World Prediction: Trump Scandal

“A financial scandal will be exposed.. Trump”

“Truth exposed.. Trump has financial ties to Russia.. never spoke out.. never criticized now explained.”

I had a visual of a monopoly board open at a dining room table, at the end of the table was Vladimir Putin

Then it shifted to show 10:02 which means the very start of October.

“I resign”

The October timeline contradicts the other prediction about Trumps fall which is set in July: Predictions 1-11-18

“As the new elections close.. the US spirals out of control .. things go down hill fast and furious on multiple fronts.”

The implication at the center of this spiral was economic in nature.

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  1. Could indicate a US stockmarket crash Eric. The whole world will be impacted if that happens. 🙁

    1. Yikes, I hope not. Many Americans are struggling to stay afloat financially, and you’re right too, it could affect the world.

      1. hi Eric, I posted a dream here several weeks ago where Putin showed a massively long receipt re ” how much money he had spent “, hmmmm…money on what or whom…
        it was one of those dreams that felt ” different “…

  2. You think this is revealed by bank financial records the House has requested? Because I know there’s other predictions involving Dan – Dan Coats? – speaking out and Russia/Putin turning on Trump around October I believe. However, the stuff Russia/Putin reveals might be sexual and not financial since I believe you said it’s meant to embarrass us.

  3. This sounds like the moment that’ll effect everyone on a personal level. I had said before that people won’t care until it happens it to them personally. Hopefully those events will be the big wake up call towards everyone and bring about changes (i.e. positive ones for the better). I’m not trying be cynical or anything in that nature, it’s just something I’ve noticed for years now.

    We still got a lot of to do to undo the damages that’ll take years to fix, but hopefully people will learn from those events. I’m saying this from a cautious optimistic viewpoint.

  4. Does the manopoly board represent property and money? My worry. Is the financial measures, (unemployment,GDP, etc.) are being manipulated to make the economy look better than it really is.

  5. “As the new elections close.. the US spirals out of control”

    Does this mean after the 2020 elections are over?

    1. Or does “As the new elections close..” actually mean as the new elections draw near as opposed to after the elections are over?

      1. Those are excellent clarifying questions Ann! I was thinking the same thing. Both could have different outcomes.

    2. No the implication was that right before they wrap up. So that would be like October or November of 2020. There is a new prediction eventually going out about the new president having a huge mess to deal with.

      1. Several psychics have predicted a stock market crash prior to the election. But it will be contrived and manipulated. Timed to embarrass Trump and swing the election.
        But it won’t work because Trump will win reelection. He isn’t going anywhere.

      2. It’s called an October Surprise and the political parties try to spring something on their opponent during every election. Under the assumption that their opponent won’t have time to rebound from the accusations.

  6. does not look good!
    the chaos that his resignation will cause might be “worse” than his presidency! like the drug withdrawal could kill you, if you quit a drug suddenly!
    oh yes, the market might fall. this could bring about collapse of many things, one domino brings down the entire row.
    maybe a democrat socialist regime might happen!

    I had read somewhere. ???? that high spirits foresaw that if Hillary won, we all might go down in nuclear ww III ! which would be better, a childish narcissistic very young soul leading us , or the death of most of humanity where a book would only be good to use as kindling to light a fire with: for hundreds of years!!

    which “devil” do you choose?

    then if you add natural disasters to the mix, months later, who ever is president might age five years every six months, the stress will be so great.

    and us common folk? possibly no money, no credit, white potatoes and rice and little else and NO ONE ever again reads the diet and food articles, especially about the warnings about eating Junk Food! junk food might be life itself, for most of us!

    and if you think of moving to a “safe place” like the mountains, think again! your Chosen Safe Spot ; you might find out when you get there that this little town of 800 people now has 80,000 refugees, all of them chose this spot as a safe zone!


  7. eric did spirit also predict, alot of other congressmans, resigning, for taking bribes and other serious stuff? will the private papers, as proof, be made public, or will they stay private, because it will cause massive uprest in America?. also, GOD and others, will not allow humans to use nukes on a wide scale, but all the bad stuff will have to come out, in order for America to heal, and for its people, to realize, that they were fooled, healing a nation, AND healing people as a whole……………..

    1. There’s an old saying that “It’s going to get worse before it gets better”. Right now we just need to brave for the worst and hope for the best. I’m not suggesting we all should be pessimistic and cynical. I do pray that those events will be a major wake up call for the nation and the people.

      The only way to bring about major changes for the better is to expose the bad stuff that’s been hiding in the shadows and shed light on them.

      Hopefully these will affect people on a personal level to the point where everyone is wide awake towards what’s been happening and bring about changes for the better.

      This sounds like wishful thinking, but I’m staying cautiously optimistic that the nation will learn from those events and heal. It might take us years to undo the damages, but the nation and the people will be in a better place once we get done.

    2. The focus was just on the president, there was no mention of Congress. Healing requires more compassion in this great nation, not sure where ours went but we need to get it back.

  8. Thanks Eric. Regarding the differences in timing, it’s possible that both July and October are correct. So, for example, the trump drama may start in July and then come to full bloom in October. Maybe there’s a single defining event that spins out of control or maybe there’s a chain of events/revelations that come to pass, one after another.

  9. The election they refer to could be the state elections in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisana this fall rather than next year’s national election. Like the New Jersey and Virginia that are the year after a presidential election, these three election get a lot of attention from the media and politicians because they are thought to indicate what may happen in the national elections the next year. Also. the runup to the Democratic presidential primary will be in full swing by October.

  10. “never spoke out.. never criticized now explained.”

    Trump never spoke out, never criticized Russia/Putin because of his financial ties to Russia/Putin. Can’t believe that part of the prediction confused me.

  11. Eric,SWC,
    Will contribute to downward spiral..?
    As the new elections close.. the US spirals out of control .. things go down hill fast and furious on multiple fronts.”

    Catastrophic floods affecting the United States since mid-March 2019 are resulting in what experts are calling historically delayed planting season. The situation is already having a big impact on commodity prices but the full extent will be known by the end of the year and into 2020 planting season.

  12. “On March 31, the court will hear oral arguments in the cases of Trump v. Mazars and Trump v. Deutsche Bank. The decision will be rendered sometime between then and the court’s summer break.

    “As the House of Representatives noted in the brief it filed, previous Congresses have obtained the bank records of Presidents Andrew Johnson and Jimmy Carter, and the tax records of President Richard Nixon. They have read the diaries of President Ronald Reagan and the law-firm billing records of first lady Hillary Clinton.”

    “Trump Is Counting on the Supreme Court to Save Him”

    1. Nevermind:

      Supreme Court won’t allow Congress to get Trump tax and financial records, for now. In Trump v. Mazars, Trump wins this stage of dispute over congressional subpoenas to lenders and accountant for president’s financial records as #SCOTUS, 7-2, sends case back to lower courts to take account of separation of powers concerns

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