Tokyo Vehicle Attack

Has this prediction happened? In Japan not new York?

World Predictions: New York Attack “New York Attack.. 1.. they use a vehicle as a weapon.” I had a visual of an individual dressed as a police officer or a security guard. I had a visual of 1:51 in red.

Predictions 9-2-18“It’s finally here!!  Monday.. opening the ground.. one.. hour” (1 o clock?)

“Monday.. total destruction.. so much wiped away.. 5 minutes (days).. coming very soon”

Spirit emphasized a Monday event. Which prediction is it? It could be the heavy destruction of Japan (739) or the major attack on the US

6 thoughts on “Tokyo Vehicle Attack

  1. Hi Eric, I dont get it. You predicted a disaster in NY on New Years Eve, nothing happened.

    1. They said 1, not news eve. The question is whether or not the attack in Japan was what they talked about. I question such a major mistake. However it’s description is what happened.

  2. It’s possible the New York attack could still happen; we were all kind of assuming it meant New Year’s, but 1 could mean January, or 1 o’clock or something else entirely.

  3. Also, we should keep in mind this prediction from 12/26/2018: “An attack is coming and they added 9/11 as if comparing it.”

    What happened in Japan was tragic, but it wasn’t on the same level as 9/11. So it sounds like we can’t rule out the attack predictions yet.

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