Alaska Juneau Glacier and What we Predicted for 2023

What is Coming in 2023 Ignoscoa Rises “The year water ruined us.”What is coming in 2023.. “Freedom”. I asked and Micah responded screaming it, loudly, “Freedom”. The Year Ignoscoa Rises. But hidden behind it a new challenge, a new monster, a new threat rises. Its not Putin, Its not Covid or another horrible virus. But without action it will become our biggest issue moving forward. Its name simply put is Water. What is coming in 2023 “The year water ruined us.”

A vision within a vision, yep thats a thing. I had a vision of both of us standing by a river. The river was running so smoothly, The sky was warm, the day seemed perfect. Both of us walked the sides of the river starting to get to know each other, walking the same path and direction of the river. Then suddenly a massive boulder of pure ice, fell into the river from a frozen mountain. The rivers water suddenly splashed in all directions, the entire river begin to cascade. The water poured out over the land, the boulder then caused the flow to become stuck, unfeathered, the water became chaos. Parts of it couldn’t move while other parts were totally destroyed. So with Ignoscoa great strength and power she removed the boulder from the flowing river, that by now no longer flowed.

Eric- The new problem officially rises. When the ice melts expect a massive strangle to our food supply. Still time to prepare, I for one plan to add several extra cans to my food cabinet.. But also recognize this prediction only ensures that the second part below, solidifies into a reality. The first generation is about to arrive. The great Mothers return is coming! Born again to fulfill her role as the “Kings” mother. Oh how the world is set to change forever!! As our King is set to return.

What is Coming in 2023 “A set of prophets, A set of guides, A set of the ancient, A set of the wise, and the return of a great King. Our King. Generation after generation ocean waves of Spirituality are coming to change our world and ends its cruelty” – “They will all come, one after another, born generation to generation, when there is life giving power. First our knights, then our bishops, then our Queens, and finally our King, generation side by side.”

Read the original post What is Coming in 2023 and read about the Kings return. Pack your bags darkness, you are set to be evicted. Here is another message of the King, also with flooding.

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  1. If you can remove Pluto out of the way ? good for you , as it has been with us a long while , took years to get here . Not expected to move out / away till 2030 . not even half way there . but thanks a interesting read .

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