Truth 12


The spirits once said that love is the glue of the universe. Something humanity has not comprehended yet. Allow me to explain:

With each passing life our loved ones follow us into the next life, like a flock of birds, and with each passing life we gather more and more loved ones. Chapter one creates a pebble of what is to be, a glimmer of love, a taste, followed by another chapter and another, and another, each lifetime structured in obstacles, designed to strengthen the foundations making the pebble into a boulder. The pain, the suffering, building the compassion, the generosity. The struggles building the sharing.  The loss building the joy. The betrayal building the forgiveness. All of it eventually building mountains upon mountains of a foundation that began with a pebble, one shared life leading to hundreds then thousands.  Death isn’t an end just a new unwritten chapter and love greater than any one lifetime.

Evil has nothing to build itself on. It’s a fire burning, always starting with a spark, an idea, and then it spreads engulfing more and more, sometimes becoming an inferno, but no matter what that fire will always burn out.

What fire brings down mountains? What mountains whither away? The darkness is set to lose and they know it.

Eventually all the pebbles will become mountains, it might take centuries upon centuries but when it does a new humanity will form. A humanity that loves each other as the whole. Love for all humanity. Love for all life. A world where a homeless beggar would never exist as everyone around him in the thousands would say “Tell us what you need brother!” A world where our skin color is not noticed and our cultures are only celebrated. A world where all is equal, all is good and love prevails, always.

You have to see it. Look at the countless times when the foundation of our mountains prevailed. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Siddhartha, Mohammad, and Christ all of them using the mountains in their own ways to build a foundation that crushed its opposing force.

You have to see it. The countless times that the fire burned those around you with its wicked act. How did you react? In pain, in sorrow, but most importantly you rallied around each other, supported each other as if Spirit was staring down at Mount Everest itself.

In time humanity.. Patience seems to be our fathers way. In time the glue of love will unite you all.. as it does for the universe.


Note: Both Truth 11 and 12 are opposing views of life. One negative and the other positive. One showing the shackles of the past while the other reflects the beauty of the future. Truth 13 encompasses both to complete this message about life. I still need a few key details.  Its important to look at all three as one complete message. — Truth 11




13 thoughts on “Truth 12

      • It’s so comforting to know that my loved ones aren’t lost somewhere but are waiting and we will get to be together; I miss the little things; shared laughter; the expressions on thier face; and it always makes me very sad because those little things I miss the most and when I think about what they would say about stuff ; knowing them so well I usually wind up commenting yeah my mom would be saying this or that; it’s true they may be gone but the love remains even when they aren’t in this earthly plane; it does last forever!

      • Not only that beauty but we continue the journey we started, those parts left undone follow with us. Even going so far as if we fail to forgive a loved one in this life, we will have the opportunity in the next one.

  1. That’s the beauty about Love that holds us together. Beautiful story. Thabks for sharing. …can’t wait for next chapter and then the next. What I hunger is seeking for truth and comprehensive in truth. 🙂

  2. This makes a lot of sense….humanity gets farther when people love, or at least have compassion, for each other. Love and respect help people cooperate–and civilizations can’t evolve without that.

  3. Thanks Eric and Spirits! Very beautiful message. Love really is the glue that holds us all together and leads to so many more wonders that human kind can experience and learn from. I wouldn’t want to live in a world devoid of that one key ingredient.
    Also, very glad our Father has so much patience when it comes to humanity. 😇❤️🌟

  4. eric, once again, a wonderful message that touches the soul of all humans, or should ,anyway. .. sometimes, describing something, takes away from the message, where feeling it, is even more powerful. love, IS the force, the SOURCE, of the many worlds, universes, and the total BEING, of what you describe as GOD. everything, that is thought of, created, is encoded with love, people, rocks trees, animals, worlds etc. as, I struggle, to form words that describe love, I realized, that I couldn’t really describe the building block of all creatation, thank you so very much to all………for sharing this very basic message, but a very powerful one at that.! prayers to you and the group, for healing and growth!


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