East Coast Flooding

They acknowledge back in march there would be some stormy weather in the north-east but made it clear the threat of 2013 for the US would be Florida and the west coast Tsunami.  The Prediction reads:

Notes on 3-16-13 “Oh my, so many floods are coming.. Florida and Japan have the biggest storms.. New Jersey and surrounding areas are hit again.. Florida will be hit with a massive hurricane, the tide and path make the flooding deep.. the shorelines of the Carolinas devastated..  Japan hit in the worst way.. Korea is affected.. Typhoon strike the Philippines.. Philippines are ill prepared, slow response.. there will be excessive tragic deaths.

New York, New Jersey brace for heavy rains, coastal flooding
Read more: http://pix11.com/2013/10/10/new-york-new-jersey-brace-for-heavy-rains-coastal-flooding/#ixzz2hcWycNya

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