Predictions 7-19-18

The Russian government.. consuming and fueling so much boloney.. oh America the Russian bots are coming with a full fledged attack against the United States. They are ramping up to control and manipulate the elections yet again. You are officially under attack.

Trump wants to bring back the Russian oil.

Spirit showed Twitter, not sure if they are actually saying Twitter is one of the main companies attacked or they are just using Twitter as a social media example.

Racism rises with its own pride.. marches and violence.. but a counter approach arrives to say we will not go backwards.. we will not return to the days of our fathers.

We are working on predicting the Mueller findings, a prediction that is going to create a firestorm, some of the content is a bit tough to believe, even for me. I need to verify it first. 




33 thoughts on “Predictions 7-19-18

  1. Will this bot attack be much worst than it was in 2016? I do have a feeling this time everyone will be aware of what Russia’s doing. I heard talk about plans to vote in droves (such as the GOTV movement) as to make it harder to manipulate.

      • Woah, so it’s all going to happen on one swoop as opposed to happening in phrases?

    • The problem is that I don’t think most Republican politicians or voters really care if the Russians hack again because they know the Russians will help their side.

      Only 32% of Republicans think Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

      Tribalism > securing our elections

      • If that’s the case, then the only way to minimize the impact is if everyone get out and vote. From what I been hearing lately is that voters (Dems, Ind, etc) must go vote in droves as to make it overwhelmingly for manipulation.

        We have yet to see if this will succeed or not. But I do hope people will rise up and vote those traitors out.

      • Anonymous — Senator Ron Wyden from Oregan has proposed a bill to make every single ballot cast in America a paper ballot to prevent future hacking by Putin and Russia, however it probably won’t pass since the other side hasn’t and likely won’t lend their support.

      • The last I checked, Dem/Ind. voters outnumber Repub. voters by a certain margin. I still say it’s really worth the effort for us to show up at the polls. It’s a more realistic approach to overcome any manipulation and outvote Repub. voters. It’s better than sitting out just because of bots and Republicans that don’t give a damn about Russia tipping the scales for them.

      • Eric – So are you saying that bec the prediction may create a firestorm, that you maybe are not quite sure that you want to post as of yet? Very interesting lead to keep us on the edge of our seats 🙂

      • I need to absolutely verify what they are saying. It is a fairly major scandal. I am going to get heat for it from the right either way, but as long as it is accurate, then so be it.

      • Eric this sounds like what I’m hearing from others. It’s going to be a shock for a lot of Americans when they find out what’s been going on and all those involved.

    • The NY Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same man who owns Fox. I wouldn’t personally believe anything from that paper.

      • I understand but it’s not just from the NY Post – I could’ve cited others not owned by Murdoch too.

  2. Eric I just thought about this. I heard another psychic say her Spirits told her that Trump is the/or like a Trojan Horse. Considering how much he tweets I’m wondering now if this is related to what your Spirits mentioned about Twitter.

  3. From my dreams back in 2013, this is completely right Eric. I saw Putin stomp his feet on US beaches with a maniacal laugh saying ‘I won’. In that dream, I ran to hide. US soldiers were being walked in chains. Grandpa showed up in my dream there too saying the Nazi president was how Putin won. The president was with him all along for money. That did not make sense until this week when Trump denounces our intel and sides with Putin. Yet Trump supporters are so prideful and will not admit mistake so we can unite to fight. Those same supporters will realize too late when they are walked away in chains from what I saw. I still don’t understand it all but it’s all playing out and I know it gets scarier. Peace, my friends

  4. Four police officers here in AL were suspended when it was noticed that they made a hand gesture that’s linked to a white supremacist group. The officers claim that they were playing a game and the hand gesture is not the same. I’m not buying it! As for the mental shock I’ve positioned myself to be ready for TRUTH even if it’s a hard pill to swallow! Thank you for prediction!

  5. this all could get very messy.

    could some people in the us government take out trump?
    could he be Impeached?
    could the military revolt, send those tanks down the Washington streets?
    could putin and trump end up with a nuclear ww III?
    could one half of this country stand up and make a stand FOR racists point of view, instigating a near civil war?
    could , if trump is Impeached, the country then make a very hard turn to the Left, as the younger people vote for diversity and gender neutral everything.?
    —Pence, I understand is even more Right of center then trump!

    if the economy crashes, due to costs rising due to tariff rules, then even more radical mess can happen!


    I do not think that I will be here too many more years…..freestone

  6. Trump’s criticism of Germany regarding their Russian oil deal makes even more sense now. Trump dossier also mentioned Russian oil and Trump orginally had Rex Tillerson at State Department, who was Exxon Mobil CEO and had a trillion dollar oil deal with Russia before Obama’s sanctions prevented the deal to go through when he was president.

  7. Eric there is another psychic who recently has seen that the Russians are using twitter as a means to give Trump instructions on what they want and how to proceed. She named Dan Scavino the Whitehouse Director of SocialMedia and Assistant to the President as one of the main persons involved. The latest was a tweet from the young oligarch, Artem Klyushin wanting the security clearances revoked from top people involved with the Mueller Investigation.
    I found this interesting considering your Spirits have brought up twitter recently.

  8. Eric recently another psychic was told what happened during the Helsinki Meeting. She didn’t quite understand what Putin was telling Trump he wanted, but it had to do with moving something from the Middle East to the US West Coast. She thought some sort of Base. Now I’m beginning to wonder if these attacks on the Saudi oil tankers have to do with this and are just the beginning or a set up for the, “Trump wants to bring back Russian oil.”

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