” and our so-called “leaders” are dragging us back into the dark ages

            1. It’s apart of the Ultimate “Truths”. The first Ultimate truth is coming out soon. That one will be about “Death”. But there is another Ultimate legend, The legend of the Ancient Ones, who set very clear rules down, it is utterly forbidden to interfere with anyone’s toddler development. Recognize there concerns were about themselves. But the rules change, once we get out there in space. Then we apart of their orbit 🤩

              To step in and fix it for us would be a mistake. We need to figure it out. The key of all keys isn’t Putin or Hitler, its the system that allows such toddlers to run our nations. Why are we stuck with toddlers as leaders. Fix that! Create a system that does not allow that. Both systems Democracy and Autocracy lack in multiple fronts. Consider a different one.
              The future government is one of collaboration, collaboration, collaboration and a divide of all the powers. Our leaders do not yield the authority tomorrow the people do.
              Because of my ties to the cosmos and time , I have the privilege of being well informed on outer space. I could talk for hours.

            2. Fun Fact: There is a reason we don’t post distant predictions yet and that’s because it really gets “Tin Foil hat” on me. Aliens, Aliens are coming later. After the King. One of the coolest things they do is fix the lands of Nuclear Disasters.

      2. “Russia, US and a third.”

        Between 1950s-1970s, the countries doing the most nuke tests were 1) US, 2) USSR, and 3) UK.

        In late Dec 1980, at a joint US-UK military nuke base in Suffolk, England, the “Rendlesham Forest Incident” occurred over a series of three nights, with the base commander on the third night recording audio of his group seeing half-moon shaped UFOs doing a grid search of the base and shooting pencil-thin laser beams – one of which was shot down in front of the base commander’s feet from a UFO that flew towards them and hovered above his group – into the silos where nukes were being held.

      3. Sorry for commenting again but when you say “asteroid that looked like a large pickle,” are you talking about Comet Hartley 2 from 2010 or the Oumuamua from 2017 that got so much media attention because when I google “pickle shaped asteroid” the one that comes up is the 2010.

        1. I honestly have no idea. That’s what they said. But you do hear it, that object just magically flew by the planet and just missed us? Nothing funny to see here. Really?

          1. No worries. The 2010 came closer to earth but met the characteristics of a “comet,” while the 2017 was classified as an “interstellar object” because it didn’t display typical behaviors of either a comet, asteroid or anything originating from inside our solar system.

  9. Corps. are becoming a bit more malicious than usual, and corrupt. Seems like now they’re doing everything to end preservation of the old at this time. Music Industry may end up destroying the Internet Archive, its going to be a giant loss of knowledge.

    Nothing will be able to stop it sadly.

    I feel the only way Corps are going to be humble like a grandpa is if the financial system just collapses completely, and then they’ll know what is like to be poor and struggling, I’m tired of this ancient farce of a system, and I’m sure most are too.

      1. No, just major corporations like the music industry.

        They’re just being petulant, to use your word here.

  10. “the speaker will know”

    Mexico’s equivalent of a Speaker of the House is the President of the Chamber of Deputies, who is currently Santiago Creel.

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