Prediction: Another New Zealand Earthquake

I had a visual of New Zealand, the area of Wellington through New Plymouth was shaded in grey. “Large destructive earthquake.. New Zealand.. 1.. 2”

“Another earthquake.. one right beneath us.”

Another New Zealand Earthquake is coming. New Zealand just had a 6.2 earthquake. This new earthquake will be larger, and destructive. The number 1 and 2 could be Spirit counting one earthquake and then a second. Or these numbers are dates, the earthquake could happen on the 1st here in California while it’s the 2nd in New Zealand.  Then Spirit said another earthquake is coming, ‘right beneath us’ could be a reference to a California earthquake.

“In the US.. the US senate race will be split down the middle.. half  blue.. half red.”


“95.. 9.5”

“There going to accuse you of tampering”

I am at a loss on what these messages represent. 

I had a visual of an airplane that had crashed or exploded, it was burning in a hanger or warehouse. Then the visual shifted to show the burning plane again but this time it was in a barn like structure?

“Eric.. We don’t agree with this helicopter post.. this was an airplane”

Yesterday we posted the Sebring Helicopter Crash as a prediction that has happened. Spirit is saying that I am wrong, and the prediction about an airplane that crashed in a hanger has not happened yet.

I had a visual of  what look like the Empire State Building, there was a very large storm behind it. “Bomb.. November”

They could be using the Empire State Building as an example. This prediction reminds me of another prediction:

“Chicago.. Explosion.. 1”

“I had a visual of a bomb going off in a building, there was massive smoke coming from all directions. (I believe ‘it will be huge’ is a reference to the size of the bombing) Then Spirit wrote 207”

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  1. i work wellington hospital its funny they have alert messages at work they are testing and bringing on their emergency generators today to see if they can work and handle a large quake event. its called black start up.
    they planned to shutdown the power to hospital and bring on the generators for 10mins. funny timing.
    they are def preparing for something.

    1. i also as second job work in a government dept wellington and they just allocated work laptops to many not long ago to take home each day for emergency preparations.
      two key places getting ready for something.

      1. I feel Eric is spot on re New Zealand. Definitely a quake before the end of the weekend there. And I think there will be more than just New Zealand over the next week to ten days. Pete

  2. Didn’t Spirit tell you who would take the senate before the 2016 presidential election?

  3. Eric do you know if the “95.. 9.5” is a magnitude for an earthquake? Hope not. I’m not sure what else 9.5 would reference. 🤔

  4. So we still have another earthquake coming, a plane crash, a shooting at a concert, and a bombing? Yikes, these are tough times.

  5. As soon as I read this, I saw what I think is meant:
    The U.S. Senate is composed of 100 Senators, 2 from each state. To ‘split the Senate down the middle’ and then say ’95…9.5′ tells me it’s an earthquake…and if you ‘split the senate’ down the middle, you would be dividing the nation in half…down the middle…as in a New Madrid / Mississippi River fault split…and a 9.5 would definitely accomplish this.

    As for a ‘date’…I personally have dreamt for a week, that at midnight (my local Mountain time), that something TERRIBLE was coming on Halloween night…as in ‘Halloween, midnight’…this would definitely fit that description…

    I guess we will see…

  6. Yes Eric, I’ve been getting for some time now that the Democrats will take Congress but that the Senate will either be split, or that the Republicans will not have it their way. Either the Republicans will just scrape in, but one or two of their number will vote constantly with the Democrats, or two independents will side with the Democrats.
    Also that Mueller won’t make any final public announcement till late Jan/Feb next year. Pete

  7. 207 is an area code in Maine

    It’s also a reference to US Title Code 18 Section 207 which places restrictions on former executive and legislative branches from communicating with intent of influencing others that would interfere with their official duties. Maybe the explosion and smoke is symbolic to exposure of a violation? Punishment by fine or imprisonment – Section 216. Kind of fits the political climate at the moment.

  8. “There going to accuse you of tampering”

    You? If so, would this relate to the prediction about you getting negative media attention?

    1. I do believe they are talking about me. Not sure what it means. However there is an issue right now with a glitch on the site, people are being blocked with ads, I am diligently trying to fix it. Perhaps that??

      1. Eric do you ever help out or work with police on criminal cases like missing children, murder, etc. Maybe an underhanded ploy by someone to direct attention off of themselves? It’s just a thought, unless it’s not about you and it’s about all the political happenings lately?
        Praying it’s not concerning you.🙏🏻🌟

        1. Yes I do case work. However the common case is usually a question about how someone died, was it an accident/ malice/ etc. Or information about their death. We will have to wait and see how that message plays out.

    1. Wow…just saw this…..I’m sensing the vibes from underground. It’s coming..

  9. It’s 8:59am in Dallas TX. I can feel it the 6th sense. Deep pressure from underground. It’s coming now…earthquake coming.

    1. The 6th sense still active sensed the wave of underground movement. Sensed huge energies released and pressure like “hummm” vibration. Can’t hear but feel sixth sense.

      1. exactly.. political tampering getting exposed.
        “The Senate Judiciary Committee has referred a Kentucky woman to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after she admitted making up an accusation that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had raped her.”

  10. The 95… 9.5 / tampering could be a political race (95 votes? 9.5 points. Or a district number maybe?) where someone is accused of tampering with the results. I wouldn’t be at alll surprised in GA that if Kemp wins the Governors race he’ll be accused. He’s the Secretary of State in charge of overseeing the election he’s running in (and it’s really close). And there’s already a lot of allegations making national news of him tampering via voter supression when he gets to decide all the rules. We also have the most easily “hacked machines in the country here and no paper trail. It leaves a lot of space for accusations when he’s “in charge” and running.

  11. Im a kiwi so not sure how this senate stuff works. but when i saw the 95 mentioned i thought of 95% oneside / 5% the other side.
    and if something was like that it would be obvious tampering had occured.

    1. or like the poster before mentioned 95 votes or points and 5 the other. out of 100.
      something like that.

  12. The first of three days of the annual, local Air Show going on right now in this Florida city. Huge Fighter Jet streaks by, directly over rural, residential, commercial buildings and then, in seconds, can see it already over the not-distant coastline, where the pilot turns it back, screeching directly overhead again with several more repeats, each day. This time, the absolutely ‘ear-splitting’, thunderous roar set off a near-by car alarm, lol. Other types of planes — vintage, modern and contemporary, will also be showcased in flight and on the ground here each day. Just can’t help but think for a moment about your vision, Eric, involving a plane. God, fix Eric’s Bea right up well now; Thank You.

  13. When I see “95” I think of Interstate 95. I wonder if “95…9.5” means that some point along the highway will be affected by a 9.5 earthquake? I sure hope NOT! In another post you spoke of the black spot along the mid-Atlantic coast and the white spot further inland. I-95 runs mostly parallel to the Atlantic coastline so, could those two predictions be related?

  14. I think perhaps your bomb in NY, the big storm behind the Empire State Building, is actually a weather “bomb cyclone” . Looks like the big huge storm you predicted might still be on it’s way.

  15. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:;;;There going to accuse you of tampering”

    Democratic Party…to be investigated


    Nov. 4 (UPI) — Georgia’s secretary of state’s office said Sunday morning that it had opened an investigation into the Democratic Party of Georgia after a failed alleged attempt to hack the state’s voter registration system.

  16. As document in Dallas texas on Nov 5th at estimate 7:30pm….numerous of neighborhoods heard of sounds like fire shot or firework in northwest of Dallas. Wondering if any state heard that sounds like a fire shot about the same time as Dallas at about out 7:30pm. If not, then ignore this message thst it could be nothing. My thought as what if it from the earthquake popping sound.

  17. im thinking right beneath us is spirit telling us they can feel it. they live in the hollow earth agartha. heaven within. eden. we live on outter world of sin. land of nod. they communcate from the inner world to the outter.
    a 9 5 quake will def be felt by the inner world. they will feel this quake due to its size.
    two worlds exist on earth. eden and nod.
    inner and outter.
    hell is not inside the earth. and theres no molten core but a small sun. all planets have them. there are many heavens inside hollow planets

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