World Predictions 4-11-19

A horrible massacre.. butcher (s) .. around 6.

At first they showed an area around Tabasco and Guatemala but later they said El Salvador. This horror seems to take place in that southern region. I had a short visual of mud being poured on more mud.

They implied children or youth was involved.

Predictions 10-22-18

I had a visual of bodies all over the ground, poison or a chemical attack. So much death. There were just so many that died, and more who would die later. Then the visual shifted to show a very old barrel that was pushed over, and a spray came out, like the one in Jonestown.

In the Previous prediction they pointed to Al Assad, however this prediction somewhat pointed to Asia. It could be a chemical attack or chemical spill. Previous prediction: Predictions 9-12-18

Spirit showed a ceiling fan spinning fast and furious.

In the past this represents a major prediction is about to happen. The fan is in reference to all of you, Fans. The spinning is a reference to a sudden surge in people coming to this site. This message was presented right before the Paris attack, the Vegas shooting, and Hurricane Matthew.

Recently several of you have shared this Weather report for October 27th-28th and how it matches with the storm predicted, however the storm Spirit predicted is far more threating, but they look similar:

Within a week I will finally have the next Truth available.

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Predictions 5-13-17

I had a visual of a taped off area on the other side was so many bodies laying on the ground. It was a massacre. “So much death.”

In the visual it seemed like it was a park or beach, we need to refocus on timing and most of all location.

I had a visual of large metal trays with coal, there were sparks off to the side. “Several injured.”

It looks like a mining accident of some kind

In the congressional districts there is a big push in the nation to end Gerrymandering.

“During the clean up of destruction a miracle.. the little child found.”

“During the dark hour in the nation when consoling is needed the president delivers the opposite with a message that is self serving.”

We are already working on the very next ‘Truth’ message from Spirit. Its another mind blowing message. We will roll out all new messages at the beginning of every month.


Notes on 7-4-15

Spirit which way will Greece vote?
NAI. (that implies a yes vote with the number 9 again)

What does the number 9 represent, in regards to Greece?
“Its a key number”

Tell me about the next prediction coming?
Spirit circled the northeast US. “Its not good news.” They showed a 6 with a circle around it.

Eric’s Comments: I wanted to bring some clarity to both upcoming events. Greece: I know the polls say the opposite of their prediction, I know many of you are voting no and have voiced your opinion. I can only tell you Spirits message. I also asked again about yesterdays post, and again they said something horrible is coming.

Notes on 6-28-15

“A shooting massacre.. a shooting spree.. nick.. in the big city.. 8.. it’s coming very soon. ”

Spirit questions Boston now, but have made it clear its a big city, they also implied this horror will happen before the 4th, and most likely in the next day or two. I also had a visual of wooden barrels?

“In July the ship will capsize.. sink.. around 180.. due to neglect.”

We need to find out where?

“A miracle is coming.. such endorsement from our father and all of us who live in his domain.. this act will change so much negative tone but is so simple, so much compassion, kindness, and love, and unfortunately you will never truly know the massive impact it creates. ”

I had a visual of the youth. Teenagers embracing one another, each person embracing the next one, each one hugging everyone else. Then spirit showed the notion spreading like a fire.

“Hugs for all, compassion to all, love and kindness overruling violence and hate..  its time to fight for your world back.. from all who taint it.”

“The voyage to Pluto.. what follows is the discovery of LIFE! The possibility of living organisms.. the outer rim”

This event could have nothing to do with Pluto or everything to do with it. Pluto seems to be a timeframe used, a sort of domino effect one event leading to the next.

Prediction 56: Another Violent Tragedy

The man (men) clothed in darkness commits horrible acts. The people have to defend themselves, from the emergency that puts them in jeopardy. Multiple people are shot, others need to guard up to protect themselves. Let them be remembered for their greatness. Another Violent Tragedy – Tom – Thomas.

Notes from the other side:

  • A picture of the Last Supper hanging down with Jesus’s picture larger than expected? It’s not clear how this relates to the rest of the prediction, perhaps it relates verbally to “the last supper” as if there was a dining situation or a religion connection.
  • “Help Us!” ” What the hell happened” “They have to defend themselves” “Protect yourself guard up” “Tom” “Thomas” “You’re in jeopardy, your doomed” “Let me be remembered for my greatness” How does the name “Thomas” Relate?
  • 9-1-1 spelled out, then lights of police and ambulance glaring in the background.
  • A young man who changed his shirt to black, this is a familiar message of someone who either brings death or commits grossly immoral acts. The opposite is true for a visual of someone dressed in white. Their was another man in the background but it was unclear as to his role.
  • 1,2,3… people shot a very horrible scene.

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