Notes on 6-28-15

“A shooting massacre.. a shooting spree.. nick.. in the big city.. 8.. it’s coming very soon. ”

Spirit questions Boston now, but have made it clear its a big city, they also implied this horror will happen before the 4th, and most likely in the next day or two. I also had a visual of wooden barrels?

“In July the ship will capsize.. sink.. around 180.. due to neglect.”

We need to find out where?

“A miracle is coming.. such endorsement from our father and all of us who live in his domain.. this act will change so much negative tone but is so simple, so much compassion, kindness, and love, and unfortunately you will never truly know the massive impact it creates. ”

I had a visual of the youth. Teenagers embracing one another, each person embracing the next one, each one hugging everyone else. Then spirit showed the notion spreading like a fire.

“Hugs for all, compassion to all, love and kindness overruling violence and hate..  its time to fight for your world back.. from all who taint it.”

“The voyage to Pluto.. what follows is the discovery of LIFE! The possibility of living organisms.. the outer rim”

This event could have nothing to do with Pluto or everything to do with it. Pluto seems to be a timeframe used, a sort of domino effect one event leading to the next.