Tokyo Vehicle Attack

Has this prediction happened? In Japan not new York?

World Predictions: New York Attack “New York Attack.. 1.. they use a vehicle as a weapon.” I had a visual of an individual dressed as a police officer or a security guard. I had a visual of 1:51 in red.

Predictions 9-2-18“It’s finally here!!  Monday.. opening the ground.. one.. hour” (1 o clock?)

“Monday.. total destruction.. so much wiped away.. 5 minutes (days).. coming very soon”

Spirit emphasized a Monday event. Which prediction is it? It could be the heavy destruction of Japan (739) or the major attack on the US

6 thoughts on “Tokyo Vehicle Attack

    1. They said 1, not news eve. The question is whether or not the attack in Japan was what they talked about. I question such a major mistake. However it’s description is what happened.

  1. It’s possible the New York attack could still happen; we were all kind of assuming it meant New Year’s, but 1 could mean January, or 1 o’clock or something else entirely.

  2. Also, we should keep in mind this prediction from 12/26/2018: “An attack is coming and they added 9/11 as if comparing it.”

    What happened in Japan was tragic, but it wasn’t on the same level as 9/11. So it sounds like we can’t rule out the attack predictions yet.

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