World Predictions 2-11-19

I had a visual I was standing right next to Big Ben, and the UK parliament building. I looked straight up to the sky and saw a massive storm had arrived.

I had a visual of a blue old Oldsmobile sitting under a tree. Then Spirit wrote: my old car

What influences you.. your vote? As long as he (Putin) is in power he will try to influence you.. how he sees fit.. determined to undermine and divide the US with our own tools.

I had a visual of the number 21. I had a visual of the number 14

The storm in the UK is symbolic to a tragic event, or troubling times. The fact that the storm was already here represents this is happening very soon. The Oldsmobile is an odd message. It could be a car bomb. They have another prediction ( World Predictions 12-28-18 )where they talked about smoke around the parliament building.

I inherited an old Oldsmobile when I was in my 20s after my grandparents passed, but it wasn’t blue, the message could be the passing of an elder in the UK, someone greatly admired, with ties to the queen or government. I will try and ask for more details.

33 thoughts on “World Predictions 2-11-19

  1. Blue bloods.

    A lot of psychics see said Prince Philip will pass this year and the Queen is at risk of dying shortly thereafter. You don’t need to be psychic to predict the part about the Queen, ha ha ha.

  2. “a massive storm had arrived in London. The storm in the UK is symbolic to a tragic event, or troubling times. The fact that the storm was already here represents this is happening very soon”. – Brexit on 29th March this year?

    “a blue old Oldsmobile – I inherited an old Oldsmobile”
    symbol of a Conservative ( blue) party that is too old to drive the ship of State?

    “smoke around the parliament building”.
    Literally: The building itself is in a bad state of repair and a fire risk

    Metaphorically – The UK risks going up in smoke . Scotland is meditating independence; Northern Ireland is meditating Re-Unification with the Republic of Ireland

  3. Prince Phillip did recently relinquish his driver’s license after his crash. Maybe the car under the tree could mean out of commission/dead and pertain to Prince Phillip.

  4. I like the idea of the blue Oldsmobile representing the Democratic party. He said that Putin would try to influence us. If I recall correctly, the Russians ‘donated’ $142M to Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation. It isn’t difficult to understand why this happened.

    I think that the Oldsmobile represents the demise of the party just like Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn. The Oldsmobile was sitting under a tree, the way some people park cars in the country, with the intent of fixing it one day, but they never get around to it, and it slowly rusts away.
    Just like the Democrats. It is one incident after another. They don’t seem to go away.

    I would love to read the playbook the Russians have on domestic interference. They can’t make a decent car or washing machine, but they have foreign influence down to a science.

    1. I just saw this……right after I made the previous comment…

      Hillary Clinton’s close relationship with Russian leaders which raised concerns over a wholesale technology transfer to the Kremlin, right around the time of the Uranium One deal and Bill Clinton’s now-infamous trip to Russia (where he hung out at Putin’s house) and picked up a $500,000 check for one speech.

      much, much more……

      1. Thank you for providing the perfect example – ‘zerohedge’-a far right wing so-called ‘news’ website that pedals/echos Russian propaganda. It just doesn’t get any better then this.

    2. Using propaganda to influence the divide of the American populace is far easier than making a decent car or washing machine. And you don’t need to have foreign influence down to a science when you have a president who is literally parroting Russian propaganda in the US in order to divide us while also intentionally leaving the backdoor open and ignoring calls from our intelligence community to take foreign meddling seriously because he is financially in debt to Putin and the Russian oligarchs.

  5. Eric I think the Russians (a mafia state basically) are using troll farms and bots, social media, media in general, black mail, people’s greed, people’s racism etc etc… to push their propaganda out into the American public in order to fulfill Putin’s agenda. Divide, create chaos and conquer.
    And I don’t think America is the only country he’s messing with.
    In the end I believe we will recover and become a better nation for all we’ve been through… though I’m not so sure about others.

    1. In 88-89, a lot of black churches were burned in the South. The immediate assumption was that it was racism…perhaps KKK. As far as I know they never found the perpetrators. But I heard several years ago that it was a lame attempt by the KGB to incite racism and distrust among us……..divide and conquer so to speak.

      1. Exactly Raymond. Except now they are called the GRU and have high tech equipment …computers, satellites, etc.
        They prey on greedy psychopaths, blackmail politicians, leaders of countries, big business owners, among the few… the higher up the better… if they can get into your judicial system it’s all the easier to push forward their agenda, oppress and get others to do their bidding. And then there’s just those individuals who willfully buy into what they are putting out there…
        But I have faith that our democratic laws which were put in place a long time ago will prevail and work for “We the People” in the end.

  6. I agree with Ann. Prince Philip did just give up his license. The dark clouds over Britain could be the fact that Brexit is supposed to happen next month and they are no where near ready for it. It is a very dark time for those trying to make huge Brexit designs and for the people in the UK. The Parliament and Big Ben area is currently under construction

  7. I agree with the concept of Prince Philip parking his old car under a tree (Conservative / parked). Yes – There is talk of Prince Philip not surviving this year .. but there is also talk of before that happens the Queen will hand over the crown to Prince Harry. That Charles doesn’t want it. Then Prince Philip might leave us, followed by Queen Elizabeth some weeks later. Dark clouds over Britain – Royalty and Brexit.

    1. Prince Harry is 6th in line of secession. If Charles refuses, it would go to William. Then his three children. Harry has almost zero chance at becoming King barring some enormous tragedy.

  8. “Then Spirit wrote: my old car”

    So metaphorically speaking, Spirit replaced his old car with a new one? If so, what does the old and new car represent?

      1. Progressive Democrat= Socialists. The old democratic party is dead, the socialist are making every effort to take over……

    1. Well I’d say my consciousness, among many other Americans, has definetly been changed…for the better…it’s been awakened to what’s really been going on for years. And no I’m not buying into the Russian propaganda machines and get their agenda as do many people. I hope others open their eyes and wake up soon. 🙏🏻

      1. This divisiveness really has come to the front so much, one can’t avoid that something else has to happen and it’s obviously now up to us to do it. I agree that we have it in us. We just need to see how each of us plays a part. Keeping in mind that our enemies love our divisive ways. Never in my life do I remember this much division (from fears to blaming others for whatever) in politics as a baby-boomer. It’s become an emotional tool to KEEP us all apart. Not a positive solution. So, Jules104, I agree we need to pull out our more positive attitudes to start seeing this bigger picture.

      2. Sorry just to clarify… what I mean is…Yes I believe there is a lot of Russian propaganda being pushed in the US and around the World…and I also do get what Putins real agenda is here.

    2. I saw this in the article……

      “The illusion of choice is the most important illusion, the main trick of Western democracy especially…. The rejection of this illusion in favor of the reality that everything is predestined will allow society to reflect first on our vision of democratic development,” Surkov wrote. “Foreign politicians talk about Russia’s interference in elections and referendums around the world. In fact, the matter is even more serious: Russia interferes in your brains, we change your conscience, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

      I would love learn more about this philosophy and how they manipulate the media and the press, politicians and businessmen. I wonder if the CIA and MI6 do the same thing.

  9. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::had a visual I was standing right next to Big Ben, and the UK parliament building. I looked straight up to the sky and saw a massive storm had arrived.

    A sudden hail and snow storm caused a multi-vehicle collision in Lancashire, NW England, U.K. shortly before 21:00 UTC on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

    According to Lancashire Police, 24 vehicles were involved in the pile-up which took place on M55 shortly before 21:00 UTC (22:00 BST) on Tuesday due to a ‘sudden microburst’ of hail and snow.

  10. “As long as he (Putin) is in power…”

    Putin shake-up could keep him in power past 2024 as cabinet steps aside

    Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed constitutional changes on Wednesday that would give him scope to extend his grip on power after leaving the presidency, and picked a new prime minister after Dmitry Medvedev and his cabinet stepped down.

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