President Plane Diverted

I am not sure if this event is the prediction, I will leave it for you to decide, if not it is one big coincidence. However certain parts don’t fit. The prediction reads under Notes on 6-15-13  :

I had a visual of a President and Senator riding in a plane in what seemed like Russia and it crashed into a forest like area, actually they showed it in a tree. The good news is they seemed to have survived.  Just a few notes we seem to be talking about a plane crash, who is the president, could it just be a president of a company, that doesn’t fit with the senator.

The Facts: On 6-17-13
“A private jet that had former President George W. Bush on board made an emergency landing after the smell of smoke was reported in the cockpit. The Federal Aviation Administration on Sunday said the jet was flying Saturday night from Philadelphia to Dallas, where Bush lives, and was diverted to Louisville, Ky. No one was hurt.” Quoted News Source:

Thank you W for the info.

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  1. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    Doesn’t seem to fit at all.

  2. justlove2write Avatar

    they speak in puns sometimes right? isn’t there a saying, “out of the woods….”?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      LOL or ” in the Bush”

  3. Amy Avatar

    There’s another psychic who has predicted a similar scenario with this plane crash that may involve the President. In fact, there are a few predictions similar to yours such as the tsunami and about the evil Al Assad, the chemical warfare in Syria and his regime falling. I find it quite amazing how the two of you are saying much of the same things.
    I also agree that the Bush plane incident doesn’t quite fit.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Please share who your talking about so everyone can see their work.

      1. Amy Avatar

        Certainly. He is a psychic medium and his name is Joseph Tittel. He won 2nd place on “America’s Psychic Challenge” on the Lifetime channel several years back. He started doing yearly predictions before the beginning of each year a few years ago; this being his 5th year in doing so. He announces them on his Blog Talk Radio show and eventually posts them to his blog. He has 106 predictions for this year and some beyond. This year’s predictions is in 2 parts, so when you get on his blog you will see part 2 first. You need to scroll down to get to part 1 and then scroll back up to read part 2. Prediction # 83 is the one that I was referring to about the President’s plane crash but you will find many references to Syria and a tsunami all throughout parts 1 and 2.


        1. Eric LP Avatar

          Hi Guys! Lets check out Josephs work, its interesting that I might have company in predicting world events. Please let me know what you think, I am always looking to contrast and compare maybe there is a way to improve our work. With the exception of the twins, I haven’t seen any other sites of “World Predictions”

        2. Thomas Wolke Avatar

          I looked at Tittle’s predictions and saw something that was close to the feeling I had about your volcano eruption (which I don’t think is Popo in Mexico):

          75. One volcano erupts that scientist call inactive and do not expect an eruption, but to great surprise it does erupt anyway. Eruption causes scientist to become baffled. I see this volcano that erupts but I do not see this volcano as an existing mountain or hill. I see this volcano literally rise from flat ground, rising up into a mountain of hot pouring lava that wipes out villages and surrounding areas. This comes very surprisingly unexpected, especially beings this is so uncommon in the area where it occurs.

          76. Yellowstone Park will also endure issues over the next few years when it comes to their hot springs and the lava that flows underneath of Yellowstone Park. There may be a small crack that occurs from an earthquake causing this lava to flow.

  4. Deborah Avatar

    According to a book 888 is the number of infinity and indicates a phase or cycle of your life is about to end, and a new one is soon to begin. In Buddhism 8 means ” to open”

  5. julie Avatar

    Wow, Eric. Once again, amazing!

  6. Cheryl Avatar

    Hi Eric,
    There is another story about a plane being diverted, but it did not ‘crash’. It was carrying the Bolivian President leaving Russia.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very interesting, I will check it out.

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