The World Predictions of 2019

World Predictions of 2019
What a Novella
These predictions are either happening now in 2023 or predictions we expect in 2023 and 2024. We have excluded those predictions that already happened in previous years. This was the year we shifted all gears to predict the “Now” but we would learn, this would take much more time to shift. As of 2023, we finally arrive at our goal. We fully expect the old and new predictions to mirror each other.

We have added Mini Truths in between predictions. Like Easter eggs.

World Predictions for 2019 Russia goes to war with its neighbor, determined to gain territory. —Earthquake.. Earthquake!.. September.. (Later they would imply the 20th or the 2nd, as we draw closer to September. —A horrible disaster as the Nuclear power plant has a meltdown. —Miracle on top of miracle, the actions of our Father will reign in all different directions.

World Predictions 1-12-19 “There is a threat to the United States.. clear and present danger.. bombing.” “I had a visual of a bomb going off in a building, there was massive smoke coming from all directions. (I believe ‘it will be huge’ is a reference to the size of the bombing) Then Spirit wrote 207

World Predictions 2-1-19 “Barcelona.. day.. Spain.. Terror attack.. soccer.. or park.” I heard a large explosion. Countdown from 5..4..3.. Marking the 5th or 6th. I had a visual of two singers standing side by side, one was a woman while the other was a large man with a beard and straggly hair. Again they point to this coming shooting spree, we need to reverify timing. In another message both 6 and 10 where marked. So the 17 is in question. —I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.” —There will be multiple attacks at one time.. 9/11.. three places back to back.. airplanes.. Texas.. and North California bay.” Later they would bring up Illinois again as a target. I had a visual of 2:27 —I had a visual of a town completely destroyed by a tornado or large storm. They implied Tennessee

World Predictions 2-11-19 I had a visual I was standing right next to Big Ben, and the UK parliament building. I looked straight up to the sky and saw a massive storm had arrived. I had a visual of a blue old Oldsmobile sitting under a tree. Then Spirit wrote: my old car. —What influences you.. your vote? As long as he (Putin) is in power he will try to influence you.. how he sees fit.. determined to undermine and divide the US with our own tools. I had a visual of the number 21. I had a visual of the number 14 Both of these numbers are luck related? 14 is the number after wicked 13 and 21 goes to cards. Odd?

World Predictions 2-15-19 I had a visual of a man with glasses and strange clothing, a miss match of clothing, someone screamed out “Why?” and the man pointed to his head implying a mental condition. —I believe “Glasses” is happening right now in Niger. The rest of the predict (click) talks about a horrible shooting in “Red Port”

World Predictions 2-18-19 I had a visual of someone shooting a man in his chest twice. “They shot him.. Venezuela.” This has ties to a previous prediction: I had a visual of a green plate attached to a grocery store basket, it read “27 Ideology over” Then I heard “Maduro.. murder.. shot” I had a visual of a large spider just sitting, with its legs moving back and forth. —“Car.. bomb.. 20N.. NY” I had a visual of a huge police and ambulance presence. — I had a visual of narrow rectangular windows on a building. One of the windows was shot out with what looked like bullets. I had a visual of a curtain being pulled away, on the other side was a large strong built man holding a large gun. “The cult leader is dead.. many celebrate his demise.” In the prediction it had a Scientology symbol. But it might just be an example?

World Predictions 3-11-19 I had a visual of the ocean beginning to consume the shoreline, the houses in the area became flooded. The damage was extensive as the tide mounted in the area, consuming everything in its path. Then Spirit brought up the previous prediction about a massive flooding of a town, and the gym competition. —I had a visual of gun shells falling to the ground, a shooting spree was unfolding. The bullet shells that fell to the ground was surrounded by dirt, and either hay or weeds. “The racist is about to attack.” I could hear someone in the background saying racist profanities. “Boston area.. attack.. police” I had a visual of a police symbol on a patch of someone’s arm. 8 day “This year is when the oceans begin to consume the shorelines of islands, and rain clouds are epic in size. It starts now.”

World Predictions 3-15-19 Tsunami.. Tsunami.. Tsunami.. damage to the shorelinesThey implied Japan. There was a prediction in January about a Tsunami but in a different location? —The Prediction: Italy overshot itself.. panic begins to set in.. a major problem. No more cords.. it’s a thing of the past.. technology advances.

World Predictions: WW3 🤮 I let you look, but wow is it a mirror of our times.

World Predictions 4-5-19 I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. Massacre.. all out massacre.. at or around the school. In one.. This previous prediction points to Washington as it marks 6 as well: World Prediction: Mass Shooting I had a visual of China. They pointed to an area by the coast line in the south east region. “Earthquake.. it’s a big one” First they said 11, then they said mid month. As we draw closer to the 10th —I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down. “Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled” January 6th Capitol Attack, predicted, as you can see there is a second one with the original message. Here oddly the Earthquake has a different timeline in the fall.

World Predictions 4-8-19 I had a visual of a man walking with a gun in his hand. “Unhinged.. 5.. Washington.” —I had a visual of one massive explosion. In the visual it had a mushroom cloud. Then the visual showed the explosion again on a screen with numbers in the corner and a small target in the center of the screen implying a test of some kind. “With the treaty between Russia and US over, Russia blatantly shows it’s aggressiveness.”

World Predictions 4-17-19 I had a visual I was looking down from the sky, there were beach huts and beach umbrellas swept away from a massive wave of water. “Tsunami.. Taiwan.. Islands.. in 5 day..”

World Predictions 4-20-19 I had a visual of China painted in all red. Then the visual shifted to show people going on with there lives, only to be shaken with a massive quake. Panic set in as this massive quake unfolded. Then the visual shifted again towards the ocean implying something deadly was coming.

World Predictions 4-23-19 I had a visual of what looked like the floor of the grand canyon or a canyon like that. There were towering large cliffs all around. “Underneath the great mountains is a hidden city, under the ground, waiting to be found.” — “The son seeking vengeance had his hands on the bombs and will have his hands on the next set of bombs, he is set to be an equal to his father.”

Truth: Where is Atlantis? It’s the North Pole. There is an Ancient Empire underneath the “Ice” not underneath the water. Sorry Edgar, got nothing put Love for you! It pre dates the Egyptian Empire. You will know this when the ice melts and this goes to the heart of this other Truth’s 1 As it was explained to me, the entire planet went on a different Axis. Originally the North Pole was where Brazil is now. This massive shift of the planet is also why it fell.

World Prediction: Paris Attack I had a visual I was standing on a road with the Eiffel Tower in the background then a large vehicle slammed into pedestrians on the street. People ran in all different directions. “Paris.. the heart of Paris.. vengeful man with a large vehicle.. running down innocent people..15” I had a visual of a clock striking 1 The clock striking one implies January

World Prediction: Trump Scandal “A financial scandal will be exposed.. Trump”. “ Truth exposed.. Trump has financial ties to Russia.. never spoke out.. never criticized now explained.” I had a visual of a monopoly board open at a dining room table, at the end of the table was Vladimir Putin. Then it shifted to show 10:02 which means the very start of October. “I resign” The October timeline contradicts the other prediction about Trumps fall which is set in July: Predictions 1-11-18 “As the new elections close.. the US spirals out of control .. things go down hill fast and furious on multiple fronts.”The implication at the center of this spiral was economic in nature. Trump resigns in October, not accurate, but what I think they mean is his run for president. So this scandal is expect now or very soon. Because July delivered, thats when Indictments fell.

Truth: No Century has more “Stone Throwing” than the 21st Century. Consider the calm silence of the Great Prince (Buddha). Consider breaking bread at your table with your adversary, and while there, just listen intently to those at the table, just like our King did (Christ). Consider the silence of our Father. Recognize the last time our Father had something to say, Moses walked the earth and yet his great word is plastered on all your walls.

World Predictions 5-5-19 I had a visual I was standing on the planet Mercury. On the planet was a large mountain terrain. The colors of the mountains shifted from the bottom layer to the top. Then from inside the ground there was a massive explosion right in front of me. I could see huge raging fire explode outward in all directions while the dirt flew into the sky. Then it happened a second time off to the side, and a third, then a cascade of multiple explosions ravaged the entire ground. The entire planet seemed engulfed in fire. I had a visual I was staring at a large clock that was counting down to zero. On the clock in bold print was the word ‘WAR”. — I had a visual of certain landmarks all of them from the north east. In hindsight I believe most of them came out of the Washington DC area, however some of it could have been Boston, “What madness.. a thrill seeking killer” —A surprise candidate.. 3 (or 3rd).. unexpectedly added to the mix.. the military one.. he will become president. Mercury could be symbolic to the “Messages” turning into an inferno of WAR. So its a reference to our current timeline, of endless news about war. Mercury, Apollo, and Delphi all go to another life doing this long, long ago.

World Predictions 5-28-19 Emergency.. heart.. heart.. in Britain.. 3 (or 30)” I had a visual of an ambulance race down a street. They excluded the who, but it was royalty.

World Predictions: Attack Coming I heard the Rolling Stones song Sympathy for the Devil playing. Then it shifted to show a man getting off a bus. I had a visual of sets of baseballs, then a set of baseballs rolling. I had a visual I was watching a ballgame of children, then I heard this high pitch ringing. The ringing in your ears after a bomb goes off. “A truly evil man” — Sequel to this World Predictions 4-5-19

Truth: The truth exist in the center of its two opposites. Always recognize you don’t see your opposite side. The darkness always stand on those opposites, never centered, waiting for you to join them.

The gap you see is a product of our Shift to predicting “Next” many of the June Predictions happened in 2020. But no where near the “Weeks” we aimed for. Then I realize the problem and report an alternate plan.

World Predictions 7-5-19 Tsunami.. tsunami.. coming around the corner. —Columbus Ohio.. Shooting.. shooting spree.. Then they added (703) which is a strange way to present the number. The message came in late at night on the 3rd. It could be a countdown to the 6th or 7th? I need to ask for details.They later marked the 5th – 6th —For now we will have a mixture of old and new predictions. The new version of predictions are going to be posted on these poster like messages, this way the two messages can be seen differently.

World Predictions 7-31-19 I had a visual of red numbers counting down 4. 3. 2. 1. The numbers were huge and added to a digital screen. The number 3 was highlighted. Nuclear Weapon.. Kim JongUn I had a visual of a future where Americans brawled each other while Putin hiding in the dark corner snickered at the division he created. Then the spotlight was on Putin. The visual shifted to show a new era of America marching in unison, with one enemy.. Russia. There was a massive storm in the background and a horrible ominous feeling of dread. Though the people were dressed in modern day clothes the background looked like the 1950s. I question is this Nuclear Moment all Russias, and Kim Jong Un was just an example of coming insane aggression.

World Prediction: Large Earthquake Coming There she is again in transport.. a nuclear weapon “ I had a visual of a nuclear weapon on display, as a small group of shady people surrounded it, like a black market sale. This prediction seems to be a sequel to a previous prediction: PREDICTIONS 9-15-18 They have now clarified that the weapon is a nuclear bomb. —Spirit where does the Tsunami unfold? I had a visual of an island mass where all of the corners of the island reached outward. I need to look at smaller islands to see what might fit, one obvious possibility is the northern region of New Zealand. That would fit a previous prediction that talks about a wave striking Fiji. I could see a New Zealand Tsunami being in the path of Fiji. I am still working on the time for now they only showed 8. Not a Black Sale, but Nuclear Weapons are being displayed in Belarus. In a later prediction 10-6-19 Russia uses one of these nuclear weapons

Prediction: Airplane Attack I had a visual of 3 planes taking off. I had a visual of a plane falling from the sky. I had a visual of one large explosion “The new leader has arrived.. the pure evil one.” “State of Emergency” The sky will become completely empty. —Hong Kong: China out of impatience invades with brute force, bringing stringent order and oppression. This is the “Blue Turban” timeline, were a radical religious Zealot is trampling over the entire world. Terror Beyond Osama. In the prediction 27th is presented. But a sliver of me feels its just 27, As in 2027. His introduction begin here, but there are so many “Blue Turban” predictions, Notes on 8-10-14 “Prayer Rug”

World Prediction: Large China Earthquake I had a visual of China. They pointed to an area by the coast line in the south east region. “Earthquake.. it’s a big one” Two major disasters back to back.. double the disaster.. such an epic earthquake in size and destruction. In 5. If it’s a countdown the timing would be around August 18th-19th. Or they could be saying the 5th.We are waiting for this prediction to happen soon

World Predictions 8-16-19 In the place of protest, the government like a thief in the night prowls against the people. Suddenly individuals opposed to the authorities disappear, never to be heard of again. Are they talking about Hong Kong or Russia? —I had a visual I was standing on green pastures. There was a farmer in the background with a cow. At a distance was a massive cloud of black smoke rising from the ground. It was so huge and oddly pure black. Was it Hong Kong or Russia, it ended up being both. The biggest problem of tomorrow introduced. Our food supply evaporates.

World PredIctions 9-13-19 I had a visual of someone with blood on their hands.Then it shifted to show cameras everywhere as if this was global news. The impression given was that a leader or government related individuals were killed. Assassination? They implied a stabbing, however it could have been a shooting. This is Putin, several messages talk about throats cut and many of the Ukraine War predictions begin or end with an Assassination.

World Predictions 10-1-19 Civil war you say? The violence is coming. The violence is coming soon. Scandal.. another one.. Russia. Bomber.. bomber.. coming soon.. —I had a visual of a bomb being made, then it shifted to show a metropolis. It is possible that the location is New York, but I need to verify the location. Initially my thought was this was attached to New Zealand, but I question that now. My hope is to gather more details.

World Predictions 10-6-19 “Now.. Russia.. displays tactical mini nuclear weapons.. what a very bad idea” In a not so distant future: I had a visual of every news station discussing the shock over the use of the miniature nuclear weapon. It’s unclear if Russia used them or someone else did in what I am assuming becomes a new type of arms race. This prediction was so shocking and horrifying I could not go to sleep, I have been reluctant to post it. —I have consistently heard the song “London bridges falling down” implying the destruction or fall of a bridge, not necessarily in the UK. —“The US trade war falls apart.. what follows.. it’s bad, really bad.” I had a visual of a television showing stock trades and everything was in the red. I had a visual of one then two red arrows pointing down. The impression given was it was bad for everyone all around including the farmers. —I had a visual of heavy earthquake destruction, in a town. —I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2 I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger. “An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing. The hero.. 6. The Covid Prediction This prediction was meant to show the next 4 major horrors. Covid, Inflation/Deflation, a massive earthquake in Asia, and then the use of a tactical Nuclear warhead. In November of 2019 there was an attack on the London Bridge. The message could also be an extension of the Inflation ravaging the UK.

It is unclear if the two are related. We do have a prediction for a major earthquake in China that was marked with the 5th : WORLD PREDICTION: LARGE CHINA EARTHQUAKE

World Predictions 11-2-19 I had a visual of an outline of a map. The map was either of Africa or Brazil. Then the southern region before reaching the bottom was marked. It could be South Africa / Mozambique area or southern Brazil / Uruguay area. Then the visual shifted to show a dark stone, at first there was one then two drips of blood pouring down, then a river of blood poured over the stone leaving it completely red. “The poor leader will bring so much death. “

World Predictions 11-19-19 I had a visual of an airplane falling from the sky. Below was a city with buildings In the background. Later Spirit implied that the focal point of this airplane was in the northeast US. “The two walls.” I had a visual of these massive metal doors/gates shutting. “So many casualties.” —Earthquake.. after thanksgiving.. 2.. 3.. in Northern California. I had a visual of a dark figure on a train or trolley, —I suddenly had an ominous feeling. “France” The relic of previous predictions have come full circle.

World Predictions 11-24-19 Turkey.. Oh what a horrible mistake.. The blood you spilled.. will become 10 times the problem.. the Kurds hiding in the hills will attack you and the blood will now pour, one terror attack at a time. Such senseless violence. —I was by the water front of New York. Then it shifted to say around the holiday the plane will fall. —“I warn you don’t.. otherwise I will leave” I had a visual of military men standing next to the White House.
The impression given was military individuals would be leaving because of decision made by the White House or President. The Kurds and Turkey are predicted to shed blood extensively. The White House prediction already happened with President Trump and General Mark Milley, but he never actually quit.

World Predictions 12-6-19 I had a visual of this secret bunker or private room. Russians were on computers, others were organizing their plans while communicating to those in charge. On the wall was various pictures of different people.. In the center of the room was a large monitor that read “Summit”. Then I had a visual of a pun of some kind. I had a visual of “Morton Salt” container, at the bottom of the blue container was the word “Summit” —I had a visual of a person walk by and then toss an object, which I assume was a grenade, to his side, then there was a sudden flash of light followed by an explosion.
The impression given was a military base. —“In Iowa (or Idaho).” I had a visual of a terror attack on a church or temple. So many bodies where being pulled from the structure including children.
—“Turkey.. Erdogan your actions have unleashed a horror against you and your country… so much death.. as Christmas arrives.” —The Russians are planning a very covert operation, secretive, and sinister. The room had a great number of people so whatever they are planning it’s huge. The room looked like a bunker in the movies where the president has to go in a special room to deal with an attack.

World Predictions 12-19-19 I asked specifically about earthquakes expecting it to be centered around California, but Spirit shifted 180 degrees: I had a visual of water just engulfing an entire area, sweeping through and consuming everything in site.
“Tsunami” Then it shifted to show a large map of Asia.The visual shifted yet again to mark multiple earthquake locations in California back to back from LA area to mid California to San Francisco area. All over a short span of time.

World Predictions 12-27-19 I had a visual of a mad man waving a gun around. The man was standing next to a large lake or large body of water.
The visual shifted to show the body of water again but this time there was two large weapons erected on what looked like tripods. It almost looked like a weapon you would erect on the back of a pick up during a war. The weapons sat by the water front. Then I heard the word “Trap” or “Trapped” Most likely this prediction is Russia and the war. If you click on this link, you will also see a prediction expected in the 22nd and 23rd Century. We actually have several, we just haven’t posted them.

Truth: In the timeline of 2150 World Peace and an end to all Tyrants.

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  1. Two more years left. But these sets will be small. As many of you know the predictions in that timeline happened in 6 to 8 months later. Sometimes 3. But we still had time to get to the place of now.

    1. Alma, First that is so coming! We already hold 5 in hand. Very fascinating stuff. First we talk about Death.
      From where they sit both cosmos and heaven, the issue that needs a solution, isn’t Putin, or Hitler before him, or Napoleon, Or Khan, or Nero. It’s when does this endless list of tyrants important enough to end. You, me, and billions of the rest of us hold that solution. But I already peeked! Have those awesome solutions in hand. It like cheating, jumping to see the timeline that the problem fades. Just as I predicted the problem January 6th. They now have solutions specifically for America, they have one for Pakistan too and I can’t wait to share. Video.

      It’s all about power. Who holds it.

  2. Now you have your vision’s 3rd Trump Indictment Eric- this one is very serious. I don’t think that your guides were counting NY

    1. Or I am a bit off😄 It was always in question. 2 or 3.. ? Which utterly annoyed me when we wrote it, I actually yelled, saying you can’t predict with 2 0r 3 pick one! But Nope it was 4. Every bone in my body has no desire to post this again. But I will soon 😩 it is historic. Add the ruble crashing too.

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