Russian Rebellion in June

Predictions 5-28-16

We know what the web is. It’s Moscow. What can we expect next? The plummet of Russia’s economy. Panic is set to create that absolute worst decisions by Russian leadership.

World Predictions 6-1-23 “Collapse” Moscow is set to collapse. “Collapse.. Collapse.. a complete Collapse.. failure.. end”
I had a vision I was staring down at the ground. On the ground was three circles but the shape was warped, as if a child drew the circle. One small circle sat at the center and then another larger circle, and a much much larger third circle, all of them circling within themselves. In the center, lines went out in all directions creating this odd web like shape. Then I heard cracking and thunder, it was horribly loud. All of the lines collapsed and turned to dust. The dust pushed up in the vision and then all I could see was dust.

World Predictions 10-1-19 Civil war you say? The violence is coming. The violence is coming soon. Scandal.. another one.. Russia. Bomber.. bomber.. coming soon.. I had a visual of a bomb being made, then it shifted to show a metropolis.

11 thoughts on “Russian Rebellion in June

    1. Take a look at what they are doing from a political side. Someone is doing something ohhh so wicked. How do you defeat the most vicious of all lions? You wound it. You weaken it. They just did that to Vladimir Putin. Make no mistake another version of this in a completely different form, will arrive. But also is that rabbid reaction to an animal on its last legs.

  1. Eric are you still expecting/seeing something around the 28th and the water/nuclear vision?

    1. Yes. A flood. A massive big flood. My hope is to gather more tonight but, unlikely. They will most likely want to move on.
      There is new predictions forming. That imply the nuclear moment is halted. That it starts to all unravel but someone foils the situation, someone bigger? That would imply the UN or something. So we are trying to gather those details too. But we are expecting a mass death moment in days. Sorry.

  2. The words “The dust pushed up in the vision and then all I could see was dust.” sound like Nuclear attack on Russia. I know that this in not in your predictions, but its just something that caught my eye.
    Perhaps a dirty bomb, but this was to be used in the Ukraine, not Russia?
    Follow the money trail as they say. With no nation wanting to deal in Rubles, where’s the money coming from for the purchase? Ukraine? I’m sure they would be spending it on real hardware instead. And the drones over Moscow? Maybe from Ukraine, maybe not?
    I suspect that its big business for the Spy industry in Russia at the moment, ploys, counter ploys, deception, loyalty and trust all disappearing, changing shape, changing colour, just like one big Le Carre novel. The Fog of War.

    1. Historically speaking I would have to say no. The dust has been used so many times to describe “Destruction”. For example, From 2020 Economics, to Japanese Tsunami, and horribly destructive hurricanes. The reason it’s dust is to show the magnitude of damage. The other option on the table is to actually show in reality the destruction which you make me insane watching all that horror. So the moment is to protect me from seeing to much.

  3. Steve, an explosion-like dust cloud occurs when a high building collapses, see, for instance:
    The news in the MT you refer to is most interesting: although we cannot trust any information coming from the Russian security services, it shows that Russia is indeed aware of the impact of the use of any nuclear device on their international reputation, including among their current friends. It cannot be excluded, either, that someone might be willing to try it to discredit Putin, as the power struggle builds up.

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