Texas Plane Crash

This prediction has happened. Such a tragic event.


I had a visual of an airplane that had crashed or exploded, it was burning in a hanger or warehouse. Then the visual shifted to show the burning plane again but this time it was in a barn like structure?

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  1. star 48 Jules 104
    i noticed i was annon again on last post of Fiji
    maybe better luck with this thread .
    hello Texas 👢🐃🐂🐎🐎🐎

  2. Rhona2,Jules104,

    Hope this new thread makes it easier to figure it out…Rhona2

    Ready ,set ,

    1. star48
      Inyo county is getting hammered .unbelievable
      im.hoping the sleeping Dino is not about to awaken..
      1500 tremors and more

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  8. I’m here in Texas! 🥵
    Rhona glad you got that sorted out. what a headache for you. Love your determination.😉
    Okay where is this EQ going to hit now?
    Wellington, Washington, West Coast?

  9. Star48, Rhona…just a thought. In this old prediction Spirits are focused on an earthquake coming and then Eric says on a completely different topic Spirit shows a headline, “War Is Imminent” and it’s about N Korea and them. testing a different weapon to provoke fear and that being the final straw. Could the W be for “War”? There’s a lot of things that match up in it for this time period.

    1. Jules104,Rhona2

      We have the same problem..What ,Where ,When
      “W”. Can be
      Day,direction,first letter of…War? City,?State?,
      You can throw Iran in that War bucket…with latest move…

  10. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Philippines 🇵🇭
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Philippines on July 07 2019 03:35 PM (UTC).

    The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has recorded 19 volcanic earthquakes during the 24-hour observation of Taal Volcano in Batangas. But based on Phivolcs’ field measurements since July 4, the eastern sector of Taal Volcano’s main crater lake yielded no change in water temperature at 34.0°C. Increases in water level, however, were noted from 0.08 meter to 0.10 meter, and acidity from pH 2.83 to pH 2.82. It also measured ground deformation through precise leveling surveys from June 15 to 24, which indicated slight inflation of the edifice consistent with recent results from continuous GPS data. Taal Volcano’s alert status remains at level one due to the abnormal condition of the volcano. It has been raised from zero to one last March 28. However, Phivolcs clarified that alert level one means “hazardous eruption is not imminent.” The public meanwhile is reminded that the main crater should be strictly off-limits because sudden steam explosions can occur and high concentrations of toxic volcanic gases can be released. The northern portion of the main crater rim, in the vicinity of Daang Kastila Trail, can also become hazardous when fumarolic or degassing activity along existing fissures suddenly increases. Furthermore, the public is also reminded that the entire volcano island is a permanent danger zone and permanent settlement is strictly prohibited.

  11. Jules104,Rhona2
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in USA on July 07 2019 02:47 AM (UTC).

    An earthquake swarm started on the evening of July 5 at the southern margin of Coso Volcanic Field in Inyo County, California. The swarm activity was triggered by a magnitude M5.4 earthquake at 9:19 PM PDT located 20 km (~20 miles) ESE of Little Lake, which itself was likely an aftershock of the M7.1 earthquake that occurred about an hour earlier 17 km NNE of Ridgecrest, and south of the Coso area. An average of about 30 earthquakes per hour have been detected since, most within the range of magnitude M1 to M3.No ground deformation indicative of volcanic activity has been detected, and there is no imminent threat of an eruption. The California Volcano Observatory will continue to monitor the situation for any sign of volcanic activity and provide updates as warranted. The Coso Volcanic Field is located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains at the northern end of the Mojave Desert, about 64 km (~40 miles) north of Ridgecrest. The field covers about 150 square miles primarily within the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake and is comprised of lava domes, lava flows, and cinder cones erupted over the past 250,000 years. The most recent eruption was about 40,000 years ago.

    1. Star48, Rhona… I remember seeing all the dormant ancient cinder cones just driving down that ten mile stretch to Ft Irwin. Climbed a few at that. Pretty old. Hope they don’t become active again. That would be crazy. 😧

    1. That’s concerning. I wonder if it was related to the EQ in S CA and movement transferring over east. Though I don’t know if there’s been any real pressure transfer east yet. Has there? Seems a bit odd.

  12. star48 jules 104
    Star I posted Tsunami Indonesia article on thread as requested .
    wow you two so much info to read from you this morning .
    The crack from 7.1m is a real indication of the force and is a real concern if we get more closer to populations .
    The meteor video is fantastic …another one its been a couple of weeks since last one .
    kinda getting regular lately .
    side note
    Daughter home today she is much better but continuing treatment at home .
    Thank you for suppoert and your prayers that i believe were andwered …they said she responded fast praise to god and goid friends
    for good thoughts..
    blessings you two

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  14. star48 Jules 104
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    1. Rhona it’s all good we know it’s you. And yes, mercury retrograde … it’s like gremlins abound amongst us!👾👻👽🙃🙂🤪

      1. jules104
        Thanks Jules its been a really unusually
        mixed bag of stuff to deal with this weekend past ..but it is past now ..

  15. Plane crashed in hanger last week Sunday in Addison, Tx. It’s in Dallas County. 10 died in plane crash. It’s about 5 miles from our home. Surprised you predicted it. Wondering when you predicted?

    1. lossie
      last line before crash prediction
      ” Im at a loss as to what these messages represent ”
      Then just under it Airplane crash
      its an October 31st prediction 2018
      blessings Hope that helps

  16. Star48
    mb4 nn3 Astrroids …
    we.will see if they create any problems .
    certainly hope not .
    thank you for articles enjoyed the info .

      1. Jules104,
        No, that is not the one…but thanks…
        I think I need to let it go…for awhile..my mind is going circular…ekk…

    1. Star48, Wow that’s a crazy amount of water there. I’ve been looking for something specific but can’t find anything for DC. Though it seems familiar.

  17. oh man now they all posted
    even my previous one that wasnt there a minute ago
    honest there was nothing there
    now it makes me look real 😨😲
    ditsy crazy ..
    this if freaky

    1. Rhona2,
      No worry, you are definitely not ditsy…
      Thank you for helping me…
      By the way.,these were not the post..

      1. star48
        yeah i thought they were not ..
        i remember vaguely the one your after
        will leave it to innate and see if i can get it
        Thanks for saying im not Ditsy …😀😊
        reassuring x

    1. Jules104,
      Nothing was posted…Ithought Puerto Rico situation was close,
      But no cigar…

    2. jules 104
      no Jules almost Certain FEMA one has not happened .
      so Mega Hurricane and shooting pending ..
      could be this October or sooner ..

    1. star48
      well thats great 😨 At least they found it /them …
      oh dear Its capable of producing a 7.2 m
      yikes ..not feeling any better when he said it would just cause local damage ..I get it but wow ..

    2. Thanks for the link Star48. I’ve heard that before. And the city is no where ready for a big earthquake. They are expecting amongst other things, most of the bridges to go, which are many! Sheesh. 😐 The Mt Hood Fault is well, a double whammy??? Ayyiyi…😧

      1. Jules 104,
        The opening line…
        Opening the ground!
        Also the crack in the ground later on
        is right on,,

        Can you put the link of the crack on the ground on that thread?

  18. Star48, Rhona. You know how people on the main thread are talking about how their animals are acting weird… well I don’t think this is anything but just old feline stuff but yesterday am my elderly cat just started this whole, I can’t find my way around, walking off balance etc. Like walk into walls, furnisher, circles. There is an actual feline senility disease that happens but it’s sort of interesting it came on now, yesterday am. Probably just a coincidence so didn’t want to mention on main thread. They say it can come and go all of a sudden.🤔 Just weird timing.

    1. Jules104,
      Timing is coincidental…? Not…
      I think something is going on with the magnetic fields…

      Keep aware…family ,friends…upsets…and animals…we are closer to ?

  19. Jules 104,Rhona2
    Event details

    Unusual geological event in Taiwan on July 09 2019 11:05 AM (UTC).

    A mud volcano in Pingtung County erupted yesterday, July 8, in a field adjacent to the site of the last eruption last year. Fortunately for the affected farmer, the field had already been harvested, but the Wandan Township government urgently dispatched an excavator to divert mud away from neighboring cropland. Mud spewed out to a height of over one meter during yesterday’s eruption. Farmers expressed the hope that the government would set up a system of subsidies for farmers affected by the eruptions. The mud that accumulated during last year’s eruption had still not been cleared, and now the adjacent field is being inundated with a mudflow. Today, July 9, the eruption of mud was accompanied by flames as the natural gas that causes the eruptions ignited. The Wandan mud volcano periodically erupts at intervals of between six months to two years at different places within a radius of around two kilometers near the border of Wandan and Xinyuan townships. Last year, the volcano erupted twice, destroying a ready-to-harvest rice crop, and damaging a rural road. Taiwan English News reported previous eruptions April 2016, and June 2016. Previous to yesterday’s eruption, the last eruption occurred December 24, 2018.

  20. Hm more mud flows and gas… the plates or planet in general???…must be under pressure with everything that’s coming up lately. 🤔

  21. jules 104 star 48
    Jules I agree Im thinking your Cat ‘s
    age and the magnetics have joined forces and created this malady in your cat .
    like the magnetics hastened the onset ..
    Its vexing to see im sure… we love our feline friends ..

    Star …Wadan mud volvano ..just goes to show we are having some issues below ground .Funny I was looking at Tawain on a map two days ago ..i was looking at island shapes to match Eric’s prediction ..about Island with 4 corners sticking out ..He said N Z but just wanted to see .Australia is an Island where four Corners stick out 😊 Im sure its a smaller island ..I say that tongue in cheek ..

  22. Star48, Rhona … this prediction about the island … 7:52…”that is when they reveal this revolting monster…takes refuge on the islands…14…such horrific attacks… she said you ruined everything.” I know this happened already but, I’m getting JEpstein and his long time partner Ghisaline Maxwell on his privately owned Island of Little St James in the Virgin Islands. I look at this island and see the shape and how it spreads out. I think they will find some kids bodies buried there. I know it seems out there but that’s what I’m getting. Maybe it’s just my concerns over it all… but I feel there’s another monster to be revealed. What do you think?

    1. Jules 104,Rhona2,
      I think you are correct…more investigating is needed…
      So much darkness…for so many years…

  23. Star 48 Jules 104
    I think we had best brace ouselves as when this Epstein lid comes right off we are going to be shocked at whos involved to what depth.
    And yes Jules I believe you suspicions are right .His web reaches world wide and that hirlfriend of his yes in think your smack on the
    mark about her being the one in prediction
    im pouring as much light on this for revelation, Now it is totally in my awareness ..I will not cease ..
    Thank you for bringing this up Jules .
    many Blessings

    1. Wow how amazing. Glad they just put on a show and no damage done. It does remind me of that Brazil meteor prediction though. Thanks Star48.

  24. star 48
    Fragments of a earlier one they said ..wow it must have looked grand ..one of those beauitiful but hazardous sites ..
    now that was the Brazil prediction getting real almost ..😨

    1. Star48, thanks for the volcanic eruption report update. I’m just thinking about meteor prediction. Can meteors coming in, even if far away, mess with earths volcanos, earthquakes and pressure on plates etc? Just curious. 🤔

  25. star 48
    thanks for weekly volcano report
    see there are a good many went to orange alert.
    intersting to read about Semispochnoi..
    this week should be a watch in many cases .

  26. star48 Jules 104
    I see on thread Tropical storm Barry is creating floods in New Orleans ..worst yet to come ..
    Wind sheer and dry air are being said to be a hinder to it praying that keeps up .


    1. Rhona2,
      Each of your post about semisopochoi are under Anonymous
      However your comment about glitching again is a Rhona 2
      So it looks like your on target again… hurrah..

  27. star 48
    Thank you 4.6m the testimonies were so many
    it was really a surprise for most people ..especially at the time it occured ..it was felt widely .

  28. Star48, Rhona … I’ve been watching the PNSN and if you go to the top where dates are and push the forward then search button tracking it as it goes thru each set of days from “6-28-19 thru 6-29-19” and move forward to “7-11-10 thru 7-12-19” … you will see there is something going on. You have to click arrow either forward or backward and do search each time but it goes quick. Look all the way from N CA to Vancouver Island.

    1. Rhona2
      For this comment I am replying on..you are back to anonymous

      Thank you for PNG…
      Yes I did see it..deep…just did not post..
      By the by the Washington eq’ s. —3 of them I posted on Cascade site
      I contribute from time to time..

  29. star48 Jules104
    just what i need a mecurial pixie ..now that’s otherwordly
    ….what a good fun childs fiction book ..
    can you imagine a Pixie with wings on its heals
    bringing messages ..It would be crazy chinese
    whispers gone wrong nothing would be conveyed verbantum ..or is that the naughty Elf im thinking of ..

  30. Star48, Rhona, (thanks for the link on main thread.) Just to explain … just reading through the old predictions and other things that are going on in news etc… My crazy brain starts picking up on things that seem relevant now to me, even for some predictions that have already happened. Like having lots of threads that lead to one thread or main event coming up. I just start feeling it really strong. It’s almost as if the old predictions (or back story) are still a part of the upcoming story … and in this case the Spirits have given us the back stories way beforehand in order to foil these bad things still coming and when I start rereading a lot of the old predictions, I start seeing a relevance for now, even in the old predictions that have happened already.
    Hope that made sense. I just don’t want to come off as fear mongering when it could just be me reading way too much into it.
    Okay officially going Koo-koo!😂🤣😆🤪

  31. Star48, Rhona … I don’t think “Our Father” is finished and more scandals are coming out soon. Lots of old predictions coming to mind for me.
    I just thought of some others which to me could be relevant.
    “Do You Believe In a Higher Power?” dated 15 September 2015
    The large stone dinosaur walking, sits down and the plank with the metal bull on it whom people are worshipping, pops into my mind. People who only worship their money and the power that comes with it comes to me. (Child trafficking/human sex trafficking, I hate to even think what else they are doing with children, black mail, etc)
    Also there is another prediction that mentions the Father saying something like I will do anything for my children or the children.
    Another about the large boulders unearthed or turned over. Do with it as you may, or something like that. I’m also wondering now about the Monday finally here large crack opens being related to the old sex scandals and our Father cracks the door open.
    Oh there’s too many coming into my brain. But this is sort of what I mean by still relevant … for me anyway. So when I start rereading the old and the new predictions also my brain or intuition starts putting them together like a puzzle. Either way I do feel there is a lot of divine intervention going on lately, especially when it comes to the children and suffering even if we can’t see everything that’s happening or been happening.
    That huge wave of energy coming in? Like a big download?
    I feel like the child/human trafficking is a worldwide “business” and it’s about to be revealed and a lot of people in power all over the world or anyone connected to it somehow will be brought down or fall.
    So besides the attacks, earthquakes and tsunamis which could happen at the same time. I really feel something major is coming. Like the under belly of a beast (oh that horrible slimy rotten fruit walking up the steps prediction is coming to mind now). I guess it could take a while for it all to come out though it can’t be too soon!
    I think JEpstein is just one of these evil persons from all over the world involved in this stuff.
    Sending light and love out into the Universe. 🌟❤️

      1. Thanks Star48. “Stream of consciousness” … I like that because at times it feels like a “stream of kookooness” 😆🤪😉

    1. Jules 104
      yes great sreaming there of consciousness.
      Your so turned onto it or tuned into it i ought to say.
      well done Jules ..
      yeah its absolutely world wide this Epsteine
      vice ..and i love your remembering all the children and Father predictions ..
      as I said before non of us light workers will rest till this is revealed and busted .
      blessings Jules

    1. Great Scott! No worries? That would have worked years ago but not anymore. They treat people like imbeciles.
      And there’s so much more out there I’m sure that the military and others have dumped a long time ago or are still dumping adding into our oceans.

  32. star48 Jules 104.
    These newly discovered Faults really have
    seizmologists concerned and speaking out .
    as he 2as saying these 5’sm of recent maybe indicitive of larger ones rather than releasing
    pressure as would be the hope .
    Its essential autorities know this but to the mainstream cits a quake is a quake and its going to hurt ..Im just saying most people would think oh great like we need to hear this
    .I would want to know but overload on peoples minds is becoming real they need to know these discoveries it must be disclosed .
    Puete Hills is a worry .They all are ..

    wow New Madrid so wide an erstimated effect
    but we suspectedcas much .

    The sub leakage ..😨..unbeleivable ..

    watching Japan Closely after that deep 6.1m

    Jules Praying and sending love and light for
    ” Lights of Liberty ” event ..may it all go undetered and safely..
    blessings you two

      1. Jules104, Rhona 2
        Shallow and in unusual location for that size..

        Is there a thread we should post it on?
        Australia is mentioned with 3 , New Plymouth ,?
        Is NZ coming next?

        Side note
        By the way symptoms have easied

    1. Eric Star Jules104
      Population of Broome is 18,000 is just opposite epicentre ..most damage was in stores will keep you posted
      Port Hedland 18,000.
      there also Derby and Canarvon in thousands .

  33. jules104 star 48
    believe me 3 to 4 hours ago I suddenly felt sick and legs went wobbly ..i felt fine but it was different to normal weakness and nausia .I had a slight headache too .
    I remember thinking about oh could be quake.
    i was out shopping in a rush and dismissed it without checking my phone .
    This is an area that has had a large 7+ mag many years ago I will post info on area after i check details .
    im concerned now for Indian ocean Prediction .
    remember singer said when all Gutter issues are solved .They put in new ones on 17th Wednesday ..Tsunami may arise .
    im waiting to hear from Hubby see if theyvfelt it ..He is not far from coast of epicentre by way of it as seizmic waves go .
    will let you know .

  34. star 48 Jules 104
    Daughter who had baby was at shops
    she felt it too about the same time i did .she was at a different store closer to her home about 10km from me .
    her is a report many people felt over a wide area ..Hubby will phone in about 1 hour will post his comments if he felt or not .
    we have dogs barking all over the place here and you never hear them normally ..so expecting mayb more ..there has been about 5 aftershocks 4.1 @ 10km .4.0m @10 .3.8M@10KM…4.9M@2KM…4.1@2KM
    THESE ARE IN ORDER FROM Most recent being last one ..so got shallower .
    news report didnt copy properly will recopy see if i can post .

  35. star48 jules 104
    Hubby was saying they had.to stop running the trucks delivering ore as one of the ramps cracked ..some feltbit others in.trucks did not .
    they are doing safety check ..
    his mine is 300km out of Newman West Aust.
    im releived no tsunami for Sulawasi area Indonesia .

  36. Rhona, Star48. Seems you both experienced symptoms of different sorts prior to the earthquakes coming.
    Glad your hubby is safe Rhona and so far no one harmed nor any real property damage done. Really glad no tsunamis involved with either quake. Stay safe and keep us posted. ❤️

    1. star 48 jules 104
      Yeh I feel a bit concerned about Bali area
      and Sumatra …Saluwasi.. oh man Just all Indonesia
      W.A is still registering many aftershocks we have had 7 or so in last 3hours ….
      a swarm of aftershocks …hmm yep .
      interesting for this neck o the woods ..😕😯

    1. Star48, Rhona this reminds me of what Dutch has been showing us for a while now. And the news anchor on the video said there’s a potential for a 6.-7.0 Mag quake…how about a 9.0!🙃😉
      Thanks for the links Star48.

    1. Rhona, I see what you mean. A watch for WA I believe. “Denham”, I thought of the “Durham” prediction… but as far as I know that ones already happened.
      Praying just after shocks from previous larger one and nothing more coming. 🙏🏻

  37. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Guess what…
    I could not comment..checked ..

    I have had troubles on my account.

    Got unfollowed on this site somehow… I did not do it…

    Than I had to unsubscribe ..than sign up all over again!!,,
    I been a follower since 2014…
    I broke out in a cold sweat.. crazy…
    Rhona2, I can see where you were distraught 😭
    I almost got there too.

    Strange…I did not unfollow…what the heck is happening?
    That is two of us
    Now me Star 48..
    How many more ipeople have happening ?

  38. Rhona, Star48 … that same thing happened to me last year I think it was. I hadn’t unfollowed also. Went back into WordPress and checked follow again. I almost think the WordPress site itself gets hacked. I thought the same about how many others is that happening to? Hm …. lots of trolls and bots and hacking going on out there on YouTube and other sites lately. And don’t forget that darn mercury retrograde also.😉
    Glad you got it fixed Star48.

  39. Star 48 Jules 104
    now i answered this anout the follow sote probs ..and gave a reasonable comment about it ..I checked it after it posted ..for obvious reasons ..to make sure there was no posting prob.
    being satisfied all was well i logged off.
    Now i come back read Jules comment .
    That is really strange this is something I have been experiencing quite a bit .
    Sorry star it must have seemed I didnt respond..
    Im shocked its happened to you as well.
    Jules I remember you having issues with it too.
    Hope we have a better experience in the future . Yes darn Murcury retro😨😲

    1. Dtar48 jules104
      I agree extinct can be a very iffy word ..given itsxstill smoldering hot rock under a 30,000
      year old volcano .

    1. star48 jules 104
      There she goes Etna still blowing her stack .
      watching her .
      Its like she could be gearing up again.
      liked the video though .

  40. star48 jules104
    California and west Australia ..we are still getting 4.7m after shocks today
    Im watching bith areas with love and light. cal in my sights more ..
    California is more hazardous and threatning to population ..

    1. star 48 jules 104
      Ubinus explosion ..
      This could be prelude to Chile /Peru Earthquake pelrediction..
      watching closely…
      I had a dream of ancient Peruvian riuals last night ..wether they were real ritulas i couldnt tell you..The main theme was Water and punishment from drowning ..
      only a couple of people were being judged and punished ..one survived ..
      I Have not been thinking of Peru at all ..
      hmm very odd indeed ..

      1. Rhona2,
        Sounds like a previous life..
        While I was reading your account…I knew…
        Maybe it was the ritual..that triggered that knowledge..

        I have had similar experiences (different cultures)
        Keep on keeping on.,

      2. Rhona that is odd and really interesting. I agree with Star48, sounds like you were connecting to a different lifetime. On watch for Chili/Peru area. 🙏🏻

  41. star48 jules 104
    Star your right ..8 asked for clarity ..
    and singer came in ..He said as i was driving to shop haha .
    it was past memory from my Acashic tecord surfacing ..
    He reminded me I asked for clarity on some personal fears and issues so i could rid them from me ..
    I didnt expect that one ..I had no Idea they did or never heard of death by drowning as a punishment ..i looked it up and yes ..i see !..

    Im feeling it was a two edged sword though .
    Chile Peru quake was in the back ground lots of water by a river a place that has an estuary .
    With king or Queen connection ..
    I will have to research ..it could be pecognitive
    or past history ..we will c..
    I blessed the dream and thanked Innate and spirit for answering my request .

    she tried to tell him to trust God in the dream but he wouldnt so he died …she survived and they pulled her up after they saw he was dead and declared she she must have been innocent of any crime ..
    It hasnt disturbed me I feel lighter ..
    thank you Star Jules and Eric .
    for your comments .

  42. star48 jules 104
    Valdivia Chile means = queen of the river 😨
    I know we all know what happened in 1960
    Chile quake 9.6 mag .
    ok im hoping not another one this size ..
    Im including video of Tsusami wave it affects many counties as we all remember .

    Im sending much love and light to lessen the affects if this occurs

  43. Rhona, Star48 … I don’t remember that EQ since I was born in 1961. I remember the Alaska quake though.
    Anyway I was just reading about that 1960 earthquake and came upon this info on the Machi (Shamans) of the Mapuche culture of Chili and Argentina. Scroll down to “Controversy” and read how during and after the EQ… the Machi sacrificed a 5 year old boy (in order to calm the earth and the ocean), by removing his arms and legs and then placing him in the sand on the beach like a stake and waiting for the ocean to carry him away. This was found to be based on “ancestral traditions”. Yikes!

    1. Jules 104
      Yikes is right oh my goodness and that was in 1960 ..how aweful just aweful ..

      yeah oh my I wr that wrong .. i was only 6 years old .
      When I said remember I meant through historical recounts ..I vaguely recall it but mostly through reading about it ..Here is hoping we are not goung to remember in our adault life another such event taking place there ..
      thanks for the info 😕😯😢

    1. Oh that’s sad Star48.😢 Sounds like it could be due to a few things … disorientation after coming up near the surface, sandy sloping bottom, military sonar etc. Interesting though that these whales swim at the continental margin of the sea floor and the scientist mention it could be due to an under sea earthquake that happened….

  44. Rhona, Star48 … Thanks for the Celebes Sea EQ update … and the article on Earths leaking core … Our planet is amazing!
    That is pretty deep for that Earthquake there in Celebes Sea, wonder what’s going to come off of that one! I agree the whole area is unstable. Praying for small releases.🙏🏻

  45. Star48, Rhona … I was looking for a prediction this am that had to do with the dates of 23rd or 24th. Anyway I came upon this older prediction and I am wondering if you two know … did a Taiwan tsunami happen since last April? Can you look through this prediction and then click on the headings in green from Eric within it and tell me, do you see any similarities for what’s going on now or not? Blessings You Two❤️🙏🏻

    1. Jules104,
      I remember that post..
      However, as far as I know it has not happened..
      I guess I am not seeing the similarities….I wil step back and look again
      Later today..
      I have been immersed in other posts since early this morning..,
      So I need to reboot…🙃

  46. star48 jules 104
    Thanks for volcano updates Star
    Sounds like Etna is taking a breath every now and then ..she had a pause ..
    Bromo is close-ish to Bali all those rumblings have probably been Lava on the move ..
    understatement for Indonesia i know ..when isnt lava on the move there 😊

  47. Jules104,Rhona2

    Off the East Coast..underwater..

    North Carolina
    Deep-sea explorers investigating a spot 39 miles off North Carolina’s Outer Banks found a gigantic field of methane bubbling out of the seafloor.

    The bubbles of methane, seeping “continuously and others turning off and on over periods of less than a minute,” were discovered off Bodie Island, at a depth of about 1,300 feet.


    1. Star48, Rhona … that is so cool! My first thought was … Our Planet is really so amazing! It seems that scientist are doing a lot more research of our oceans and the life within lately, which is great I think.
      My question, are they saying that there are “hot seeps” and “cold seeps” depending on the location? It sounded like it. And if so, it would seem another way in which Mother Nature is controlling or trying to control the temperature of the planet.

  48. star48
    Facinating great they finally filmed it
    Im loving the sea life increasing crustacians
    and so forth ..
    must be rewarding for them alot of hard work goes into this .
    another safety valve on sea floor from mother earth..makes you wonder though …what next years will will bring for these spots ..hope all stays good .

    1. Star48, Rhona … I agree so fascinating! This is really incredible work these scientist are doing. I feel like humanity is in the process of taking a giant leap forward … though it may not seem like it at times.

  49. star48
    oh wow I say Bravo to them ..this is exciting
    they say from a 20km depth it appears to take 4days to reach eruption level monitoring co2 levels…researching the aluminium etc content .is fascinating research for time crystal..
    this is major good ..
    Thanks for article ..

    1. Star48, Rhona … besides planet Earth, this is just way to close to looking like it’s going to collide with our moon!😱 (I believe that’s which dot it was anyway).

  50. Star48, Rhona … Concerning the wild fires and what some governments are calling the new weapon of terror … I’ve felt this has been happening for a little while now, how about you two?
    It’s just despicable though!

  51. Jukes 104 star48
    absolutely Jules ..
    Fire is an easy way for them to vent and inact their hate and warped justification in attempting to erradicate …
    like you it been on the radar for a while now. Its just aweful ..

    1. Thanks Star48, Holy macaroni! Did you catch the news anchor mention the “lake” they had drained under that part of the highway prior. Um …. sounds like Mother Nature has her own plans.😉 Really just glad nobody got hurt by that collapse.

  52. star48 jules 104
    Colorado sink hole on us 36…Im glad no one got hurt ..its quite scary ..its still increasing .
    prayers ..love and light to them .

    1. Rhona2
      Yes, yourself Rhona2….is back..

      I have had been automatically unfollowed 3 times in the past week.
      Had to push follow than back spaced to former screen.
      Luckily it put me .back to follow..

      😜 crazy

    1. Wow I love those pics of the before and after. Moving 13 feet … amazing! It makes us look like a bunch of ants compared to the power of Mother Nature. Thanks Star48 for the link.

  53. jules 104 star 48 .
    oh my Star 3 times for you as well to follow
    I wonder why?
    JULES oh my.. great footage absolutely brings it right on home just to see it moving like that is incredible.
    Im so glad it was not under infrastructure .😨
    13ft in some places . the road 😲 seriously this is sooo scary ..she sure has a force this Mother of ours .
    thank you very much for posting ..If this doesnt make people more alert I donr know what will.
    STAR the poles flipping is like hold everything
    this is crazy not wanting this eek 😦
    oh wow

    1. That almost looks like the sneaker waves we get around here. It’s pretty common off the Oregon Coast. The people around here say don’t ever turn your back on the ocean. Pretty bizarre! Needless to say I don’t go down to the waters edge here. Seen too many reports of people getting pulled out and drowned by them. Yikes!

      1. Eric,
        Tsunami like
        Excerpt from article
        According to the Navy Meteorological Service, the tsunami-like waves are formed by strong and sustained winds blowing in the southeast and northeast directions. These will end today, July 23, 2019.

  54. star48
    those poor people on the beach all the children screaming ..It came in so strong and deep I hope everyone was ok and no children or anyone harmed ..I dont know Im not remembering these kinds of wind that did this when we were you or over the last 30years at least ..It just seems more frequent to me ..
    i know we have internet news etc but It still seems more frequent .

  55. star48 jules 104
    last night i heard something i have been left no option to believe itcwas claireaudient .
    i thought it was someone knocking on my front security door ..jumped up to answer as i thoughtvit might have been one of my kids .
    Nope ..I searched house inside and out ..nothing ..our neighbors are always out front no nothing they said ..
    cat maybe ..nah i know that sound ..
    I just listened to earthquake wave form on iris for no reason ..then it struck me one ofvthe quakes made the same sound ..thoygh it occured at 3am our time approx ..I heard this at7pm before it happened ..It was a 3+mag.
    now im thinking maybe it is one closer to home or somewhere else ..
    it didnt sound a big mag and seemed ocean though not sure .
    Im thinking closer to home in future ..

    last time i heard claireaudient was when mhr downed in indian Ocean ..I heard it ..it sounded sick the engines sounded laboured …I didnt hear crash just said to myself that plane is in trouble ..it was a biggish plane ..was not a small one ..Next morning got news of Mhr missing ..
    Thanks for reading just wanted to express .

  56. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Earths rotation slowing.
    Earth’s rotation is slowing as our planet uses energy to keep the tidal bulge ahead of the Moon’s orbit. The Moon’s gravity keeps Earth’s rotation in check, and to do this the lunar satellite’s orbit must be slightly ahead of Earth’s. As the Moon attempts to regulate Earth’s rotation and slow it down, the Moon moves slowly away.


  57. Rhona2,Jules 104,

    July 25th
    A newly discovered asteroid designated 2019 OK is expected to flyby Earth at a distance of just 0.19 LD / 0.00048 AU (71 806 km / 44 618 miles) at 01:22 UTC on July 25, 2019. This object is slightly bigger than today’s 2019 OD, making it the largest known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance since the start of the year.


  58. star48 jules 104
    update ..downpipe installed soakwell to go in soon .
    remember singer said when all my gutter issues are finished ..
    getting closer to tsunami date i feel or major flooding ..

  59. star48 Jules 104
    so funny im posting above post then finished it
    and ” Hey Mombo Hey Italiano ” is playing right now .

    1. Star48, I meant to mention how cool this new fiber optics science is! That’s just amazing the scientist thought about using it for seismic activity research and monitoring. Thanks for the great link!🤓

  60. Thanks for all the updates Star48. That’s pretty deep for that 6.3 Japan quake. Hopefully nothing bigger coming for them. That meteorite that came down in India is amazing! Glad it didn’t land on any of the workers out in the field. Lots of volcanic activity going on allover. Mt Etna a definite watch there as it’s at red alert. Those poor people in the Philippines, that EQ sounds as though it gave them a pretty hard shake up there and a lot without homes now. Praying no big aftershocks coming for them.

  61. star48 Jules 104
    Oh wow so much going on …Japan eartquake was so deep too. Bigger shallower one on its way probably ..prayers love and light there .
    Mt Etna is still threatening ..keeping an eye out there 👀
    im trying to just focus peace and calm in general for the world at large at present ..It seems the best way to take the edge off concern …

  62. star48 jules 104
    Pinton de la Fournaise wow i always get a little concerned when she starts ..I will have to read properly ..its the east side i worry about ..They said once before it is at low risk of colapsing into ocean , That would no doubt cause an Indian Ocean Tsunami .. I only skimmed Article will go back to it and re read.
    Those Pics of Etna are amazing she really spilled some Lava …hoping its the release she needs to quiet a good deal now .

    1. Star48, my ad blocker won’t let me look at this one but I get the bigger picture. Love they are really using a lot of math, science and new technology for these seismic issues we need to be preparing for. That would be great if they could get the warning out to more people prior to the earthquakes, especially the really devastating larger ones. Using technology for saving lives is always a good thing. 🙂

  63. Rhona2,Jules 104,
    Indonesia 🇮🇩
    Mount Anak Krakatau,Sunda Straits
    july 30..11:26 a.m.
    Event details
    Volcano Eruption in Indonesia on July 30 2019 11:26 AM (UTC).
    Intermittent explosions continue to occur almost every day at the volcano. Recently, their frequency has increased somewhat. The latest event, although not observed well due to cloudy and hazy conditions, was reported a few hours ago from the volcano observatory: “Eruption with ash clouds at 14:25 UTC (07:25 local time). The eruption lasted for 72 seconds.” Weak, but regular heat signals are present on satellite data confirming this activity as well.

  64. Jules104,Rhona2,

    Indonesia 🇮🇩
    Mount Karangetang volcano,
    North Sulawesi..on July 30,…11:23 A.M.

    Event details

    Volcano Eruption in Indonesia on July 30 2019 11:23 AM (UTC).

    A new eruptive phase has started at the volcano: a new lava flow is being erupted from the northern crater. It is currently traveling with 2 branches in the northern slopes. Our Indonesian correspondent and expedition leader Andi reported: ” This is again now activity from Karangetang volcano in N- Sulawesi ejecting lava flow from crater one. There are two active craters which last time the lava flow also came out from crater two during March – April which devastated one bridge , roads and affected the village Batubulan had trapped in the west flank.” Increased thermal signals correspond to this new phase of activity as well.

  65. Jules104,Rhona2,
    Event details
    Ebeko Volcano…Paramushir Island..Sakhalin Oblast,
    Russia 🇷🇺

    Volcano Activity in Russia on July 31 2019 04:56 AM (UTC).

    During our pilot expedition to the northern Kurile Islands, we observed the volcano during 16-20 and 26-27 July 2019: Ebeko’s northern crater was very active, almost constantly degassing and producing ash-rich eruptions at irregular intervals of typically few hours. About half of them consisted in small to moderate, but passive ash venting, while the others were explosions that generated ash plumes of typically 1-2 km height and drifting / slowly dissipating rather long distances (few tens of km) mostly towards the NW. Due to the lack of significant rain lately, the extremely fine-grained brown-gray ash itself seems to cover much of the northern part of the island. Near the volcano (within approx. 2 km), it forms a deposit about 1 cm thick. Ebeko’s stronger explosions were sometimes noisy and ejected abundant blocks, some of which were incandescent during the night. In addition, most of the explosions, even smaller ones, produced rather large and abundant volcanic lightnings. The strongest explosions also generate small pyroclastic flows reaching several 100 m length from the base of the crater cone. VAAC Tokyo reports only a fraction of the actually occurring events, mainly because most ash plumes remain hidden in the typically thick cloud or fog cover over the area.

  66. star48 jules 104
    Thank you Star for the report Ekebo volcano ..
    so she is brewing a bit under all that fog that Tokyo cant see .
    I goid they got a chance to fly over to see exactly what she is up to ..
    a watch there 👀
    especially given ubundant lightnings..

  67. star 48 jules 104
    Absolutely terrible result if this was to occur
    again ..it must have been aweful in 1912 for everyone affected ..those poor people would have been startled and scared .
    thanks for article prayers it doesnt happen .

    1. Thanks for the link and info Rhona. There is a lot of mining and such going on in that area. Hopefully nothing bigger coming up for them there.

  68. Jules104,Rhona2

    Suspicious activity..

    Texas refinery explosion 37 hurt…


    Kentucky had explosion too.

    Pipeline explosion..,(2nd one?)
    At least one person is dead and five others have been hospitalized after a massive gas pipeline explosion in Kentucky on Thursday morning that caused a “tremendous amount of damage” and forced the evacuations of more than 75 residents.


    June 22,2019
    Philadelphia explosion posted

    So I am seeing a pattern…do you see it too?

      1. From what I read they are just saying a ruptured gas line. But I don’t think they’d want to alarm the public if there really was an issue with hacking. Just my thoughts though.

      2. Eric,

        Excerpt in one explosion..

        ExxonMobil said it was cooperating with all government agencies in the investigation.

        All are being investigated by Homeland Security…

  69. Star48, Rhona…in reference to the TX and Philadelphia explosions and there was another one in the NE recently…I believe it’s intentional. I’ve seen too many others mention that they are picking up on Russian (Military) affiliated hackers. One saw that somehow they are able to add lots of pressure into the systems by way of hacking into the actual power companies themselves then it causes an explosion. Also saw that some of this is happening as warnings to or using blackmail/kompromat on certain individuals. Like fear tactics.

    1. Jules104,
      Two in one day..
      Kentucky and Texas
      And earlier Philadelphia on June 22,2019
      Did I miss more?

      1. Star48, I added a few more. They could just be accidents I suppose, but I’m feeling something is not right with so many happening. Old infrastructure??

  70. Star48, I don’t think this is the one I’m looking for, but maybe. Read the full article where it talks about disengaging the sensors. This is something like what I’m talking about with not monitoring the gas flow input. I’ll check for more.

    1. Jules104,
      No, missed that one…
      Did not know 2 incidents in Kentucky…
      Today yes…due to injuries

  71. star 4 Jules 104
    unbelievable all these gas explosions Massachusetts …Kentucky ..whats going on?
    i see they said possible pipe corrosion in one incident .. one pipline accident ..ok but ???
    what a mess prayers for all ..
    keep me posted

  72. star48 jules 104
    almost forgot the chile 6.8m and a 5.8m after shock ..I see they are having quite a few lower aftershocks too ..watching 👀
    I have been out of loop for 7days .feeding dogs and cats while daughter Vacas with new baby and family over at our Rottnest .
    I decided to clean her house from top to botton while I was going up there to the animals .
    she should get a wonderful surperise . she deserves the help.

  73. star48 jules 104
    Im still wondering why it happens .
    never mind I guess im meant to for some reason ..😀😉💖

  74. Star48 Jules 104
    😨😲 They are predicting a 20meter tsunami
    according to previous articlecI posted .
    lord I hope not..

  75. Just reduce map size with two fingers andcJava will come into View . and you can see how close she is to Calacap where they are expecting Tusnami .

  76. star48 jules104
    I phoned my sister ..they felt the earthquake and said it was very strong and scary on Christmas Island ..
    Apparently They are on a 1ooo meter Old Volcano there in Trench andmTsunamis are not effective there. according to all on the Island ..
    I do remember reading an article that said the island is protected with reef and undersea topography lay out that breaks up the waves .
    Ok im not going to worry ..even though i am😨

    1. Rhona sending light and love to Indonesia area and to your Sister and family on Christmas Island. I see EMSC downgraded to a 6.8 now. I’m trying to find some news on possible tsunami or has it been cancelled, do you know yet?
      I feel your family is safe.🙏🏻❤️🌟💫

  77. Star 48
    I did and he said they are being a tad complacent ..There is more to come Sitting in the morning sun song spirit said to Eric in ptediction ..Im hoping the small Island ill prepared is not Christmas Island ..I hope its no ones Island ..Sri Lanka is what Eric thought .
    here is a recap
    Im finding it hard to hear singer ..all I can hear is my sisters voice saying we are really safe here when I spoke tobher an hour ago.

    Oh I nearly Forgot Little Elvis was supposed to be in Indodesia this weekend ..but his dad changed his mind and they are heading to Melbourne instead .he just got back from Rottnest straight onto plane for Melbourne. His Dad Loves Indonesia but said it did not feel right ..and he is not usually like that .but he does act on intuition at times .
    so thats a blessing right now .phew .😊

  78. Jules
    hi no there is no news here either
    they dont have bouys there in ocean to warn of upcoming Tsunami .
    They installed a couple but still vast areas unmonitored ..eek ..😨
    Thanks for prayers and light .
    im really feeling this ..I felt aweful all and havent been able to sit still .I cleaned my house thoughly today..
    remember singer said after my gutter was fixed ..well thats was last Thurday they put in new Downpipe .27th of July so a week ago .

    1. Rhona, I do remember that message from Singer. The timing is pretty right on yes. I’m wondering about the Sri Lanka prediction, possibly being the smaller island since that one has not happened yet. Praying for calm oceans.
      Little Elvis… 🙏🏻😇🌟😎

    1. Thanks for the update Rhona, yes… thank goodness! Hopefully that’s all.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️

  79. star48 jules 104
    Star I love what they call Shishaldin volcano .
    Sisquk ” mt which points way when im lost .”
    I know we are all kinda waiting for a volcano or have a quake soonish up that way ..

  80. jules104 star48
    oh lord what a horrific read ..I have read before but not so extensive ..wish you were outa there..
    Cascadia is a terror waiting in the depths .

    Jules the slow slip map is crazy active ..
    the clusters from Vancouver Isle to nth of Coos Bay ..
    then spreading into another cluster.. Cal Oregon border .
    prayers love and light what can you say or do its so merciless ..the thought of a rupture just is just words fail me ..its emotions that speak .
    blessings you two.

  81. star48 Jukes 104
    Kilauea is deciding she has been passive long enough perhaps …surprising news there .
    They have the advantage of extensive monitoring over the years ..that can be an advantage though a precarious one when volcanos are involved .
    thanks for article Star .

  82. Rhona, Star48 …. sorry for delay, went over to the Valley to visit with daughter all day, just returned.
    Thanks for all those updates and links Star48. That water in the Hawaiian volcano, just hope it doesn’t make for some larger explosions.

  83. star48
    Ho no 2019 ok .
    my goodness they must be stunned .
    how vulnerable does that make us feel ..and thats a big we are not as on top of things as we would like to be ..eeek urgh ahhhhh😨😛😦

  84. Star48, Rhona … not to take away from those who have lost their lives in these mass shootings but, do you think the attacks like the British Air hijacking or other attacks mentioned may be after these shootings. Or possibly the N CA earthquake? I saw an older prediction the other day while researching which mentioned people holding a vigil and something occurred after that. Like it is a time line marker. I’ll try and find that prediction. But look at this one from 8-30-17.

  85. Star48, Rhona … okay so I just read Jon Blues comment on site and am thinking there’s something to what I’m feeling and picking up. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be multiple things happening at once, like an earthquake and a hijacking then biological weapon being delivered via the plane crashing, port and ship attacks. Ay yi yi! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ Just odd I posted at 8:52 am and Jon Blue posted at 9:59 am.

  86. Jules104 Rhona2.
    Forgot to share..
    Event details

    Volcano Eruption in Indonesia on July 31 2019 05:08 PM (UTC).

    ndonesian authorities issued a flight warning as Mount Kerinci volcano on Sumatra Island erupted on Wednesday, a statement from the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry said. The volcano erupted at 12.48 p.m. Jakarta time (0548 GMT), spewing a column of ash up to 0.8 km into the air. The volcanic ash was likely to spread to the northeast and east of the crater, reports said. “It is better (for planes) to avoid the pathway around Mount Kerinci, because the volcano would see another eruption at any time and volcanic ash spewed into the air would endanger planes,” the Ministry said in the statement cited by Xinhua news agency. A no-go zone of 3 km from the crater was put in place. Mount Kerinci is among the more than 100 active volcanoes in Indonesia, a vast archipelagic country home to over 17,500 islands.

  87. star48
    well im certainly glad they have moved forward and left that atrocity for meals behind them …oh dear …I was having a kit kat chocolate snack .
    hmm seriously I was ..
    oh goodness just aweful

  88. Star48, Rhona just an FYI… I commented on regular site yesterday, came up jules104 on first comment, then I replied to one of Eric’s replies to another person asking about timing for gun control and it came up “anonymous” on the second comment, then I commented a third time and it came up as jules104 again. Anyway that was a first for me but sort of what has happened to you lately Rhona. Seems rather strange. 🤔😎😉 Hooefully this one will show up as me. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

      1. Jules 104
        Uh oh….
        that is how it started for me too. Hopefully it will not happen to you again…check follow color before you comment…

        If blue…you will be Anonymous…

        If green…yourself…

      1. Star48😆 … I was wondering if Juan had a Sister Fran 😱… oh I needed the laughter. Thanks!🤗
        Very interesting read. I need to go back and watch the two videos now.

  89. star48 jules 104
    Jules there has to be something wrong with the works of the new site ..it cant be just what we are doing …
    I really hope it doesnt get as bad for you as it did for me .I dont know if you noticed but i had a glitch the other day where I went back to Annon but fixed it straight away and been ok since ..but i wait for it now every time i post i wait and see if im Annon .
    Juan da Fuca cracking up oh dear thats alarming They are onto being concerned and expecting earthquakes that will be notable if not down right damaging ..
    Jules stay safe ..I worry a little ..sending love and light to your area .
    Volcano Peru .👀remembering Erics prediction
    Peru Chille border for quake .

  90. Rhona I think I’m good now with the anonymous issue, we’ll fingers crossed right?🤞🏻 I remember you had a short glitch there recently Rhona yes. Strange eh? Maybe the Spirits trying to join the conversation.😆
    Thanks for the prayers. The planet is pretty amazing and down right frightening all at the same time!😱😧

    1. Star48, Rhona … this is just so despicable. I don’t understand it, the things people will do for money! So many have lost their way due to greed these days. It amazes me. Where is their dignity, their morals? I still hold on to hope there are more good compassionate, loving and caring people then there are immoral, greedy and hate filled ones. What happened peoples values? Ugh so frustrating. 🤨

  91. star48
    This highlights the vulnerability for us all.
    Im happy they cracked these guys crimes ..but wow how can you feel safe when its happening at the helm of companies . ..Disheartening..
    fyshing Hijacking …all of it ..Im glad I dont do banking or credit on line ..I have a pepaid phone so no accounts ..they tried once recently and sent a message saying I was owed a refund on my phone Bill ..I just Laughed at them ..didnt answer just deleted imediately and informed Telco of their details ..I dont get phone Bills as we pay in advance by prepaid vouchers ..so impossible to have an overpayment charge ..
    But i worry about photos etc I lost them all once 4 years ago on another phone and all contact mumbers ..Telco said they went to cloud so retrieved numbers but no photos . 😨
    Us oldies are living a weird future but the young ones to them this is just part of life .
    not one they should be living privacy seems an old fashioned extinct word …
    Manners is another one we had the upbringing to know it was not mannerable to pry .😦
    Now its open slather on anyone who uses www
    in any form these crims seem to think its their right and your fair game just because you use technology ..no rules in their minds ..Your no one to them a stranger that they cant identify with so feel no guilt . detachment ..
    enough of my rant .
    Thanks for article

  92. Rhona 2,
    You did not rant…
    My unvoiced thoughts would have taken paint off of wood….
    I was a major supplier iof telecom for many years…
    This was a betrayal of August heights…
    I feel this was a platform being built …terrorism in the making…

    To work in the industry…you have levels of security clearances
    So this is appalling…..
    So my rant goes on and on…in my head…

    1. star 48
      I totally agree about the terrorism platform .
      my thoughts too.but It must be a real boiler for you .. ITS treasonous A betrayal as you say of August Heights …

  93. jules 104 star48
    these could be an Eastward wave toward Chile .
    i know it may Affect NZ but in thinking Chile
    Venuatu 5.8m at 123km
    Fiji 4.8m at 500km
    Easter Island 4.7m at 32km 👀

  94. Rhona2,Jules104,

    On Monday evening, 5th August 2019, an outburst flood and debris flow occurred at Mount Rainier National Park. Between approximately 6:48 – 7:58 PM PDT (8/6/2019 01:48 – 2:58 UTC), the park’s seismographs picked up four separate debris flow sequences in the Tahoma Creek area.


    1. star48
      oh Scott knows his work great job…and the flow ended up 7km down ..They must see some really mind blowing data and events ..
      Still theyvare trained for it but doesnt lessen the vigilance of their work ..I admire them.
      will be interesting to c the cause ..
      Volcano In Japan ..Asamayama is a watch quite a show and concern there for people ..prayers love and light .
      Thanks Star

  95. Star48, Rhona … who contributes the most to Eric’s site by researching articles, news, etc and then adding the links to show others which of his predictions have occurred? Who helps Eric consistently to keep the site going? I’d say it is You Star48😉 Without ego or fanfare. Keep up the great work and don’t let anyone deter you from helping Eric get the truth out there. ❤️🌟😇

      1. Star48 … and you absolutely got that down!😇 Very much so. Thus why you were targeted by another who was trying to drive a wedge.

  96. jules 104 Star48
    Jules I agree Star48 is an anchor for SWC .
    Spirit Warrior Clan ..on ward and upward ..
    Star48 is everything ok with your communications ?..
    I was teading some comments on thread and I too believe blocking curtain political banter is in order ..we are world wide predictions .
    yes this is a US based site ..but when overseas opinions get shoved down our throats that dont really resolve any issues but add to distention and over the top debate I want to just scream ..seriously it detracts from the whole theme energy and purpose of us being here on site ..we no we can ignore but words carry energy and the energy on site is changing ..We need to pull back recallibrate and remind ourselves what our mission is .
    and politics is not the for runner or intention of this site ..yes a side issue ..a big one at that but really I see and hear so much Fear and sh…t stirring on the comments .Im notca wimp by any stretch of the imagination ..but I and many of us have worked through bitterness .hurt ..pain and dross in our spiritual awakening…
    we have earned the right to come here in harmony and grace ..its through our collective and individual lessons we have decided the path of compassion love and light is where we are travelling…many of us have earned our stripes and deserve the peace and harmony of respecting the differences in us all ..
    Wisdom comes with age and experience .
    young people can have much Wisdom too through Experience ..Old Souls often do .
    anyways I hope we can retrace and enact our SWC standing .
    blessings you two

    1. Rhona2,Jules 104,
      I definitely understand what you are saying..
      IMO. Political positions for some people are similar to religion…
      No matter what anyone says …people will not change their positions..

      When of the reasons you rarely hear an opinion from me..
      .is that I respect everyone has a right to one…
      I do not want to have anyone attempt to
      Try to change my beliefs.
      …as I know I cannot change theirs…

      I love this site because we are helping to make people aware..
      Not airing their political ideals…or share propaganda…
      I feel that direction stifles comment and conversation…

      There are many other sites for ranting..or political debate
      I pray not this one…
      No it is for a higher goal…

      1. Politics will always be just one piece of a much larger body of work. I will say with all the negative comments from the last post, I thought the predictions were fairly accurate. Who would have thought with the 2015 prediction, we would circle back to so much hate that they would show a swastika. I even remembered saying.. that will never happen

        1. Eric your predictions are pretty accurate and a lot of them seem to be coming fast and furious lately. It’s like they are all coming together now.

          1. Ok everyone since we keep getting ugly anonymous comments, all comments temporarily have to be approved first, unless you have had one cleared already, sorry

            1. Eric just an FYI … your info for everyone on site showed up under my comment on the back thread. Were you meaning to add it to the main thread?

                1. Eric if you go to the thread you are on now, “Texas Plane Crash”, it’s just a few comments above this one. Where you are telling everyone that a lot of the comments will start to be screened now. It’s on our “back thread” Star48, and Rhona2 and I use. So I don’t think anyone on main thread received the notice from you. I just wanted to make you aware of that.

    2. It is a pickle. The comment section is and always will be a place for all of us to create a community to work together on this, however on the other end I always want to allow others to speak their mind. Where is that line? That line that says this person will not really be apart of the community. I want very much to be open to everyone. I will say I actually block a lot of comments. Most of them are blatantly bad. So it’s a work in progress for me as the site continues to get bigger and bigger.

    3. Though I come from the US, it is no longer a US site, one of the reasons I have such a huge audience is because of the global community that reads the predictions. There are more fans outside of the US.

  97. Star48, Rhona … I love the words of wisdom you speak and the love you both project into the world. Blessings You Two🙏🏻❤️🌟

      1. Jules104,

        Government launches probe on mysterious power cut.

        Fury at power cut that brought Britain to its knees: Government launches probe into mystery simultaneous failure of wind farm and gas-fired power station as officials insist there is ‘no evidence’ of a cyber attack
        Blackouts were reported in London and the South East yesterday, as well as Midlands and the North East
        The chaos was caused by a gas-fired power station and a wind farm both going off-line yesterday afternoon
        Trains across the country ground to a halt as a result of the power loss, which caused knock-on delay s
        Energy watchdog Ofgem has called for an urgent report from the National Grid about yesterday’s chaos


    1. Star48, Rhona… yeah serious issues is right! Sheesh… that’s not good for the scientist or military personal having to work on whatever that is either, let alone the civilians nearby. Could be sabotage or could even be one of those situations where Putin wants his new more powerful weapon now and the scientist are under pressure time wise knowing it’s not ready for testing but… Sort of like Hitler.😜

    1. Thanks Star48, the planet definitely is kicking our butts isn’t she. Man is going to get a look at how insignificant we are when it comes to certain things. We’d better get with the picture, or get out of the way you know? Ay yi yi! A bit worried for the East Coast and those Southern States with the upcoming US hurricane season this year. May be a doozy. Prayers for those suffering throughout the world from all these major earth changes going on. 💜🙏🏻

  98. star48 jules 104
    wow the Russian Explosion…seems really odd.
    Im sorry they were injured but wow not keen on their Testing and manufacturing ..
    could be sabotage …
    the planet has served up some aweful events .
    prayers love and light to mother earth .
    always more to come ..she is balancing and adjusting, cleaning and regenerating ..humanity gets in the way ..I hope non of us do
    ..Its absolutely been a water year and its got 4 months left ..Oh my ..
    prayers and heartfelt compassion for anyone caught up in the movements ..
    Thanks for Articles Star..

  99. My first thought was of the old prediction with “Russia unveils a new weapon one that turns on them.” And besides that notice it has the “Pleasant Valley” comment by Eric for the shooting spree also. There are some others with it in it that says “pleasant place” or “Pleasantville”. I looked up Gilroy, CA and there is a “Pleasant Valley Church” and a Pleasant Valley Tree Service” there in the same town. Odd and it’s within this prediction for Russian Weapon. I think the pleasant place was first in a reference to Seattle, WA shooting. Either way do you think this is related to Gilroy? And that weapon? Also, that really did look like a mushroom cloud/nuclear weapon in the video.

    1. jules 104
      yes I do think the Russian weapon turning on them is this explosion ..and Gilroy could be next to manifest you seem to be on the right track with Pleasant place and pleasantville meaning there .
      great pick up Jules .

    1. Star48, Rhona… wow those are some huge storms! It seems to have become the norm lately. Unfortunately I feel there’s lots more to come.
      Praying for all those who lost their loved ones. 🙏🏻

  100. star48 jules 104
    oh my poor China ..thats Shanhai 2500000 and 800000 Zhjiang affected by Typhoon ..
    mudslides in Myanmar …India ..
    prayers for all love and light ..so aweful ..
    wide spread weather chaos ..

  101. Jules104,Rhona 2,

    Do you remember what thread of a knife attack in Australia?
    A guy yelling Allah A…stabbed victims
    It is being investigated as terror

    HEROES have fought off a knife-wielding attacker with a chair before pinning him to the ground with a milk crate after he allegedly stabbed a woman and ran through the streets of Sydney with a huge blade.

    The suspect was filmed yelling “Allahu Akbar ” and “shoot me in the f***ing face” as he ran through the Australian city with a bloody knife before brave witnesses – including three Brits – tackled him to the ground.


    1. Star48, Not off the top of my head, though it seems as if maybe there has been an attack that already happened in Australia similar to a knife attack?? I’ll try and look for one though.

  102. Jules104,Rhona 2,

    Interesting article on Battle of Waterloo and volcanic eruption .
    We need a little bit of fun …

    One link on a primary story..

    A devastating volcanic eruption on the other side of world contributed to Napoleon’s defeat in the Battle of Waterloo, scientists say. Fascinating new research released Wednesday makes a remarkable link between to two events.


    1. Star48, Rhona.. Wow how interesting, 62 miles into the upper atmosphere. Love the history stuff and the science behind it all with the electrostatic charge etc. Just amazing. I watched a documentary a while back on another battle which was won due to weather or climate related issues. It may have been sometime within the US Civil War but I can’t remember. I use to watch a lot of documentaries on the older military battles. Go figure. It does seem that it has occurred more often than most people even realize though. Divine intervention?

  103. Rhona2,Jules 104,
    Update on Hong Kong.
    It’s now morning local time and life is slowly returning to normal — but tensions are still running high and there’s little indication whether tonight will descend into chaos again.

    If you’re just tuning in, here’s what you need to know.

    What happened: On Monday night, thousands sat in at the airport, leading to nearly 200 flights being canceled. There was no violence that night. But protesters returned last night, canceling flights again — and this time, things got ugly.

    Protesters divided: Protesters held a man for several hours, accusing him of being an undercover cop. They tied his wrists up and wouldn’t allow paramedics through, even when the man appeared to lose consciousness. Some protesters tried to get the man help, only to be pushed back by others — showing just how fractured the leaderless movement has become. He was eventually evacuated by paramedics.
    Arrests made: Police have arrested 5 people. Two police officers have been injured, according to a statement by the police today.
    What now? The airport was cleared out and cleaned, and flights are returning to normal. But it feels like the city is holding its breath, unsure whether there will be another occupation, clashes with riot police and more canceled flights this evening.
    Here’s the bigger picture: This is the 11th consecutive week of protests. They began as relatively peaceful marches in opposition to a now-shelved bill that would have allowed extradition to China.

    But as recent protests have shown, it’s not just about the bill anymore — protester demands now include calls for greater democracy, the resignation of Hong Kong’s leader, and an independent investigation into alleged police brutality.

    Protesters are getting angrier and more volatile as fear and suspicion spread, and police ramp up arrests and crackdowns. Violence has been escalating for weeks — and nobody is sure where it’s all going.

  104. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Event details

    Volcano Eruption in Russia on August 14 2019 03:33 PM (UTC).

    The Karymsky volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East emitted ash to an altitude of 5 km Wednesday, according to the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. “A moderate eruptive activity of the volcano continues and ash explosions of up to 6 km could occur at any time,” it said in a statement, warning that it could affect low-flying aircraft. The institute has attributed orange color code to the activity, which under the aviation color code map signifies that a volcano is exhibiting heightened unrest with an increased likelihood of eruption or that a volcanic eruption is underway with either minor ash emission or none at all. As one of the most active volcanoes on the peninsula, the 1,486-meter-high Karymsky volcano is located 115 km north of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the administrative center of Kamchatka region. Enditem

  105. Jules104,Rhona2,

    Sarychev Peak Volcano ,Matua Island ,
    Russia on August 15th,2019 ..4:35a.m.UTC
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Russia on August 15 2019 04:35 AM (UTC).

    SVERT reported that an ash plume from Sarychev Peak rose to 2.7 km (9,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted 50 km SE on 11 August, based on Tokyo VAAC notices. The Aviation Color Code was raised to Yellow.

    1. Star48, Thanks for the links. Popo causing more trouble, hope she calms down soon. Wow Russia starting to have more issues up North there with their volcanos, interesting. Oh sheesh and Iceland too! The planet seems to be mimicking the people who are on it! Lots of angry people to go around the world these days. Hong Kong, Russia … crazy times for everyone lately. Praying for cooler heads and cooler volcanos to prevail. 🙏🏻😉

  106. star 48
    Thanks for Volcano eruption reports …
    Popo again still watching 👀
    Russia’s volcanos are warming up again ..
    Side note Grandson is in Melbourne with his Dad ..returns Tuesday ..lovexl and light for safe travel.

  107. Rhona2,Jules104,

    An interesting thought…too many incidents…with airplanes
    Possibly caused by “Mechanics?”(on purpose?)

    The fire was one of a series of incidents involving Boeing airliners in the past several days:

    🔷A United Airlines Boeing 787-10 with 328 passengers aboard made an emergency landing in Boston shortly after taking off from Newark, N.J., on Wednesday due to the smell of smoke in the cabin.
    🔷A China Eastern Boeing 777-300 headed for Shanghai experienced a “mechanical failure” shortly after take-off from New York on Tuesday. According to media reports, the aircraft lost part of a wing while in-flight.
    🔷A Boeing 777 headed to Tokyo from Houston made an emergency landing Monday afternoon at Sea-Tac Airport after pilots reported an engine overheating.
    🔷Falling debris from a Boeing 787 Dreamliner pelted a residential area near Rome shortly after take-off over the weekend, damaging 25 vehicles and 12 homes and striking one person.
    See link..

  108. star 58
    wow im really thinking this is sus ..so many of them .
    boeing must be thinking of looking at this .you would think ..

    1. Wow thanks Star48, I like this updated science they are using. When they spoke about the Alaska tsunami simulation hitting the Long Beach, WA area it reminded me of one of Eric’s old predictions.

  109. Jules104,Rhona2
    Tonga 🇹🇴
    Underwater eruption..new observations

    A new underwater eruption took place near Fonualei island in the Tonga archipelago on August 7, 2019.

    The eruption was first reported on August 7 when large clouds were observed ‘on the horizon at the location of Fonualei volcano.’ “The plume continued to get larger over the next few hours. It seemed to pause and then erupt again,” an observer told Volcano Discovery.

    The next information about the eruption came on August 15 after catamaran Sail Surf ROAM, en route to Fiji, encountered volcanic rocks completely covering the ocean surface at location 18 55′ S 175 21′ W. The crew reported entering the pumice at 08:00 UTC (19:00 local time).


  110. star48 jules 104
    Star yhecarticke on Australian Jurassic Volcanos deep in central ..wow that is awesome ..
    It makes me wonder even though they are ancient just how much resonance happens down there ..long shot thought but makes me wonder ..
    Fonualei volcano must have given them a shick to see all that afloat on ocean it must have burped up alot of reflux ..
    Stromboli in Italy various vents ..Italy is always on my mind ..
    thanks star for updates ..

  111. excellent
    star 48 that they have become aware of smaller shocks perhaps signalkingca larger one .
    like they said it seems unimaginable there wouldnt be a rumbling even if minor before a larger quake on a major fault .

  112. star48
    oh wow it seems the ring of fire has a volcano active right round its locals …even up to
    Fox Island as well ..
    watching all these on recent report ..
    busy time of it ..
    Thank You ..

  113. Star48, Rhona…
    Do you think this prediction is related to Eric’s recent mention of an “Epic” prediction coming soon? This was my first thought. The “epic eruption” and then the earthquakes, “not one place but many”. Then the next part of the prediction, “the leaders will do poorly with this”. Remember the prediction about the new leader has to deal with something right out of the gate or something like that? Giving us a time period maybe??
    Or it’s just all about the full moon?

    1. Star48, Rhona… I went back and reread 8-20-2019 prediction and Eric’s replies to the comments and he specifies a “major event” instead of an “epic” event. So maybe not the same in relation to the full moon prediction??Hm🤔

  114. Jules104 star 48
    Hi Jules ..im not thinking this prediction has happened …at least the pyramid ref financial
    sculldugery hasnt i dont believe ..
    we have had a couple tsunamis since this 7-17-2013 prediction ..Indonesia and Indonesia 😨
    and some ripples ..

  115. star48 jules104
    Thanks star for volcano updates .
    Popo is.always a concern with so many people around her

  116. star 48
    no worries Im loving the correction and them saying
    but it does happen and can happen Shivuluch
    has hone 70,000 ft before and cpuld do it again .or words to that effect..😂😊😉
    here is praying she just stays safe .

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,
      Pretty scary! I am afraid 😳 Of ashfall
      It can wreck your lungs…no I am a roadrunner if a saw it happening.

  117. star 48 jules104
    fid you catch the vudeo of the boat that had to out run the ash plume scampering across the ocean 😨😲😲😲
    yes lung damage ..
    Singer just brought in DeanMartin song
    so its not over for Italy ..i think its more from Stromboli .
    thats what im picking up .he is saying surronding area .

  118. Star48, Rhona… Sorry for the absence. I started a new job working with severely disabled children at a school where I live so I’ve been doing a lot of training etc. these last two weeks.
    Anyway… I did hear from one person I work with who lives in Bandon that they felt that 6.4 EQ this am, but then another person who lives there didn’t feel a thing. It was a bit odd that we had a huge thunder clap around the same time though. Go figure… 😳😟 probably coincidence?

  119. jules 104
    Hi ..nose to the grindstone …proud of you Jules and the light and love your taking in to these children ..Bless your days.and heart.
    im sure your energy is well recieved.
    The Thunder clap hmm it foes happen with some quakes .
    thanks for answering ..
    stay safe ..our Granddaughter turns 13 today my goodness time waits for no man or women 😆😄yep grandies aged from 19 to 6months now thats tricky mentally .. 😶😶😶😛😜😀😄

    1. Thanks Rhona! Oh what a great age, 13! Yes they do grow fast. And sounds like you have your hands full with that age gap there 19-6 mo. Oh my!🤪 But great times non the less. 😇😉

  120. Star48, Rhona … ah yi yi! I’m getting a bit nervous about this hurricane hitting in Florida. There’s the Port St Lucie Nuclear Power Plant right there in the Coast amongst a few more. Hopefully they will shut it down if things turn for the worse and can keep it all contained and under control. There another one coming off of Africa now so may be dealing with more as soon as Dorian leaves. Let’s hope not. I’m worried for the Lake Okeshobee area and possible collapses of earthen dams near there.
    Got family in Lake Mary area above Orlando near Lake Monroe which is fed by the St Johns River up north. But really the whole of Florida is just to close to sea level for me. I’m keeping an eye on the guys channel In2thinair, he gives great detail of what’s happening. Mentioned a while back that his brother was one of the people who’s job it is in the military to fly into the hurricanes and collect data. Anyway praying for all those in harms way of Dorian in Florida and elsewhere. I think it’s going to be an historical hurricane season. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
    I put on main thread but here’s his latest update in case you didn’t catch it.
    And just to note, may be me but I’m sort of feeling a larger EQ coming soon here on the West Coast. Probably just me being cra cra!😂🤪🤔😉

    1. Thanks Star48, yeah watching this one closely. I’m a bit worried about storm surge and rivers flooding way inland and then there’s the earthen dams.🤔😟

  121. jules 104 star 48
    Im absolutely focusing on Dorian these next days ..sending much light to hopefully get some wind shear to slow it down …
    next 5 days more to come he says ..
    always through hurrican season my thoughts and awareness are there .
    much love to your family jules may prayers they stay safe ..keep us posted .
    Georgia ..sth and Nth Carolina ..hugging the coast …This is a wrecker ..

    1. Thank You Rhona!❤️🙏🏻 Oh my no, maybe prayers for speeding it up some!😆 I’m trying to be funny but I’m being a pain in the arse instead, I know what you mean. 😉 Just thinking about them saying that slowing down over those really warm waters off the coast may give it a better chance to turn into a higher CAT4. But I just know the power of your prayers Rhona. 🙏🏻😳😦
      🤔 Maybe prayers for Hurricane Dorian to dissipate is safer.😇😄
      (I hope you know I’m just being silly, I totally know what you’re saying😉🤗)

    1. Star48, really interesting article on the Wilmington Fault. The LA basins “evil twin”. Sounds like that would be pretty devastating not only to that area but to the whole US seeing that it’s under one of the US’s busiest Ports. Great work done by those scientist. Thanks!

    1. That’s concerning and just devastating to the people who depend on that water. Hopefully they will get some much needed rains and relief from the heat soon. The whole region needs to replenish.

  122. star48
    Wilmington Fault …the first year graduate Wolfe did great work with his research ..
    and it being a thrust fault is a bit of a worry ..brings it home there must be many of these hidden faults beneath the surface we just have no idea about …
    Its a sign of climate with all these lakes disapearing at least one would hope its not a more wide spread sink hole draining the water .whatever the cause its so life changeing for those in the areas it occurs …the face of the planet is indeed changing bit by bit .

  123. star48 kules 104
    oh my goodness how amazing were those cam vids of the meteor over Edmonton😊?
    Cascadia and juan da Fuca worry them now.
    things could be getting serious .
    thanks star
    as always stay safe you two 💚

    1. star48
      gingers that’s just so off ..how dare he im really anmoyed at him doing that just to get overtime ..It draws the attention to howcdarn easy it could have been for someone to do worse .
      (Nightmare..)is a great way to put it Star .

  124. Rhona 2,Jules104
    Philippines 🇵🇭
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Philippines on September 05 2019 05:44 AM (UTC).

    Based on the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), Taal Volcano’s seismic monitoring network has recorded 43 volcanic earthquakes from 8 a.m. Wednesday to 8 a.m. Thursday. The number of earthquakes registered from Tuesday to Wednesday was only 21. Two of the earthquakes, which occurred at 5:08 p.m. and 5:29 p.m. last Wednesday were felt at Intensity 1 and accompanied by rumbling sound. These were specifically experienced by residents in Pira-piraso, Volcano Island, and Talisay, Batangas. Phivolcs said Taal Volcano’s alert status remains at level one due to the abnormal condition of the volcano. It has been raised from zero to one on March 28, 2019. Based on its field measurements last Aug. 29 at the eastern sector of the main crater lake, Phivolcs observed a decrease in water temperature from 32.6 degrees Celsius (°C) to 32.3 °C. Likewise, the decrease in water level from 0.42 meter to 0.39 meter, and decline in acidity from pH 2.78 to pH 2.87 were observed. Phivolcs also found that ground deformation measurements through precise leveling surveys from June 15 to 24, 2019 indicated slight inflation of the edifice consistent with recent results from continuous GPS data. While “hazardous eruption is not imminent” the public is still reminded that the main crater should be strictly off-limits because sudden steam explosions can occur and high concentrations of toxic volcanic gases can be released. The northern portion of the main crater rim, in the vicinity of Daang Kastila Trail, can also become hazardous when fumarolic or degassing activity along existing fissures suddenly increases. The public is reminded that the entire volcano island is a permanent danger zone and permanent settlement is strictly prohibited.

  125. star 48
    thank you for update on Taal volcano ..
    she has them all concerned ..and rightly so ..

  126. star 48
    Thank you for update on Etna ..
    watching 👀 Im remembering singer said she is not done yet in near future ..I mean is Etna ever done 😕😯😊

  127. Star48, Rhona… sorry was out of the loop due to helping my daughter move to another apartment all weekend…and vehicle issues. But all is good now.
    Thank You for all of those updates Star48. Pretty amazing stuff. That last prediction on Greece has me thinking there is still that “epic eruption” and quake/tsunami coming up. I need to find the PompeiO prediction and look again but I think we are looking at some type of catastrophic natural disaster and that will really bring on further food shortages. Not looking forward to all these natural disasters. Blessings You Two 😇

  128. star48 jules104
    Singer flag ..song Volcano ” i dont know where ima gonna go when the volcano blows .”
    im thinking Etna but i will post if i get more info .

  129. Rhona2,Jules104

    Etna update ✔️

    Strombolian activity is still taking place at Etna’s Northeast Crater, producing a diluted ash plume that disperses near the summit area, INGV reports. The volcanic tremor amplitude remains high.

    After 08:50 UTC on September 9, 2019, there has been a further increase in volcanic tremors compared to what has been previously observed and reported.


  130. Jules104,Rhona2,
    Chile 🇨🇱
    Villarrica volcano..alert raised..
    Sernageomin has raised the Alert Level for Villarrica volcano to Orange on September 9, 2019 and shared evacuation maps showing different meeting points for each nearby community before a possible eruption. The last major eruption at Villarica took place in 2015.

    The decision to raise the alerd was made due to increased seismicity and a more turbulent lava lake.

    An exclusion zone of 2 km (1.2 miles) around the crater was put in place.


  131. star48 Jules 104
    Star Chile prediction for quake maybe due to Villarica directly or indirectly if you get my drift ..which you two always do 😊

    Yes Etna has usx expecting some action from her .
    Jules the Greece prediction may indicate the other prediction for manycountries affected .
    will look it cup and post . There are probably a few it will fit with ..Greece that is…as something that big spirit would add in many forms in different predictions. .Agree ?
    I think your right about famine as well .
    Glad you got all sorted with move and car ..
    Man why cant cars just behave when they are needed .😕
    blessing you two

    1. Rhona, Star48 that’s the “epic” prediction I was referring to. Pretty sure it’s not happened yet. The “everywhere” and 9’s popping up all over I think also. Has me worried. Could it be the eruption that causes a black out of the sun and more crop failure?🤔

  132. jules 104 star48
    yes this one is quite scary ..It hasnt happened and I have had it at the back of my mind since first reading .
    I probably is volcanic black out ..
    praying with all i have this has lessened in potential for occuring ..
    or lessened in power …
    blessings you two

  133. jules 104 star 48
    ok I have done some research ..something
    jumped out at me ..
    “3 ..3 is the key ”
    this is recurring in all of these starting from


    Mentions metal rods sticking up and in Comments Eric says he believes a Meteor strike .BUT….
    What grabbed me was after flags at half mast you will know 3 is the key ..
    quote from prediction
    ” Spirit showed U.S. flags half mast “American Gathering”…Look as it happens .Know the earthquake in Nth Cal is next .3 is the key 3”

    El Paso Texas shooting …
    was 4th of August 2019
    Trump odered Flags at Half mast
    that takes us to November 2019 3months on possibly from August 4th 2019 ..
    It could be when quake happens
    these also have same 3 statement so been coming as warning for some time .PREDICTION
    including one posted above 6-26-19..
    Thoughts you two ..please ..😯
    So im looking at November for Meteor and west coast Quake .

    1. Rhona2,
      I thought the 3’s
      9-21-13. .
      ..could be 3.,3’s

      There for 9/21/19 is the date?

    2. Rhona, Star48… sorry for delay.😕 I need to look at this more closely but I really think you are onto something here. I will try and look more closely at this tonight but I agree there is a message in the “3 is key 3” predictions.

  134. star48 jules 104
    in addition to above November possiblity
    the 25 will be lost to this ..is memtioned in this one below and many others.
    too numerous to list it repeats over years so spirit is adament with message .
    25th November or one prediction added a 4 ..
    3 or 4 so.may even be December 25th asxwe postulated before in comments ..in other predictions . Meteor is in this one
    thanks for letting me vent this to get it sorted in my mind .

    1. Rhona2,
      It could be …yes,
      So 6/26/19
      So 9/26/19 ?
      From previous comment 21st or the 26th…or between…

      25th? Of Dec or between 24-29th?

      Will wait and see 👀

  135. star 48
    yes Thank you for your input ..
    we will wait and see ..
    Its very intersting repitition for a long time .

    Between 24th and 29th of December possible ..too .

  136. star48 jules104
    in regards to Mt Hood monitoring red tape .
    Come on ..what the ..let nature be he says ..ok lets just watch and let people die ..for goodness sake what alot of absolute nonsense ..
    i find it hard to fugure how itcwould impact the enviornment to a huge degree
    to monitor the vocano is essential.
    Natural habitat would be wiped out anyway then there would be nothing to preserve.😨😮😶
    The meteor over Germany lets us know there still coming ..

    I wonder why science didnt think straight faults could create Tsunami ..i in my ignorance thought it was a given ..but im glad they are onto it ..

  137. Jules104,Rhona 2
    Indonesia 🇮🇩
    Event details

    Volcano Eruption in Indonesia on September 13 2019 01:47 PM (UTC).

    Dozens of people living on the slope of Mount Karangetan volcano in central Indonesia have been evacuated as the volcano has spewed ash out into the sky since Thursday, an Indonesian disaster official said Friday. “The quick response unit of the disaster agency in Sitaro district has evacuated at least 47 people from Winangun village after Mount Karangetan erupted,” Agus Wibowo, spokesman of the national disaster management agency, told Xinhua in a text message. Karangetan volcano is located in the Sitaro district of North Sulawesi province. Volcanic ash was still shot into the sky on Friday, according to the country’s volcanology agency. The evacuees have taken shelter in a church, the spokesman said. Mount Karangetan’s alert status is now at the second-highest level, with no go-zone covering an area up to 4 kilometers from the crater, the volcanology agency said in a statement. Disaster agency officials have urged villagers near the volcano to keep using the mask to avoid the ash, said Agus. The volcanology agency also warned people living along rivers near Mount Karangetan about possible lava and flash floods. Karangetan volcano, which is among the 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia, has entered an eruption phase since Nov. 25, 2018, according to volcanologists.

  138. star48 Jules 104
    Star… Etna wow she is stirring with some notable reminders to keep watching and prayers love and light to her ..I hope she settles…
    Sukurajima letting off some at present ..quakes
    may follow north ..not sure why ..just a hunch .
    we will see .

    1. Rhona, Star48 … I agree, it feels like things are under a lot of pressure lately. Like that tense feeling you get right beforehand. Not sure what though. Too many things going on around the world lately.😳

    1. Wow is right! I love all the ingenious and inventive ideas for helping our planet heal that are coming out lately. Something positive for a change. Seems like so much negativity going on around the world. Got to shine our lights even brighter during these trying times. 🙏🏻🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Thanks for the link Monica!

  139. star 48
    That is just incredibe ..
    like yuan yang said a “clever idea :.
    im amazed and impressed ..well done guys .

  140. star48 jules 104
    Hi Jules good to hear from.you 😁
    Hope all is going well.
    hey Small Pox What the Hec..
    now that Is scary .
    Good about Ebola drug though ..Hope it works well and they are onto it .
    Blessings you two

    1. Star48, Rhona … if I didn’t know any better I’d think something’s amiss behind the scenes or they’ve caught wind of some chatter of possible attacks on nuclear power plants. Hm…🤔 Hope not, and glad they are at least taking precautions of any upcoming leaks.

  141. star48 jules104
    Oh my Thats not how I would like to live .
    imagine worrisome days of o possible leak ..
    Now the price is being paid ..Never been an advocate of nuclear power from the get go as a young teenager the writing was on the wall.
    Im vexed to see these stories now.
    Jules ..I can imagine how busy you are ..blessings and wind down when you can .😕😉

  142. jules 104 star48
    Hi Jules god to hear from you .
    When I was reading it seemed we are nearing this time ..Northern Territory flood hasnt happened ..and it sounds like Trump could be rich leader …I just got the general feel its all around the same time and is over due ..but maybe things have shifted or thwarted ..A time shift and potential events gone ..wouldnt that be wonderful …im.looking at the 2 days as years and that would be 2018 though delays do occur as we know ..The NT can flood but thats usually cyclone season like now we are getting into it for our northern areas. uness tsunami from Indonesia hits Darwin or there about .
    Indian ocean Tsunami for northern W.A. N.T.
    possible too ..my general feel is its delayed ..
    blessings you two .💚💛

  143. ps…
    Cyclone season is November to April
    some as early as October ..
    oh yeah when football is usually played
    September to December is that right? .
    ties in with our cyclone season …
    and possible rich leader demise ..or news ..

  144. Jules 104 star48
    after thought maybe December is the month .
    ” 25 will be lost to this “came to mind ..
    im just going to read up on that one again ..

    1. Rhona, I’m starting to wonder if , “the 25 is lost to it”, could be related to the 25th Amendment, or something happens prior to Christmas on the 25th, so it’s not a day of celebration as usual? Like something that doesn’t happen because of some other unforeseen action, or situation.
      Here is the 11-8-15 prediction. It’s either NZ or SF in the old ones. Is “in 3 to 4” talking about years? So from November 2015 that would’ve been Nov 2018, and now Nov 2019?

    1. star 48
      I would be saying more than that ..
      Im not sure I would hang around to video .
      Though great footage ..
      Krakatua performed for them ..experience if a lifetime ..

    2. Wow that would have been something being there at the time of that eruption. But I’m with Rhona, I would have been running the other way!😦😯. Glad nobody got hurt.

  145. Jules 104
    yes that prediction is so centred .it keeps returning to California ( Miramar ).
    This weekend could be an event ..
    Im still hoping prayers love and light have thwarted most of this potential….
    Stadium being mentioned ..
    I wonder about the Saudi Arabia I may be off base but the drone attack on Iran may have stirred things up a bit ..not sure where im going with that …
    im going to re read see what i can get from it ..
    Thanks Jules

    1. Star48, could this be the natural energy resource from Eric’s older prediction that would be at the deepest parts of the Ocean floor? It sort of sounds like it.

  146. star48
    Here is hoping it serves as a resource rather than a climate change risk ..
    nothing like a good rift lol ..😕😉mother earth
    releasing gas after a good meal ..
    sorry cracking myself up here ..it’s all that subducting she consumes ..

      1. Jules 104
        Im happy you got a laugh ..😀😀😀
        I did too …Its like the sulpher..smell
        seriously i think its from deep in her belly ..
        It just makes sense …
        that fire in her belly the furnace desolving everything ..imagine the stuff that gets subducted its a form of clean up..
        i always think of the winds and cyclones as refreshing the atmosphere after gathering all the negative energy from breath ..words ..
        thoughts actions ..i think nature spreads out the load ..cyclones.. trees ..rivers ..oceans ..precipitation ..she cleans up in her own methodic way…so compassionate and giving ..she looks after us so well..and we one day my be appreciative children and clean up after ourselves in all ways ..mentally.. physically and enviornmentally .
        I love the balance of nature above and below .the sun the moon the earth and all working together for us. and animals kingdom hmmmm sweet..its a beautiful symphony.

  147. star 48
    I know its nuts …I have been looking at and Jerry …Karen wondering if they will cause any probs ..and the 6mag quake all after Dorian .
    Its all crazy ..my thoughts are in the area ..
    prayers love and light .

  148. Jules104 star48
    Thanks Jules Im still feeling this Indian Ocean one is coming ..Off shore Broome W.A. had another 4+ quake at 10km yesturday ..same spot it swarmed a month or so ago .
    Star now Paos Volcano what in the world is going down over there ..😶😲
    so much weather /nature movement ..
    thanks for links you two

    1. Thanks for the link Rhona. The pics under the testimonies of all the damage is just crazy, and there were a lot of testimonies. Sounds like some felt it shake for a good two minutes! Praying for Pakistan and for all who lost loved ones.

    1. Rhona2,
      Does Singer..mean a big one?
      6.0 plus? And is it related to NMadrid? What states?
      Or country..
      USA or Mexico?
      Thank him fir info! 👁

    2. Rhona do you think it’s related to the Puerto Rico quakes going on now? I’d not doubt if something submersible gets hit under the water down there in the Gulf off US. There’s lots of pressure coming up through the volcanos right now.

  149. Jules104,Rhona2,
    Popo again,
    Event details

    Volcano Eruption in Mexico on September 24 2019 03:25 AM (UTC).

    Mexican volcano Popocatepetl started to erupt on Monday, releasing gases and ash, the civil defense service of the Puebla state said. “The Popocatepetl volcano has awakened and releases water steam, gases, and ash,” the service said on its Twitter page. The service registered over 10 tremors, seven explosions and 152 outbursts within the last 24 hours. The authorities called on people to refrain from entering the 12-kilometer area (more than 7 miles) around the volcano and climbing the mountain. Popocatepetl is located some 50 kilometers from Mexico City in the eastern half of the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt and poses a danger to highly populated nearby areas. The powerful eruption caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of people in 2000.

    1. Star48, I was just thinking about this last night after watching a dutchsinse update. Mt Hood Had a smallish quake. This would not be good!🤔😯

  150. Star48, Rhona, I haven’t really been watching dutchsinse lately but my daughter sent me this update. Looks like he’s expecting a 5.9 off the Washington Coast and watching the swarm going on over near Southern CA near the China Lake area that got hit previously.
    I think the 5-6s are going around right now. I’m curious to see if he’s correct.

  151. star48 jules 104
    just a quick post singer just dent .. San Francisco ..while i was looking at dutchsince
    ….song played on radio ..
    white Island a 👀
    im still watching Dutch ..so will comment soon
    blessings and thank you

  152. star48 jules 104
    just a quick post singer just sent .. San Francisco ..while i was looking at dutchsince
    ….song played on radio ..
    white Island a 👀
    im still watching Dutch ..so will comment soon
    blessings and thank you

  153. star48 Jules 104
    Secton of Bombay Beach to Mecca Hill accelerated within minutes and continued more than a year..To me thats evidence that large quakes can resound miles away seen or unseen a month or even a year latter ..
    ” such stories are scary” as they said .
    but good to know in awareness .
    dutch was quite comprehensive this time..drill point to drill point with Ridgcrest impacted and Juan da Fuca looking for a 5.9m within 6 days ..Ridgecrest to long valley coming in from Alaska not surprising given Alaska activity last weeks …Soda Lake weak points 😯 Long Valley
    super Volcano swarm last week ..
    wow please take care Jules ..
    blessings u two .

  154. Star 48
    DEO For short i hope ..😂😂
    They must be excited about this discovery ..
    that will keep them busy with research for sometime ..rembering nothing really sleeps ..