JPMorgan Manipulating California

This Prediction is happening, though no mention of GE involvement in the scandal, it’s still early to tell how this plays out, GE is the main source of electricity in California, the prediction reads:

Notes on 6-3-13
“California is getting screwed.. by its conglomerate GE.. lies, cheaters.. they are lying on an unprecedented scale..”

U.S. accuses JPMorgan of manipulating California energy market.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says JPMorgan electricity traders manipulated the California energy market, costing ratepayers tens of millions of dollars.
The grid operator has estimated that California industrial, commercial and residential consumers overpaid their electric bills by $63 million. Reported by LA Times on 7-29, Quoted News:,0,1774034.story?track=rss

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    The current scandal is past tense, from wrongdoing done two years ago, the prediction is current, “getting screwed”. Also this was done to the power companies and consumers, not by the power companies. I don’t think these are the same things.

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