World Prediction: The Light Will Return

Have you noticed the sky just a bit darker than normal. Have you seen your world and wondered where did our light go? Have you recognized that the evil of the world suddenly turn into a rapid dog. It is because we are coming. We are coming like a massive tsunami of pure white flowing light, an ocean of spirituality over a dry and barren dessert. We are coming, and what you see in this moment as the “Circle” rises, is the utter panic of the darkness. We are coming and when we do all things will change. We are coming and there’s nothing stoping it anymore, because simply put we have grown tired of all the cruelty. We are coming to evict the darkness. We are coming and together you and I will return to the light. — The Spiritual Realm — What is the Circle? What is Coming in 2023

India, A new Power Rises to lead the World. As the oceans consume your islands, as the tides engulf your sea level lands leaving them uninhabitable, and harvests plummet, a leader rises. One set on a path of green. A green new desert with rich crops. A green new home. A green new road, that leads the world out of its nightmare. An end to what currently looks like your doom. The heart of the world beats again, safe and sound.

I had a vision of strange cars that had wheels that could go 360 degrees allowing the car to spin and go any direction, the ground was white, and had track like web parts to the white ground, the vehicles could spin and shift allowing a harmonious rapidly flowing traffic. Most of the vehicles where round or oval in shape and from the outside it seemed like everyone was just talking and snacking as if no longer driving themselves.

I have a vision of what was once a barren dessert turn into rich lush land, ripe for farming. The farming was oddly different. Crops grew from the ground, grew from bars upside down, with gravity in the palm of humanity’s hand. The light of the world shifting.

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  1. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    Thank you for hope.

  2.  Avatar

    The barren dessert could also be in…, Afghanistan, has with help from China build a canal more than 180 km long in 18 months, in their desert, it serves the agriculture crop, at the moment they have sunflowers and more, but it is not interesting to mention in the papers, because for the western countries is China the “enemy”, they really try to help people, to help themself to get a better life

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No one is the enemy. We are all apart of one world. There are no real lines on the world separating us, that is something we created. It was never apart of the design, but goes to the heart of our flaw.

    2.  Avatar

      But everything China does for another country comes at a cost, that country becomes beholdent to them. If China was really trying to help people they would not control people’s ability to choose what they want to watch or listen too and they would not be “retraining” the Uyghur people in closed concentration camps where they cannot even contact family or loved ones. Xi Jinping does not give free will to the people of China, they are prescribed what they watch, how they behave and if they dare speak out for the rights of others they are imprisoned. Watch a documentary called Total Trust.

  3. Fabian Avatar

    Vehicles that have wheels that can do 360⁰? That actually sounds pretty cool.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Efficient, there was no traffic.

  4. Cynthia Avatar

    Hope is coming !!!!!!

  5.  Avatar

    sorry america, russia but india will be the star of the show

  6.  Avatar

    I like the part about the revolution in farming. Sounds great! One thing I like about India is that a high percentage of the population are vegetarians since birth. We have lots to learn from them about delicious vegetarian lifestyle.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am just happy to share this pendulum of horror we are currently in shift the other way to prosperity.

  7.  Avatar

    The prediction about green things growing in the desert sounds like Isaiah 35 in the Bible

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is no better seer than the great Isaiah.

  8.  Avatar

    Am not sure Eric that this is the meaning… Your predictions seem out of line with anyone else’s.
    India is the spiritual power first of all and its northern part will rise in that direction after its south will be destroyed…
    Germany will have not much of power – I do not think it will even exist in its current form soon as it is collapsing from inside, it seems, already.
    War in the Middle East follows the path that is outlined in other predictions and does not correspond to the pictures from you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The power of tomorrow goes two three titans, India and a new green path. Germany and military might, which in the future is used more for disasters, and the Nordic Alliance. Which is a force of intelligence and science.
      The south of India, the desert portion is drowned. But later that turns that desert into epic farm land.

      1.  Avatar

        To that of Germany – Irlmaier and Paisios… The collapse of Germany is imminent. Unless there is a different land that is meant by that.

  9. Itk Avatar

    Regarding the Prophets, the Book of Ezekiel has always inspired people, with its description of a most vivid vision.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am a huge fan of Lao Tzu, that man knew heaven. He really did.

  10. Becky Avatar

    Will this light happen in our life time? Is it all gloom for us or will be have peace?

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