World Predictions 3-11-19

I had a visual of gun shells falling to the ground, a shooting spree was unfolding.

The bullet shells that fell to the ground was surrounded by dirt, and either hay or weeds.

“The racist is about to attack.” I could hear someone in the background saying racist profanities.

“Boston area.. attack.. police” I had a visual of a police symbol on a patch of someone’s arm.

8 day

I had a visual of a building that was completely crushed. Either it collapsed or an earthquake took place.

Spirit implied that the crushed building was a previous prediction that was about to happen.

I had a visual of the ocean beginning to consume the shoreline, the houses in the area became flooded. The damage was extensive as the tide mounted in the area, consuming everything in its path. Then Spirit brought up the previous prediction about a massive flooding of a town, and the gym competition.

“This year is when the oceans begin to consume the shorelines of islands, and rain clouds are epic in size. It starts now.”

Then it shifted to show a slow moving ocean slowly consuming the shorelines and storm clouds that were far larger than ever before. Any doubts to climate change is factually coming to an end as it becomes obvious that a problem has arrived.

I was a bit taken back by the shooting spree. They use shells to reflect the damage caused. A shooting spree is around the corner. However I question if this is related to the college and concert shooting as the location does not entirely fit, this looked more like a ranch. They showed a message that said ‘8 day’ does that mean in 8 days sometime around the 19th or the 8th. We are in the process of working on the next Truth, it should be available in the coming week. Its a mind boggling one.


49 thoughts on “World Predictions 3-11-19

  1. Ericdid you get the sense that someone was dressed as a police man and not really a police man then? I recall seeing an older prediction recently that had someone dressed as a security guard I believe, even though they weren’t. I’ll try and look for it.

  2. The “dirt, and either hay or weeds” reminds me of the Texas mass shooting prediction.

    And does the Boston attack imply that the person behind it is pretending to be a cop? If so, do you think it’s related to your New Years Eve prediction about someone being disguised as a cop/security or didn’t that prediction already happen elsewhere?

  3. Eric, this just in:
    “Intense floods in Latin America’s business hub Sao Paulo, which turned roads into rivers and tossed cars atop buildings and into trees, have killed at least 11 people, with authorities bracing for more rain.
    Sao Paulo is Latin America’s business capital and expects more heavy rain
    110 millimetres fell on the city from Sunday to Monday
    Central transport corridors have been gridlocked due to water inundation
    Five people drowned. The others, including at least one infant, were buried alive in mudslides, according to the Sao Paulo state security secretariat.”

  4. What about the evil woman in a house prediction and New York. Could the evil woman in the house be a vacant house or the owner being an evil woman in her house she leaves vacant and has an item in there that cops have been searching for 25 yrs or someone the evil woman and her crime family setting up an innocent person via an orchestrated shooting spree. You did mention New York and evil woman in a house.

  5. Notes on 8-30-14 “A major threat.. Boston marks.. the same area.. the same vicinity.. screaming, unspeakable horror.. video made.. soon.. by weeks end, on or around the sacred holiday.” — Spirits Voice

  6. Predictions 5-19-16 I had a visual of the map of California then tourist sites of Washington DC, New York, and Boston

    Prediction: US Terror Attack 1
    Spirit marked Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, and California. Some of the locations might be by association. For instance is Pennsylvania actually Pennsylvania avenue.

  7. Eric – the “Hay or weeds” reference made me think immediately about Boston’s
    Haymarket Square – a fantastic area in Boston nearby Faneuil Hall and a HUGE tourist attraction area between Government Center, the Financial District, and the Italian North End. Also, there’s rows of stores and restaurants, a Haymarket Station MBTA stop and the waterfront nearby. Many brick/ cobblestone walkways/ historic buildings. There’s a public parking garage nearby a hotel – forget the name. They host concerts, festivals and special event on the waterfront. It’s called Haymarket square because hay was sold there in the 1800’s I think.

    • Really, I need to take a look at some pictures of it, maybe it will ring a bell. One other possibility is the Texas shooting which was slotted for a mid month. However in the prediction it was never mentioned which month.

  8. Eric,

    Woodstock 2019,will be happening this summer in New York.In honor of the 50th anniversary.
    Maybe that’s where you saw the hay?

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    is predicting a large quake and tsumani for new zealand this month march. was mentioned in feb. mentioned date 12. same as worldwidepredictions. 12 has passed but may even be a 21st not a 12th. eric mentioned a 1 and 2 together. could be 21 not 12.
    eric do u see anything new coming for new zealand. that one in wellington new plymouth area hasnt arrived yet.

  12. latest news. at mosque in christchurch new zealand armed man has killed many.
    info on cnn and

  13. Eric,SWC,
    Update on NZ 2 mosques attacks
    What we know so far:

    Two gunmen opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, at 1.40pm local time on Friday
    Unconfirmed body count could be up to 27, including children – according to local reports.
    One of the gunmen live-streamed the deadly attack on Facebook using a GoPro in footage too distressing to show
    It is understood he is a pro-Trump Australian-Brit who published a chilling 37-page manifesto before the rampage
    Cops arrested one of the gunmen – with the second is still on the run
    The Bangladesh cricket team were at one of the mosques and escaped the shooting
    Cops fear there may be explosives in a crashed car on a Christchurch street
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called it “one of New Zealand’s darkest days”.

    • nine confirmed dead maybe up to 30 people could be dead news says.
      this is what eric predicted above.
      sad day for us kiwis.

  14. eric my question to u about predictions and future.
    does this mean future events have already occured or planned in another dimension or time before they reach our physical world. time 3rd dimension.
    like this world is influenced by another one.
    its like theres a window period where something is set in stone to occur and been decided before it comes to reality or our time.
    once the balls rolling its been decided and u just pick up the ball rolling before it happens.
    just wondered.
    its like theres a war or power at play before good and bad in the spirit world or other dimension and sometimes bad wins that power play and then once that happens theres a time period before that energy and event reaches us here in 3rd physical.
    can that be?
    and some people like u have gift to connect outside our time and into another to pick up the ball rolling once the event has been decided or set in motion.
    its like we are in a matrix or sorts and another world or time outside ours controls our world.

  15. Eric,SWC,

    Ref::This year is when the oceans begin to consume the shorelines of islands, and rain clouds are epic in size. It starts now.”

    UK 🇬🇧 Yorkshire..
    Severe flooding hit Yorkshire, England, U.K. on March 16 and 17, 2019 after parts of the region saw more than half of their monthly rainfall average in just 24 hours.

    Firefighters worked through the night to save Calderdale and Huddersfield after massively swollen River Calder flooded the region. Capel Curig in Conwy County was one of the worst-hit areas over after 136.6 mm (5.37 inches) of rain fell in just 24 hours on March 16 – this is more than half of its monthly rainfall average.

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  17. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::“This year is when the oceans begin to consume the shorelines of islands, and rain clouds are epic in size. It starts now.”

    Then it shifted to show a slow moving ocean slowly consuming the shorelines and storm clouds that were far larger than ever before. Any doubts to climate change is factually coming to an end as it becomes obvious that a problem has arrived.

    Sea level rise report..
    Texas and Louisiana have the highest rates of sea level rise in the U.S., with Grand Isle, Louisiana (7.75 mm or 0.305 inches per year) topping the list, according to the annual sea level “report card.” Rockport, Texas (south of Galveston) had the highest acceleration rate (0.240 mm/year2), due to rising seas combined with subsiding land, caused by such things as natural geological processes, ground water pumping, and oil industry activity.

    Another excerpt.l. ..ROCKPORT
    If Rockport’s observed 2018 acceleration rate were to hold, the sea level report card predicted 0.78 meters (2.6 feet) of sea level rise by 2050, relative to 1992 levels—the highest predicted rise of any of the 32 locations studied. Predicted sea level rise at all other stations on the Atlantic coast, based on current rates of acceleration, ranged from 0.7 to 1.6 feet. Predicted rises along the Pacific coast were lower, ranging from -0.3 to 0.7 feet from California to Washington. Relative sea level is falling everywhere in Alaska, due to crustal rebound from melting glaciers.

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  19. Eric,
    Ref;;I had a visual of gun shells falling to the ground, a shooting spree was unfolding.

    Kenya attack: 147 dead as Islamist gunmen target Christian students –
    At least 147 people have been killed after Islamist terrorists attacked a Kenyan university, singling out Christian students to murder.
    A five-man cell of the Somali-based al-Shabaab group stormed into halls of residence at Garissa University College, 200 miles east of the capital Nairobi, Thursday morning, shooting at students before taking others hostage.
    Kenya’s National Disaster Operation Centre declared the siege over by nightfall, with four terrorists killed and one arrested.


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