Kenya Cult, Sudan War and Tucker Carlson

World Predictions 3-25-19
You live in the era of vulgarity, where lies rule the land, propaganda has replaced facts, and it has become overwhelming acceptable to verbally slander each other with vitriol, but this era will close and be replaced with an era where facts sit at the center. An era of stats, facts, and logic. You want to share your opinion? Prove it. I had a visual of a new type of media that swept across the globe, one that was extremely fact based. It became a dominating force pushing down systems of media that carried a slant in one direction or another. The visual showed small digital boxes on a screen slowly taking over.

Truth matters. This prediction has not happened yet but wow did we take one epic step forward with the firing of Don Lemon, and Tucker Carlson. Fun fact Eric watches WION. No one does news like India.

American News, please stop with the vulgarity and the lies. Your actually suppose to do the opposite.

World Predictions 4-25-22
“Humanity.. two wars.. seriously?”
Then Spirit gasped. A desert war is approaching.

Notes on 7-21-15
“Because of a lax in posture, position.. the Sudan will be riddled with death.”
I had a visual of people being intimidated with weapons, they tried to escape by going the other direction but that was were the bomb was located.
I had a visual of the House of Commons, with everyone in it, then I heard a violin play unharmoniously.
“Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice

This prediction is unfolding.

Predictions 4-15-16 World Predictions 6-27-19

“Jim Jones is coming, Jim Jones is coming.”

“Suicide.. together.. multiple deaths.. a disturbing situation.”

This horrible prediction has happened. History repeating itself.

Does everyone know who Jim Jones is? James Warren Jones was an American preacher, political activist, and mass murderer who led the Peoples Temple, a doomsday cult, between 1955 and 1978, leading to suicide In what he called “revolutionary suicide”,

When this prediction happened Moonbin of K-Pop Band Astro Passes I had the oddest feeling. I felt suicide all around me like an orbit of sadness. I assumed it was about the singers moment. So much so, that I left that last message of this feeling at the end of the Moonbin post. But my feeling seems to be a foreshadowing of the next prediction coming. This horrible moment of sadness in Kenya.

I also add these Truths. As I reminder. It is our Creator that will inevitable conquer evil.

9 responses to “Kenya Cult, Sudan War and Tucker Carlson”

  1. Sara Avatar

    I’ve researched a lot about the Jonestown tragedy…it’s awful that, to this day, cults and extremists continue to kill innocent people–or brainwash them into killing themselves. It’s definitely a red flag when any group starts talking about committing violence–either against themselves or other people.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t get it. Jesus ate bread. Eating was a thing with Jesus, he loved to share his table with others. So why starve. How is that Christian? Very disturbing indeed.

      1. Sara Avatar

        It says a lot that the cult leader, Nthenge, is still alive after telling his followers to starve…he didn’t hold himself to the standards he forced on everyone else. I can’t imagine Jesus telling people to starve themselves and their children, while eating heartily himself.

        I guess that’s another red flag for a cult–when the leaders don’t follow their own rules, or make exceptions for themselves. Kind of like how David Koresh told his male followers to be celibate, yet he was allowed to sleep with any woman–or girl–he wanted. Totally immoral behavior there.

  2. Sara Avatar

    They’ll easily find another multi-million dollar gig at another corporate news outlet. Anyone who has watched these cable corporate new outlets long enough will noticed they pass each other around all the time regardless of the political views of the pundit and the news channel. Before Tucker was on Fox News he was CNN and MSNBC, Lemon at NBC and MSNBC before CNN. Money is power in today’s media.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s why they suck. Sorry bit vulgar

  3. Scott Weaver Avatar
    Scott Weaver

    I see something deeper and darker with these so called news organizations and really especially Fox they have a Jim Jones effect with there viewers who believe in only what they tell them. Eric when will trump finally get punished for his crimes, we as a country and a world can not afford him to ever hold office again, but also We dont need Biden either, we need something new.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      New is what we will get. The Military one. Who ever the Military one is, he is consider a Roosevelt, a Lincoln. A true titan.
      I hold to the predictions. Biden might be out before his term, we see sickness coming, Trump falls because of the law and because there will be another terror like attack. Then everyone just wants it over. Like you feel now.
      I have July in mind. Something there happens.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Is that terror-like attack the same prediction as the one about the second January 6th? Have the spirits given any more information about that?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          No there are two, one is like Nancy Pelosi husband attack. Then later a bombing.

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