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12: President Assassination

Forewarning scrawl from spirit: President Assassination

Base: A man standing at the doors of UN he had odd-looking glasses dressed in black and the floor said ‘death’

Spiritual Voice: “President murdered”.. “Oil and Foil”.. “End to a his reign”.. “Memorial”

Be very cautious on assuming who they are talking about. There are several different Kings, Prime Ministers, and Presidents in the world. UN? Could really just mean a world leader, dressed in black from previous experience is a dark un moral character, someone they don’t like as a human being and that usually means they are very bad. Perhaps the clothes could be another death symbol and have nothing to do with his character.  If I were guessing it sounds like Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir, a villain of the world who is determined to control the oil of the Sudan, his death would ruin the government plans, or Al Assad of Syria somewhat fits their chatter.

Summary P2: Panic Attack / US Politics

Prediction 37 posted 9/4 reads: Within the Politics of today there is panic,.. attacks. The political arena’s mounting upheavals.  Massive amounts of money are put into the television and thrown away. Original Post:

The first part of this prediction was in regards to the Romney Gaffe to his 47% remark and the panic that insued. Its the last part that is unfolding today. On 11/8 the Bloombergs headline reads:  Rove Biggest Super-PAC Loser, Trump Says Waste of Money “The Republican strategist created the model for outside money groups that raised and spent more than $1 billion on the Nov. 6 elections — many of which saw almost no return for their money.” Quoted News:

Prediction 39 “The Economy” is Unfolding

Prediction 39 “The Economy” posted Sept 14 is starting to unfold today as stocks go into a free fall, it Reads: One more dive before the final turn around. Food prices, fuel prices, another free fall as the fiscal cliff questions the future value of the dollar. The national debt must be dealt with, taxes are required….Read more:

“Dollar tumbles against euro after Barack Obama win” Headline of the Economy Times on 11/7. Quoted News:

“Stocks plunge on fiscal cliff fears” Headline of SF Chronicle. Quoted news:

A clear indication that this prediction is starting. The bad news, expect in 2013-14 some very deep cuts to contain government debt as well as some type of taxes.  The good news this is also a sign of better times to come, and a reminder that its business, invention, and innovation that gets us all out of this mess, not government.

President Obama is Re-elected Summary of P 7

Prediction 7 “Next US President”  Posted 3/8 and “Prediction 7 Still Stands” Posted 11/1 Reads:

Prediction 7 Still Stands Reads: Love him or hate him the spirits still say “Prediction 7 still stands”, Obama is re-elected. So many people keep asking me about the election and I always refer them to 7, very rarely do they change the outcome of their predictions. They even imply that it’s not as close of an election as the polls lead us to believe, from an electorial position that is. With that I thought I would share some obscure messages we excluded as predictions because it was too vague. Too many questions left unclear. Who exactly is cheating? Which seats, Congress, Senate, or perhaps Judicial? Their words: ” The reds get caught with dirty hands, Cheaters! Cheaters never prosper” Also.. “The blue get more seats” Original Post:

Prediction 7 Posted March 8th Reads: Obama is Re-elected. As the elections close the economy is improving but far from what Americans are used to.  All the same its improvement becomes the major influence on the coming elections. Original Post:

The Facts: As of 11/6 Obama has been re-elected President of the United States. As they predicted, unlike what the media has projected, “it’s not as close of an election as the polls lead us to believe, from an electorial position” .. he won over 300 electorial votes as of 10:30pm. Finally with the message of  “The blue get more seats” it’s a vague prediction that the Senate majority will be Democrats. The ‘Cheating’ has not unfolded as of yet.