Predictions 9-10-17

Electoral college.. manipulation.. hacking.. cunning swipe.. security farce.. people from one district moved to another and visa versa to alter the win without eliminating the voter… each individual still counted.. the speaker will know.

Russia NOW..

We have two predictions in regards to Russia:

A very large landslide, mudslide will engulf the town of Mexico. One that comes from the Hurricane.

We are still expecting a large earthquake in San Francisco. It is still coming. Recently they made mention to ‘Wednesday’ and ‘afternoon’.  However the countdown, specifically 901 seems to mirror the Mexico earthquake. The urgent countdown has passed.  So the timing is in question.

The number 901 was made on the 30th, nine days later it would have been the 8th of September, which is when the Mexico Earthquake took place.

We plan to refocus our efforts and predict the next Hurricane  which they say will devastate Florida directly. A second quake.

Spirit is predicting that an article will come out bashing my work. So far we have only had a handful of articles and all of them positive ones.  I told Spirit we should respond, counter the negative feedback, and share the work we have accomplished, to which they said ‘absolutely not.. they will have silence.’ so this small note is the only response you can expect from us.

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  1. Eric,

    Are you saying an earthquake is coming to Florida?? Or do you think it is going to be a Tsunami from an earthquake? Anything on the second hurricane?

    This is terrible!!

  2. The Russia predictions are specific and bold. So hope we do find out what happened. They were so calm on election night…some thought it was shock because they didn’t think they would win, but looking back, they knew they would win and decided they were not good enough actors to pretend to be surprised.

  3. Eric,
    Regarding. ,
    e plan to refocus our efforts and predict the next earthquake which they say will devastate Florida directly. A second quake.

    Did you mean Hurricane regarding Florida?

  4. Well, they, who ever they are,can bash you all they want. The majority of us who follow you and rely on you to help us make good decisions will dismiss them for what and who they are! You,Eric are a blessing to us. So keep up the good work. Bless you

  5. Just my opinion, but I think the article that will bash your work will be about your political predictions. It just seems that way sense the country is so divided right now and how there are those out there looking for whatever low-hanging fruit they can grab onto. I guess the best thing to do for those kind of people is to let time prove them wrong since your credibility will only become more recognized and respected as more predictions become validated with the passage of time. .

    1. Anita, when I read your comment, it definitely made me think the same thing. And if the political predictions are the reason someone would try to bash Eric’s work, it follows a recent pattern that has been happening to some reporters, and bloggers that have been accurate in uncovering or relaying information about the Russia story – people are trying to discredit them. I’m sure many know the incident regarding news anchor Rachel Maddow whose team has done so much investigative reporting and has uncovered so many pieces of the Russia puzzle. Someone went to a lot of trouble to deliberately feed her a false story in order to discredit her once she reported it. Fortunately, she did not take the bait.

  6. Does the electoral college prediction relate to the previous election? If so, it makes me wonder if Spirit wasn’t off when it predicted Clinton. That just sparked my curiosity.

    1. Also, if the Speaker knows — I assume a reference to Paul Ryan — I wonder if the public will ever know? I’m sure Mueller already knows this or will know this.

      1. I’d say the chances are slim. There’s only about a dozen or so countries that have EC’s. India and Italy would probably be the largest. And the idea of a “speaker of the house” is a British hangover. Be fairly coincidental if not the US.

        1. Just thinking out of the box, why bring it up now? Odd with all the other topics to cover? Does anyone know of elections unfolding somewhere else? Its very cunning plan.

      2. Kenyan Presidential elections were nullified by supreme court as found fraud created by the
        independent Electoral and boundries commission (iebc) kenya.
        we are re-voting for President on 17th Oct.
        And btw John Kerry and carter commission were there to oversee the first round of votes and found no fraud.

      3. Eric, Germany’s election is coming soon, not sure of how their process is though.

  7. Eric,
    Tomorrow’s the 16th anniversary of 9/11. Since one of your predictions mentioned “anniversary”, I suspect we’ll need to be alert for any bombings, shootings, or plane attacks.

    Are you picking up any new warnings that mention tomorrow specifically?

  8. I agree with Spirit Eric, there’s no need to argue with someone about something they don’t believe in or never will. Once someone attacks your ability the best thing is silence because the more you argue the more it gives them a forum to attack you more.
    Those of us who follow you know what you are doing and trying to do, we will have your back. The fight isn’t for you to fight, it’s for those of us who follow you to do. Your job is to make the predictions and not get caught up in anything that might take up precious time you don’t have. We do a fine job of it, if I do say so myself, when people come here and make accusations.
    This is yet another reason I believe we are a community here, all around the world, trying to reach the same goals while showing love and understanding.

  9. Eric, I agree with Spirit, absolutely not. Sometimes it’s best to just let them figure it out on their own. There are those who only want to talk in circles and get a person to react negatively, pull them into their own chaos. And then there are those who aren’t going to listen to or be open to anything other than what is their perspective of rational and logical and what is directly in front of their faces.
    Time will tell the truth. You just need to be still and be calm and stand in your own truth Eric. I know it’s easier said than done. But the vast majority of people who visit and follow your site will not be swayed from Spirits warnings and predictions and truths. My guess is that most of us here have already experienced the mocking and disparaging words etc ourselves. Oh well. 😉😁 Keep up the good work. Blessings. ☺️🙏🏻🌟😇

    1. “Time will tell the truth.” I really like that. I agree with what you say about the negative kinds of people. I do believe that this is a time when the old ways are not working anymore, including the old ways of dragging people down. Truths are winning out, all we have to do is stand in our integrity and let results speak for themselves as they come.

  10. Germany’s about to have its elections, I just did a quick google and they have an electoral college system that is ‘very complicated’. This is a hugely important election, not just for Germany but also for its impact on the rest of Europe. Things are pretty tense right now, on multiple fronts.

    Incidentally, I just googled again, for the date of the election, and the first headline in the list was ‘German election software could be easily hacked, experts warn.’

    I don’t know if the Russia comment was totally separate from the first part, or whether it was implied that Russia would be involved in the hacking. Merkel has had to deal very carefully with Russia. She speaks the language, and her political life is distinct for her experience in both West and Eastern blocs. How that all shakes down into a possible solution to your prediction I don’t know. But that’s my offering.

    As for the ‘bashing’ I think silence is a clean and dignified way to go. With all the social networks and trial by twitter and such like, it’s all too easy to get dragged into a mire. Those that want to bash and drag others down actually feed on your energy when you try to engage with them. Not feeding them is a wise policy. Interesting to hear Spirit so adamant about it, too!

    1. And if you feel the German elections resonate with your prediction, the ‘Speaker’ is Norbert Lammert who is the ‘President of the Bundestag’ and is a member of the CDU which is Merkel’s party.

      1. Regarding the electoral collage message – my first thought is that is pertains to last year’s 2016 election – however, the above discussion about the German election is very timely – there is a front page article on the Washington Post, today, Sept. 11, and the headline is “German campaign mystery: A lack of Russian meddling”. Here is the on line link.

        (Let me know if you can’t open the link)

        Officials are actually concerned as the Russians hacked into the German Parliament computer systems in 2015 – they don’t understand why they are so quiet now…

        ‘..has Russia decided to pull back, reckoning that the costs of antagonizing Merkel outweigh the benefits? Or perhaps Moscow is simply biding it’s time.’
        “That’s what makes me worried,” said Maksymilian Czuperski, director of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. “Why is is so quiet? It doesn’t feel right.”

        This bears watching – but I am not taking my eye off the possibility that the message pertains to last year’s US electoral collage vote. It would also be timely now as the Mueller investigation is progressing steadily and we are learning about new improprieties that happened during the campaign every week ….. Russia paying Facebook for ads, Trump trying to get a deal with Putin on a Moscow Trump Tower and on and on….

  11. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for the predictions, I agree the electoral college prediction is bold.

    I looked back at the two predictions you had linked re Russia — one was they will hack again and then you mentioned power outages in the NE US. The other was an attack on Russia by terrorists. Do you think the hack is related to power outages? I was wondering if the hack was the massive Equifax thing where half of America’s SSNs/personal info were put at risk.

    Also in one of those predictions you mentioned the ocean and water being gone where it should be. Saturday I saw several videos of Long Island in the Bahamas where the hurricane had sucked all the water out of the beaches and it was ocean bottom as far as you could see. The news was warning people not to walk out on to the ocean bottom because the water would return quickly and could be deadly. (It had been sucked out temporarily by Hurricane Irma).

    Thanks again for posting. This could explain a lot and also explain why the speaker hasn’t been supportive of investigations — if hacking changed people’s voting districts, that also affects who is in Congress, not just the presidency. That is a big wow.

    1. Also meant to say I’m sorry to hear your work will be bashed, but in this political climate, it’s to be expected. Things have gotten so partisan, sometimes it truly feels like a second civil war. I’m glad Spirit just decided how they wanted it handled, otherwise you’d be agonizing over it. At least you know it is coming and can kind of mentally prepare for it.

      In the end, your predictions will stand or fall on their accuracy and that will settle the matter. You’re just passing on their information and are very brave to put up with all the flack publicly. I’m not sure I’d be so brave.

      1. I thought I knew but I just kept clicking through the older links — I should’ve written down.. Now I can’t locate it, even with the search — I tried words like bottom, floor, ocean, sea. I originally thought it was the 7/17 post but that one actually talks about the opposite situation — being in middle of ocean w land nowhere in sight. I know I read it but now can’t find it. I’ll keep looking.

      2. Eric and SWC, please read this link above my previous comment. Is this a match to Florida incident? Opinion?

  12. Eric eye wall is moving in water is being pulled back in Naples and tsunami to rush back in. Explains the disappearing water in tampa like in bahamas. .

  13. Eric, a few independent meteorologists say hurricane Jose could do a loop in the Atlantic and move north to NYC and Massachusetts by next weekend. What can you receive from spirit about this?

      1. Lia may be correct OR Jose may spin off towards Jacksonville, FL..splitting hitting eastern coastline? Think your Tennessee flooding is Irma by looks of storm track. Carolinas could be either or, Storm cells or accumulation of both systems. You had the Jacksonville prediction too Eric. Wrecking havoc for many folks that’s sure. Keep thinking of your prediction of flamingos slowly walking awhile back(indicating upcoming Florida hurricane I presume). News has spotlighted moving flamingos from Florida zoos to safety. Beautiful creatures. Kinda funny too. Wonder if in your visions you are picking up future news headlines? As for San Francisco eq….are you positive its San Fran in California? The 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit near a Mexican town with the name San Francisico in it. Those coastlines would be similar in vision.

        1. I think there is something to be said about a huge sense of urgency as they pointed to SF and an earthquake. That was probably the Mexico earthquake, but the predictions about San Jose / SF and the number 9 have not changed. They are still coming. The timing is in question.

  14. Eric, hold steadfast my friend. Don’t read those negative articles should they come out. Hold to Spirits that love and guide you the best they can. When I had the dreams with my grandpa that many of us remember me talking about in the comments here back in 2013, many ‘friends’ mocked me and it hurt. Yet my very close friends who really loved me listened. As you know ALL of that came true…my dreams of the future. It just took longer than what it felt like in the dreams. Ultimately, those ‘friends’ lost an ally to help them. In time, I would see what mattered was that the warnings from my grandpa in those dreams were to protect me and those I loved.
    Once you predicted Brexit would fail. That was a long time ago and here we are Brexit still has not passed fully. So many protest and no one seems to want Brexit anymore. Ultimately you will have predicted it right!!!

    1. Very true Jon. It is frustrating when people mock you, your so called friends and family when visions and or dreams are so vivid. At the same time though, I understand how it can occur…fear..ego stands in the way…lack of trust of their own intuitive ability…refusal to acknowledge…anger at the vision…and the list goes on. Some call people like that “sleepers” or not spiritually “awakened”. We are all gifted in some way. Its like telling an artist your painting sucks when its world class piece among others. The one critic stands out. I suppose its even a gift to tune those nay-sayers or negative out! We should be so lucky to have each other.

  15. Eric I believe that once a Truth is exposed, that is Spirit’s information is passed down to you or any reputable conduit, even when the actuality may be different when it occurs, that Truth psychically connects to many throughout the world, even to those that don’t read your columns.
    This is why, I believe, so many who wrote books of an alternative nature, not from or for Spirit but for personal financial reasons, lasted as long as their books did.
    Because you are expressing this Truth, you will be totally protected.

  16. Eric, do not take this the wrong way at all. Every time you post a prediction that is negative, i.e. involving death, natural disasters, destruction, violence etc it is always my hope when I read them that your wrong, and that those awful things never happen. However we do not live in a perfect world which is why I appreciate the hard work you do in giving us these warning to try to alter these horrible events or prevent them from happening altogether. In fact, in one sense if it does not happen it does not mean your wrong, just that by spreading awareness maybe we indeed did prevent it.

    If someone wants to publish information disputing and trying to downplay the hardwork your doing I agree with spirit, silence is the stronger response. The work clearly speaks for itself and will resonate with any who take more than a quick surface glance at the material.

    On a totally unrelated note, do you think this upcoming negative article has anything to do with that image of Spirit showing you jumping head first into a deer?

    1. There’s a big difference between hoping Eric is wrong about the frightening destructive predictions and not believing (and mocking, trying to debunk) his abilities. I think anyone with an ounce of compassion he’s wrong about the bad stuff. But usually he isn’t.

      1. Erik, what I think the spirits a trying to say is it’s none of your business what other people think about you. Because when you do the Ego takes over. and as far as I can tell your pretty much egoless and they want you to stay that way so you can retell their messages. Keep being the firecracker you are! I love you for all yo do😘 it must be Exhausting!

  17. It seems to me, that even a negative article will bring more public notice to your website, & could ultimately bring more to people to read your predictions, maybe the negative could turn positive in the long run. If the Russian government tries to hack the German election, it may open up more suspicions about the US election.

  18. Eric, SWC,
    Landslide /Mudslide. Guatemala. ( this post says Mexico)?
    A woman and a baby died and eight people are missing after a mudslide in an indigenous area just north of Guatemala City, Guatemala’s disaster response agency said Thursday. The mudslide happened late Wednesday in the town of Tamahu, in the northern Alta Verapaz region, a spokesman for the CONRED agency told reporters. It had been triggered by heavy rains and a swollen river. Police, soldiers, firemen and volunteers were searching for the eight missing people, who are feared to be buried under tons of mud, the spokesman said. Two hundred people and 25 homes were affected by the mudslide, and authorities opened a shelter to house them. Guatemala is experiencing its rainy season, which runs from April to November. The heavy precipitation has caused flooding and mudslides that so far have claimed 21 lives, affected 213,000 people and damaged or destroyed bridges and thousands of homes.

  19. Eric, SWC,

    🇷🇺 Russia..
    FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama Administration approved controversial
    Nuclear deal with Russia…
    Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium, the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States, according to government documents and interviews.

  20. Former FBI agent says Russia held back in 2016 election interference

    “We knew there was information and techniques and means of attacks that they could have used that they chose not to, or for whatever reason didn’t do, in 2016,” Strzok said. “So not only did they hold back, but they then had several years to refine those techniques and gather more information that I think they can use both in the runup, during, and after the election, to throw into doubt any number of things.”

  21. I personally believe this prediction has happened. In the 2020 election since the Russian interference and meddling was proven false for 2016; too ironic that everyone who speaks of election fraud references these exact ideas and gets banned from all outlets. Doesn’t sit right and is why I feel that you’ve had predictions of a military man as the future leader.

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