World Predictions Journal 3

Now we predict. Click on the ball above to watch the video. A Japanese Tsunami is coming, another Florida Hurricane marked for the fall, the Nuclear Power plant and home grown terrorism in the US, presented exactly as it comes to me.

The Predictions presented:

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30 thoughts on “World Predictions Journal 3

  1. Hopefully there’s a sense of hope soon. This world is getting too negative to live in.

    1. Gold on the Moon! Ukraine war is ending. Life giving power is coming, one that amplifys our age by 100s and the “Great Mother” will be born. The good guys really do win in the end. As of mid July. Ignoscoa has arrived.

      1. When is the life amplifying technology coming? Who is the great mother and whats her story? Sorry the video is too long for me to watch. I just want to quickly read the main points as I dont have too much free time.

        1. Yannis, they have a message for you! I hope your not offended. They do this sometimes chirp in my ear. But this is not a singling out. I share wisdom and advice. But please understand the Spiritual realm is reflective. What you say, what you do, reflects itself. So I would caution you on saying “You don’t have time for ‘them’”. Because that is a reflection you do not want. I get it, I just a psychic on the internet. But if your doing that elsewhere. If your saying “when is church over” to the universe in other orbits. It will reflect on your life and that sounds like an empty future. Just advice here. Sorry if it came off with any ego.

        2. We fully expect the life giving power this year or the start of next year. But its like the TV, the first one sucks. The first one is not much. But wow did that change. This is a new level in medical community. Think of how anti biotics or DNA changed the entire spectrum. This will be something that makes us live much much longer.

        3. You will be happy to know, we are now splintering these videos into two. Your not the only one saying this, and I am listening. One video will be that McDonald’s McDouble your asking for. Quick fast, blunt and simple. It will be a “Short” giving a 5 minute conversation about what’s coming next in the future. Then also will be the journal, the stories, i will try to bring the long winded convo down a bit. But your right in the century. Everyone likes McDonald’s. Quick and fast.
          As for the Great Mother, one of many leaders in the Cosmos, mother to the King every time he comes. No Yannis. I have to much respect for her. To much admiration for all that she is and all that she represents, to present her as a McDonald’s hamburger. I admire her to much. This one video is just a sliver of one epic woman. One story and I have at least a dozen more.

          1. I love your Eric, but I too find it confusing when you reference older predictions and dates. can you make posts clearer of whats coming, like you have in the past? 🙂 thank you very much!!

            1. I agree with you 100%. This comment is wild because we just had a meeting about this problem!
              Let me explain and if you have any questions please allow me to bring you clarity. The Spirits made changes. Large ones. Something is forming. To solve our issues in timing.
              In the old days, they never told us when a prediction was about to happen. That lead to me falsely saying a prediction happened when it didn’t. So we created the “Zero” as a reference to say, ‘look a prediction is coming’. But our group of Spirits have grown, doubled, and the newbies have new ideas. Why not just tell our fans, this old prediction we wrote is about to happen. But how? So, recently They typed “Big One” Earthquake, it was the typing that lead me to conclude ohhh thats an old prediction. The font was the blogs font. I thought it was China. But no! I stumbled. I now think they are talking Japan. Two different predictions I picked the wrong one to present. I did that with the Alaska quake too! There was a clearly prediction about that Alaska Quake, they referenced it, but I picked the wrong post to show you. There are just so many predictions to choose from. Twice now I have picked the wrong one to show you. Very embarrassing. Which is why your so confused. So we are ironing it out. Because unless you have been following me this entire time, you don’t remember a post 5 years ago. Today a new prediction will go out. Presented differently. It is a reminder of an old prediction, again. It’s arriving. But we have hopefully solved our stumbling, because instead of just plucking out of the file they are layering the message with additional information, making it also more obvious to me which prediction they are talking about. So please let me know if todays post makes more sense. Thanks

    1. Which one? The earthquake I expect in a matter of days. We will find out if I am wrong with location. But I feel it. The Hurricane in October. As for the terror attack. Thats the message. Get on this ball before it goes off.

      1. Thanks for the precision

        i don’t understand the informations in the video
        because its not my natal language

  2. Eric,
    I’m kind of confused about the potential attack(s)–some of the predictions posted above seem to reference Illinois, another one said L.A., a few talked about a ball game, others said something about a tower or skyscraper, and then we have the ominous confederate flag prediction ….are there multiple events?

    1. There seems to be two. Idk on LA. But one seems very Washington’s like, very Capitol. A shooting. A bus? A flag trampled?
      The second is more clear a full grown Timothy M. Bombing. Set in IL.

      1. Yikes. When do you think the events will happen? How does the confederate flag prediction tie in?

        1. The flag will be visually tied. “Liberty which was once held sacred will be Trampled” The word trampled. I actually put a different word there and they said NO., Thats visually descriptive. Alll those feet, all that rage, on the capitol steps. All trampling. It’s something visual. Something “Hanging”

      2. The Democrat’s national convention is next month around the 19th-22nd in Chicago. Might be some dates to look at.

  3. Eric my first thoughts were… the tsunami will happen on 7/30, July 30th, and it will be a magnitude 9. 2, this is the second one. The fist one being the one that took out the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant area.
    I could be wrong.

  4. As a European, I’ve been following what the Russians have been doing in the south of Ukraine. I would say that by destroying the Kakhovka dam they already caused a local, large-scale catastrophe. The dam, however, does not involve anything nuclear. Instead, there is a nuclear power station in another location, Zaporizhzhia, where the Russians have placed mines. What they could do would be to blow it up and create a nuclear accident. However, I don’t regard a Fukushima-type scenario as possible in Ukraine; the only water-related nuclear event would be a reactor running out of cooling water because of Russian action. So, if you see the repetition of something akin to the event in Japan (storm tide), it must happen somewhere else than in Ukraine.

    1. It could be Japan. But it still has something to do with “water” I clearly remember that part. I know nothing about how nuclear plants work. So I just wrote it as is.

  5. Eric you have a very interesting accent. I detect Mexican and South African in there.

    1. I am Mexican. Bea is a full blooded Mexican. Dad has our English French name. Fun fact that named formed During the French Revolution, two aristocrats, neither willing to part with the name, merged them. Leigh-Pink. Grandparents are from Mexico City and Nogales. I spend a great deal of time in Tijuana and Baja. As you may have noticed, I don’t predict Mexico much. Looking at Putin blow up a children’s playground takes grit. But in my own backyard, like January 6th, infuriates me with un feathered passion. But thats set to change.
      What gave it away?? 😀

      1. What gave it away? Inflection, how you pronounce your R’s, body language, and tone. Your R pronunciation s more British than Mexican, and your intonation in some places sounds like Mexican Spanish (louder, faster, tighter than some other Spanish accents) and South African in other places.

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