The World Predictions of 2018 Unfolding in 2023

Predictions 5-17-18 “It is obstruction of justice.. your resignation is full proof.” Whether its Trump or one of his surrogates, there is an indictment of ‘obstruction of justice’ This might be related to another prediction: “I don’t like being in the hospital it gives me the creeps.” There is a concern over Trumps health and his heart. .

Prediction: Indian Ocean Tsunami I had a visual of the oval room in the White House, showing the US flag. “Two to three indictments are coming back to back, all three sweating bullets.. over the internet the truth becomes slightly exposed. ”I had a visual of a large file being opened. “It is the financial truths that imply guilt. Things are no longer looking good for the White House. Again there was an implication that one of the indictments was for Donald Trump Jr… “The Tsunami is coming soon.”

Prediction: Mega Hurricane and Shooting Spree in October “Plea deals.. the walls now falling around the president in December.. multiple files presented.. leading to a final end and an empty sleeve.”Then Spirit showed. #5 and said “It’s over”… Also.. “ Tsunami coming”

Predictions 1-11-18 I had a visual of a large picture of Trump, with the words July on the frame. Then the picture was slashed in half. “Its done.. over.” Later they implied the house of cards fall in July. Then it shifted to show laundry being pulled away, underneath was a hospital bed with an IV.

Predictions 8-20-18 “Explosive transcripts.. two different stories.. so many lies.. but historically this has happened before.. from multiple accounts..”They implied they are talking about a leader. This points to tapes or recordings coming. It will be hard to deny in the end because of other historical accounts.,,, Spirit wrote the words “WAR” “The Stone will become the focal point of the investigation”

Prediction: Vehicle Attack in France “Still asleep” I had a visual of Spirit waving a paper in the air, I have the name of the culprit “Joe.. Joey..” Its unclear if they are talking about this situation or another. Later they would add “Baton” however that part was unclear (A description of President Joe Biden before becoming president)

Predictions 5-26-18 I had a visual of the words “Washington” written on a wooden plaque. Then it shifted to show a long legged spider crawling by.

Predictions 5-17-18 I had a visual of a baseball. “People being shot.. multiple shootings.” I had a visual of a person who was shot, while others tried to help her. “This happens again.” Then they said ‘Anniversary or University.’ the verbiage was very faint.

Predictions 8-2-18 Putin plans to conquer Ukraine (East Ukraine) but there will be an unexpected heavy resistance from Europe.

Predictions 6-18-18 Putin’s goal.. to separate the west from a united front.. too many times the west has hindered Russia’s plans for expansion. They are dead set on ripping down the unity between the western nations so they can get back to what they want.. and it is now working. “Bombing.. the civilians out and about.. in one” This visual is a reference to the poison attack in the UK by Russian leadership, this example implies they are about to do it again. Not necessarily in the UK

Predictions 7-19-18 The Russian government.. consuming and fueling so much boloney.. oh America the Russian bots are coming with a full fledged attack against the United States. They are ramping up to control and manipulate the elections yet again. You are officially under attack.

Predictions 5-16-18 Terrorism is back! One after another: I had a visual of Moscow. Spirit is pointing to Russia as one of the locations.I had a visual of a Spider crawling on someone’s face, then another crawling. “Terrorism is making its resurgence.”

Predictions 10-22-18 I had a visual of bodies all over the ground, poison or a chemical attack. So much death. There were just so many that died, and more who would die later. Then the visual shifted to show a very old barrel that was pushed over, and a spray came out, like the one in Jonestown.

Predictions 8-21-18 “Its an attack.. in 2.. the explosion so massive.. a sudden flash of light.. so much destruction.” I was asking about the next war, are they talking about that? Or the prediction above? One of the events have a nuclear or radioactive component.

Predictions: Major Events Coming I had a visual of a mushroom cloud explosion taking place. It looked like a nuclear bomb going off. “The huge explosion is coming very soon.” I had a visual of a flash of light followed by one massive explosion. In the corner of the visual was the number 2.

Prediction 9-27-18 A Tsunami is around the corner.” I had a visual of the number 7, then it shifted to zero. “Times up”.Then they showed 8 o clock..Is 8 o clock apart of the old prediction,

Predictions 1-21-18 Tsunami.. wait.. Then I had a visual of the number 207 big and bold.

World Predictions 11-17-18 “An immediate threat looms.. very bad.. right around the corner” I have to assume they are either talking about the assassination of the world leader or the Washington shooting spree:
Prediction: Shooting Spree
Prediction: Assassination in Europe I saw a leader at a podium, then it went black and I could hear screaming and wailing. There was a great sadness that consumed me. I had a visual of a president or prime minister, he was smiling or happy, then he was shot. I had a visual of the number 11 then 12. I had a visual of a newspaper that read: “The president killed by Nazis”A shoot out.. the leader is dead.. so much tragedy.. terror. in the heart of Europe.

Prediction 9-27-18 I had a visual of 3 with a circle around it. “Kavanaugh steps down.”Normally when 3 is circled its years

World Predictions 11-24-18 I had a visual of a Hilary Clinton pointing to a sign that read “divorce” Then it showed multiple first ladies holding hands with their presidents but one of them holding hands let go of their hands.

Predictions 7-20-18 The Apollo man will become popular, his popularity will grow as the jewels and gems are collected. “From a small simple, humble, prophet he will become one mega star, his surname in almost everyone’s household.”
I had a visual of a statue of Apollo, ancient, chipped, and slightly stained with age. The statue was standing on a brand new floor.

Predictions 3-7-18 In 8… oh how the world will change in one massive swipe… life giving power.I had a visual of a cell or molecule being transformed. Then the visual shifted to show doctors playing with cells and molecules.

Prediction: Our Father is Coming “God is coming.. our father is arriving.” I had a visual of rolling dark clouds all hovering over us all, then a voice, “And like that!.. In one instant.. everything changes..” The dark clouds dissipated and sun shined.“Everything headed in one direction will suddenly shift in another.. our father was there.” 10:03

As always Share it and help us change the world! I hope you see the pattern of these 2018 world predictions and how they lead us to the next event. Most of them mirroring our timeline. We will do the same for 2019, and 2020.

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  1. Any further clarification about the confederate flag prediction? Is it talking about the same event/s as these earlier predictions?:

    Predictions 5-26-18 I had a visual of the words “Washington” written on a wooden plaque. Then it shifted to show a long legged spider crawling by.

    Predictions 5-17-18 I had a visual of a baseball. “People being shot.. multiple shootings.” I had a visual of a person who was shot, while others tried to help her. “This happens again.” Then they said ‘Anniversary or University.’ the verbiage was very faint.

    1. This is the second attack. January 6th sequel. They seem to talk about multiple events. One has something to do with this flag. Another in Washington a shooting involving baseball. Then another much darker, where a building is bombed. In one prediction that is in New York, but the other places it in IL. I will assume thats Chicago area? The old predictions also imply a fall timeline. It’s my hope to clarify as we move towards the moment. But Mexico is the focal point for them right now.

  2. Hi Eric,
    I’ve come across the following site,, that makes some modelling predictions about sea levels. The site confirms some of your previous predictions on what people should expect to happen with increased sea water levels, particularly with significant flooding in the SE Asia area and the Indian Subcontinent coastline even if there was a small rise in the sea level.

    Are you able to get any numbers from your Guides as to what kinds of sea level rises are expected in the next 3 – 7 year timeframe? I know that getting specific details like this are a big ask, but it seems that this is a very useful modelling tool that could be used by everyone around the world to help them work out safe places to move to.

    1. Steve I would start by saying, climate change plays out very differently from any expectation. It will happen at rapid pace. It will melt all at once, and that nightmare is expected to start in 2027 Moving and swaying within decades. But the problem gets solved. Climate Change will die. A set of scientists, focus on the Ocean specifically, add, rods of such strange look, and add it to the ocean. Then the planets axis moves. Then a massive set of volcanoes erupt all at once. Very dark moment that will be. But that fixes the problem? How does volcanoes do it? But it would seem the planet always had a safety trigger to pull. Then a great splendor take holds, as we learn so much in the moment.
      I guess what I am saying is permanent is not apart of the equation, the level changes and sways depending on the timeline. Here is tomorrows future:

    2. The prediction: Humanity will mirror the greek gods of the past, and their stories. of hubris. Humanity controls the weather. Pushing storms in different directions, sunny days for the city folk, rain for the farms.. supplying so much food. Under humanities fingertips all is controlled. The technology.. Rods centered in the ocean and sky.

    3. Steve, Back to doom. If your house is by the ocean. Start looking for another place. Outside of that I would caution you on moving. Moving is apart of the problem. In this timeline everyone is doing it, viruses rise with the moment. Ancient old viruses that were frozen at one time. But not anymore.
      What should you do to prepare? Food and water. Learn how to grow it now, convince your community to build community farms. We need to create a buffer for the moment coming. To add, Eric plans to buy and stockpile his food and water supply. But that comes later, I don’t expect that moment right now. I am waiting for them to tell me to stockpile. As they just did a few years ago. Just so we are clear, I bought the toilet paper in 2019 before you ever did. I am expecting that moment. Yep it was me. I bought all the paper, because I knew what was coming next in 2020. But lets wait to worry about that moment when we have too.

      1. Thanks for that advice, moving is not always as simple as it may seem. My rationale says this can’t be true, but my gut feeling is very convinced.Such turbulent times on so many levels. Avoid the white rice, the purple rice is healthier and lasts longer.

        1. It’s somewhat progressive steve. What I have not shared is the litter of solutions that come with the moment. For instance, houses are made for flooding in the future.

  3. 207 could also be a reference to the 9th country alphabetically. 20+7=27, 2+7=9 Australia.
    The tsunami referenced could come from the Kermadic Trench region above New Zealand and affect the East coast of Australia as well as New Zealand. Only a thought, what do you think Eric?

    1. Originally long, long ago, they had these codes. A circled number meant a year. 30 would mean a month, and 7 meant a date because of 7 days of the week. So this 207 means the 20th. You no longer see this because we no longer predict events that are expected years later. Now the timeline is expected in less than a month and these codes have no weight. We just put the number up.
      Some numbers mean words. Always look for that riddle. That Micah for you. So 4 means “For” the number 8 “ate” (you ate it a message of failure)
      A riddle for all. What would 5 mean? Because they show that and to this day I do not have an understanding to its meaning. Thoughts?

      1. 5 meaning a hand? Something controlled by or according to an individual? Or 5 being a snake, something sinister?

  4. Just curious why they predict future events in riddles and personal readings in metaphors that are open to interpretation? Why can’t they just be straight forward?

    1. Hi Sonica great question. You should really consider taking one of the classes. “The Language of the Spiritual Realm”. (That sounded so self promotional, “read my new book” 🤣) We answer it with great detail in the class. The basic answer is that they do not have vocal cords or tongue. So there is no actual sound or literal vibration to their language at all. So communicating like we do is a non starter. If you had a reading with me, at one time I was talking to just air.
      So its something hard to explain, its a fountain of knowledge, like music playing in your mind, information that flows down. Like a river of information. Thats how they talk. Nothing like us at all. Another psychic calls it a download in your mind. That sums it up. Even if I say “The said No.” They wrote that on a paper “No” there was never words. Its all symbolic. It’s visual and feeling. So its how they talk. Because they aren’t designed like us.
      Spirit is a visual creature. Because this is not their home, they use visual cues to dictate what they say. Showing an Apple means Apple tablet. Just because it has a picture of an apple on the tablet.
      Metaphors are the language of Spirit. It was designed for a specific reason. When all language is presented like art, like it’s Shakespeare, as if a Dali canvas came together and all the art is displayed to the community you live in, you tend to shut up unless there is something important to say and guess what you can’t lie. Can’t lie in heaven. It’s not possible, because the canvas of language is so artistic. That if you are lying it will be so utterly apparent. The Canvas will not match.
      Then there is their home. Centered in all of the cosmos. They speak the language of the cosmos, all those planets, all those galaxies, in all those different timelines.. how many speak English?
      Finally fun nugget. Because they communicate from different timelines. The language is sometimes backwards. Simply because that is how language was presented back then. It’s an odd part, but you see it, Eric you put that word or presentation backwards, but I didn’t, they did.

    2. This is totally off-topic, but I never heard the name Sonica before I saw it here, and it’s really lovely! I don’t know what it means, but it puts me in mind of songs and music.

      1. Hi Sara. The Spirits recently took over. The system is too big now for me to oversee. Fine with me! But it’s odd, they are making so many small changes. One of them is to say the name of the person I am talking to in the comment section. So we all get to know each other. To address everyone properly.
        So many changes, from the look, to when we predict, how we predict, they took charge and said time for a make over.

  5. Off-topic again, but have you seen this Adam Kinzinger interview?
    He is on a channel that has a mostly leftish audience including a lot of Europeans and Australians, and they like him, which is notable, but what struck me is his talking about his gut feeling about Jan 6 before it happened, and sitting in his office with a gun on his desk during the riot. Kind of Clint Eastwood-ish.

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