Prediction: Another Large Earthquake

I had a visual of zero. The countdown is complete.

Large Earthquake.. today.. two earthquakes back to back in different locations.

California (could they mean Baja California in Mexico)

I had a visual of a clock that read 9:15

Soon after Lupe (or perhaps they said a loop) the plane will fall. It will crash in the middle of the ocean.

I had a visual of a map that highlighted Australia, then it pointed to the south east corner. That implies a Sydney location.

In 15 minutes (that implies a timeframe around October 7th)

Another earthquake! We are expecting this earthquake NOW. We have very little time to get the word out. Though they said today their is a minor possibility they are talking about tomorrow. In my opinion this has to be related to the San Jose / San Francisco earthquake prediction. Please help us warn everyone. We need to make every effort to alter any possible tragedies.

Spirit has gone 180 degrees with their predictions. It is not the airplane prediction we are expecting today but another large earthquake. They are trying to fix our mistakes, ‘in two’ seems to be related to these earthquakes and not the plane. The location has changed as well.

Previous predictions that may be related:




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  1. benmadigan Avatar

    is this the earthquake you were referring to?
    “A magnitude 6.2 earthquake that shook southern Mexico on Saturday spread fear in the capital and frustrated rescuers, some of whom were forced to suspend the search for survivors of an earlier, bigger tremor”.

    “seismic alarms rang out in the city, sending thousands of startled residents running out onto the streets, many in pyjamas, shortly before 8 a.m.

  2. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, I hope this is okay to add. Dutch latest update from 22nd 10:00 pm. He is warning for Southern CA. LA Basin and an area where the pumping operations are in LA. Then Salton Sea area. Not too big but sounds large enough to do damage. He also issued a warning for areas around Australia. And some volcanos. Mt Agung on Bali and Sinabung. There may be more but I got sidetracked. It’s s bit long but worth a watch. He has been pretty right on for EQs lately. Though I’d imagine it would be for the CA San Jose area also. Just in case.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      Thank you for posting that jules. I had to disengage for a day or two and was behind with my Dutchsinse homework. I felt awful for being ‘efficient’ and then missing the Mexico City quake. I’m catching up now.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        No worries beachHut. I know the feeling. 😉

  3. Sara Avatar

    There was a 6.1 in Mexico today….I’m guessing that was one of the two quakes. As for the other…..could be in the western US, but it could also be in Mexico. We’ll have to keep an eye on it.

  4. tempestmm326 Avatar

    Flights often loop around in air for
    flight direction usually right after
    take off and righr before landing.
    So maybe plane has an issue at
    take off or landing.
    Might be an airport near water..
    Nyc. fliorida. australia. california.

    1. petemedium Avatar

      Sydney’s main international airport, Kingsford Smith, is right on Botany Bay. Brisbane airport, further north, is also on the coast. Both handle large air traffic.

      1. tempestmm326 Avatar

        hi petemedium
        do u know are flights to nyc jfk
        or miami direct
        or do they make stops?

      2. tempestmm326 Avatar

        also odd i went thru some of the airline posts and some of the number sequences that could be dates or time frames like 101, ,105,108,513,901, 27 are all numbers of flights that have crashed in the past. i dont know if there is any connection to any of the upcoming plane predictions. departure city, flight
        number, route?

      3. petemedium Avatar

        tempest flights to the US from Sydney are usually direct flights to LAX and then on to East Coast or other places within the US.

    2. Alicia Avatar

      Hey tempestmm326 most flights from sydney to N.Y.C have a stop over to refuel.

  5. Karben Avatar

    Wow, the airplane crash is way more specific, sounds inevitable and soon. Dutch did talk about the earthquakes in California and said the pressure would then move east across the US.

  6. BeachHut Avatar

    Dutchsinse said there would be two earthquakes in the West Pacific. One around Sumatra at 6.7 to 7.7 which is big. New Zealand’s in for another round after another deep earthquake, which leads to bigger ones nearer the surface. Most of the earthquake activity is around five round the Pacific. The North West Pacific coast slippage is increasing, which means less urgency there for now.

    The California location was very geographically specific, as jules mentions above. All this is for a 72 hour time frame (less actually, because it’s a while since the video was posted).

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      ‘Around five round’ sorry that’s gibberish. I meant Pacific rim quakes are mostly a 5 magnitude right now.

  7. James Avatar

    south east of australia is new zealand. hope our big middle of the two land masses quake isnt now. australia doesnt really get quakes. not big ones. no major faults.

    1. iamtot Avatar

      There isn’t a fault line between Australia and New Zealand.

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        New Zealand is right on the fault line, it’s the edge of the plate, and Australia’s thousands of kilometres away, not as close as a lot of people probably imagine.

      2. BeachHut Avatar

        I apologise iamtot, I was still half asleep when I read your post and I read it as ‘Isn’t there a fault line’ rather than ‘There isn’t’. I wasn’t trying to pick an argument. I was just being dozy.

      3. lossie2020 Avatar

        BeachHut, I read somewhere that perhaps from Eric’s Spirits that the New Zealand is the continent. Have to go back and read it again.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          They implied that area at one time had much more land.

      4. James Avatar

        yes new zealand is a continent. its called zealandia much is under water.

  8. Pat Fletcher Avatar

    Could the plane be at an air how? They do loops as a form of entertainment, and there have been occasions when they have crashed?

  9. Pat Fletcher Avatar

    my previous post should have said air show.

  10. BeachHut Avatar

    The loop brought to my mind the graphics they show after a crash, showing the flight path, when trying to work out what happened. Perhaps it’s simply that the plane goes haywire from its intended route and goes in a circle before it goes down.

    By the way, it was the germanwings crash that really proved to me how exact Eric and Spirit can be although it sometimes doesn’t become obvious until it’s too late. There were two numbers related to that plane crash prediction, and no-one could figure out what they meant. When the flight path radar and data were reported, one prediction number turned out to be the final recorded flight speed, and the other number was the time in minutes into the flight before it crashed. The numbers were exact, and directly related to the crash. Unfortunately, with details like that, you cannot know in advance what they refer to, as they occurred at the moment it happened. This is one element of the predictions I’ve not really considered before. Maybe the loop will only be apparent after the fact.

    I did google ‘lupe’ and there is a performer called Lupe Fiasco, though I can’t see any appearances booked. It also just means wolf in Spanish. Still no idea if something would be ‘after’ any of that. I stick with the flight route idea.

  11. Tee Avatar

    Thank you, Eric. Eric, may I suggest you find a committed reiki practitioner. Find somebody with a strong lineage and who practices self-reiki daily. For you I’d especially recommend reiki to the head. It will replenish and protect you and strengthen your communication with your higher self and spirit.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
      1. Pat Fletcher Avatar

        Eric, your prediction on the plane, as we said at an air show, here is the link

  12. BeachHut Avatar

    I have two more points unconnected with this particular post. First, the German election is tomorrow (Sunday) which had potential for the election hacking prediction as discussed a few days ago. Also, if people hadn’t heard, Theresa May clarified in a speech that Brexit would not take place until 2021. The reason I mention this is that several have said occasionally that Eric and Spirit got the Brexit prediction wrong. But Brexit hasn’t happened, won’t happen until 2021 and realistically still may not happen even then or ever. The prediction won’t be wrong until Brexit actually happens.

  13. petemedium Avatar

    This weeks Ed Tamplin on a changing world is a must read for us all, especially the US.

    1. petemedium Avatar

      And for those that may think this Australian Astrologer is a bit unfair to the US, this is an American Astrologer Leo Tallarico’s take on the US’s future.

  14. Sara Avatar

    There was a 5.7 in the Philippines, and a 4.6 in Chile within the past 2 hours.

    And there have been a bunch of small quakes in Alaska and California….that fault-line does seem active, though it hasn’t produced any major quakes yet. Still, something to watch out for,

  15. Cmt Avatar

    Maybe “lupe” refers to Guadalupe?

  16. Michael Avatar

    Regarding your plane crash prediction this has been ongoing for nearly 2 years now and has now shifted from uk to canada and now australia it seemed like you were adamant the plane was uk linked and terrorist related but now not even sure if its uk or terrorist linked whats going on ? I feel this sort of mixed messages could be your downfall in the media

  17. rhona2 Avatar

    Eric My daughter and 7 year old grandson fly out for Sydney on your Sunday night from Perth
    sorry im doing it now ..feeling a bit worried ..
    so is it a plain heading into Sydney ..

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Rhona2, I don’t have any bad feelings about your family flying. I think they’d be okay. Just hope.

      1. rhona2 Avatar

        your so sweet to believe that ..I feel they will too It makes me feel better knowing
        your praying ..thank you. Just initially I thought oh dear ..but im sending love and light no matter whose loved ones may be involved ..
        blessing dear one .

  18. rhona2 Avatar

    Eric do you know the airlin involved in the crash ..

  19. lossie2020 Avatar

    Are you saying the earthquake will occur in California at 9:15 PM tonight?

    There was 4.0 magnitude in Oklahoma more than 30 minutes ago. If there is a pressure from calif toward to Oklahoma is not good also presume btw Mexico from south to north in Idaho. That create pressure unto calif between idaho, Mexico and Oklahoma.

  20. lossie2020 Avatar

    SWC, any of you experience the discomfort lately? Mine started last night with back pain, then increasing sharp pain now. Just wondering if affecting by something or maybe just me.

    1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

      My back has been bad since Friday morning. Almost like a heat.

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Wow…same heat. Weird

      2. lossie2020 Avatar

        I wonder if it affected by the energies that create the quakes. Are you in US? I live in Dallas. Just a theory.

        1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

          Yes. I am in New England

      3. dopeanddiamond Avatar

        As I write this I am laying flat on my back on the tile floor of my finished basement. The pain is so intense today it is the only way to cool the pain and burning feeling. More pain today than scorching heat though. The pain comes when I am active, the heat when I am relaxing.

    2. Holaca Avatar

      Been in pain and out of sorts since Tuesday I always feel quakes when they are big just can’t pinpoint where

    3. BeachHut Avatar

      Could it be kundalini? A of of people are having their awakening pushed forward now, and heat, pain and strange sensations up the back are the classic signs. Google it for more. It could be earthquake related, but I believe it’s all related anyway – the solar flares, seismic activity, the craziness in the world, personal symptoms and revelations,I think they’re all responses to the same surging energies right now. If it’s kundalini there are methods of channelling it or helping with the process.

      1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

        This is an interesting theory. I am no stranger to back pain but this is very different. Like an intense pressure at my hips/lower back with waves of heat coming up my spine and stopping at the base of my skull. No headache or anything else. No stiffness either which I normally have. Actually this respite from stiffness has been a delight.

        Oddly, I know when my loved ones are near by a comforting feeling of heat on my upper back and shoulders. This is just the opposite. My gentleman suiter felt the heat of my back through my clothing last night and was worried. I know I am not imagining it now. I am in new england so I do not think I would pick up on a quake due to my location being very far from fault lines. At least I think I am far from them.

      2. BeachHut Avatar

        It sounds very much like kundalini. What you mention about the heat further up when near your loved ones is a sign of activity in the heart chakra region. Unfortunately I get the exact opposite – chest upper back shoulders is where I have had a lot of trouble and had built up a lot of self-protection due to past issues.

        I don’t know how you feel about talk of chakras. I used to be very skeptical, but they actually correspond to nerve ganglia, major junctions governing different sections of the body. Emotions and physical responses are intertwined. I think it’s worth looking into kundalini guidance online, it can feel rather disturbing when people don’t realise what’s happening or what to do about it. There are meditations and yoga postures that can help. All the best with it, whatever it is!

      3. lossie2020 Avatar

        The pain in lower back is unbearable. I’m waiting for this earthquake to be over so the pain will cease. Almost like in birth labour. Hope I don’t have the kidney stone. We’ll see if it doesn’t go away after the quake then I go see a doctor.

      4. lossie2020 Avatar

        Dopeanddiamond, Holaca and others,

        Following up on physical pains. Oddly, the lower back pain is slowly going down. Thought I was going to die and almost had like a fever. Woke up this morning as I was able to lift up to go to restroom. What’s the hell was that these last 2 days? I’m still watching and hoping it’s not coming back. Fingers croased.

        How are you dopeanddiamond as yours sounded pretty painful. Is the pain going down yet? Good thing to use cold concrete floot in basement to cool down the burning sensation. Wow…sounds crazy wondering where it came from. I’m about to look up as what BeachHut mentioned. Forgot the word. Will be right back on followup.

  21. BeachHut Avatar

    OK here’s the latest trawl from Dutch’s nightly updates. All these are expected within (less than) 72 hours. His weekly forecast will be up by tomorrow morning.

    The South California quake as described by jules above will be located between Santa Barbara and Ventura north LA.

    Mexico is due yet another quake in a 200 mile stretch where the activity has been recently, this time upper 6 to low 7. Actually this one was projected for some time in the next week.

    Eastern US is going to get a shake up, in the region of East Tennessee, South-West Virginia (or is it South West-Virginia, I’m a bit confused!) and then North West Georgia. Then there will be a new round of quakes at the New York State / Quebec border area. He couldn’t pinpoint the exact magnitude because the USGS has been doctoring the reported size of quakes in the midwest fracking zones – earthquakes over a 4 can legally shut down operations, so quakes that start off over 4 get mysteriously shrunken to below the legal threshold. But the Eastren quakes won’t be mega disaster ones, but enough to cause damage.

    Panama and North Colombia are due to get either a 6.9 or a swarm.

    West Pacific, see post above. Something big expected there. Also, Okinawa to north east Taiwan, around a 5.8, followed by a similar but lesser quake around Guam. North Japan gets a 5 at the spot where a lot of its quakes occur, the same spot that caused the 2011 Tsunami. But this one only a 5.

    Around the tip of Turkey in the Aegean Sea, a 5, which leads to one a half magnitude less occurring in central / northern Italy. Interestingly (for us drizzly types in Boring Britain) this may then cause a shake in our neck of the woods as the pressure moves across the plate. We even have something he almost wanted to call a new fault line in the English Channel. It was worth sitting through this video for Dutch’s Sean Connery impression to highlight “Shcotland”

    He also alarmingly announced that Algeria was a near neighbour of Bosnia. That’s a terrifying amount of geological movement. Luckily he meant Albania and we can sleep easy after all.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Thanks BeachHut for updating. It worth for all your makeup loss of sleep. Hope you sleep better. ♡

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        Thanks lossie. I seem to be making lots of silly errors recently, just trying to keep up. It’s definitely a day of rest today!

    2. isanne10 Avatar

      thank you BeachHut for all the time you put into keeping us updated. I tried to watch Dutch’ videos but there are just too complicated and too long for me I guess…..

    3. dopeanddiamond Avatar

      I take back my previous comment about not being near a fault line. From your posting I learned I am I between the ends of two fault lines. About a hundred miles away from each dead in the center. Maybe this pain is an indicator of something to come

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        It’s surprising where quakes can pop up. They’re not always on the fault lines, though fault lines get the most extreme activity. A few years ago we experienced a quake in the UK, which is definitely not usually earthquake territory. It wasn’t a minor tremble either (we get the odd tiny drizzly tremor) – it was a 5.2, a proper rattler. This Dutchsinse fellow has been analysing seismic activity to monitor fracking for years, and his videos show the quite shocking extent of the wells and spoilation across vast swathes of open territory. And fracking is triggering earthquakes, for real. You know when a letter or leaflet on stiff paper has a line of tiny puncture holes so you can tear it off? That’s the effect all these little drillings are having on the earth’s crust, creating new weak spots. Oklahoma is now an earthquake territory. If it can happen there, it can happen almost anywhere.

        1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

          I have begun to follow him and he seems to be right on the money with his predictions.

          I have been unable to find an easy to read map of fault lines in my area. I felt the Washington DC one several years ago and that is an 8 hour drive from me. Sounds like his predictions for a New York/Canada line one and the one farther south, I think maybe in Tenn will impact me.

  22. Ocean of Hope Avatar

    Didn’t Eric mention Oaxaca, Mexico in a prediction of a shaker, or was that about a hurricane? Asked because the 6.1 aftershock occurred in Oaxaca yesterday.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      There’s another one due in the same area.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe it was about a landslide bu I need to check

  23. Sophia Avatar

    Eric, this seems very much like your prediction for the plane: An Italian fighter plane has crashed during an airshow in Singapore. In the 2nd video at the link, it appears the plane “did a loop” and then crashed into the sea.

  24. mariakaos Avatar

    I know some one mentioned Brian Ladd and some one else the flight numbers from past air plane crashes. I read Brian Ladd and some of his predictions for the last few days are inline with Erics. Eric he may even be close to you in the states.
    He states plane crash within 2 weeks of today and that it will be the same number as a previous crash. I’ve done a quick check and I got Flight AA108 Honolulu – Los Angeles -London. Flight 909 doesn’t go over the sea. Nothing for the others except flight 27 which has lots of possibilities.
    He has Sep 30th for a major fire.
    25th for an earth Quake but in China.
    The Earth quake predictions are tricky as they are so active right now.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      It’s interesting you mention China. In all my Dutchsinse watching, there are large areas that don’t seem to register much activity. That may be because there isn’t much activity to register, in many cases. But I wonder if China is quiet-looking just because the internal data isn’t shared, or international agencies can’t set up their monitoring devices there and in other places because of politics. I don’t know, and before now I hadn’t even considered it. Can they monitor everywhere on earth, are there goodwill treaties about access and sharing info, or are there genuine ‘blackout’ countries? I don’t know.

      1. mariakaos Avatar

        Interesting points BeachHut.

    2. tempestmm326 Avatar

      hi mariakaos
      i feel there is some significance
      to the numbers having to do with
      a past crash and that there is something in the previous ones
      that might give a clue to the coming
      one. but this could be anything
      like the date of the crash or departure
      location or destination. i have
      seen 109 901 and 019. come up
      at different times. there is a hint in
      the numbers i am sure. there was an
      earthquake post with 1907 and in 1907 mexico had a huge earhhquake like
      the one earlier this month .
      if u come across anything else
      pls let me know

    3. lossie2020 Avatar

      MARIAKAOS, Brian Ladd’s last month picture of his drawing of the plane crash with the word “B-2” or “B-12”. Can’t remember which. Glad you mentioned it. It’d be nice to have his dreams share with Eric to see if it’s a match or not with his predicrions. All blessings to you.

      1. mari Avatar

        now again it gets strange.
        when i put in B12 i get the radio call sign T7B12 from united flight 93 scheduled
        newark to san francisco but crashed in pennsylvania. specifically says”left a crater”
        plane code was 591 UA departed at 9:57 on september 11.

        also found flight 901 gate B12 JFK to charlotte.

      2. tempestmm326 Avatar

        and B2 and B12 are both
        Military fighter jets which were flying over N Korea past few days.

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I need to study the locations over there.

  25. rhona2 Avatar

    daughter and grandson landed safe
    but they were only one of 15 planes cleared to land ..ususually there are 50 or more an hour .

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Whew…Glad they made it safe.

      1. rhona2 Avatar

        Thank you very much for your thoughts .I believe you have great love and compassion in your heart

    2. swampy11 Avatar

      So glad they made it fine, Rhona2. Been thinking about them since you first mentioned them. Blessings to you!

      1. rhona2 Avatar

        swampy 11
        Hi …thank you for your good thoughts .
        It is so comforting … 😆. ..You know I believe spirit is as happy about the support we give each other at trying times as they are at us being spiritual sluthes …sometimes the compassion that flows here is tangible …
        There is alot of shinning light here ..looking out for each other coming together to assist spirit humanity and Eric as best we can .

      2. swampy11 Avatar

        I’m with you on the support and spirit. I think this is one of those places meant for folks to do that, thanks to Eric!

    3. star48 Avatar

      Confirmation…(Was there any doubt?…..)
      Just look at the bright side.. with the amount of tourists leaving…will be nicer for them to get great service….👀😃

  26. BeachHut Avatar

    For anyone interested – which many people are of course, or why would they be on a site like this – a UK psychic predictor called Craig Hamilton Parker has just released his predictions for 2018. He’s very good – he predicted Trump. The page is blog/ predictions/ but I chose not to quote it here because the news regarding weather and geo-activity is not good and will scare people so I left it as a choice. Here’ s sneak peak though:

    The mad evil king of North Korea will be gone but not found (it sounded a bit like the end of Frankenstein), the EU economies tank causing riots, a chemical terrorist attack on a European city and a mass shooting on a (British) motorway, a major bitcoin fraud scandal, the US makes a new military pact with Japan as it ends decades of pacifism, and Melania Trump releases a charity single!

    There were comments on this site about the plane predictions frightening people, and the weather predictions will be frightening too. I remember Eric saying the other day that it’s the weather that keeps him awake at night (or words to that effect). Things are going to get a lot worse with volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes etc, and CHP specifies several places. It is alarming. If you want to know then by all means follow the link and compare notes with what Eric posts, although Eric is now focused on a much tighter timeframe so 2018 is maybe beyond what he and Spirit look at currently. CHP’s predictions for 2017 – some still to come of course – are on the same page link. His commentaries are very wise.

    One thing to remember in all the gloomy prospects is that, as we have been looking and discussing here recently, the breakthrough in earthquake prediction is extremely good news, and like hurricane preparation strategies, can give people solid information so that they can take action. More and more people are picking up on this and it has some official recognition now. These particular terrors don’t have to feel out of the blue anymore, and that’s a major piece of good news, like the discovery of penicillin or radio waves. It’s not all bad.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      When we look back on 2017 it will be the storms that many remember, our focus on that is paramount

  27. BeachHut Avatar

    Okay team, here is Dutchsinse’s grand forecast for the coming WEEK as of 24th Sept. If some of these happen sooner rather than later, then later in the week events may move on quickly and new quake warnings emerge. Be aware that there is a new round of deep earthquakes, which means more major earthquakes nearer the surface. There are several large earthquakes in the coming days. I don’t know which of these resonate with Eric’s visions. I apologise for these long posts, but this one’s a keeper for several days.

    ASIA – In the Fiji to Vanuatu area (I think), a 7.4 – 8.4. In Indonesia Mount Agung is threatening to blow. Pressure means that a 6.7 – 7.7 is due around East Timor to East Java, although it may go a different way and cause up to a 6.7 in Myanmar. This is an either / or situation. Japan will get a 5.1 – 6.1 North of Hokkaido, or possibly in North Hokkaido itself.

    NORTH AMERICA – Between Santa Barbara and Ventura / North LA, a quake in the 4s. Off the coast of Vancouver Island, a quake in the upper 5s. The slow slip he has been monitoring for many months off the NW Pacific coast has slowed down again. If it comes to a halt, then a significant quake is on the cards. The longer this goes on, the more serious it will be. No quake warning until the slip stops, but it is slowing.

    CENTRAL AMERICA – South Mexico yet again, upper 6 to 7.1. However, other quakes could affect this and push it up to an 8.

    SOUTH AMERICA – Ecuador can expect an upper 5 to lower 6 around the border with Peru. A new deepie in the region means Bolivia will get a 5.3 – 6.3

    EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST – Iran gets an upper 5 or one much bigger (this bit wasn’t clear) which leads to a low 5 to 5.5 again in the Aegean, probably Greece rather than Turkey. Then Italy can expect a 4, and I think the Eastern Adriatic forecast for a 4 still holds as well, though it’s not clear if this is both or either / or. It is possible that a large earthquake will hit the Mediterranean Sea, but after the aforementioned sequence has occurred.

    As promised, the UK got a quake – a 4!!! Still not as cool as the 5.2 I managed to survive in 2008. This new one was near Taunton right at a fracking spot, and this could cause serious ructions around the issue. Dutchsinse was very excited about it, though his attempt at an English accent was far inferior to his Sean Connery, and as a native I would advise Mr. Sinse that in the South West they are probably too busy drinking Scrumpy to be going foxhunting. Or perhaps they do Scrumpy-drunk foxhunting… in which case they probably wouldn’t even have noticed the earthquake.

    Imagine if all Dutchsinse’s regional forecasting was done via comedy accents and national stereotypes. It might make the videos easier to follow.

    Dutchsinse is becoming so accepted that he says the official USGS account is now openly visiting his youtube chat room.

    Sorry to make this post even longer, but I can’t resist a quote I saw this morning via Eric Francis. The esotericist Alice Bailey said of my zodiac sign: “Capricorn is the life of the divine, deeply embedded in substance”. While I like that much better than the usual boring make-money-or-maybe-be-a-librarian message us Seagoats are usually foisted with, its real significance is that we’re living through the Pluto in Capricorn era. So, deep transformations occurring in the rock of the earth, reflecting the cosmic and spiritual shift in the collective. Money is simply the energy (the current/currency) that reflects what we value, and as our values are in transition, so will be their material manifestation. As I mentioned in the previous post, these geo and weather events are only going to intensify into and through 2018. It is scary stuff, but perhaps there is an overarching meaning in us being shaken to the core and rebuilding our inner and outer worlds.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      Aaaargh missed a bit sorry. Regarding the NW Pacific slow slip: if it slows to a halt in the next three days or so, the quake that would result would be a 7 + off the coast. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

    2. BeachHut Avatar

      And people overseas may not realise, but foxhunting is now banned here. It’s been replaced by badger-culling.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!

  28. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Australia 🇦🇺

    Thousands of passengers’ plans have been derailed after several flights at Sydney airport were grounded following a power outage at air traffic control. Domestic flights into Sydney from all destinations have also been delayed, with passengers told the flights could not land at Sydney Airport. Australian media are reporting technical issues with air traffic services, leading to widespread grounding of aircraft from Sydney Airport. People who are scheduled to fly today are encouraged to check flight times with their airline. has contacted Airservices Australia, which is responsible for air traffic control around the country, for comment. “We are working to have all guests on their way as quickly and safely as possible once the issue is rectified”. The airport’s digital flight display includes a message reading “delayed to ATC radar failure”, according to a Twitter image. The delays are expected to affect flights at other airports, with a Melbourne Airport spokesperson confirming that flights related to Sydney had been affected. Passengers have been told the system fault is affecting flights around Australia.

    1. rhona2 Avatar

      yes thats the incident my daughter and grandsons plane was involved in
      .Her plane was one of to land ..
      they were told at Perth airport on board what to expect on arrival at Sydney

      .then the airline also left 50 suitcases back in Perth ..Luckily it wasnt one of hers ..
      blessings it all went well

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for all of that information

  29. star48 Avatar

    Eruption in water off Oregon? Looking for second source..can anyone help?
    Could be relieving stress?

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      On Ducthsinse’s weekly forecast (see above) he stressed, as he has done numerous times, that the area off the north west coast is very concerning and that the longer things go on as they are, the worse *it* will be when *it* happens. I think the weekly update was after the clip you’ve posted, and he sounded as worried as ever. Whatever’s being released I just don’t think it’s nearly enough to relieve the immense pressures that have built up over many months. It’s more likely to be a sign that it may be waking up for something worse. Look at Mount Agung in Bali – it’s stirring, but 50 000 people have been evacuated because it looks like it’s about to blow. It’s not letting off steam as it were, it’s revving up.

      One of the things Dutchsinse has repeatedly complained about is that the authorities – at least the US ones – are complicit in manipulating or hiding information about activity while other agencies go ahead and publish. It affects the accuracy he can reach in calculating his forecasts, so it’s a real bugbear for him. He believes they are paid off to keep quiet about things by certain business / government interests. Perhaps you could charitably say that they don’t want to cause a panic, but they’ve been regularly caught not doing their job properly.

      He said when the Axial Seamount was becoming active years ago, the authorities didn’t report anything until AFTER they had done all their surveying and such like, and only reported it after the fact. He doesn’t trust them at all, so any speculation about it is from uncertain data. He’s way ahead of most earthquake watchers, so if he doesn’t know then other sources are unlikely to be more fruitful.

      Overall I suppose the question is, is this activity a good sign or a bad sign, seismically speaking? I believe it’s not a good sign. NW Pacific is building up to something big.

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Thank you, thank you BeachHut on following up with the Dutchsince. It’s very helpful as it doesn’t have a subtitle. Oddly, I’m confused with my severely pain back is going away….I’m not seeing a major quake yet…maybe it’s happening any time now…not sure. I will see next few hours. It’s unbeliveable as I thought I was going to die. Blessings to you!

      2. BeachHut Avatar

        I’ve just had another thought about the North West activity and what it means. The ‘Great American Eclipse’ certainly kicked off extreme events across the continent, that will be ongoing for months according to the lore. But what of the places directly under the totality? By convention they could be facing huge events. There have been fires raging in Oregon so far. The eclipse shadow made landfall on the Oregon coast, and went right over the Axial Seamount. Maybe the worst is to come? The eclipse also of course went over South Carolina, and the Carolinas have been mentioned by Eric as facing terrible destruction in one of his predictions. I’m afraid this Autumn is looking rather grim.

        1. star48 Avatar


          Very insightful responses..

          Your eclipse path is thought provoking..on PNW..

          I agree about the CA small swarms..having lived in CA for 65 years and than moved..
          ironically up to PNW..hahaha..

          However I feel it is important that pertinent information be presented for others tinterpretation ..Sometimes small bits can help give that insight to someone..
          Who may help..with that “Eureka” moment.,

      3. lossie2020 Avatar

        Thank you, thank you BeachHut on following up with the Dutchsince. It’s very helpful as it doesn’t have a subtitle. Oddly, I’m confused with my severely pain back is going away….I’m not seeing a major quake yet…maybe it’s happening any time now…not sure. I will see next few hours. It’s unbeliveable as I thought I was going to die. Blessings to you!

        I’m disappointed that the govt is not being honest by covering it up on daily activities. I don’t blame Dutchsince and glad he has the tools to share info with. Scary not knowing.

      4. petemedium Avatar

        I’ve become so engrossed in Dutch’s reports that I make it the first thing I check each morning before anything else. Mind you, I can only view a little bit at a time thanks to my server. I’m especially looking for what’s happening up around the top of Australian: New Guinea/West Papua/Indonesia etc. and the islands east of us. What’s happening there will determine what happens to the Americas….and like others, I have that nasty feeling.
        A comment repeatedly asked of him in the blog section under the video is why doesn’t he give more reports on Alaska and that area? They’ve had many clusters over the months but he doesn’t comment. Again though, as I’ve said before, if I was an American I’d be watching his reports every time they come out. They are confirming much of what Eric has been predicting….from a scientific perspective.

      5. BeachHut Avatar

        Hi Pete, there are several large quakes due this week in the region north of Australia. As soon as one hits, then another one gets triggered. Then there’s the spot around Fiji that keeps birthing new deep earthquakes that then trigger the next round of bigger ones. It is confusing, and changing all the time. His videos are engrossing, I find, like a geography lesson about the world.

    2. lossie2020 Avatar

      Wow…eruption??? Wondering if that what caused my lowerback pain. Not sure. When did it erupted? Thanks Star on updating. Blessings to you!

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        I’m glad your back is feeling better lossie. It’s miserable when these things literally floor you and you can’t do anything. We posted at the same time, so i don’t know which parts of whose posts you’ve read, so I might just leave it there, I wrote some more above your post. But there does seem to have been some deception by the authorities as to exactly what’s going on. Dutchsinse had to look at radar readings that showed a huge cloud of moist air that wasn’t like a normal cloud. As he says, they may try to hide the truth, but there is so much monitoring now that the evidence shows up no matter what.

      2. lossie2020 Avatar

        Wow….it had to be something huge cuz it was unbearable pain. Almost like about to die. I had to drink fluids.thanks so much for sharing on following up. I will find out where and what was caused the pains. I am shocked and thought we’d have a 10 magnitude. I meant something was huge energies to be released from the earth in my opinion. Mother earth was in alot of pains and needed our prayers of lights and love in our turn to pray for mother earth. “It” is real as just like us…alot of people don’t believe that. Mother earth took the world negative energies then released it it as it too much pain to bear. The energies released from the earth towards to trees, water, rocks, creatures, people, etc. Energies are everywhere.

        I don’t think it’s over yet as what Dutchsince described. It could be NW pacific Coast that is covered up by govt. I’m going to check that out.

        Many blessings to you, Jules, Eric, the Spirits and others for being so helpful following up.

      3. star48 Avatar

        Dutch, posted 10 hrs ago…

      4. lossie2020 Avatar

        Updating on my lower back pain. It has not going away completely but the severe pain reduced and still feel almost like a rubber band which it under the rib on the lower back. It’s still going strong in our mother earth. Don’t know when “it” will happen. Volcano and/or big quakes coming very, very soon. :/

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I hope your recovery is a rapid one

      5. dopeanddiamond Avatar

        Glad your back is better. Mine is still bad. More in my hips with horrible pressure and the same burning. Something is still coming. Maybe closer to where I am then where you are. I took a strong pain killer last night which normally does the trick and takes the pain away for days. Actually did nothing an I am worse off today than last night. Almost like taking the pill to stop the pain made it angry I was trying to get rid of it. I hope this goes away soon.

      6. lossie2020 Avatar

        Oh my…dopeanddiamond. mine is very sore as if I fell off the 5 floors story building. Incredible sore. My left upper leg almost paralyzed. I had to sit in driver seat and lift up the left leg. Weird. I feel for your pains. I wonder about the alignments that affects us. I live in Dallas and it’s lesser pain than it was yesterday and 2 days ago. So where u r in New England might be in work of releasing heavy negative energies to your body. I think Eric and Dutchsince might be right as the pressure from SF of west coast is moving toward to East coast. Wondering how bad it will get when “it” occurs. I’m still in sore even the pain pills did not help as it usually does for migraines. Funny I have no migraines. Praying for you and others. I’m so grateful for all of SWC,Eric and Spirits even I forgot to say thanks to Star48 on being faithful digging out info and enclosed the links. Each and all of you are incredibly amazing people. Love you guys for that. 🙂 ♡♡

        1. star48 Avatar

          The feeling is mutual..
          Lots of family and friends in Texas…
          so my thoughts on the terrible trials from Harvey..
          stay well …blessings…

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      I would be wary of any story in the Daily Star, it’s as scientifically literate as the National Enquirer. For instance: “The US cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento have all been rattled by large earthquakes 1.5 magnitude or greater in the past day.” By larger they mean a 2. 1.5 and 2 are not ‘large earthquakes’ by anybody’s definition. I do wonder what Californians would make of that sentence though. 🙂

      Generally it’s when the small tremors stop that people need to worry. It’s the ‘silent zones’ that tend to become ominous.

  30. Cee Avatar

    Eric, Sophia posted above about the air show in Singapore where a fighter plane crashed into the sea. I heard this report on the US national evening news last night. I think it was NBC. The words the anchor used to describe it sounded just like your description. A plane was doing a loop, wasn’t able to come out of it and crashed into the sea. The pilot perished. It sounded exactly like your vision and your words. (Sorry if this has already been discussed. I only saw it commented on once above.) Prayers for the pilot and his family….

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will post later with a question mark behind it, they did imply a plane not a jet, however everything else fits.

  31. Cee Avatar

    Correction – the air show was in Italy, outside of Rome, not in Singapore.

  32. mariakaos Avatar This is in relation to Erics prediction for another Hurricane around the 10th to hit Florida. The relevant info is from 16.00 mins. He emphasises that this is just projection for now but would fit the prediction.

  33. K Avatar

    A light plane has crashed south of Brisbane. It didn’t crash into the sea, but did apparently ‘spiral’ before crashing.

    Might not be your prediction but thought I would raise it regardless.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That might be why they focused on Australia

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Whoops…it’s 6.4, 6.4 and 6.5 magnitude. Hopefully it’s outside of the island not on the land.

      1. swampy11 Avatar

        Lossie, FYI: Charlotte King (the lady that predicted Mt. St. Helens) says that area tends to domino. When one set of islands gets a quake, the other sets of islands follow, like dominoes. She calls it “Domino Islands.” It includes the Solomon Islands, Caroline Islands, etc. In fact, she has a copyright on that term. There is another group like that I think she calls Oceania. Here’s her site: The Glossary explains some of her terms.

      2. lossie2020 Avatar

        Wow! Thanks so much Swampy. Very interested and informative. Had no idea that each part of the body will tell where it will occur. I even have the back shoulder and blade incredibly pain in late July and Aug. And it’s back again. Crazy….im.gonna ask this lady and take notes from her.

        Blessings to you!♡♡

      3. lossie2020 Avatar

        Swampy, I JUST sent email. I’m so excited. Many thanks to you!! ♡♡♡

      4. swampy11 Avatar

        Since you sound like an earth sensitive, you might like the blogs on this site: It has helped me, as well as Charlotte, although I don’t think I’m as sensitive as you and these other folks. But, it sure helps me feel like I’m not alone. There are other sites I’m looking for a little, but haven’t had any luck. Let me know if you find some, please. Thanks!

      5. BeachHut Avatar

        What interesting links, swampy. Thank you! My eyes rested on the words ‘Nepal, stomach pains, moderate’ and it reminded me of the Shipping Forecast, which is like a strange coded poetry tucked away on BBC radio. I will definitely be looking into those.

  34. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    One 6,4 mag eq around Fiji 🇫🇯
    According to USGS. Only showing one. 98.1km deep

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      There’s due to be a lot more going on along that entire long stretch of islands, it’s really going crazy. Volcanos waking up too.

    2. lossie2020 Avatar

      Actually there was 2 quakes in Fiji and 1 in Tonga island within the same time. Crazy.

      1. star48 Avatar

        I checked with another agency…they are only showing one in 6.4 mag
        So now you understand the concerns of some SWzc..We are only get part of the information..
        See. CSEM/EMSC…eq data

  35. BeachHut Avatar

    OK I worked out what it is that makes Dutchsinse’s videos so crazy-making and confusing. As you’ll see I typed up the grand weekly report, and making notes from that was quite easy. Today I tried the first update and instantly got lost! It’s because as his forecasted ones-to-watch occur, they immediately set up conditions for new quakes in the region, which become new forecasts. But he still refers back to the original weekly watch list and you totally lose track of which ones are the original quakes and which are the newly forecasted ones which only appeared after the first ones happened, then they happen too and it alters again. Then there are new deep quakes happening a lot now, which sound big but don’t cause turmoil on the surface, but presage new bigger earthquake forecasts to come. All this going on in the same area and crammed into a few minutes. It’s like when new age people talk of past present and future happening simultaneously and you can’t get a grip on it. Aaargh! It’s not surprising we end up with brain ache!

    Partly I think it’s also because I suspect he’s Aspie and when we get on a roll with our specialities, we can hardly keep up with our own brains which are processing stuff at 100mph. Anyone listening becomes easily confounded. I have had this criticism in person several times.

    Does anyone remember how user-unfriendly early computers were to anyone who didn’t have insider knowledge and coding-type brains? It was like you had to be fluent in Klingon. It was only when they invented interfaces with pictures and icons and easy-clicky options that most people could join in. This new science is in its early days, and I think Dutchsinse is doing well considering it’s a new paradigm that he’s invented himself. That’s enough genius for any individual. Being a genius in one department doesn’t mean you get to be a genius in communication, marketing, packaging as well.

    Even when you get lost, his videos are like a tour of the world, which is beautiful!

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      I’m glad people appreciate the Dutchsinse write ups though. I’m starting to feel like the seismic Paola Fisch (look up “Nimbo Cumulos” on youtube. Weather and daft humour in one Britishy bundle).

    2. lossie2020 Avatar

      Well said BeachHut!

  36. Dianne M Avatar

    I have been following this blog for about a year and love having this resource. Eric, may you be blessed for taking the risk you do sharing your Spirit visuals with us. I’m sure it’s not easy and leaves you open and vulnerable. Thank you….and thanks to all the bloggers who participate in discussions. Brings me peace in this unsettled time.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  37. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    G3 class geomagnetic storm.(Strong) 🚨
    . another 🚨 persistsnt..


  38. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    NOAA scale…of severity of Geomagnetic storms..

  39. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Paris—Los Angeles..
    Engine Disintegrates…on airbus 380. Flt nbr AF 66

  40. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Here are better pictures of the shredded engine..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What was the name of the psychic that does accurate world predictions

      1. star48 Avatar

        You, Edgar Cayce…? I can come up with a list..( email to you?)
        Historical or now?

      2. james Avatar
  41. star48 Avatar

    Ref post..
    I had a visual of a map that highlighted Australia, then it pointed to the south east corner. That implies a Sydney location.
    Widespread ball sized hail,violent thunderstorms..

    Residents have reported downed trees and powerlines and photos from the town show several damaged buildings and cars in the wake of the storm, ABC reported.

    “I spent 10 years at sea and I’ve never seen anything like it. There were hailstones coming in under the doors. You could barely see out the window,” Mark Roberts told

  42. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Alaska…Earthquake 8.2 magnitude
    Tsunami alerts.

  43. star48 Avatar

    Vanuatu 🇻🇺
    6.7 mag…76 km E.of Lakatoro

  44. star48 Avatar

    Venezuela 🇻🇪
    7.3 mag …20 km NNW of Yaguaraparo

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