12: President Assassination

Forewarning scrawl from spirit: President Assassination

Base: A man standing at the doors of UN he had odd-looking glasses dressed in black and the floor said ‘death’

Spiritual Voice: “President murdered”.. “Oil and Foil”.. “End to a his reign”.. “Memorial”

Be very cautious on assuming who they are talking about. There are several different Kings, Prime Ministers, and Presidents in the world. UN? Could really just mean a world leader, dressed in black from previous experience is a dark un moral character, someone they don’t like as a human being and that usually means they are very bad. Perhaps the clothes could be another death symbol and have nothing to do with his character.  If I were guessing it sounds like Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir, a villain of the world who is determined to control the oil of the Sudan, his death would ruin the government plans, or Al Assad of Syria somewhat fits their chatter.


7 thoughts on “12: President Assassination

  1. Is late to comment this but this Prophecy was on february then March 5 died Hugo Chavez. Chavez Venezuela Oil and is not Foil is Fuel i mean Petroleum. And many people say that he was poisoned when united nations speaking one day after Bush said he smelled sulfur have been the devil (Bush) the day before. Many say he was inoculated radioactive particles to induce a cancer death and the words were for his intuition

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