Prediction 39 “The Economy” is Unfolding

Prediction 39 “The Economy” posted Sept 14 is starting to unfold today as stocks go into a free fall, it Reads: One more dive before the final turn around. Food prices, fuel prices, another free fall as the fiscal cliff questions the future value of the dollar. The national debt must be dealt with, taxes are required….Read more:

“Dollar tumbles against euro after Barack Obama win” Headline of the Economy Times on 11/7. Quoted News:

“Stocks plunge on fiscal cliff fears” Headline of SF Chronicle. Quoted news:

A clear indication that this prediction is starting. The bad news, expect in 2013-14 some very deep cuts to contain government debt as well as some type of taxes.  The good news this is also a sign of better times to come, and a reminder that its business, invention, and innovation that gets us all out of this mess, not government.