Texas Plane Crash

This prediction has happened. Such a tragic event.


I had a visual of an airplane that had crashed or exploded, it was burning in a hanger or warehouse. Then the visual shifted to show the burning plane again but this time it was in a barn like structure?


155 thoughts on “Texas Plane Crash”

  1. star 48 Jules 104
    i noticed i was annon again on last post of Fiji
    maybe better luck with this thread .
    hello Texas 👢🐃🐂🐎🐎🐎

    1. star48
      Inyo county is getting hammered .unbelievable
      im.hoping the sleeping Dino is not about to awaken..
      1500 tremors and more

  2. star 48 Jules 104
    i think I found the Problem
    I turned off email notifications .
    as my emails get full .
    um we will c now i have turned it back on .

  3. star48 jules 104
    Yes that seems to have solved the problem
    on thecold site format it didnt make any difference if you got emails or not .
    this new format seems to want tobrequire it .

  4. star Jules
    no that didnt sort it ..was off site for hour or so came back and follow was blue again meaning
    signed out .

  5. star48 Jules104
    wow this is getting really weird i have to sign up to follow every timeci post ..
    i didnt this time as i wanrd to test

  6. im back auto posted …yay 😀😀😀😀..no filling in or follow required .i was site for 4hrs came back on and its all good ..
    blessings and thank you for help ..

  7. I’m here in Texas! 🥵
    Rhona glad you got that sorted out. what a headache for you. Love your determination.😉
    Okay where is this EQ going to hit now?
    Wellington, Washington, West Coast?

  8. Star48, Rhona…just a thought. In this old prediction Spirits are focused on an earthquake coming and then Eric says on a completely different topic Spirit shows a headline, “War Is Imminent” and it’s about N Korea and them. testing a different weapon to provoke fear and that being the final straw. Could the W be for “War”? There’s a lot of things that match up in it for this time period.

    1. Jules104,Rhona2

      We have the same problem..What ,Where ,When
      “W”. Can be
      Day,direction,first letter of…War? City,?State?,
      You can throw Iran in that War bucket…with latest move…

  9. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Philippines 🇵🇭
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Philippines on July 07 2019 03:35 PM (UTC).

    The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has recorded 19 volcanic earthquakes during the 24-hour observation of Taal Volcano in Batangas. But based on Phivolcs’ field measurements since July 4, the eastern sector of Taal Volcano’s main crater lake yielded no change in water temperature at 34.0°C. Increases in water level, however, were noted from 0.08 meter to 0.10 meter, and acidity from pH 2.83 to pH 2.82. It also measured ground deformation through precise leveling surveys from June 15 to 24, which indicated slight inflation of the edifice consistent with recent results from continuous GPS data. Taal Volcano’s alert status remains at level one due to the abnormal condition of the volcano. It has been raised from zero to one last March 28. However, Phivolcs clarified that alert level one means “hazardous eruption is not imminent.” The public meanwhile is reminded that the main crater should be strictly off-limits because sudden steam explosions can occur and high concentrations of toxic volcanic gases can be released. The northern portion of the main crater rim, in the vicinity of Daang Kastila Trail, can also become hazardous when fumarolic or degassing activity along existing fissures suddenly increases. Furthermore, the public is also reminded that the entire volcano island is a permanent danger zone and permanent settlement is strictly prohibited.

  10. Jules104,Rhona2
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in USA on July 07 2019 02:47 AM (UTC).

    An earthquake swarm started on the evening of July 5 at the southern margin of Coso Volcanic Field in Inyo County, California. The swarm activity was triggered by a magnitude M5.4 earthquake at 9:19 PM PDT located 20 km (~20 miles) ESE of Little Lake, which itself was likely an aftershock of the M7.1 earthquake that occurred about an hour earlier 17 km NNE of Ridgecrest, and south of the Coso area. An average of about 30 earthquakes per hour have been detected since, most within the range of magnitude M1 to M3.No ground deformation indicative of volcanic activity has been detected, and there is no imminent threat of an eruption. The California Volcano Observatory will continue to monitor the situation for any sign of volcanic activity and provide updates as warranted. The Coso Volcanic Field is located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains at the northern end of the Mojave Desert, about 64 km (~40 miles) north of Ridgecrest. The field covers about 150 square miles primarily within the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake and is comprised of lava domes, lava flows, and cinder cones erupted over the past 250,000 years. The most recent eruption was about 40,000 years ago.

    1. Star48, Rhona… I remember seeing all the dormant ancient cinder cones just driving down that ten mile stretch to Ft Irwin. Climbed a few at that. Pretty old. Hope they don’t become active again. That would be crazy. 😧

    1. That’s concerning. I wonder if it was related to the EQ in S CA and movement transferring over east. Though I don’t know if there’s been any real pressure transfer east yet. Has there? Seems a bit odd.

  11. star48 jules 104
    Star I posted Tsunami Indonesia article on thread as requested .
    wow you two so much info to read from you this morning .
    The crack from 7.1m is a real indication of the force and is a real concern if we get more closer to populations .
    The meteor video is fantastic …another one its been a couple of weeks since last one .
    kinda getting regular lately .
    side note
    Daughter home today she is much better but continuing treatment at home .
    Thank you for suppoert and your prayers that i believe were andwered …they said she responded fast praise to god and goid friends
    for good thoughts..
    blessings you two

  12. star48 Jules 104
    weird when i first posted on thread it was rhona2 now on main thread it says annon where i posted Tsunami article .
    i will just have to get tound it .

    1. Rhona it’s all good we know it’s you. And yes, mercury retrograde … it’s like gremlins abound amongst us!👾👻👽🙃🙂🤪

      1. jules104
        Thanks Jules its been a really unusually
        mixed bag of stuff to deal with this weekend past ..but it is past now ..

  13. Plane crashed in hanger last week Sunday in Addison, Tx. It’s in Dallas County. 10 died in plane crash. It’s about 5 miles from our home. Surprised you predicted it. Wondering when you predicted?

    1. lossie
      last line before crash prediction
      ” Im at a loss as to what these messages represent ”
      Then just under it Airplane crash
      its an October 31st prediction 2018
      blessings Hope that helps

  14. Star48
    mb4 nn3 Astrroids …
    we.will see if they create any problems .
    certainly hope not .
    thank you for articles enjoyed the info .

      1. Jules104,
        No, that is not the one…but thanks…
        I think I need to let it go…for awhile..my mind is going circular…ekk…

    1. Star48, Wow that’s a crazy amount of water there. I’ve been looking for something specific but can’t find anything for DC. Though it seems familiar.

  15. oh man now they all posted
    even my previous one that wasnt there a minute ago
    honest there was nothing there
    now it makes me look real 😨😲
    ditsy crazy ..
    this if freaky

    1. Rhona2,
      No worry, you are definitely not ditsy…
      Thank you for helping me…
      By the way.,these were not the post..

      1. star48
        yeah i thought they were not ..
        i remember vaguely the one your after
        will leave it to innate and see if i can get it
        Thanks for saying im not Ditsy …😀😊
        reassuring x

    1. jules 104
      no Jules almost Certain FEMA one has not happened .
      so Mega Hurricane and shooting pending ..
      could be this October or sooner ..

    1. star48
      well thats great 😨 At least they found it /them …
      oh dear Its capable of producing a 7.2 m
      yikes ..not feeling any better when he said it would just cause local damage ..I get it but wow ..

    2. Thanks for the link Star48. I’ve heard that before. And the city is no where ready for a big earthquake. They are expecting amongst other things, most of the bridges to go, which are many! Sheesh. 😐 The Mt Hood Fault is well, a double whammy??? Ayyiyi…😧

      1. Jules 104,
        The opening line…
        Opening the ground!
        Also the crack in the ground later on
        is right on,,

        Can you put the link of the crack on the ground on that thread?

  16. Star48, Rhona. You know how people on the main thread are talking about how their animals are acting weird… well I don’t think this is anything but just old feline stuff but yesterday am my elderly cat just started this whole, I can’t find my way around, walking off balance etc. Like walk into walls, furnisher, circles. There is an actual feline senility disease that happens but it’s sort of interesting it came on now, yesterday am. Probably just a coincidence so didn’t want to mention on main thread. They say it can come and go all of a sudden.🤔 Just weird timing.

    1. Jules104,
      Timing is coincidental…? Not…
      I think something is going on with the magnetic fields…

      Keep aware…family ,friends…upsets…and animals…we are closer to ?

  17. Jules 104,Rhona2
    Event details

    Unusual geological event in Taiwan on July 09 2019 11:05 AM (UTC).

    A mud volcano in Pingtung County erupted yesterday, July 8, in a field adjacent to the site of the last eruption last year. Fortunately for the affected farmer, the field had already been harvested, but the Wandan Township government urgently dispatched an excavator to divert mud away from neighboring cropland. Mud spewed out to a height of over one meter during yesterday’s eruption. Farmers expressed the hope that the government would set up a system of subsidies for farmers affected by the eruptions. The mud that accumulated during last year’s eruption had still not been cleared, and now the adjacent field is being inundated with a mudflow. Today, July 9, the eruption of mud was accompanied by flames as the natural gas that causes the eruptions ignited. The Wandan mud volcano periodically erupts at intervals of between six months to two years at different places within a radius of around two kilometers near the border of Wandan and Xinyuan townships. Last year, the volcano erupted twice, destroying a ready-to-harvest rice crop, and damaging a rural road. Taiwan English News reported previous eruptions April 2016, and June 2016. Previous to yesterday’s eruption, the last eruption occurred December 24, 2018.

  18. jules 104 star 48
    Jules I agree Im thinking your Cat ‘s
    age and the magnetics have joined forces and created this malady in your cat .
    like the magnetics hastened the onset ..
    Its vexing to see im sure… we love our feline friends ..

    Star …Wadan mud volvano ..just goes to show we are having some issues below ground .Funny I was looking at Tawain on a map two days ago ..i was looking at island shapes to match Eric’s prediction ..about Island with 4 corners sticking out ..He said N Z but just wanted to see .Australia is an Island where four Corners stick out 😊 Im sure its a smaller island ..I say that tongue in cheek ..

  19. Star48, Rhona … this prediction about the island … 7:52…”that is when they reveal this revolting monster…takes refuge on the islands…14…such horrific attacks… she said you ruined everything.” I know this happened already but, I’m getting JEpstein and his long time partner Ghisaline Maxwell on his privately owned Island of Little St James in the Virgin Islands. I look at this island and see the shape and how it spreads out. I think they will find some kids bodies buried there. I know it seems out there but that’s what I’m getting. Maybe it’s just my concerns over it all… but I feel there’s another monster to be revealed. What do you think?

    1. Jules 104,Rhona2,
      I think you are correct…more investigating is needed…
      So much darkness…for so many years…

  20. Star 48 Jules 104
    I think we had best brace ouselves as when this Epstein lid comes right off we are going to be shocked at whos involved to what depth.
    And yes Jules I believe you suspicions are right .His web reaches world wide and that hirlfriend of his yes in think your smack on the
    mark about her being the one in prediction
    im pouring as much light on this for revelation, Now it is totally in my awareness ..I will not cease ..
    Thank you for bringing this up Jules .
    many Blessings

    1. Wow how amazing. Glad they just put on a show and no damage done. It does remind me of that Brazil meteor prediction though. Thanks Star48.

  21. star 48
    Fragments of a earlier one they said ..wow it must have looked grand ..one of those beauitiful but hazardous sites ..
    now that was the Brazil prediction getting real almost ..😨

    1. Star48, thanks for the volcanic eruption report update. I’m just thinking about meteor prediction. Can meteors coming in, even if far away, mess with earths volcanos, earthquakes and pressure on plates etc? Just curious. 🤔

  22. star 48
    thanks for weekly volcano report
    see there are a good many went to orange alert.
    intersting to read about Semispochnoi..
    this week should be a watch in many cases .

  23. star48 Jules 104
    I see on thread Tropical storm Barry is creating floods in New Orleans ..worst yet to come ..
    Wind sheer and dry air are being said to be a hinder to it praying that keeps up .


    1. Rhona2,
      Each of your post about semisopochoi are under Anonymous
      However your comment about glitching again is a Rhona 2
      So it looks like your on target again… hurrah..

  24. star 48
    Thank you 4.6m the testimonies were so many
    it was really a surprise for most people ..especially at the time it occured ..it was felt widely .

  25. Star48, Rhona … I’ve been watching the PNSN and if you go to the top where dates are and push the forward then search button tracking it as it goes thru each set of days from “6-28-19 thru 6-29-19” and move forward to “7-11-10 thru 7-12-19” … you will see there is something going on. You have to click arrow either forward or backward and do search each time but it goes quick. Look all the way from N CA to Vancouver Island.

    1. Rhona2
      For this comment I am replying on..you are back to anonymous

      Thank you for PNG…
      Yes I did see it..deep…just did not post..
      By the by the Washington eq’ s. —3 of them I posted on Cascade site
      I contribute from time to time..

  26. star48 Jules104
    just what i need a mecurial pixie ..now that’s otherwordly
    ….what a good fun childs fiction book ..
    can you imagine a Pixie with wings on its heals
    bringing messages ..It would be crazy chinese
    whispers gone wrong nothing would be conveyed verbantum ..or is that the naughty Elf im thinking of ..

  27. Star48, Rhona, (thanks for the link on main thread.) Just to explain … just reading through the old predictions and other things that are going on in news etc… My crazy brain starts picking up on things that seem relevant now to me, even for some predictions that have already happened. Like having lots of threads that lead to one thread or main event coming up. I just start feeling it really strong. It’s almost as if the old predictions (or back story) are still a part of the upcoming story … and in this case the Spirits have given us the back stories way beforehand in order to foil these bad things still coming and when I start rereading a lot of the old predictions, I start seeing a relevance for now, even in the old predictions that have happened already.
    Hope that made sense. I just don’t want to come off as fear mongering when it could just be me reading way too much into it.
    Okay officially going Koo-koo!😂🤣😆🤪

  28. Star48, Rhona … I don’t think “Our Father” is finished and more scandals are coming out soon. Lots of old predictions coming to mind for me.
    I just thought of some others which to me could be relevant.
    “Do You Believe In a Higher Power?” dated 15 September 2015
    The large stone dinosaur walking, sits down and the plank with the metal bull on it whom people are worshipping, pops into my mind. People who only worship their money and the power that comes with it comes to me. (Child trafficking/human sex trafficking, I hate to even think what else they are doing with children, black mail, etc)
    Also there is another prediction that mentions the Father saying something like I will do anything for my children or the children.
    Another about the large boulders unearthed or turned over. Do with it as you may, or something like that. I’m also wondering now about the Monday finally here large crack opens being related to the old sex scandals and our Father cracks the door open.
    Oh there’s too many coming into my brain. But this is sort of what I mean by still relevant … for me anyway. So when I start rereading the old and the new predictions also my brain or intuition starts putting them together like a puzzle. Either way I do feel there is a lot of divine intervention going on lately, especially when it comes to the children and suffering even if we can’t see everything that’s happening or been happening.
    That huge wave of energy coming in? Like a big download?
    I feel like the child/human trafficking is a worldwide “business” and it’s about to be revealed and a lot of people in power all over the world or anyone connected to it somehow will be brought down or fall.
    So besides the attacks, earthquakes and tsunamis which could happen at the same time. I really feel something major is coming. Like the under belly of a beast (oh that horrible slimy rotten fruit walking up the steps prediction is coming to mind now). I guess it could take a while for it all to come out though it can’t be too soon!
    I think JEpstein is just one of these evil persons from all over the world involved in this stuff.
    Sending light and love out into the Universe. 🌟❤️

      1. Thanks Star48. “Stream of consciousness” … I like that because at times it feels like a “stream of kookooness” 😆🤪😉

    1. Jules 104
      yes great sreaming there of consciousness.
      Your so turned onto it or tuned into it i ought to say.
      well done Jules ..
      yeah its absolutely world wide this Epsteine
      vice ..and i love your remembering all the children and Father predictions ..
      as I said before non of us light workers will rest till this is revealed and busted .
      blessings Jules

    1. Great Scott! No worries? That would have worked years ago but not anymore. They treat people like imbeciles.
      And there’s so much more out there I’m sure that the military and others have dumped a long time ago or are still dumping adding into our oceans.

  29. star48 Jules 104.
    These newly discovered Faults really have
    seizmologists concerned and speaking out .
    as he 2as saying these 5’sm of recent maybe indicitive of larger ones rather than releasing
    pressure as would be the hope .
    Its essential autorities know this but to the mainstream cits a quake is a quake and its going to hurt ..Im just saying most people would think oh great like we need to hear this
    .I would want to know but overload on peoples minds is becoming real they need to know these discoveries it must be disclosed .
    Puete Hills is a worry .They all are ..

    wow New Madrid so wide an erstimated effect
    but we suspectedcas much .

    The sub leakage ..😨..unbeleivable ..

    watching Japan Closely after that deep 6.1m

    Jules Praying and sending love and light for
    ” Lights of Liberty ” event ..may it all go undetered and safely..
    blessings you two

      1. Jules104, Rhona 2
        Shallow and in unusual location for that size..

        Is there a thread we should post it on?
        Australia is mentioned with 3 , New Plymouth ,?
        Is NZ coming next?

        Side note
        By the way symptoms have easied

    1. Eric Star Jules104
      Population of Broome is 18,000 is just opposite epicentre ..most damage was in stores will keep you posted
      Port Hedland 18,000.
      there also Derby and Canarvon in thousands .

  30. jules104 star 48
    believe me 3 to 4 hours ago I suddenly felt sick and legs went wobbly ..i felt fine but it was different to normal weakness and nausia .I had a slight headache too .
    I remember thinking about oh could be quake.
    i was out shopping in a rush and dismissed it without checking my phone .
    This is an area that has had a large 7+ mag many years ago I will post info on area after i check details .
    im concerned now for Indian ocean Prediction .
    remember singer said when all Gutter issues are solved .They put in new ones on 17th Wednesday ..Tsunami may arise .
    im waiting to hear from Hubby see if theyvfelt it ..He is not far from coast of epicentre by way of it as seizmic waves go .
    will let you know .

  31. star 48 Jules 104
    Daughter who had baby was at shops
    she felt it too about the same time i did .she was at a different store closer to her home about 10km from me .
    her is a report many people felt over a wide area ..Hubby will phone in about 1 hour will post his comments if he felt or not .
    we have dogs barking all over the place here and you never hear them normally ..so expecting mayb more ..there has been about 5 aftershocks 4.1 @ 10km .4.0m @10 .3.8M@10KM…4.9M@2KM…4.1@2KM
    THESE ARE IN ORDER FROM Most recent being last one ..so got shallower .
    news report didnt copy properly will recopy see if i can post .

  32. star48 jules 104
    Hubby was saying they had.to stop running the trucks delivering ore as one of the ramps cracked ..some feltbit others in.trucks did not .
    they are doing safety check ..
    his mine is 300km out of Newman West Aust.
    im releived no tsunami for Sulawasi area Indonesia .

  33. Rhona, Star48. Seems you both experienced symptoms of different sorts prior to the earthquakes coming.
    Glad your hubby is safe Rhona and so far no one harmed nor any real property damage done. Really glad no tsunamis involved with either quake. Stay safe and keep us posted. ❤️

    1. star 48 jules 104
      Yeh I feel a bit concerned about Bali area
      and Sumatra …Saluwasi.. oh man Just all Indonesia
      W.A is still registering many aftershocks we have had 7 or so in last 3hours ….
      a swarm of aftershocks …hmm yep .
      interesting for this neck o the woods ..😕😯

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