Predictions 1-11-18

“The plower is coming next.. such a monster.”

The implication was another attack with a vehicle.

Its possible they are talking about the last post, perhaps its not a shooting but a vehicle attack: I was falling asleep when I heard screams and gunshots. Individuals were screaming at others to run.  I had a visual of a mad man plunge through a door, staring down those in the room. “In 7 minutes”

I had a visual of a large picture of Trump, with the words July on the frame.  Then the picture was slashed in half. “Its done.. over.”

Later they implied the house of cards fall in July.

“The first impeachment will fail the second on the other hand is a very different story.”

For the next 6 months the Spirits are not taking questions on World Predictions, a sort of radio silence. We are trying to get a consistent level of predictions that unfold within days after the initial prediction, so their focus is only on what is coming ‘next’. Its all about focusing on the immediate task. 

On Truth 8 we predicted a major landslide or mudslide. Unfortunately it happened in California around January 9th. So tragic as 17 people passed.

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  1. I’m sad; just heard comment about immigrants coming from “shole” countries, What gives people the right to judge and also why not help them? I’m not understanding when we always took the huddled masses which most of us decended from??? Does anyone realize this is mean??

    1. I’m really disgusted that Trump said that, too. Even if he doesn’t like certain countries, calling them “s-hole countries” is a sickening generalization. That’s no different than jihadists generalizing all western countries as “immoral infidels” or whatever. In both cases, it’s wrong.

      What makes this so frustrating is that Trump is the president–presidents should never, ever, say things like that about other countries–especially since Haiti and some of the others are our allies, (or at least we’re not in conflict with them).

      To readers from other countries: please don’t be fooled by Trump’s comments, most Americans are not like that!

      1. Sara, we all know that most Americans are not like that. You have our sympathies having that man in charge.

  2. interesting, the impeachment of trump.
    I have read where experts are saying that he will be out of office soon. I have also read from other experts that he will last for the entire four years. I also have read he will be good for 8 years. not only politics people differ, but psychics too. I suspect that if I were to do a search, I would find ten psychics who predict he will remain for the entire term. then I would find ten more psychics who foresee his ousting or resigning, within months!

    I suppose some exterior event could have him say or do something that “crosses a line”, then out he goes.

    I lament that every single intelligent media publication seems bent on invalidating trump, to the exclusion of other articles! I cannot read new Yorker, new York times, Atlantic magazine, without seeing a earnest effort to get him out of office. I miss greatly the articles about human nature and science and philosophy.

    seems too that the more “intelligent” one is, the more he or she wants Trump Out!
    the only exceptions seem to be very religious intelligent people, and yes, these people exist!

    does anyone here have any personal experiences as to What Will Happen with Trump, in the immediate future?! either intuitions or spirit communications.


    1. I think it is best not to read the opinions of ‘experts’ or journalist with a particular axe to grind, but instead to make your own opinions based on what the individuals quoted actually said. Reading Trumps Tweets, watching what he actually says and does via TV and other live media is best.
      It has been his ‘selective races’ comments, his disbelief in global warming by continuing to increase oil and gas exploration and his denial of the teachings of Jesus that has had the media full of articles about human nature, science and philosophy.

      As to the psychics, the majority of recognised mediums all had Hillary Clinton winning the election with her having a hard time of it, and possibly not finishing her first term due to illness…Some of these predictions are still at Search Engines if you wish to check.

      On the topic of impeachment, most mediums have impeachment definitely on the table, but not necessarily that he will be impeached due to aspects of your country’s strange laws in that area. I don’t know of anyone who actually sees him removed from office this year via that process, but that he will certainly become more isolated. I don’t know of any medium seeing him gaining a second term.
      As to religious intelligent people wanting Trump to stay, the only ones I have heard in support of him as President are those leaders of the many Sects which America seems to breed on a regular basis. Mainstream Church leaders have all criticised him for his refusal to keep to the fundamentals of true Christianity.

      1. Pete, I agree. I have read a great deal on all these areas of interest on Trump. In my opinion regarding the “intelligent” religious people, the only ones I see supporting him are the wealthy evangelicals who clearly are not following the teachings of Jesus. Trump is tearing our country apart and I hope and pray everyday that he will resign and go away. And that all the politicians and people who have been complicit are arrested or resign their positions. And that includes Pence. I truly believe karma will bring them down hard!

  3. With regard to impeachment, please remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean remove from office. In the United States, it is a two stage process, the House of Representative impeaches and the Senate convicts and removes from office. As was the case with Bill Clinton, a president can be impeached but remain in office.

    1. Correct.

      It’s quite difficult to impeach, convict, and remove a president from office — so much so that’s it’s never happened in US history.

      (Andrew Jackson and Bill Clinton were impeached but were eventually acquitted; Nixon resigned to avoid near-certain impeachment.)

  4. The impeachment certainly could take place closer to the midterm elections since many republicans have decided not to run again, it would give them an opportunity to cross over and vote to impeach him.
    I suspect he’s like a cat with nine lives though…

  5. Hi Eric, “For the next 6 months the Spirits are not taking questions on World Predictions, a sort of radio silence. We are trying to get a consistent level of predictions that unfold within days after the initial prediction, so their focus is only on what is coming ‘next’. Its all about focusing on the immediate task.” Does this apply to personal readings as well?

  6. Eric/SWC. Could this be related to the Martin Luther King Jr holiday here in the USA on Monday the 15th? Lots of parades, marches, special events in honor of MLK. In Virginia they also celebrate a “Lee-Jackson” holiday, for the two Confederate Generals, Robert E Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson who fought for the South, today the 12th. The Sons of the Confederate celebrate this in Lexington, VA with a Parade.

  7. Eric,
    Do you think the “plower”, the shooting, and the huge explosion are related to the predicted surge in terror attacks?

  8. Eric, SWC,
    Landslide. Indonesia 🇮🇩
    Event details

    Landslide in Indonesia on February 22 2018 08:24 AM (UTC).

    Landslides struck Brebes district of Central Java province in western Indonesia on Thursday, leaving 11 people missing and 14 others wounded, a government official said. The disaster took place in Pasir Panjang village when the victims were working in their farmland near a hill, spokesman of natural disaster management agency Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said. The landslides hit a total of 25 farmers in the slope of the hill, said Sutopo. “The latest data reveals that 11 people are still buried under the soils and 14 others have been rescued but they suffer from injury,” Sutopo told Xinhua in a text message. The wounded persons have been rushed to nearby health clinic for medical treatment, he added. Search and rescue for the missing persons is underway involving soldiers and volunteers.

  9. Eric,SWC,
    New York
    Mowed Down people..
    An enraged driver ran over eight people — twice — outside a 7-Eleven store in Rockland County, killing a pregnant woman and injuring her husband and 2-year-old child, according to reports.
    The road rage erupted after the victim’s husband asked the man to stop smoking outside the Garnerville store near the small hamlet of Haverstraw just before 2 p.m. Wednesday, a witness told reporters.Instead, the furious smoker got into his car and mowed down his helpless victims, then backed the vehicle over them, a store worker told reporters.

  10. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::“The plower is coming next.. such a monster.”

    The implication was another attack with a vehicle.

    Intentionally ran over 6 people
    At least 6 people have been injured after a driver intentionally ran over them on a street in Philadelphia after an altercation, police said.
    Multiple calls were made to 911 around 3:46 p.m. Tuesday. The 44-year-old male suspect, whose name was not released, was driving a gray Buick Century when he “intentionally struck a group of people due to an altercation,” the Philadelphia Police Department said in a statement.

  11. Eric,
    Ref:::“The plower is coming next.. such a monster.”

    The implication was another attack with a vehicle.

    Nigeria 🇳🇬
    Ten people have died and 30 left wounded after a policeman ploughed his car into a group of children during Easter proceedings under way in Nigeria late on Sunday, AFP reported.

    According to police sources who spoke to AFP, the angry bystanders killed the policeman, who was off-duty at the time the incident took place.

    Side note::: another account mentions driver Muslim…
    Looking for another corroborated link for confirmation..

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