World Predictions 5-28-19

“Emergency.. heart.. heart.. in Britain.. 3 (or 30)”

I had a visual of an ambulance race down a street.

Shooting.. violence.. horror.

Another US shooting is coming soon. First they said Kentucky then they shifted to say the south.

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43 thoughts on “World Predictions 5-28-19

  1. Thanks for sharing this prediction Eric. The UK prediction is hard to understand, is someone significant going to be taken ill?
    I pray the shooting incident does NOT come to pass. Everyone please stay safe, god bless.

  2. There is a greek prophecy that says days before WW3 a huge earthquake will strike greece in Athens or in the Aegean sea Magnitude somewhere between 8-9.5 pls ask your spirit when pls

    1. I have not heard of that but I will definitely put it out there. For now unfortunately they are not taking questions. All of there focus is on this new process of predicting the future. They are determined to master it.

      1. This earthquake will happen almost a month after the death of erdogan and around 1 week WW3 will begin when israel will drop the first bomb on iran and turkey second attack on greece and the estimated year of the beginning and the ending of WW3 is in 2020-5 may 2024

  3. Some Psychics predict sad news of Royalty for June. Duke perhaps ? This is said to be the trigger for Queen Elizabeth to step down from the throne before the end of the year. Connection to Duke and Queen Birthdays. We could lose our Queen too, after stepping down.

  4. Some Psychics are saying Trump is stressed, has health issues, will step aside and take a break – unwell. Pence will temporarily take reins until Trump returns.

      1. Eric, do you remember the predictions about Trump from almost two years ago that his time in office would end in July? The prediction was never clear about which July it might be. If I remember correctly, it seemed to be connected to a scandal about his business deals, not directly related to the Mueller investigation. Do you think spirit might be referring to the same older predictions?

        1. They shifted the timeline to a very specific date 10:02 which implies the beginning of October, but they have not wavered, they have also added that it’s a Russia situation too. This renewed prediction should be out in the next week or so. It’s possible that the situation starts in July and ends in October but they said it’s an epic scandal.

    1. He won’t be stepping down, won’t be ill, and will win the next election. I have no political interest in the USA, but that is what I was shown when I was shown he would win. He’s plaYing a major part in the shifts happening on the world, but people are so engrossed in their political bs they can’t shifts happening

      1. Hello Aiden – I’ve been “getting” the same info. Thanks for posting!

  5. Why go from something as specific as Kentucky to something as general as the south?

    1. It’s a group of Spirits fueling the information. Take for instance The Japan prediction one says Asia while another spirit says Japan. It depends on the Spirit.

    1. Nathan Fleischman — I know, was just wondering why it went from a specific area in the South to just the South.

        1. Yes. I am asking but now the focus is on hurricanes and cyclones I am being told some of the worst I have ever predicted will happen this year.

  6. Im picking up quakes for New Zealand here now. A 7.2 just around Wellington off Kapiti Island for June. Then soon after just only weeks a massive 9.0 rupture between christchurch and wellington on the east coast July. I believe the times now up and Erics predictions they are about to unfold for these two events two predictions. Both close together. The plates are about to move….god hope am wrong. be ready.

  7. This prediction is related to the Virginia Beach mass shooting. The British reference I believe has to do with the history of the location. The municipal complex is named for Princess Anne (Stuart) before she became queen. Virginia Beach was originally known as Princess Anne County as one of the original English shires settled in the late 1600’s. My heart is broken for the tragic loss. I grew up in that area and worked at that complex years ago.

      1. I believe your prediction was spot on, but the pieces were hard to fit until after the tragedy. Maybe sometimes the best spirit can help us with is to prepare us to morn. I just don’t know how we could have prevented this. Love and appreciation for all you do to share your gift.

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