Predictions 10-22-18

I had a visual of bodies all over the ground, poison or a chemical attack. So much death. There were just so many that died, and more who would die later. Then the visual shifted to show a very old barrel that was pushed over, and a spray came out, like the one in Jonestown.

In the Previous prediction they pointed to Al Assad, however this prediction somewhat pointed to Asia. It could be a chemical attack or chemical spill. Previous prediction: Predictions 9-12-18

Spirit showed a ceiling fan spinning fast and furious.

In the past this represents a major prediction is about to happen. The fan is in reference to all of you, Fans. The spinning is a reference to a sudden surge in people coming to this site. This message was presented right before the Paris attack, the Vegas shooting, and Hurricane Matthew.

Recently several of you have shared this Weather report for October 27th-28th and how it matches with the storm predicted, however the storm Spirit predicted is far more threating, but they look similar:

Within a week I will finally have the next Truth available.

Thank you all who helped Donate to Bea. Your help is so greatly appreciated.

46 thoughts on “Predictions 10-22-18

  1. Eric,
    Which major prediction is the fan referring to?

    Also, is Jonestown a reference to the 1970’s cult in Guyana? The one where 900 people were coerced into drinking poison?

    1. please, everyone, pray, that all those deaths don’t happen. I was in school, at the time, and did not realize, how people, put blind faith into one mans hand. but, someday, in about 20 years time, it will happen again, but thousands will be put to death. please pray, that we can change the horrors that is going to happen,

    2. I asked and they showed geese or ducks, they were white and their eye was circled with a mark. Birds eye view? But I am totally clueless on what is coming, I don’t have any bird predictions? White usually means noble.

      1. I looked up “geese”, “ducks” and “bird’s-eye” in this site’s search engine, but nothing popped up, so I’m also confused about the message.

        Maybe the visual refers to the time when geese start heading south?

        This is a long shot guess, but remember one prediction where there was some kind of plane crash, and the prediction mentioned heroes onboard. Maybe the birds symbolize a plane and the color white–which you said means noble–symbolizes noble people who take action. Like I said, it’s a long-shot.

      2. Found what i was looking for
        Notes on 9-10-14
        Earthquake coming by a coastline right above the location sits the bird where the land sticks out.

    3. As for that gruesome prediction, they show multiple versions of poisoning of a mass people, there are several different examples from the Jonestown barrel, the barrel in general, and the look the bodies where.

  2. I remember the weirdest things and i know there were predictiions prior
    a long while ago and a not too llong
    ago that reference where the bird
    sits. something about land jutting out a
    and an earthquake and ducks and
    a goose.
    i cant searrch right now but will look
    does anyone else remember this

  3. There is a Birds Eye Food company, could something or some one contaminate the food that poisons many?

  4. Any word on the worst mass shooting? I think the prediction said “in about a month,” which could’ve meant less or greater than a month – so maybe November if not October.

    1. I was wondering about that mass shooting as well.I did have a vision last year,that it happened right around the holidays.

      1. Eric,

        Not sure which post.But it was i mentioned in it the comments section after the Las Vegas prediction occurred.I know others mentioned similiar feelings.

  5. This morning before fully awake I heard “45 dead near Westminster Abbey”. No day residue, so felt the need to post here.

    1. Wow! Spirit literally said Westminster today! Starting a new prediction, they only said this location and nothing else, so I need to gather details on my end

      1. This is a long story so here is the gist of it. Since I was 5 years old, so 31 years, I have had dreams of people I didn’t know telling me things and having me relive things they went through. I did my family ancestry and found it was my ancestor’s stories. I thought I was insane but it all added up. Or mostly added up. My dreams center around one particular place and three generations of family from the 1200s to 1300s. This changed the other night.

        Sunday night I had a dream that an ancestor from only two hundred years ago or so was at my door. I opened the door and knew it was him, in my head, he didn’t actually tell me out loud who he was. In my head, he was saying “my home, my home” over and over again. This man traveled the world and I had no clue what he was talking about. Then I woke up.

        I consulted my records just now to double check. He is buried in Westminster Abbey. I have never had a dream about one of my ancestors telling me anything about the future before. It has only ever been me reliving events through one woman’s eyes. I don’t know how to make these dreams happen again or how to contact him to ask more questions. This has not ever happened before to me.

        1. Thank you for sharing this unique information. My advice is to simply ask for more information as you fall to sleep. Situations I have been through had precognition dreams that answered questions at the time, and when it did not make Sense I would simply ask one word ‘clarity’ over and over again as I fell asleep. It might work for you.

          1. Eric- I tried to get clarity but I got nothing at all. This is the first experience of this kind I have had and I fear it was a fluke.

            I did research this person more extensively though. I found that he lived most of his life in London though he was a historian and writer. He literally wrote the book on ancient Greece and much of what we know if from his work and the work of his colleagues. He was also somewhat of a religious rebel as his father was a bishop and he intended to follow that path but did not agree with the church. I don’t understand exactly what Wikipedia is saying about that though.

            He is buried in “poet’s corner” at Westminster Abbey if that helps at all. He may be talking about his “home” to be London or our family seat in Northumberland on the Scottish border. I really doubt he is talking about the family seat as that is in very rural England. There are more sheep than people there so u less the sheep are starting a rebellion, I think he is referring to London as whole or Westminster Abbey as a specific place.

    2. There is a Bird Street in the city of Westminster. It is the word’s first Eco -Friendly Smart Street. It is close to the famous Oxford Circus,. Pavegen tiles convert the force of footsteps into electricity to power bird noises and street-lighting as well as Airlabs filters that clean the polluted city air. Perhaps this is why you saw different birds Birds of prey could be the fact that bird street is the “prey”.

  6. Please pray for this not to happen. I’m getting strong Spirit chills just thinking about it.

  7. Eric if its Westminster, UK – the reference to barrel concerns me – on November 5th we celebrate Guy Falkes Night – who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament with barrels of gun powder a few centuries ago – posting in case its linked somehow …

  8. It appears there are planned fireworks displays all over London to commemorate the night. Some begin as early as Nov. 3rd.

    1. Yikes, that’s scary. Whatever people’s political differences, bombs aren’t the answer. Especially considering that innocent postal-workers could get hurt, too.

      1. D,
        One of the bombs could have gone off while being handled by postal-workers/mailmen.
        If bombs start flying through the mail, postal workers are as much at risk of injury as the targets of the bombs.

  9. isnt there a bird at westminster
    abbey? a stuffed parrot
    that has been there for like 200 years?
    that belonged to someone in the
    Royal family?

  10. Just thought I would mention Dutchsinse is back and predicting activity for S. California, the CA/NV boarder and Kilauea is active again. Also news on New Zealand.

  11. Eric,
    Ref::I had a visual of bodies all over the ground, poison or a chemical attack. So much death. There were just so many that died, and more who would die later. Then the visual shifted to show a very old barrel that was pushed over, and a spray came out, like the one in Jonestown.

    Syria 🇸🇾
    100 hospitalized…
    Russia on Sunday blamed Syrian insurgents for firing shells filled with chlorine gas at Aleppo, with the Defense Ministry saying the projectiles came from an area held by the Nusra Front.

    “According to our preliminary information, confirmed in particular by symptoms of poisoning among the victims, the shells used to bombard residential areas of Aleppo were filled with chlorine [gas]” Maj.-Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a statement, according to the Reuters news agency.

    Rebel commander Abdel-Salam Abdel-Razak dismissed the claims, saying the opposition doesn’t possess poisonous gases or the capabilities to lob them. Abdel-Razak served in Syria’s chemical weapons program before defecting to join the opposition in the early years of the conflict.

  12. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::had a visual of bodies all over the ground, poison or a chemical attack. So much death. There were just so many that died, and more who would die later. Then the visual shifted to show a very old barrel that was pushed over, and a spray came out, like the one in Jonestown.

    Malaysia 🇲🇾
    A total 111 schools in the industrial town of Pasir Gudang were closed after more than 500 people, many of them school children, fell sick from exposure to toxic fumes emanating from the Sungai Kim Kim river where chemical waste was dumped last Thursday. Of those sicken, 166 have been hospitalized and nine have been placed in intensive care.

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