Notes on 7-4-15

Spirit which way will Greece vote?
NAI. (that implies a yes vote with the number 9 again)

What does the number 9 represent, in regards to Greece?
“Its a key number”

Tell me about the next prediction coming?
Spirit circled the northeast US. “Its not good news.” They showed a 6 with a circle around it.

Eric’s Comments: I wanted to bring some clarity to both upcoming events. Greece: I know the polls say the opposite of their prediction, I know many of you are voting no and have voiced your opinion. I can only tell you Spirits message. I also asked again about yesterdays post, and again they said something horrible is coming.

Notes on 7-2-15


I had a visual of a green ticket with the number 9 on it.

“Leaders shunned.. there is no easy way out of this.. it doesn’t matter which direction you take.. the only correct answer is logic.. remove the emotional bluster.. both paths will take away comfort and you will have disturbia..  The only question is how long..  your focus is misplaced.. focus on expansion, trade, jobs.. do it right.. and three years will be left.”

Green would imply a yes vote. Numbers in previous ‘vote predictions’ represent the percentage of people voting one way or another.

In other news:

“Oh world.. the only way to live in a golden era are hands out extended to one another. Your about to get the opportunity for opening doors..  Doors will open for Cuba, for Iran, and yes a possibility to bury the hatchet with Russia (quietly) . This is just a few names where the opportunity of hands extended are about to arrive..  opportunity for the many.”

Disturbia: Is a term used to describe the dark side of good suburban neighborhoods. In this case I believe they are referring to a dark/disturbed period for Greece, but its foundation, its community is strong and sound.