Greece Earthquake 6.8

This prediction has happened. Everyone in Greece please stay safe.

We are one day off, thankfully there was no Tsunami.

Prediction: Chicago Explosion

“Earthquake.. in Greece.. Italy.”

Later Spirit clarified the message was more about Greece. They estimate a 6.5 magnitude, and said ‘in 4’ , they also said ‘Tuesday’ but that might be related to the next message.

“Then I had a visual of the number 207 big and bold.” I assumed they were talking about the Tsunami at the time. But I had no idea what 207 meant, two days from now? Twenty-Seven? 27th? February 7th? Or perhaps it has nothing to do with a date at all.

Mediterranean Tsunami : Greece and Turkey Earthquake

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of all of those in Greece and Turkey. The date here in California is the 20th while in Greece it is the 21st, which explains their back and forth on the date.  The Tsunami predicted this morning and on 7-17 has taken place tonight in Turkey, however the location I assumed is incorrect.  Its unclear what 9 means.

Predictions 7-16-17  I had a visual of a large number being drawn ’21’ with Spirit saying ‘Earthquake’

Predictions 6-17-17  One massive earthquake 20, 21 We need to focus on location.

Prediction: Tsunami Coming Soon  Spirit what is coming next?  I had a visual of a large wave heading towards a landmass. At a distance you could see people trying to race towards higher ground.

I had a visual I was staring at a map of what looked like the Asian pacific then the number 9 started popping up everywhere.

I had a visual of the word Tsunami followed by Spirit showing ‘1/2’ (half).

Predictions 7-17-17   Spirit where is the earthquake on the 21st? I had a visual I was standing in the middle of the ocean without any land in sight. That implies a Tsunami, we have two old predictions about Tsunamis ironically both have ties to February, I need to get clarity and soon:  Predictions 2-13-17  &  Notes on 2-23-15

Greece Earthquake

This prediction that isn’t entirely accurate has happened. This is the 1st of 2-3 earthquakes, one of which is expected to be very large and damaging. The blue lines clearly represents the flag of Greece.. not Italy perhaps the spirits were trying to say around Italy?

Notes 10-11-13 “Earthquakes coming..” “Seismograph with line, is in the islands, next week” Marked dates:  12-13..  18..  11:15 or 15
Notes on 8-22-13 Another earthquake prediction: I had a vision of a seismograph again darting blue lines. Then the word “Italy” – I am not sure why the lines are blue, perhaps a message of an earthquake in or around the ocean?

The Facts: On 10-12-13, an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude off the coast of Crete caused minor damage on the Greek island.