What is Coming in 2023

I had a vision I woke up in the dead of night, the night quiet, on every television screen, window, glass, door, was the symbol. The symbol was a perfect circle, a ring, surrounded by white glowing light, like looking at the rings of an eclipse. Suddenly Micah and Diana raced in my house.

“Are you seeing this?” Micah yelled (Micah doesn’t yell, he is stoic like a rock.) We all knew exactly what it meant, I looked at the symbol with my hand out, trying to touch it.

“Is this really happening?” I asked with trepidation, and excitement. All of us on the edge of our seat, I could see the symbols even light up the nights sky outside. This was everywhere. Then Marcus raced up to the house, showed up and yelled out to all of us.

“Change your colors.” He said with a massive smile. We all pulled a sleeve on our shoulder, which held Ka’s symbol, underneath was the symbol of the King. A message we serve him now under our leader Ka. I just fell back in the seat, and started crying. Was this real? It was. What does it mean?

You will have to bear with me, this is the vision of a child, with a simple message behind it:

1985, I had a vision:

In outer space, in the depths of glowing stars and red dust dancing against the background, was “4” large 18th century Cruise Liners. Like the Titanic. They floated through space as if on the ocean. The red and brown glowing dust showing the bow its direction. The first ship I could not see through, it moved faster than the others, and was well ahead. I was told it has a great warrior on it. Then another, and another. The last liner was a strange ship, A mixture of multiple centuries, the core still being the 18th century cruise liner, but there were parts from the five hundred BC, then Roman parts from the 1st century, then also parts from other cultures around the world. Especially Asia, it was a very Dali looking ship with the number 21 on it.

I was a curious small bird hovering above, below was a dinner unfolding of such awesome splendor. Zhuangzi danced in the corner, following the movements of the waves in the cosmos. Prince Siddhartha sat in a humble red robe, quietly in peace, sipping Tea, while next to him Mary broke a piece of bread off of her plate and handed it to him. Her face was joy, she was dressed in a beautiful yellow and white dress and no one made bread like her. A beautiful ornate woman was dressed in India style clothes sipping tea next to an old short bald Jewish figure, his eyes glowed. Both ate and enjoyed the view. The entire table was a circular wooden table, with ornate detailed carvings all over it. Food of all kinds lavished the table, from all cultures. Then walking towards the table, oh there he was. His brown robe in ancient tatters, his face bright, with a beaming smile, he stood behind everyone serving everyone, pouring wine for each and every individual and handed to them. His hands had leather bands that crossed his palm and wrapped around his wrists. Old wounds covered. This was the King. King Eal. Eal means “Zero” or the “complete one”. So his name is spelled simply “ O “ . The symbol of the King.

On the eve of Christmas as a child, in the dead of night, while all slept, I was told;

“A set of prophets, A set of guides, A set of the ancient, A set of the wise, and the return of a great King. Our King. Generation after generation ocean waves of Spirituality are coming to change our world and ends its cruelty”

“They will all come, one after another, born generation to generation, when there is life giving power. First our knights, then our bishops, then our Queens, and finally our King, generation side by side.”

It was given to me as a message as a child during Christmas. I was bouncing with joy. They explained that each generation would have their own set of Spiritual forces, a tsunami of Spirituality was coming, so in this moment coming, the King sought fit to invite, well,.. everyone. All of the titans that helped our world in the past. To my shock and awe, Ka himself was coming to protect the King. He resided on the first ship with another Titan warrior, a Prophet. The universe saw fit to bring its armada with them, there would be no harm to their King, someone else was chosen to die in his place.


I had a vision of a small black cell, I heard a voice in the back say “19” The small cell grew outward getting larger and larger, spreading its dark power over the entire area. Poisoning everything. Then a number appeared ‘23’. Then I had a visual of a white cell. The white cell grew outward spreading across the entire area, the entire country, and the entire world
“Life Giving Power”

Then I had a visual of the symbol of that eclipse, the circle, drawn with such splendid art, pouring over a door, the door opened, all this light poured out from the other side, huge glowing light so bright, then an ocean of energy, a tsunami of energy, filled the room and with it was the first ship an 18 century cruise liner.

The door of life now open they can now enter, what great news comes from the tide. The world set to be forever different. Then I saw myself in a desert. A glow came from the desert. From the center of India, and an Island. Then I heard babies cry. Babies born.

It just wouldn’t be Eric Leigh-Pink without ruining the moment.

I had a vision in the bowels of the underworld, under the deep rocks hidden by the ocean, leading so far down, in the depths of darkness, huge roach like creatures screamed with rage, screamed at how unfair their fate would be. Screamed at their inevitable doom as they saw from the cave the same exact symbol glowing from the ocean. They saw it and tried to look away. But the leader spoke loudly. “How dare they take our Empire away.. EXPLAIN it to them.. show our rage!” Then howling poured from the depths of the underworld. A horror was forming. One coming very soon.

So what am I saying in all of this, how could I sum this up;

The universe, the heavens, the Creator, all of them have grown so tired of your cruelty humanity and a spiritual wave of Titans are coming. They are coming. Coming in the dead of night, and everything will change afterwards.

You know this mans words, my words, you have gotten use to a whiskey style moment day in and day out. Pucker up, I am about to show you doom on tap. I am about to frighten your future, crush hopes here on this website of sorrow we call “World Predictions.” I am about to share that an epic virus will ravage the world. You know me. I told you Australia will burn, I warned you of the Tsunami that ravaged Indonesia, I warned you about Al Assad poisoning children, we predicted the muddy Cold War Putin unleashed and the explosion in Paris at a soccer match. All of it happened with such horrible grit. All of it happened as I said it would. Yet here I am giving you divinity. Giving you hope. Sharing light. Thats right, they have no intention of just watching our world burn. They are coming. Maybe the point of showing you that blunt exhausting reality was always a precursor for this moment of absolute Truth.

The Year 2023 “We Are Coming”

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  1. Wait, another virus is coming? If so, what can we do to avoid contracting & spreading it?

    Most importantly, I am pleased help and love are on the way.

            1. I remember but I don’t know where. You have a ton of predictions!

  2. “A horror was forming. One coming very soon.” What is this part of the prediction referring to?

    Parts of this prediction sound really grim, but I hope you’re right about spiritual help coming. Humanity definitely could use a hand!

  3. That was a very interesting post Eric and one that I can relate to personally. 34 years ago I went thru that door with the light on the other side. It’s an experience that is tough to explain in words it must be personally experienced and it’s an experience that changes you because there is an actual transformation of sorts that happens when you pass thru that portal. I was also taken to that underworld. It is truly a nasty nasty place which is devoid of all hope, love and light and the KA reference is also interesting because a man named Amaury Riveria was taken aboard a space ship in the 80’s with 17 other people and shown a future event that is coming to the earth. In his book he mentions that these people are from the planet KA and they are here to help us. He also describes in his book a giant city; that was built by the friends of the originator, come to earth to help gather mankind from earth’s destruction. What he describes inside this giant space city is very similar to what I saw in Heaven. I’ve attached his testimony for context.

    1. You have me very interested now. I still need to watch. Ka lives in an empire that he oversees. And it is call Ka Var they name is a reference to his historical past, and yes the ‘empire of Ka mirrors the Kings empire, which is heaven. Who is coming? Actual aliens? What are they planning to do? I will check it out.

    2. So what does the book say about Ka? One part that hit a nerve is: Yes in the future its all one government, its a system that is completely opposite than anything we have, but it works, it brings world peace, ends racism, ends dictators, Now in the ocean are large stones in this future, the stones actually do something, something about changing communications, as if a voice in the air in the future can now translate the language as you speak to the foreign country men, Its like a massive computer. The computer holds the laws. But completely controlled by the people. But the stones also have the laws, laws that remind you to be good. For instance in the future richest places (Germany) have stones that represent “Humility” and even though you have wealth, now there is an exception you should show humility. Its a reminder. Our IPads of today turns into a ring. A ring around your finger. It has the power to control all things. But these large stones, that need water to operate, allow you to have a 3 dimensional image pop up for you, through your ring. The ring holds an earpiece that looks very neckless, from there i get confused because the “air” is still speaking to the man in this future? Just an fyi, the rings cost the same as a house.

      1. There is a planet named Acart that has a working one world government like you speak of
        they are here to help us also and they are humanoid and very much like us
        A man was taken to their planet in 1958 and he tells his story in the link attached.
        Based on my research there are approx. 23 different races visiting our planet
        most are here to help, some are indifferent and some are here with bad intentions.

  4. I honestly don’t think, mentally and emotionally i could take another virus, this is utterly depressing 😢

  5. “I had a vision in the bowels of the underworld, under the deep rocks hidden by the ocean, leading so far down, in the depths of darkness, huge roach like creatures screamed with rage, screamed at how unfair their fate would be. Screamed at their inevitable doom as they saw from the cave the same exact symbol glowing from the ocean. They saw it and tried to look away. But the leader spoke loudly. “How dare they take our Empire away. EXPLAIN it to them, show our rage!” Then howling poured from the depths of the underworld. A horror was forming. One coming very soon.”

    In 2013 a rap artist called Dr Creep uploaded a video on you tube all about covid 19 and how the military had to go into the bowls of the earth to fight these cock roach lizards. (I did post it on here a couple of years ago).

    We are at war with them – it’s already won. People came back from the future to change their evil timeline.

    In time the public will be told some of what is going on but not all. The worlds elites have been flying in and out of North Korea for decades whilst it was close doff to everyone else. it is likely one of the entrances to this deep underground world is within NK.

    1. This particular part of the post worries me: “A horror was forming. One coming very soon.” It’s like, uh-oh, what next? I hope Eric can shed some light on it.

          1. No. The war is expected till April. So no it could very easily fall on next year. Thats actually the lean I would go to. It a prediction for “2023” .

            1. Is it actually a full scale, knock down nuke conflict in Europe and USA only? Maybe only use of small tactical nukes in Europe?

                1. This sounds absolutely horrifying. Could this be averted do you think? And if ww3 breaks out, would that end humanity, or is it “just” very destructive but we survive?

                  1. We not only survive but thrive. Yes from what I am told certain parts of the world are off limits. They do try and use smaller nukes as first but then someone drops on a nuclear plant. Thats when it spirals.

                    1. This means that the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) doctrine isn’t true in the future then. Maybe there have been developed much better anti missile systems, or someone averts a full on nuclear exchange. Many speculations. Read about your past as John Hendrix by the way, that was surely interesting. Definitely got that Eric Pink feeling from him.

                    2. Thanks. Its still very bad, but like all things we find a problem and solve one. It will take a good 1000 years but our destruction of the planet can turn around.

  6. Oh dear! Not another virus! Tell me I am misunderstanding what you have written, please.

    1. No Lou, its a cure, look at the prediction, its a description of black and white waves, spheres. Its the symbol of ying and yang. So what ever this is it would be the opposite of Covid. “Life Giving Power” something we havent seen yet.

  7. Hi Eric, these Titans you mentioned, will they be born in physical form? How will they manifest in the physical world to effect positivity? How shall we identify them? Will they teach?

    1. The King clearly has a physical form. They have predictions about him already, a messiah, a King, They call him the Ambassador and I am told he will be born an orphan. There is another prediction about a middle eastern leader who rises before the King.
      However, they are predicting the first ship, one passenger, and that prediction seems more ethereal, more spirit. So perhaps both? That message will go our around Christmas.

  8. you mention that Germany will be a rich place in the future? So nukes will not devastate all of Europe? I am praying for a possibility to save our future generations… in Europe as I am from this area

    1. Powerful. China is the rich one. Germany will take the throne as the powerful nation and it will be very powerful, the one center stage. The leader of nations.Its not about economics but war.
      Nukes. No I am expecting, a Chernobyl in multiple locations in the future. Places around the world are uninhabitable. The first Nuke to drop will be a mini. Tactical. The land contamination does not last. The problem is fixed centuries later. Contrary to what we have been taught there is a way to revive the ecosystem after Nuclear war.

        1. The change of guard is consistent. Keep in mind the United States use to be a more isolated nation and two world wars made them the power house they are today. War seems to change the makup of our world.

  9. And what about Italy? If you feel like answering of course. I live in the North

  10. How about the UK? She’s been the target of Putin’s wrath for many years now. She’ll be first in line for some nukes if their coming out of their silos.

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