World Predictions 4-11-19

A horrible massacre.. butcher (s) .. around 6.

At first they showed an area around Tabasco and Guatemala but later they said El Salvador. This horror seems to take place in that southern region. I had a short visual of mud being poured on more mud.

They implied children or youth was involved.

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  1.  Avatar

    Could have something to do with the caravan

    1. Ann Avatar

      It’s possible since migrants in the caravan are fleeing from MS-13 gang violence and have shown visible scars on their bodies where they’ve been attacked with machetes, knives, etc. By the way, MS-13 is an American-born gang that we deported to these Central American countries.

  2. Flicker Avatar

    Nah..that pretty much describes Antifa.. The only hate I see these days is coming from politicians on the left.

  3. amatoanne Avatar

    People from thee Central and some South American countries are not “fleeing” MS-13. That gang are already present in large numbers in every major city in the U.S….especially “sanctuary cities”. And…they no longer get tattoos…so they cannot be readily identified.
    Some people in the caravans are trying to flee poverty….some people want a better life….and some are being paid by the drug cartels in Mexico and other Central American countries. And…some are being funded by groups IN the USA…for the purpose of changing this country from a democratic republic….into something else entirely. So…basically…an “invasion”…just like all over Africa, the EU countries, and others.
    Why Congress cannot secure our borders and ports of entry, return to a viable immigration plan (like the one in place at Ellis Island in the circa late 1800-1930’s)….is the real question.

  4. star48 Avatar

    Ref::::horrible massacre.. butcher (s) .. around 6.
    6 ( June?)

    Japan 🇯🇵
    Stabbing attack…
    16 people including elementary children

    Authorities say 16 people, including elementary school children, have been stabbed in an attack in Kawasaki, outside of Tokyo,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very possible.

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